[Semi meta] is anybody almost "embarrassed" to enjoy this genre of music? I've gotten a lot of social ridicule for my musical taste.

[Semi meta] is anybody almost "embarrassed" to enjoy this genre of music? I've gotten a lot of social ridicule for my musical taste.


Meh, the older you get the easier it is to tune out the judgmental people. I was lucky that growing up there was a really solid contingent of Metalcore and just “heavy” music enthusiasts in my school anyway. Those were the people who got me into the music to begin with, because *I* was the one who wanted to fit into a new community. I grew up with a circle of friends and around older people who were very into the local punk/hardcore scenes, so heavy music was always a big part of my life. But, maybe I’m just the anomaly and I sorta lucked out finding myself in circumstances where being into heavy music didn’t make you an outcast?


This. The earlier you learn to own who you are and say "fuck the haters", the easier life will be. Do you and enjoy the shit you like. Metalcore is about authenticity in its own right.


Oh yeah all the time when I was younger. 1.) I'd get into heated arguments over being told "this isn't music, it doesn't meet any definition of music, it's noise. You should listen to this instead" it use to enrage me and things would get very heated very fast. 2.) "This music gives me a headache" well fuck you, your throbbing bass music gives me a headache but I don't bitch , show some respect back 3.) "It's just a fad that'll fade. Haven't you heard of the Beatles? Man, you gotta get your headphones out and take a listen." Fuck you, I don't care for the classics. Now I'm older and it's different and I don't find myself in these kinda arguments. And to anyone saying "man, I don't take shit from shit, you shouldn't let anyone dictate how you feel" shut up, I said I argued with them on point 1, relax. It never dictated how I felt, it's fine just give it a rest.


I feel you on the bass-heavy music part. People are dumb and they think their own shit doesn't stink.


Especially ironic here because a lot of good metalcore has some.great throbbing bass!


Takes me back to when bass drops in metalcore were cool. Ah, to be 2011 again.


I feel you on number 2. I’ve been listening to everybody else’s music all my life, if you’re gonna bitch because you can’t handle 3 mins of my music, keep it to yourself.


I make this exact point all the time. Everywhere I go i tolerate listening to stuff i don't care for.


Part 3 reminded me of something my nan said to me. Her dad told her that The Beatles were a fad and they would fade away too. Don't listen to someone that tries to dictate how to live your life, especially when you're doing something harmless like listening to music.


Nah I don’t give a shit. You like what you like. Simple


In my opinion heavy music is the marmite of the music world, you either love it or you hate it. It's a thing you either really get or not at all. That's fine, and I actually like the togetherness it brings people who do like heavy music, it's got a more tribal feel compared to more user friendly genres. Which is great as soon as I meet someone is in that tribe you have a instant connection. I get why people don't get it, often not being able to get passed the vocals, to see the complexity within the instrumentation. Which if you can sit and guide someone not into heavy music they can usually start to recognize. Also for a lot of people its sound brings up tent ion and anxious feelings, whereas I find myself that listening to heavy music has a calming, effect. Helping to release any negative feelings, not that I have to many. But my music taste is pretty much bi polar. My two favourite genres are alternative metal/ post hardcore and roots reggae/dub.


Some people just don’t get it. You obviously don’t have to like it or listen to it but people who can’t even see the artistic value of heavy music are absolute smoothbrains. Don’t pay any attention to people like that.


I totally agree, there are plenty of genres that I don't "like" but I can appreciate the skill involved or how another artist influenced an artist that I love.


Quality of life improves when you stop giving a shit about what other people think of you.


>Quality of life improves when you stop giving a shit about what other people think of you. Life gets even better when they start worrying what you think of them


Bingo. They give you shit, you give them "Wow I thought you were cool man, why do you obsess over such stuff?" then give them a disgusted face and don't speak to them for a day.


>for a day Or ever.


If only more people realized this, especially people who are in their late 20s or 30s. Considering OP was in 8th grade in 2006, it’s about time he figured this out


Yep. 2006 was my freshman year of high school, but close age wise. Life is too short to be worrying about people judging your music tastes, lol. Blast that metalcore at red lights and say fuck em.


In my teenage years I had similar experience. I never belonged to the 'real'metalheads and they treated me like the fan of the 'metalgenre for girls'. I got called a lot of times out and people said to turn off that shitty music. But during that time I found some friends and a partner (I always had partners who were in the same kind of music as I am, cause they understand my passion better) who also love that music. Just watch out and talk to people on concerts :) you will get to know people with a similar taste! But you should never be 'embarrassed' of things you like. C: I hope that cheers you up!


>metalgenre for girls' Not metal, punk They only call hardcore and metalcore "metal for girls" because it's a community that has more than just greasy white boys passing their insecurities onto marginalized groups. Inclusive spaces are stereotyped as feminine as if femininity is bad a thing. Fuck them too, welcome to our space


Yeah, like, oh no we got bitches over here


Imagine being mad about not getting laid and also doing everything in your power to make sure that you're never in a room with someone you find attractive


Good point, inclusive spaces are referred to as "gay" or "for women." I've been seeing less of the "that's gay" lately, the younger generation is growing outta that nonsense


Yes! I couldn't have said it better! Thank you c:


[That white people shit](https://mobile.twitter.com/africafactszone/status/1274262664563380224?s=21) Some people dont get it. They’ll never get it. And the more you try to understand why they dont get it, or even worse, try to force them understand, is less time you get to spend focusing on yourself. It aint worth a second glance. People have been making fun of my musical tastes for over 20 years. They thought i would grow out of it and I’ll be goddamned if i didn’t trend towards even heavier stuff as i got older. I just lean into it as hard as I can and own it. And Every once in a blue moon somebody will actually be genuinely inquisitive and want to hear more about it and that will make up for all the other chicken shit bullshit. Youre on the right track though with your socially acceptable music though. I have the same. I mean, you dont take your vegetarian friends to the steakhouse. I mostly try to shove Ween down their throats.


Don't let those nerds rain on your parade.


Absolutely lmao I deliver packages for a living and the amount of dirty looks I’ve gotten because I blast metalcore is unreal.


I had a friend ask “what is this emo garbage” that I put on when we hung out. That band was Shinedown… needless to say I got into much heavier music and stopped giving a fuck but it definitely stung through my younger years. I embrace it more than anything now. Just know you’re badass KING and blast that shit!


Nope. I usually tell them they're close-minded and that's their problem, not mine.


Exactly. Countering with some variation of "don't yuck my yum" is my go-to move for these situations


I usually don't like their music either so it goes both ways. That being said, you need to know how to get people familiar with it. Don't introduce people to heavy music with Chelsea Grin's self-titled EP for example. The one Christian girl I dated in my life wasn't into heavy music but I introduced her to some pop goes punk (For All Those Sleeping covering Taylor Swift was a big hit) then I showed her some bands with more Christian lyrics like The Word Alive. One of my friends enjoys the occasional Avenged Sevenfold and Rob Zombie but would not enjoy much deathcore, but I recently got him hooked on Eskimo Callboy and We Butter The Bread With Butter. Those bands show the fun side and that it's not just a bunch of people worshipping Satan and/or applying black eyeliner, or whatever people are worried about


I get mocked no matter what music I say I like. I'm big on K-Pop too so the judgement for my music taste comes from all sides. Try to get into metal communities, locked out for liking K-Pop. Try to get into IRL communities, mocked for liking K-Pop and metalcore. Heck, even in K-Pop the groups I like are considered "just noise music" so there's like... legit no winning. So I totally get you, dude. There's no end to the brainlets who don't understand that not liking something doesn't mean it's bad. If they can't understand that all art, music included, is diverse and that it's not always going to be suited to their own tastes, fuck them. They're missing the point of music.


Hey man we don’t give a shit if you like K-Pop. You do you! If people in our scene give you shit for something like that they don’t really understand our scene


It's easy to ignore this stuff when you're younger, but I'm 37 and yes, I absolutely feel the need to 'play it safe' when it comes to my fandom of metal music, even if just for professional reasons. But I've always enjoyed being a bit incognito about these things. You wouldn't assume I loved heavy music just meeting me. I'm reasonably non-stereotypical and I take advantage of that. I like to be able to navigate beyond people's surface judgements, which we all have, whether you want to admit it or not. It's useful. I often feel like what Donkey talked about in Shrek. lol Having layers like an onion.


Ha. I'm 42, an executive in my company, have 40 people under me, and unabashedly proclaim my love for metalcore. Get some funny comments when I share some of the more deathcore stuff in our slack #music channel, but frankly idgaf.


That’s fuckin gnarly man. Respect that.


If anyone says they don't like your music or that you should be embarrassed for liking hit them with the "it's ok to be wrong". You're literally better than them Like your shit with your chest or don't bother. Fuck anyone who tells you anything to the contrary


Yeah I want to feel the same way but it's easier said than done. I want to share my favorite music with other people who enjoy it as much as I do. If I can't do that then I would hope that I can at least enjoy my music without having to hide it to avoid social ridicule and have everyone think I'm some kind of antisocial future school shooter.


>I want to share my favorite music with other people who enjoy it as much as I do Go to shows and meet people. Get involved with your scene. All of this music is an artistic expression of an actual culture and community, seek it out


I do! And I did meet another couple at a metal core show that I really enjoyed hanging out with for a while until they asked if my wife and I wanted to swing with them.


Lmao, you'll meet others that don't want to swing I guess lol


That... That sounds like an unequivocal win tbh. It's a culture of outcasts and alternate lifestyles. If you want this music to be a bigger part of your life, social circles, etc then get used to experiences in life that are viewed similarly to how you're complaining people view your music. You can say no to fucking them and keep being friends. It doesn't have to be a binary


Hell yeah. The fucking is only optional! Be honoured they even asked lmao


Earphones just use them that way others can't give you shit


“You’re literally better than them” is taking it a tad too far. Musical taste doesn’t make anyone better than the next person. I hate that elitist mindset so many non pop/mainstream music listeners have lol. It’s not that deep.


I think he meant "better than them" in terms of open mindedness, because OP mentioned that he did listen to different genres aswell, while the other people were relatively close minded.


Given the user I think he did mean listening to metalcore makes you better than people. No idea if they're like that irl, but on here it's very much in fitting with their persona.


Oh my god people get the bit This is great news


>“You’re literally better than them” is taking it a tad too far. Nah. We're better than them


Couldn’t agree more, it seems almost no one can get behind any harsh/screamed vocals for some reason - I also have a “people pleaser” playlist that has almost exclusively socially acceptable music, because whenever I put anything remotely heavy on around other people I just feel extremely uncomfortable


whenever i explain to someone why i listen to metal or post hardcore i always say that first and foremost i appreciate talent and these musicians are the most talented in the business i too listen to all genres from french pop to k pop and rnb to folk and hiphop and electronic but metal will always be the best because of how fucking talented the musicians are man! not to mention how it pumps me up and motivates me like no other genre i get chills listening to sick breakdowns and growls it sucks though because i wanna put people on to the beauty of it but they dont give it a chance i had this one friend who only listened to lil wayne and whenever i showed him what i listened to he’d say this in a terrible screaming voice “I KILLED MY MOTHER!! I FUCKED MY BROTHER!!!” and im like ???? bruh the lyrics are poetic and intellectual for most of these bands anyway thats my rant and people need to be more open minded my saying is “give everything a try because life is too short to leave anything out”


This is the way. Lol but seriously yes I think a lot of people here can probably relate. I don’t have a single friend that is into the same music as me. I go to shows alone. I always feel like I have to put on my “indie” playlist if I have someone else in my car because they’ll complain about the metal. I don’t have anyone to share excitement about new music with (except this sub). But you shouldn’t be *embarrassed* for listening to it. I shit on rap music and country because I think it’s awful, it doesn’t mean that people who like it should be embarrassed, and I’m not going to tell someone to turn off rap or country if they play it in their car. Frankly just saying that makes me not want to put on the indie playlist anymore and make people deal with the music *I like in MY car* lol.


Nope. Fuck em. I think it’s funny when people react like that.


A big friend group since high school were all into metalcore, some still are but everyone has mostly moved on to other stuff like black metal, djent, prog. They always give me shit for not exploring music outside of my comfort zone. It's a real elitist attitude that I just don't care for. So I don't talk about music with them anymore.


Been there, but after a certain point I realized I shouldn’t be embarrassed because someone has a different taste in music/they choose to be ignorant.


Nah. Even my wife and oldest kid give me crap about the music I like - just just own it at that point. but my one year old seems to like it (Post - Boredom by ETID and some new Turnstioe tracks are his jams at the moment) and that has given me all the external validation I needed.


My daughter enjoyed metal as a toddler, now she hates it and loves EDM. Don’t get your hopes up man lmao


I can dream for now. Haha


I’m not necessarily embarrassed of what I listen to but I get straight up uncomfortable when people ask me to play something I like lol


No, because I quit giving a shit about what others thought of me listening to the music I like. Fuck em. I really don't like a lot of modern mumble rap at all either, but I mind my own business and don't ridicule people for listening to it, because they are entitled to their own subjective taste. At least I've tried to understand where some of those rap artists are coming from, which is more than what many others have done for metal. Again, fuck it. That's about the extent of all that I can do at this point. Like what you like, listen to it proudly and walk on.


This is how I wish everyone would be. I’ve had to remind a few coworkers that when they play their music I don’t pass judgement so it’d be polite to do the same


Na doesn’t bother me at all. Fuck what other people think haha. I don’t walk down the street asking random people for their opinion because I don’t care and why would it matter. It’s the same when someone tells me what they think of this kind of music, it’s just a random opinion with absolutely no bearing on me or my life whatsoever. :)


I used to feel the exact same way! My favourite band in high school was Alexisonfire and that just branched to everything. I was lucky to have one friend growing up who would find great metal bands. But now I’m 30 and I just blast Memphis May Fire, WCAR, or Polaris when I drive with the windows down. You just gotta enjoy the things you love while you can!


I have a "no metal" playlist on my phone as well, but I'm not embarrassed at all, more courteous I think knowing my friends don't like it / I know I don't have to babysit the playlist and skip songs. I don't think I've ever been embarrassed of the genre as a whole, but maybe certain bands, and even that as I got older that went away. ironically it was probably bands with clean vocals / electronic parts which really is closer to "socially acceptable" than the rest of the stuff. All that said, I'll never forget when I was working in an equipment checkout room in college for a work study program. It was just me in a big room gear and I'd browse the internet/study/listen to music until someone came in. It was 2011 and I was listening to the new Emmure album Speaker of the Dead straight through. Pretty slow day, but of course as soon as Drug Dealer Friend comes on BOOM, someone comes in needing help. I was both shocked and extremely embarrassed as the "suck his dick" lyrics came on. I am sure the person didn't buy my "haha...I dno what that was I've never heard that song before" excuse as I turned it off.


I dont get ridicule for liking metal, but nobody appreciates my taste in hyperpop. I just enjoy a different kind of chaos sometimes


I personally enjoy being the odd man out. I enjoy wearing the crisp white shirt and tie at work, and also the decades of band merch bathed in sweat at the show. I like recounting last nights pit to my fellow colleagues. I enjoy the duality of absolute control of both lifestyles. I’m not the same as my peers. I know that, they know that. At some level I think they don’t know what to make of me and I like that too.


I feel like I'm reading a post from myself. This has pretty much been my exact experience. I was very self-conscious and discreet about my music taste throughout my life. My dad was in the old school rock bands growing up, so he hated my "angry screaming music". None of the people around me were about it, but then I had the wonderful privilege of being asked to join my friends metalcore band in my junior year in high school. That was the best experience of my life. I still got shit from people about my band's music, especially family. I remember sitting in the hospital the day my nephew was born, and my oldest brother out of nowhere turns to me and says "That screaming shit doesn't take any kind of talent." I was actually more amused than angry at the sheer randomness and absurdity of that statement. I told him to come to one of my shows so he can prove his point. I will never forget the shit eating grin he had after we played out set and he said "That was awesome!". When it comes down to it, we listen to a very niche genre that does not appeal to the masses. Does that make it any less valuable? Of course not. Art is the single most subjective thing in this world, and its value is in what it does for YOU, not anyone else. I like to believe that I am exactly where I meant to be in this span of space and time because I have found a style of music that I resonate with so deeply, and perhaps you can feel the same.


I played Evergrey, Band-Maid, Powerwolf, Sabaton, and Within Temptation at work. ​ Then Architects's Doomsday came up and then no other song that used harsh vocals came up again. ​ Because of that ONE song, most of my coworkers think all of the music I listen to has screaming :/. Not even my love for K Pop has gotten me put on blast from my coworkers.


Fuck that shit. I am usually the one driving in my friend group and no amount of bitching is gonna get me to change the music. If anything it's helped my friends to actually appreciate certain aspects of the music like the guitar or the chorus and now they will actually ask me who bands are because the dig the sound.


One of my best friends listens only to like anime soundtracks or instrumental music nobody’s ever heard of. Do I like it? Not really. Do I give a fuck? No lol, it’s his music taste, just like metalcore and heavy shit is mine, and I don’t care what anybody thinks. I’m lucky enough that I have a couple friends who are also into the genre that I can go to shows with


I am 25 years of age. I have been listening to post hardcore and metalcore since I was around 13-14 and haven’t looked back. As I got older I got into deathcore and heavier stuff and not embarrassed one bit. Own what you like…


I used to explicitly avoid Metalcore because I thought it was bad or cringy. Then I got really into periphery from prog metal, and one day I was like "oh this is just Metalcore." Thinking certain things about certain genres is the real immature cringe (no offense intended whatsoever). Music is music, you like what you like.


I haven't gotten a lot of shit for it, but the few times I have I usually respond with what they said only switching out 'metalcore' for whatever they listen to. You can reduce any genre of music down to a stupidly simple level, which is what most of these (and the ones I've received) are. "You listen to that screamy stuff?" "You listen to that stuff where they just talk fast and sometimes sing off key?" It's pretty easy to do, and if they try to rebuttal with "well at least this genre does this", just hit then with the same about metalcore. You can break anything down, and build anything up, and once people realize that's all they're doing to you they usually chill out about it.


I’ve always been given shit for my music taste because I’m female. I like rap and metalcore which seems to provoke some kind of competition in guys to prove I’m lying or being a poser. Generally “metal elitist” types give me the most shit for liking metalcore, I don’t care anymore they don’t seem to understand we listen to different types of music. Someone’s always going to complain it’s not heavy enough or not real metal.


Guys actually do that? I always thought that was just a meme. I'm sorry to hear that. Those same guys are probably complaining about how metal and heavy music is dying and then actively shame or challenge people on monkey the genre.


Yes many people have made me cry over the years. I use the tears to water my tomato garden.


Not in the slightest.


If anything, things that are more difficult to enjoy when you first experience them tend to be more rewarding later on, as you gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the all of the nuances and smaller details. So yeah, I don't expect anyone to immediately be like "oh yes this is great". I had to ease into it myself. But once it clicks... Not much else like it imo.


I've definitely have a lot of people giving me the face when they first knew I listened to metalcore, but with time I got used to it. All of my friends know I enjoy metalcore and deathcore and it is not easy specially living in a country where most of the people just listen to reggaeton. The good thing is I have a very wide range of music I like so when I'm at a party or other social meeting I just bring out the sfw me and keep the metal part to sing at the shower.


Not at all. I dont like the stuff they like, they dont like the stuff I like. That's okay. i've never been socially ridiculed for it though, but I can't think of anything someone could say about it that'd bother me.


i honestly take it as an opportunity to educate. generally when somebody rips on metal like that, it's cause all they've heard about it is that: •its loud •there's screaming the reality is that its such a diverse genre, like anything else; metalcore in particular. so, when people rag on metal, i take it as an invitation to show them what they're ACTUALLY putting down, stuff they never thought falls under the nebulous umbrella term of "metal", and 8/10 times, in my experience, folks will hear you out, because people are always down for new music. if they shoot you down, hey, their loss, but there's always the chance that they're more curious than you think.


Just because People dont understand the music,lyrics,emotion behind it doesnt make it bad music, fuck em and keep the Core on .. they missing out on some good stuff just because they are ignorant not you mate :)


Not really. Taste exists for a reason. Some people just like to be close-minded and think what they like is the only acceptable way.


Man, I felt this. I’ve been in your shoes more times than I can count. People have assumed I’m satanic or I enjoy killing people in my spare time. I listen to all kinds of music, but metal is ol’ reliable. Metal relaxes me, and it meets me where I’m at. Always. Music is art, and some art makes people uncomfortable. Keep supporting metal, and keep loving it, regardless of what some close-minded people think because they are uncomfortable and chose to bash something they know nothing about.


I mean, right now I'm 15 and this genre doesn't fly well with my generation, so I often get looks when people find out about my music tastes. Like yeah, I don't listen to metalcore much (only Zao, Living Sacrifice and This Day Forward) but I listen to a bunch of similar genres and sometimes people ask me why I like what I do.


I’m with you on this. Most people I’ve met in my life get weirded out when I say I listen to metalcore or any other alternative genre


'Don't yuck someone else's yum.' \- told to George Watsky by a gay teacher in his book 'how to ruin everything' ​ I think about this a lot.


bruh i been like that since i was like 8 when i tried to play my music in the car and my dad was like nope i think i've only shared what music i listen to with like less than 15 people at most


Not even going read your post before saying this; fuck what other people think. Honestly. Sure, opinions matter, and I'm not saying don't give a fuck about what people think about you for *everything* haha. What I am saying is that, I'm whomever is giving you shit or judging your music taste, likes some, or several things, that tons of other people think are lame, stupid, whatever. Just like what you like, own it, and don't fall victim to the passing judgement of others. This is all coming from someone who still, at 32, struggles with not letting the feeling of judgement from others get the best of him. Best of luck \m/






I stopped giving a shit a loooooong timo ago. I listen to everything and don't really give a fuck if someone disapproves


I've been listening to heavy music from day one. My parents have always listened to a lot of types ofusic and my dad is a metal musician. I was always the weird kid in school, the group of friends I had in grade school are the same friends I have now from the bond we have built over music. Of course I've made new friends and some of them aren't into heavy music and that's ok. Finding you community is great, and the more things you share in common the closer you can get. If it embarrasses you, only talk about it to like minded people.


I'm a long time pro wrestling fan as well, I've experienced true ridicule for the things I like. I really don't care though, like why would I stop liking something because someone else doesn't like it? That's dumb. If you are proud of what you enjoy then people will get sick of trying to mock or ruin it for you.


Fuck'em. I like opera. You have no idea the ration of shit I received as a new kid in the military, on his first trip to Iraq. I didn't give a shit. Neither should you. You know why? Cause fuck'em. That's why.


I’ll never forget my Eighth grade science teacher asking me what kind of music I really liked one day and I told her “Norma Jean” and how they were Christian and all that (catholic grade school). Don’t remember what she said right away but she came back a day or two later and said she went and listened to them and thought it was cool or that she kinda liked it. Of all the things to stick with me through these years, that’s been one of the coolest ones. Mrs. Six, you’re a real one.


Man, screw those people. They're the ones missing out.


Fuck what other people think. All of my hangout/party playlists have 0 metal songs on them because most people don’t listen to it or they can’t tolerate it. That’s fine. I don’t expect them to like it so I put on shit that’s enjoyable to the masses.


I used to when I was younger, but I don't really care too much now.


Lmao never even once, if I have to endure your garbage ass country music bet your bottom balls I'm going to enjoy my music. If they complain I just tell em.. " you know what your problem is? You lack a proper sense of brutality" If you wanna argue I'll proceed to improvise a garbage country song on the spot about my truck breaking down my dead dog, bank account being empty, wife just left me but it's a ll okay cuz I've got a cold beer in hand, and how 90% of other music it made with the same 4 chords in the same exact key or how the same 4 bars of bass notes repeat till the end of the song Miss me with your condescending musical bullshit


Normies have been hating metal and punk since they were made. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. I’ve never been embarrassed about it. Who gives a fuck? Listen to what you like.


I am only second-hand embarrassed for people that judge other’s musical taste.


The same people who think like this have narrow tastes and their favourite music changes with the top 100. Don’t stress it. I’ve usually found these people generally have pretty shit taste anyway.


Bruh I ever heae someone talk shit about my taste I'm turning the speakers to max and put the heaviest breakdown


I really don't give a shit what people think of my music taste but I'm fortunate enough to have never experienced these kinds of situation cause the people I hangout with are pretty chill people


I was told at school and college by a friend that I would out grow rock and metal music as I got older and I would appreciate and grow up into real music (he listened to scooter and all that modern day chart shite) and guess what? 10 years later and im still listening to rock and metal with artists still making music. As for what he listened to? I don’t think any of them still make music or headline festivals or have gigs these days 😅


Why would you care what other people think about your taste in music?


People will always give you “the look” when they find out you listen to this stuff. I just wear it like a badge. Yes I don’t listen to the crap you listen to. Yes I don’t care if you hate my music


That third story actually sounds hysterical. I’ve worked in kitchens where I was the only white guy and got mocked for stuff like this all the time. It was always in good humor though, I just have to give shit right back and everyone would be smiling.


I've literally never had this experience outside of school, sounds like you got some close-minded co-workers who need to "Open their minds before their mouths"


Nope. Couldn’t give a shit what people think when they’re out there listening to generic, repetitive, overproduced pop music that’s written mostly by ghost writers.


While I agree with the sentiment, I don’t think elitism towards other genres is the way, however ‘generic’ you think they may be. Let’s not pretend metalcore can’t be generic, repetitive, and overproduced. I reckon just leave it at ‘fuck what people think’!


Well most stuff in the radio is pretty much the same. At least I feel like they only play the same 2-3 songs/melodies for the past 10 years... Enjoy it if you can sure but don't force it on someone else


is this the “nah dont give him the aux” thread?


OP you should be old enough at this point to not give a shit.


Millions upon millions of people listening to the music we love every month (look at spotify numbers) you are far from being alone, radio friendly music listeners will never get it. I read an article that it's hard for them to follow heavy complicated music because their brains can't compute the odd time signatures and sudden changes, so heavy music sits better with fairly smart or higher IQ individuals.


That would make sense for shit like say prog metal or like math rock but metal core really. Metal core isn't exactly crazy difficult to follow it just can be annoying for some due to the vocal Can you find the article I'm actually curious about this


Can't seem to find the one, but google heavy metal and IQ or something along those lines


I feel like it would mostly deal with geographicocatuon tbh as iq tends to be very linked to where you were brought up. And metal is listened to mostly white people who because the way iq was set up it was designed to benefit people from specific races who are from specific areas. I'd assume that plays a small part in it or even a big one but I'll definitely have to try find it and if I do I'll try remember to link it


For me I’m fully aware of the fact I listen to music made for 16 year olds generally, I also am ok with that because I like what I like


How does.. what do you.. what? Maybe basic metalcore, but just because it’s angry sounding and angsty at times doesn’t mean it’s for 16 year olds


I think he means like bfmv, bmth, or other bands like that you know the more mainstream metal core the stuff people who are first getting into metal core listen to so mostly younger teens




Imagine giving a shit what other people think. Enjoy what you enjoy dude and be happy with it, who the fuck cares what someone else thinks? This whole post just screams “insecurity” tbh


Imagine caring about this lol


Ridiculous. Preposterous. You made a novel about this thought?


I used to be, now I don’t really give a shit. I like what I like and if people don’t like it, fuck em.


Fuck em, thats whats I always says. As Corey Taylor said... We are Not your kind. ;)


Man, those people probably live in a tiny, mainstream musical box. Who cares if you like metalcore. Most of my favorite bands and the most interesting music IMO has come from this genre alone than anything I can think of in the mainstream or anywhere else in the past who knows how many years! Their loss!


there are folks who will never like it. they'll say dumb shit like it's bc the vocals sound mad or they can't understand them. it never ends


Sure when I was younger but now I love showing people what I listen to


Definitly would have walked out on that teacher... As others have said ignore people who want to mock you. If they don't get your taste they are the one's missing out. Also no need to waste thoughts on people who definitly are not worth it! Most of my friends don't listen to metal either so if they come by I usually play some Rock/Punk-stuff which works with most. If they don't like that not my problem.


I openly talk shit about today’s popular music in response to people’s judgment on my taste in music; usually don’t get bothered by them again afterwards. Keep doing you my dude; don’t let anyone dictate what music they find is acceptable, especially when we have artists like Cardi B lol.




This isn't just a metalcore thing. All heavy metal sub-genres will get ridiculed. And you should take it as a mark of pride. Heavy metal by its nature is music for outsiders. So the more people who fell off around the music you like, the more proud you should be of your tastes.


im proud of the great music i listen to


In all honesty I could not give a flying shit what people think of my music taste. I can see why they might be put off but they don't have to listen to it!


I grew up in a small town full of closed minded racists. I didn't give a shit what they thought.


not at all! fuck em! i joke around about it sometimes, saying stuff like “i listen to metal, but like, the *bad* kind,” but enjoy what you fuck w. this genre kicks ass!


That's what happens when you don't listen to Bolt Thrower.


You listen to your music for yourself, not other people. I bet those people listen to whatever song is popular on the radio, then never again after it falls off the charts. Do what you enjoy. At the end of the day, you've only got yourself.


I haven't run into a person that I can't at least convince to respect either the craft or a matter of opinion. Most people will shut up and leave it alone when you ask them "Well do you like it? No? Don't listen to it. I'm not shoving it down your throat like some Atreyu's Witness." In the event that I brought it up on chance that they enjoy it, they aren't worth speaking to if they consider that 'shoving it down my throat.' A question is just a question. There are a good number of people who will also stop arguing when you bring up the actual difficulty that goes into those kinds of vocals, and the digital/physical expertise needed to play, mix, and master most of those compositions so they don't sound like instrument soup. I don't give two fucks about football or circuses, but both professions are difficult and I would never invalidate them just because I don't understand why they do it or what it's worth. Entertainment is subjective. Don't bother considering the opinions of those who can't understand subjectivity.


That’s life. People are going to be judgmental pricks at various points seemingly without reason. It won’t be the last time it happens. If someone wants to act superior for the noises they choose to put in their ears, they’re allowed but that’s a really stupid thing to be pretentious about.


You just gotta learn to be proud and embrace it. I hate to sound like an elitist prog nerd but what you listen to is 99.99% more interesting than a lot of popular modern music. Trust me, I’ve been listening to metalcore and deathcore since I was in 4th grade because my family got me into it. I’ve been ridiculed for majority of the 27 years I’ve been alive for it. It used to really get to me but I’ve since grown out of that because I realize majority of the time there is no convincing anyone of the genres redeeming qualities. One thing I have done, because I’m petty, is troll those people. I may make a remark on how “momma didn’t raise no bitch” and at least I don’t listen to “basic music” or “whatever fad is presented before me”. But I can’t say it’s the best advice as most people get a little upset




I just judge them back for listening to shitty autotuned overprocessed pop, mumble rap, or country covering the same topics they've been singing about for the last 70 years (or making pop-punk songs but with a banjo).


I used to feel this way, until i got out of high school and then stopped caring about what other people thought about my tastes in pretty much everything.


I’ve come to the point where I just don’t care. I’ve sat by all my life and have been forced to listen to Top 40 or the same fucking pop songs that have been popular for years or been in a group when I’m forced to listen to everyones music that I don’t like, only to be told I can’t play a song because I listen to metalcore/hardcore. I’m at the point where I play the music I listen to out of a speaker at work and when people complain I basically say “oh well.” If I had to be respectful and be forced to listen to shit I didn’t like all my life then everyone else can to. Tough shit.


A couple months back I reconnected with a cousin after 15 years. At one point she asked me about what music I'm listening to, I gave a link to my spotify playlist. We went from talking multiple times a week, to nothing for like a month. Until she then randomly messaged me like "hey", like nothing happened. So she probably thinks I'm a satanist...but you know, family is family.


My experience was the opposite. I had a few really good friends who all listened to the same music and we'd go to gigs together from about the age of 14/15 I used Parkway Drive lyrics in English and had to deconstruct them. My teacher just discussed a different interpretation than I had. She was amazing.


For me, it throws people off because I'm very introverted so generally pretty quiet. The main genre of music I listen to is Deathcore but I'll lean towards Prog and Metalcore depending on the day. I've never really received ridicule so much that people are just very thrown off that it's the type of music I listen to because it's perceived as the opposite of what my personality is to everyone else.


I was lucky enough to have quite a lot of like minded people at my middle and high schools, so I never really did. But if you want a go to response to the inevitable "why do you like that music?!?!" questions that you get, just respond with "why do you like the music *you* listen to?" It's usually pretty good at shutting that question down.


I've had the same experience, it's not worth the energy to have a reaction. I also take pride in listening to heavier music than most, and understand that it's not for everyone. That's a great comeback by the way - "it's not for everyone."


i embrace it and answer heck yes, that screaming shit. love it. kinda attitude


Honestly, yeah, that's how it was for me as a kid. Heavy music made you a social pariah. But as an adult, I don't give a shit. I don't blare my music because I have respect for people around me, but I don't hide what I like. I didn't "grow out of it", and certainly don't plan to.


I'm 33 years old now. Age really does make it easier to (genuinely) not give a shit about what people think of you or your music taste. Nowadays, instead of being defensive & embarrassed (because I was definitely that way, before), I get almost aggressive in pointing out that everybody is entitled to their own taste & nobody has the right to put that down - it's a matter of opinion. In the process of that, I've learned to not take the piss or dismiss anyone's elses tastes or preference - I know my music taste is pretty niche - this quote from the BBC (from an interview with Architects) says it perfectly for me - "Despite being the first to admit that for most people their brand of metalcore is "unlistenable", Architects definitely aren't short of fans." Nowadays, instead of being ashamed and hiding, or playing my music and being offended, whenever anyone is in my domain (home, car, etc.), I'll play what I want, and the negatives are always replaced by genuine & massive excitement when I find someone that is into the same shit. Granted, in public, I'm generally going to play something milder (newer BMTH, for example), but as soon as someone pays an interest, I'm gonna try to broaden horizons and/or find common ground... Music is almost unparalleled at bringing people together, so don't focus on how it can set you apart!


Not embarrassed per se. More like tired of having people want to explain myself. I don't bother bringing it up unless there's strong evidence the person I'm talking to at least tolerates this genre.


None of my friends are into metal. It sucks big time, but I'm never embarrassed about my tastes.


Yeh, it happens but people will always laugh, cringe, scrunch their face at or make fun of things they do not like or understand. Just laugh along with them and not give a shit about what they think. After a couple weeks they'll probably forget about it and whatnot and you'll hear the end of it. I have never given a rats about that, it's just too much effort to care.


I’ve gotten negative attention, but it is what is in my soul. I can’t turn away from it when it is a part of me


sort of! I come from a family of jamaicans so everybody considers any sort of screaming "demonic" (which I don't understand because christian metal exists and i listen to it, but whatever). it's kind of hard to defend my taste in music, especially amongst my family and other black friends and acquaintances, and the only person who knows I even like any sort of rock/metal is my mom. I'm not really embarrassed, but I never really bring it up unless I'm talking to someone who I think also likes the genre.


When I was in High School and maybe early college I definitely encountered a little bit of this, but as I've gotten older I've really just learned that people like what they like and a lot of people just don't like the screamed vocals or metalcore and that's cool. It's the same way I don't care for certain other genres of music. And if anyone is gonna shit on someone else's music taste, it's because they're immature and I could care less what they think. Regular people realize people like what they like and move on. ​ I'm sorry that some people were dicks to you about the kind of music you like. Hell I've actually gotten some friends into metalcore. I will never forget this time in college getting a bunch of buddies super high in my car who never listened to metalcore at all and played them some Born of Osiris (The discovery) and they got super into it!


Nah I don't get embarrassed, because I know I only listen to music that's fuckin good. If it wasn't good I wouldn't bother listening and if someone else doesn't get it, too bad for them, they're missing out. I think in the long arc of life you will get a lot more positive points socially for just being completely unashamed of the things that you like rather than pretending to just be into whatever the norm is. If you put your true self out there with no shame eventually people will gravitate towards you who enjoy the same things that you do. You'll only continue to have negative reactions when you truly open up if all you do most of the time is try and please normies. And sure I play different music around different people, I enjoy setting a vibe that every one is into while also infusing it with my personal tastes. That being said, if someone catches me growling to some deathcore or clean singing some post hardcore in my car and starts laughing at me I'm not gunna hide and get all embarrassed I'm gunna start going even harder and give em a show.


You live for yourself and nobody else. Who gives a shit what other people think about you? I grew up in a hicktown and was the only dude who wore “girl jeans”. You just gotta live YOUR life.


Yeah I get this. As for you're third point, I'm brown and sometimes people of my race will call me whitewashed for listening to this music, family being one example. I don't share any of my music except (occasionally) pop punk because I know I'll get stares for it.


As a 40 something year old dude, I couldn't care less about what people think of my taste in music but I've heard the chatter about metal core. Fuck it, I love it still, loved it before I knew it was a specific genre. It was always just metal to me. It fuses all the things I appreciate about heavy music.


I am very open about listening to metal and people are most of the time just very surprised since I am very far away from their perception of a stereotype metalhead. I only got weird reactions as a teen but after that I just got surprised and interrested faces when I'd talk enthousiastic about it.


Had it a few times after mentioning I like metal where people have asked how I can listen to 'angry music' like that. I just say it isn't about anger for me, I just like heavy music and the guitar aspects of it because I play guitar. As long as you don't get defensive the conversation never goes past that. But also, I think people in any genre can become the absolute worst if they only care about one type of music. I've known complete metalheads through and through judge everybody else for not listening to metal, and a jazz guitarist who wouldn't shut up about how only jazz was worth listening to. Keep an open mind, don't force your music on others (my partner isn't a huge fan of metal so when we are driving I'll put her music on and she appreciates that), and for God's sake don't blast it full volume if you know it is gonna disturb other people. (That last part made me feel very old!!)


I've never really been embarassed, even as a teen, but people have certainly tried to make me feel like I should be embarassed by my music taster throughout my entire life. It dropped off a lot as I grew older simply because as adults people don't seem to talk about music as much and you're not necessarily meeting or interacting with as many new people on a purely social level that might take your conversation there, but it still happens every once in a while that someone will ask and ake out like you're immature or have poor taste when given the answer. Loneliness and a sense of longing for community has always been more of an issue.


Is socially ridiculous? Maybe yes (but metal in general is seen as that). Do I feel “embarrassed”? Ask that to the mf that is in the car next to me while I blast TAIM or Pantera. Of course, if I’m with my friends or family I let them choose the music because I know they don’t like metal at all.


The only negative thing I've encountered with my musical taste over the years is a lack of people to share it with and go to shows with, but honestly it really doesn't matter what others think about what music you enjoy. I don't impose my music on others (like those assholes who don't use earbuds/headphones in public) and just do what I do. If you get shit from someone when you're not even bothering them, that's not a *you* problem, but a *them* problem.


Nope, I chucked a 1200W JBL subwoofer in my car so everyone within 50m gets to listen to Sleddin' Hill when the festive season hits and I'm stopped at the traffic lights.


If it makes them think I’m a scary satanist then I’ll take it if they won’t talk to me anymore 😂


I did when I was in high school, which lead to me completely stopping listening to it until last year. Now I don’t really give a shit what people think about it and always tell people I listen to heavy shit if we’re talking about music. However I wouldn’t put it on if I was with my friends as none of them are fans of it.


It just simply amazes me that people can digest that utter shit coming from the radio these days, but then they continue to judge extreme metal like that. If you are around intelligent people, they will be polite when they tell you they are not comfortable listening to this type of music, and that's perfectly fine. If they can't do this bare minimum, you shouldn't worry too much about them.


Yes it’s mostly my family and my younger brother [16] who don’t understand or get why listen to this type of music. I just think it’s funny that my brother thinks I listen to people who scream all the time but I tell him if you listen to the music, they don’t actually scream all they time lol. I started listening to rock and metalcore stuff around the end of middle school, beginning of high school, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace being the first bands I remember listening to, I was listening to a lot Pop music before I discovered this genre of music. My dad says I listen to “white people music” (as i’m a black woman) like black people don’t listen to rock, alternative, metal music. I’m kind of the black sheep in the family, I listen to totally different music, i’m the artistic one, I have colored hair, stretched ears. But then again I enjoy what I listen to I have found people who also enjoy listening what I like i.e my bf, my friends. I’ve also had people ask what kind music I listen to and play something for them, or send them a playlist (since I make monthly playlists of my favorites of the month) but usually there’s no overly bad reactions.


As said in other comments, it bothers you less with time. 9/10 those people literally don't have music taste in the first place. I know a metalhead at work who gets that way about rap. >"All I hear is blah blah blah shit blah blah shit" >"Ah well. That's definitely not what they're saying so that is 100% a you problem." Anyone that is like, disgusted to the point of making faces and shit to any entire genre of music is telling you how proud they are to not understand, which just comes off as ignorant to me. No sweat to me.


I'm from vietnam most of the people doesn't even know metal/ hardcore music exist so yeah i know your frustrated


I used to be! Still am kinda awkward when people ask sometimes but I’ve learned to lean into it


My parents still ask if I’m gonna grow out of it. I just tell them it’s what I like. I get made fun of by a few people at work, but I also have a few people that love it as much if not more than I do. You do you. Let them be the weird ones, caring about what you like.


I'm a 36 year old woman with kids, been into extreme metal since elementary school, and I've heard it all. Fuck what people think.


Fuck em.


Try listening to emo


Never, people sometimes think its funny but overall most folks i meet just think its interesting.


Looks like we're about the same age. But seriously...who cares? We're coming up on 30, like what you want. It doesn't have to be justified or validated by other people.


Lol luckily I've never had this problem. If anything I played something and somebody would be like "damn that's badass. What song is that?"


Just remember that people listen to country music. On purpose. I'll never understand it, but I don't have to. That's the beauty of art, my friend. Like what you like!


I remember being told by my former coworkers that I “didn’t seem the type” to listen to metal core quite heavily. I guess because I’m laidback and not the “stereotypical metal head” they were surprised? I was also told it was “scary” that I listen to it and that it can be my happy music haha. Said happy music resulted in someone saying it would “give them nightmares” haha. I always love seeing or hearing peoples’ reaction to my music taste, seeing their surprise, but I try not to let it bother me, their bias or prejudices towards it shouldn’t change what I like. With that being said I always try to tailor what’s playing if someone happens to be listening with me.


I'm LDS (mormon) and live in Utah, and while the metal scene out here is really really amazing, I still get a lot of garbage for listening to this music. I once had to sit through a 20 minute lecture from a church leader telling us that metal "screamo" music is one of the worst things you can listen to. I just sat there and tried not to smile while I thought about all the awesome chirstian metalcore songs I could throw back at him if it came down to it. Pretty much everyone in my life outside of a few cannot stand my music and ive learned that I don't care what people think anymore, I blast my music loud and proud and ive never embarrassed to talk about it anymore!


I completely understand what you’re saying. But don’t be embarrassed, if people can listen to the crap they play on the radio now than you can listen to that stuff and listen proudly. I hate when people say “it isn’t real music” or ORR my favorite!….”how do you even know what they’re saying?” Doesn’t matter what they think. My ex bf actually used to make fun of me very heavily about my taste in music (now it ranges a lot but in this genre specifically ) to the point where I couldn’t play any of my music around him and he got to pick. Now his taste was shitty video game soundtracks (and not the good ones) most of the time the people making fun have the all time worst music taste lmao. so don’t conform, actually if you ask me your music taste sounds pretty dope!


I am thankful that my entire friend group was into the same music as me. We still regularly all go to concerts together, so I haven't had to worry about this too much. I've even converted a lot of people as well, including my wife, but most have at least been open to it. Also I went through a phase were I was more hidden about it, but as I've gotten older, I stopped giving a shit. Music is all subjective, so it doesn't matter what someone else thinks.


Fuck em, I bask in the ridicule of my music taste. All it is, is a challenge to convert others to my deviant ways!


I work with a bunch of country dudes who can't stand it. I just pop [this](https://youtu.be/D_zS_uiPWxs) on for them when they start complaining.


Fuck em, I’ve never had backlash or embarrassment for what I listen to. I can listen to Taylor Swift, Slipknot and Kevin Gates in the span of 3 songs and idgaf what people say. Listen to what you want. Regardless to that, if you enjoy it that’s all that matters.


Oh yeah man. I’m the vocalist of a band and when I was at a family BBQ a few weeks ago, my proud father (bless him), was showing people my bands music it got around to my grandma and my grandma sat there mocking my vocals lmao. I was sitting there for probably 15 minutes being ridiculed and afterwards my dad came up really apologetic lol. Once you’re in this for a while you get used to it. Fuck what other people think imma have fun.