Another night at Reggie's in Chicago, this time seeing Blood Incantation, Full Of Hell, Vermin Womb, and Mortuous. This show was last Friday, but I got absolutely cruahed with work, and didn't have time to finish my write-up. I also saw Meshuggah, Converge, and Torche last week, and am putting that together. Opening act God Is War finished up before I arrived at 7:30, and according to people I talked to, is a noise-based artist. Personally, that's no big loss for me. I enjoy noise or ambient music, but in live performance, I prefer it as more of a side dish than the main course. Mortuous went onstage at 7:45, right after I arrived. A San Jose-based cavernous death band has a sound reminiscient to the Pacific Northwestern death scene, at least in my opinion. I hadn't heard their most recent full-length until earlier today, and I wasn't at all surprised by how much I liked it. Lots of hooks and greasy death goodness abounds, especially in second track "Nothing." Back half of the LP feels a little samey, but it's hard to judge a record on one listen. I enjoyed it, and so was looking forward to their performance. They definitely enjoyed their time onstage. Lots of headbanging, and deep, doom-laden riffs between thrashing death. Very good stuff indeed. They seemed like really nice dudes, and ended the set with "Nothing." Quelle surprise. Apparently they like that track, too. Four moss-covered ashtrays behind a forgotten Seven/Eleven out of five. Very nice. Vermin Womb was next. I was unfamiliar with them, having given them only a cursory listen today. I knew it was Ethan from Primitive Man's band, but I thought they were noise, and hadn't investigated them until now. They're not, and I'm dumb. They're a grindcore band tempered with feedback and washes of noise, which is right up my alley. Sludgy vocals over primitive grind is my cup of tea. They played all the hits: From screams over blast beats to blast beats with screams, and finally screams over blast beats with a skank-beat section in the middle. There was nary a triplet to be found. I couldn't understand anything, but that's fine - it's fucking grindcore. You're not really supposed to. It was a fun set, even if I prefer his work with Primitive Man. If he's going to bellow at a crowd of people, I prefer us all being enveloped inside a doomy, hatred-riddled fog of slow, detuned guitars. To each their own, I guess. Still, very enjoyable. Three and a half grindcore documentaries where Ethan lets you know what an absolute piece of shit Seth Putnam was out of five. Up next was Full Of Hell. For some reason, they played Yakkity Sax for the quarter hour they were setting up, which wasn't annoying in the slightest. The venue had their performance listed as from 9:15 to 10:15, which I was impressed by. Last time I saw them, they were headlining, and only played twenty-five minutes. I knew they had enough material, but it's hard to stay at their level of energy for a full hour. I guess we'll see. They set up quick, and started up at 9:10. Full Of Hell are many things live. Loud, fast, aggressive, cacophonous, berserk, thunderous. They were all those things, peppering samples of distorted human speech in between minute to minute and a half art-grind. Dylan (their singer) vacillated between demonic barks and shrill screams, his face contorted in anger. It's always charming how he'll finish a song, his face a death mask of agony, and then smile and say, "Thanks!" in a friendly tone. It's adorable. The rest of the band is phenomenal, as always. Sam, the bassist (and as I noticed tonight, sometimes second guitarist), is continuing his mission to look as if Pedro Pascal was in Poison. Absolutely kills the complimentary death growls alongside keeping the low-end secure. Spencer still looks friendly and sad, and continues to sound incredible live. Danny is a madman, and possibly one of the nicest people I've ever had the privilege to chat with. All in all, they're awesome dudes, and really friendly, and at their absolute core, true artists. They finished up around 9:45, so only a thirty-five minute set, but an absolutely incredible amount of time to spend with them. Every time I see them, I just think I should listen to them more. A phenomenal live experience. Five dead rats on the stage that I forgot to mention out of five. (Dylan had a nice bit of patter about it, with "Do you think this rat led a life of struggle?" and "This song is about being gutted and tossed onstage, much like this rat.") Next up was the headliner, Blood Incantation. They set up, and then dimmed the lights and played through a bit of *Timewave Zero*. While enjoying the ambient synths and distorted taps echoing through the loudspeakers, I bought a few shirts. One from Full Of Hell with an old monastery style that reminded me of the album cover of the latest from Predatory Light, and a skull-infested Tour 2022 shirt from Blood Incantation. I also picked up a blue skull thing shirt from Mortuous (in a whopping 4X, which is *way* too big), because while they didn't have my size, they were great, and bands gotta eat. I would like to say I vibed and enjoyed the ambient music in the moment, but I'd be lying. It was fine, but I checked my email and had a quick sip of my drink. Blood Incantation finally came to the stage at 10:17, and turned up the bass. They kicked into "Inner Paths (To Outer Space)," and shook the room with the deepness of the low-end. Very cool. Excellent way to start the set. After that, they kicked into "a song we couldn't play last time we were here, due to time constraints," and started into both parts of "Vitrification Of Blood." Fucking excellent. At the end of both songs, a guy ran up to his friend next to me, shouting, " They played parts one and two!" Yes, they did. I have the *Live Vitrification* vinyl release, but hadn't seen it live yet. Truly epic. After they finished that, they told us they have one more, which I found hilarious. Then, they kicked into "Awakening From The Dream Of Existence...", which is too long a title to put here. I saw them finish their December 2021 set with this, but it's still such a fantastic spectacle to witness. So many ideas and themes packed into a third of an hour, all sounding so unique and expressive and new, even while maintaining the feel and energy of "death metal." That slithery guitar riff that brings them back after the middle ambient section kills me every time. Then to finish on that pensive, dark arpeggiated sequence? Absolutely thrilling. Then, they came back out, and played (I think) "Hovering Lifeless" from the demo. Great show, as expected. Could not ask for a better touring package. Five regressive time dilations out of five regressive time dilations out of five regressive time dilations out of five regressive time dilations out of five... Super fun show, and highly recommend every band there. Hope it wasn't too long, and failing that, hope it was at least mildly enjoyable to read. Cheers!


Definitely an enjoyable read, the scoring system alone was worth it, cheers!


I was at the show as well. My video screenshot of Dylan Walker holding the dead rat is being used as a meme and going viral... [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg7iG0HjL9A](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg7iG0HjL9A)


I checked out Torche after seeing them in your comment. I must say I really like them, thanks for turning me on to a new (for me) band. That was a detailed and enjoyable write up you posted.


Wound up spending WAY too much money on the Disassociative Visions fire sale, but now I have some physical copies of stuff I've been wanting. Almost every Serpent Column release in some form, Skaphe, Guðveiki, Negativa, Death Fortress, Kostnatění, Det eviga leendet, and Eos. It's kind of crazy they're ending so soon after picking up where Fallen Empire ~~picked up~~ left off.


So bummed about this news.


100 bucks on mike coming back with another label in 6 months lols


**MMXXII.IX** - Here are the results for the **Top ~~3~~ 4 New Releases of September**: **[Sumerlands](https://sumerlands.bandcamp.com/album/dreamkiller)** [16] **[Phobophilic](https://phobophilic.bandcamp.com/album/enveloping-absurdity)** [11] **[Ares Kingdom](https://areskingdom.bandcamp.com/album/in-darkness-at-last)** [9] **[Gaerea](https://gaerea.bandcamp.com/album/mirage)** [9] ------- [Sonja](https://sonjaband.bandcamp.com/album/loud-arriver) [7] [Acephalix](https://listen.20buckspin.com/album/theothanatology) [6] [Revocation](https://revocationband.bandcamp.com/album/netherheaven) [6] [Gudsforladt](https://gudsforladt.bandcamp.com/album/friendship-love-and-war) [5] [Mo'ynoq](https://moynoq.bandcamp.com/album/a-place-for-ash) [5] ------- [ 4 / 3 ] [An Abstract Illusion](https://anabstractillusion.bandcamp.com/album/woe), [Bloodbath](https://bloodbath.bandcamp.com/album/survival-of-the-sickest), [Innumerable Forms](https://innumerableforms.bandcamp.com/album/philosophical-collapse), [Lunar Spells](https://lunarspells-northernsilence.bandcamp.com/album/demise-of-heaven), [Lune](https://luneblackmetal.bandcamp.com/album/hymns-to-the-lunar-realm), [Tribal Gaze](https://tribalgaze-maggotstomp.bandcamp.com/album/the-nine-choirs), [Blind Guardian](https://blindguardian.bandcamp.com/album/the-god-machine), [Gutvoid](https://bloodharvestrecords.bandcamp.com/album/durance-of-lightless-horizons), [Miscreance](https://miscreance.bandcamp.com/album/convergence), [Toadeater](https://toadeater.bandcamp.com/album/bexadde) ------- [ 2 / 1 ] [Abhor](https://ironboneheadproductions.bandcamp.com/album/abhor-sex-sex-sex-ceremonia-daemonis-anticristi), [Autopsy](https://peaceville.bandcamp.com/album/morbidity-triumphant), [Barn](https://barnband.bandcamp.com/album/habitat), [Fallujah](https://fallujah.bandcamp.com/album/empyrean-2), [Kathaaria](https://kathaaria.bandcamp.com/album/to-be-shunned-by-all-as-centres-of-pestilence), [Live Burial](https://liveburialdeath.bandcamp.com/album/curse-of-the-forlorn-death-metal), [Mortuous](https://mortuousdeath.bandcamp.com/album/upon-desolation), [Toughness](https://godzovwarproductions.bandcamp.com/album/the-prophetic-dawn), [Wayward Dawn](https://emanzipation.bandcamp.com/album/all-consuming-void), Acid Witch, Aeternam, Celestial Grave, Circle of Ouroborus, ColdWorld, Cruz, Epoch of Unlight, Erzfeynd, Hail Conjurer, Hekatoxen, Mamaleek, Nither, Nordjevel, Slipknot, Terra, Terra Atlantica, Thulsa Doom, Vermilia, Vermin Womb, Zeta ------- Raw Votes: [Day 1](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/xsti6z/shreddits_daily_discussion_october_01_2022/iqmchow/), [Day 2](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/xr5z9h/shreddits_daily_discussion_september_29_2022/iqculfk/) ------- Sumerlands came out on top as expected. I'm enjoying it but still not quite sure how it stacks up against the debut. It's a lot slower overall. Caio Lemos (Kaatayra, Bríi) had a new dungeon synth project, [Bakt](https://bakt.bandcamp.com/album/bast-o-ci), though I wasn't expecting anyone to vote for that. [Dissociative Visions](https://dissociative.vision/s/final-confession/) is coming to an end. Truly one of the record labels of all time. What's good for October? [Resin Tomb](https://resintomb.bandcamp.com/album/unconsecrated-ascendancy?from=search&search_item_id=655168914&search_item_type=a&search_match_part=%3F&search_page_id=2204289859&search_page_no=1&search_rank=5&search_sig=729d1e7c47e07258ace743cb861345f9)'s got a new EP on the way. ------- **MMXXII**: **[[JAN](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/sjikqm/shreddits_daily_discussion_february_03_2022/hvfqor3/)]** **|** **[[FEB](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/t5r234/shreddits_daily_discussion_march_03_2022/hz6ekah/)]** **|** **[[MAR](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/tw09v2/shreddits_daily_discussion_april_04_2022/i3cdlji/)]** **|** **[[APR](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/ujlv43/shreddits_daily_discussion_may_06_2022/i7jm2wa/)]** **|** **[[MAY](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/v6tkqb/shreddits_daily_discussion_june_07_2022/ibhe25l/)]** **|** **[[JUN](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/vr5t31/shreddits_daily_discussion_july_04_2022/ietn86j/)]** **[[JUL](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/wf4r9u/shreddits_daily_discussion_august_03_2022/iirvc3d/)]** **|** **[[AUG](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/x5l9vz/shreddits_daily_discussion_september_04_2022/in1moq2/)]** **|** **[[SEP](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/xvd8ek/shreddits_daily_discussion_october_04_2022/ir0frt0/)]** **|** **[[OCT](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/yl0t6y/shreddits_daily_discussion_november_03_2022/iuvusht/)]** **|** **~~[[NOV](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal)]~~** **|** **~~[[DEC](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/)]~~** ------- MMXXI : [ [ JAN - JUN ](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/oecl2d/mmxxi_top_3_of_the_month_666_month_special_i/) ] | [ [ JUL - DEC ](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/rvu52y/mmxxi_top_3_of_the_month_666_month_special_ii/) ] ------- MMXX : [ [ JAN - JUN ](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/hkigez/mmxx_top_3_of_the_month_666_month_special_i/) ] | [ [ JUL - DEC ](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/kqugsq/mmxx_top_3_of_the_month_666_month_special_ii/) ] ------- MMXIX : [ [ JAN - JUN ](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/ca5ncl/2019_top_3_of_the_month_666_month_special_12/?st=jyv88e4p&sh=436f5f77) ] | [ [ JUL - DEC ](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/eiyer8/2019_top_3_of_the_month_666_month_special_ii/?st=k4wsgl13&sh=7da13bbb) ] ------- MMXVIII : [ December with links to others. ](https://old.reddit.com/r/Metal/comments/adswp2/shreddits_general_metal_discussion/edjw3nu/?st=jqnlqoay&sh=7d545ff2) -------


October's gonna be good. Oct 7 - Cloud Rat, Languish, Faceless Burial, De Profundis, Vessel of Iniquity Oct 14 - Cabinet, Embrace of Thorns, Ripped to Shreds, Daeva, Vacuous, Vicissitude, Imprecation, Daemogog Oct 21 - Gevurah, Avatarium, Omegavortex/Pious Levus, Exhumed Oct 28 - Morbific, Voidthrone, Nostromo, Universally Estranged, Worm, Darkthrone, Devenial Verdict, Deathsiege, Forlesen


There probably isn't a way around it, but it really seems like records released right at the end of the month suffer in these polls. I know for me a lot of the time I don't get to listen to something until after I vote. I feel like Autopsy, Thulsa Doom, and Blut aus Nord (no votes at all) are better received than the numbers suggest.


> I feel like Autopsy, Thulsa Doom, and Blut aus Nord (no votes at all) are better received than the numbers suggest. Sure, you can't avoid that. Lots of votes in this monthly poll doesn't necessarily equate to higher quality.


Yeah, it's not a perfect system, but that's a why I post a second poll a day after the end of the month. I figure a lot of people have heard any preview tracks from late-month releases and will have some sort of opinion by the time the polls go up. Even if an album releases on the last day, preview tracks plus a couple full listens should be enough whether something is included in a top-3 vote.


> What's good for October? * Ripped to Shreds - 劇變 * Vacuous - Dreams of Dysphoria * Chevalier - Ancient Metal Attack * Omegavortex / Pious Levus - split * Exordium Mors - As Legends Fade and Gods Die * Faceless Burial - At the Foothills of Deliration * Morbific - Squirm Beyond the Mortal Realm * Deathsiege - Throne of Heresy * Imprecation - In Nomine Diaboli


>What's good for October? Faceless Burial, Dragonland, Sleeping Romance, Stormruler, Avantasia, Woods of Wonder.


In addition to what’s already been said, October’s also got new Cloud Rat, Daeva, Riot City, and of course… Aaaastraaaal Fortreeeeeeessss


> Mortuous I expected this to be far more popular, I'm loving it so much.


The Sumerlands love boggles my mind. It isn't a bad record but definitely didn't stand out to me.


Been listening to Tropical Sun by Fulci on repeat - made even better by rewatching Zombi Anyone else?


Such a fun band. The first time I put that album on was on a hot summer day while driving around the city running various errands. It was the perfect album for that moment.


I frequently come back to them coz it's just good ol fun stuff.


When I discovered it last year, I listened to it daily and still spin it regularly. Love the samples, love the riffs such a fun album shame last year's album didn't quite hit the mark like Tropical Sun did. Just wish shipping was cheaper from Italy so ai could pick it up.


What is your guys go to if you just wanna hear some good *metal “jamming”? I gotta say that it’s hard to top Manilla Road for me.


Normally some Psychedelic/Stoner Rock for me. Love Earthless, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, Samsara Blues Experiment, stuff like that


Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats.


Buffalo - *Volcanic Rock*


Reverend Bizarre


toe Khun Narin Electric Phin Band


Expo '70 Vangelis - *The Dragon*


thoughts on the new venom inc album?


What band got you into metal, and who is your current favourite? Megadeth was my gateway band, but Nile and Amon Amarth are my favourites.


Blind Guardian, Wintersun and Dimmu Borgir. Managed to break my recent Atmoblack and Blackened Death phase with Dream Tröll. Didn't expect to like a Heavy/Power Metal band but goddamn they are so good.


I don't remember what my specific gateway band was, it was either Slipknot or Metallica. Current favourites are Death Fortress, Ash Borer, Sanguine Relic and Cross Rot.


Megadeth is a great introduction bud! Iron Maiden was my gateway but currently I'm fuckin lovin Bewitcher, Bütcher and King Gizz (only really big on their album "Infest the Rats Nest" )


Running Wild, Running Wild


Metallica, Overkill, Testament for intro Bokt Thrower, Motörhead , Immolation for fukk My dad was already into old school thrash and stuff so it helped a bit in jumping straight into metal. I listened to other stuff from the era that's probably more uhh general intros to heavier music, but my mond was already set on metao before hitting most of those bands


Iron Maiden got me into metal. They're still one of my favourites tbh. Some more current favourites would be Bathory, Malokarpatan, Solstice (UK), Saxon, and Wytch Hazel.


Fuck Nazi's. NSBM is absolutely trash. https://www.lataco.com/nazi-metal-east-los-angeles/


I love a nice feel good story


Where do you guys buy your vinyls aside from bandcamp? A lot of the ones I want are sold out but I'm hesitant to go to ebay




Shadow Kingdom Records and Hells Headbangers for me. They have a good selection, decent prices and relatively fast shipping.


Pulverised, Nuclear War Now!, Invictus, Me Saco Un Ojo, High Roller.


* Nuclear War Now! * Invictus * Dark Descent Records Used to buy from Hell's Headbangers but nowadays the dude fails my scumbag radar.


So I'm not imagining things when I think Hell's Headbangers has been getting progressively worse? They're one of the first labels I came to know when I started getting into extreme metal a few years back, but I wasn't sure whether it was getting sketchier or if I just didn't know enough to recognize how sketchy some releases were. It's a bummer for sure. The last thing I bought was the first vinyl pressing of Last Days Of Humanity's first album, and I love that a label is giving attention to the lesser-known albums from a band like LDOH. On the other hand, they're proudly collaborating with Werewolf Records now. Just kinda fuckin blows, ya know?


Meteor Gem. I dont even preorder anymore. I just go to his shop and they have what I want. https://meteor-gem.com/


This is a very valuable tool https://themetaldetektor.com/


Are you hesitant to use EBay even if the seller has a 100% positive feedback rating?


Discogs most of the time. I've ordered from Season of Mist and Osmose (EU stores) the most after that. They both have their own distro of stock as well as their own releases, many labels do, but SoM's is pretty huge. It can be a pain trawling around though and deciding what to order from where and when, I tend to hit a couple every now and then to see what they might have in.


Going to see Zeal & Ardor, Sylvaine and Imperial Triumphant tonight


I saw the other day someone being redirected to a more appropriate group for their taste and wonder if there is one for, for want of a better word, “mainstream” metal. I have no issue with this group discussions mainly death, black and other extreme metal, but find it odd that the Slipknot album came by without so much as a mention. And very little discussion of the Machine Head album, which is easily in my top 3 releases so far this year, and is probably my favourite MH album to date.


I'm still a massive fan of most of Slipknot's stuff so I'll bite, what did you think of the new one? I wasn't expecting much and felt like that was confirmed, it feels like a band that's run out of ideas trying to make music that's heavy enough for people to compare to their early stuff, but with generic poppy choruses to get radio play. Hive Mind is the only track that really stood out as "actually good", I can't say I'll ever be coming back to it as an album.


Fair to say I liked it more than you, then, but I certainly wouldn’t put it at the top of the pile when it comes to their releases. I find starting with Aderall the most baffling choice and it might well be their weakest song…ever (apart from perhaps that one that was clearly meant to sound like Marilyn Manson or something I forget the name of), and I think the album suffers from a lack of pace and oomph at times. That said I think Finale is the first time their attempts to write a slower, moody track really works and I like it a lot.


So I wasn't planning on checking out the new album at all, but I just listened to Adderall based on all the shit I've seen it getting. Was expecting the most unlistenable shit given the comments I've seen. And it's like... quite a nice song? Sounds like a QOTSA outtake or something to me. It's a weird opener for a Slipknot album, but honestly I found the album went massively downhill from the second track.


I guess it’s competently performed but I just found it very boring and reminiscent of something you might hear on Radio 2. Admittedly, it’s not the only boring track on album for one reason or another! I’ve nothing against slower songs, or less heavy ones, as I said above, I think Finale is great.


Yeah it was maybe mostly my expectations that made it sound good. Think I was just expecting like a really tasteless attempt at edginess or something, and a relatively well-crafted if bland quieter song was a nice surprise.


Ah, yeah, I see what you mean there.


Seconding Hive Mind as a banger. Rest is average at best. Feels a bit disjointed overall, will give it a few more spins as I actually like more and more the mellow bits.


I've done the same thing, I've hit it three times during the week and the standouts have definitely been the slower tracks. I still think overall it's pretty bland, but Medicine For The Dead really clicked with me on my last listen yesterday.


There's some active genre specific subs that could be of interest but anything that's branding itself as a ' like shreddit but post what you want!!' are all effectively dead.


I never got the impression people couldn’t post what they wanted, just that this might not be where other people would be interested.


Sorry I could have clarified that a little better. A lot of metal subs were created in reaction shreddits moderation approach which more than a few people see as 'unmetal'. The result of this was a complete lack of focus in any given sub that basically caused it to die out.


Like spheres said, this sub's tastes just don't really lean toward stuff like Slipknot and Machine Head. Although it's a big subscriber base, the active user base is fairly small even as we've grown closer to two million subscribers. The active user base is generally more into underground stuff and music exploration, with "mainstream" metal tastes being more stuff like Slayer, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath than the nu/alternative scene.


Yeah, perhaps my tastes are less common than I assumed! I grew up on the bands you mentioned but enjoy stuff from different sub genres and periods too. Though perhaps not as much as Maiden, ultimately :-)


This sub's tastes in general don't lean that way - I'm pretty sure there's a nu metal sub out there though I won't bother to check. You're free to talk about these here in the daily discussion threads though, there's no rules against it. Finding enough people to engage in discussion is another matter.


Hmm, you’re probably right and there would be little or less of interest in a nu metal community for me than there is here.


I have a YouTube channel that I have been posting live shows that come through Chicago. Well, one of my videos got shared by Metal Injection and ThePRP (I submitted to them) because during the Full of Hell set last Friday, someone threw a dead rat on stage! Crazy to see my video in these websites after years of reading them ​ ThePRP - [https://www.theprp.com/2022/10/03/news/a-fan-threw-a-dead-rat-onstage-during-full-of-hells-recent-set-in-chicago-il/](https://www.theprp.com/2022/10/03/news/a-fan-threw-a-dead-rat-onstage-during-full-of-hells-recent-set-in-chicago-il/) ​ Metal Injection reposted my video - [https://metalinjection.net/video/please-dont-throw-dead-rats-at-full-of-hell-while-theyre-playing](https://metalinjection.net/video/please-dont-throw-dead-rats-at-full-of-hell-while-theyre-playing)


......why did someone throw a dead rat on stage


They heard the singer was hungry.


for the lulz


Because they couldn't find a trashcan clearly


I guess dead rat wasn’t on the rider


Poke poke!


Has anyone seen Pallbearer live? I didn't know them, started listening to them today. I like their latest album, and it's, I don't know, slower than I expected, more atmospheric. In the past I've seen bands like Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, Sepultura, Metallica live (and a lot more I can't remember right now), so I'm excited to see what the atmosphere at their concert will be like!


I saw them a few years ago and it was maybe the most boring live show I’ve ever seen, though I admittedly am not a big fan so it’s totally likely you’ll have a much better time than me if you’re into them.


Tbh I bought the concert ticket to see one of their support acts, so it's a win win situation. If I like them, I'll stay, and otherwise I'll be home before midnight!


i’ve seen them multiple times, and i’m seeing them again in a couple months. they’re great, and i love them. sorrow & extinction, their first album, is their slowest & best one. they’re playing it live in it’s entirety on this tour.


Oh really? So I'll listen to that album first, thanks! I did look up some setlists from their shows last month and it seemed to be a mix of 4 of their albums. I still got a week, I'll just listen to all albums if I can!


I saw them about 5 years ago at a small club and it was a great show. Plenty of energy and the sound was really good.


Any other Eluveitie fans? I booked tickets to watch them co-headline with Amorphis in November. Really looking forward to it, but I'm sad to hear that Michalina Malisz left a few months ago. I wonder if they're going to find a replacement by then or just leave out the Hurdy Gurdy parts altogether. Also booked tickets to see Nightwish for the first time. Still upset about Marko leaving, but I can't wait to see them.


I've been an Eluveitie fan for a long time. Haven't seen them live yet.


I'm likely to be going in Nov too. Saw them on their last tour and thought they were pretty good. I noticed the bass player was absent for some of the festival videos that popped up over Summer...and the violinist is pregnant, (may have had it by now), so no idea what we'll get.


Question- How do you lads straighten out a warped vinyl record? I usually sandwich them in with multiple heavy books, then put weights on top off them and then leave them there for a week or 10 days. Worked fine on both occasions.


I don't have any with that serious of a warp. I know there is a local record shop that has a machine that will heat and flatten them


If the warping was that bad, I'd ask for a new one. I know that's hard to do with limited quantities of some of the small labels though.


Not sure what people think in general but I prefer Hooded Menace's old logo.


I've early streamed the new Riot City album twice now, and I've gotta say I'm happy they stuck with their brand of speed & trad metal. The screams, the gang vocals, the soaring melodies and shreddy solos are all just on point. If you had ever wished that Burn the Night was just two songs longer, then this album will scratch the same itch that one did. October 14th can't come soon enough so I can get my grubby little hands on a copy of this album.


Anyone know why Atheist's music was pulled from Spotify?


It will be a rights issue, probably regional and hopefully a temporary one. https://github.com/kaaes/albums-availability


Hi, I know this is a long shot, but I used to listen to this speed metal compilation on youtube and it seems that it has been removed. The thumbnail was black with some kind of a red logo in the centre and it was around 2-3 hours long. I think the first song was Highway star. If anyone recognises/remembers this and has a tracklist or the video saved, could you please help me out? Thanks!


Will there be any new metal albums update this week on [Shreddit Release Tracker](https://releasetracker.shredditcord.com/#/)? I only see the upcoming week of 10/14, but not 10/7.