Aviana are fucking awesome and this is one of the best LPs I've heard in ages. More people need to hear them.


Probably the best metalcore album this year


I liked joel in oceans red more. New aviana is too try hard nu metal for me.


Oceans red? Wasn’t that the Make Me Famous remnants?


Hmmm dont know but check out the songs misguided or home if your curious. They had a good style that I miss.


Yeah that was former members of MMF with Joel


With all due respect, as. Currents fan, the new single simply wasn't it for me. This leads me to Aviana. I think Epicenter era of Aviana was the peak Aviana. Now, it sounds like a glorified side project. Aviana lacks everything that makes Aviana, well, Aviana. Joel is an amazing vocalist, but frankly, he is trying to hard to maintain a project that lacks the entire soul of what it was. He would've been better off just starting a whole new project with him fronting it, instead of continuing as Aviana. Cause it doesn't feel like Aviana anymore. Just an opinion, and my observation.


New single was very heavy, and nothing else. Felt very one dimensional


Currents or Aviana?


Currents, haven't listened to all of the Aviana LP yet


The Death We Seek was amazing and very welcomed after a close to 2 year drought. But the newest one wasn't all that goo in my opinion. I love Currents, but that track wasn't worth it. Aviana, listen to Epicenter, then listen to the new stuff, then stop after the first track, and then listen to Epicenter.


I spun epicenter a good bit, I also really enjoyed Polarize.


You sound like a butt hurt ex-member or something lol. What do you mean he’s “trying too hard” … Me and my friends never even heard of this band until the release of this LP lol.. Not sure they were big before this LP but I had no idea who they were before the singles released…


Who the hell are you again?


We weren’t that big tbh, but hope you can enjoy both “eras” 👊🏻


I love Corporation haha


Awh man, that new track in my opinion is the best thing they've done since the place I feel safest, but I'm also in the minority because I hated the way it ends. Most disappointing album of 2020 for me but fans seemed to love it. I just thought that compared to their other stuff it was super watered down and generic. Almost every song has the same structure and a clean chorus.


As someone who loves all 3 albums, I fully agree, there is literally nothing in common between Polarize and Corporation.


All of the other members are gone so.. makes sense!