Tear list I see what you did there.


Op is probably making a kinemon face while reading this lol


yes, i very much am


How is Franky not next to chopper.


This should be the top comment


Is now.


provr ot




For me, Binks sake at the end of Thriller Bark hit different than any other backstory.


I agree! I can't listen to that song without crying now! Poor brook, but even after all that he is still one of the most cheerfull! He makes skull jokes becouse he know how important it is to laugh with friends!


And he has no cheeks to laugh because he is dead yohohoho


He also can't cry, since he has no eyes! Yohohohoho


The scene I cried the most to, for sure.


That one broke me the most by far. Hurt especially bad as a long time orchestra musician.


Considering my comment got 25 upvotes, I decided to make my tear list with reasons: Luffy: Pretty decent actually. Grew up with his brothers and had numerous adventures with them. Losing one of his brothers was shocking, but he turns out to be alive, so... D. Zoro: Loss of his best friend and rival, the dedication of his/her goal, but we've seen worse so... D. Nami: Her mother figure died in front of her, joined the pirate group whose leader killed her mother figure to protect her village and loved ones, even though some of them considered her as a traitor. Pretty tough stuff. A. Usopp: His mother died in front of him, but he hid away his pain and made his childhood fun. B. Sanji: Discriminated and abused by his father and siblings, ran away from them when he was a kid, the ship he's in wrecked out, he almost starved to death with his father figure. S. Chopper: I cried when I watched his backstory. My mom realized it and said: "Why are you crying over a cartoon movie?" It has a special place for me. S. Other reindeer discriminated and abused him because his nose is blue, people discriminated against and abused him thinking that he is a monster. He unintentionally was responsible for his father figure's death(Hiruluk was willing to die though). So sad. Robin: Dereshishishishi... Her island was wiped out, her only friend died in front of her, spent 20 years while running away from the ones that wants her dead. She was in a state that she doesn't wanna live in. S. Franky: He had a fun life, but he unintentionally caused his master and father figure to get executed. Wanted to stop the train that took him, almost lost his life. Became an infamous vigilante to protect his town. A. Brook: 50 years of loneliness... Probably the worst among them. S. Jinbei: He fought for equality between his race and humans, his brother figure and captain died in front of him. Had to take the whole burden of his race for equality. Truly tough stuff. I'd say A, but I wouldn't be surprised if people say S or B. Vivi: Fought for her country, even joined the group that tried to take over her country for it. She succeeded and didn't have any losses at all. C.


This is really good. I was clearly wrong on Franky and Chopper. Brook is the most haunting for me, 50 years of solitude after watching your friends die off one after another is just so heavy


I think Brooks 50 years of solitude were not as bad as Robins story. Because Brook still had a driving force. He had to stay to return to Laboon. He just had to. He didnt knew that he could but there was a glimmer of hope in his loneliness. Robin on the other hand didnt really existed as a human being after everyone she knew died and she started running. But she didnt really ran. She had no reason to survive. Her kowledge made people use her as an object. Sell her, trade her kill her owners to possess her. She tried to kill herself after she was no more useto Croco boy after she had no owner anymore. Being stopped by Luffy. Joining the crew. WhichI argue did t stop her backstory because shejoined because she now was Luffys responsibily. He saved her so now she was his posession. The real moment Robins backstory ended was the moment she shouted in tears "I WANT TO LIVE". Thats the moment she reclaimed her life. The moment she became sentient again. Someone with self worth. It was her decision. Not someone elses. Thinking of this moment makes me cry tears of joy for all the pain and hardship she overcame in that moment. And (a little unrelated) spoiler for WNo >!thats the reason I laughed my ass of when Black Maria tried to convince her Robin was only an Object for her crew,knowing Luffy declared WAR ON THE WG TO SAVE HER!< Sorry for my TedTalk


This is fear vs sadness lol


To be fair, one can have more than one emotion at a time. To think you cant be fearful and sad at the same time is not true.


I was actually thinking about the Chopper goodbye scene while driving and started crying when I remembered the “goodbye my stupid son” and the cherry blossom with Chopper bawling his eyes out.


I always cry during chopper’s backstory and I’ve never understood why people don’t rank him higher because of the reasons you’ve listed. Overall agree with this tear list


I’d argue that Robin is SS and Usopp is C. His father went out to sea and his mom died of sickness. But he was still in a safe village with friends and would keep himself active and positive be being the village pest.


This I agree with a lot more than OP's


Not that it bothers franky that much but his parents just straight up abandoned him also


Sanji and jinbei should be moved to B but otherwise I agree


Chopper is S tier Franky should be one higher also


Chopper definitely S tier, I vividly remember crying like a baby to his


Chopper was pretty sad. But Brook watching everyone die was just too much.


Crazy how it’ll happen again too


So rude 😭


One piece is just another chapter of Brook’s backstory


chopper not being S Tier sad


Chopper’s is worse than Brook’s for me due to his age at the time of everything and being shunned by 2 communities then personally being responsible for his father’s death. Brook’s is more a trauma of the mind rather than loss. I appreciate his crew died in front of him but that’s expected of the pirate life (e.g. Moria had the same tragedy). His trauma is specifically on having to be alone for 50 years without any interaction (compare to Gaimon who had animal interactions to keep him sane). The uniqueness of Chopper’s situation puts him at SS.


nah youre just wrong


Absolutely, the part where he finally shows up at kureha's place crying broke me


Franky is at least B, but I'd say low-key A and Chopper is S by far


Jinbei fought slavery, definitely not an easy life. A or above.


Fighting slavery is hard, but not necessarily sad


Maybe akashlanka just likes slavery


Fisher tiger did that


Luffy had the chillest childhood lol, Franky is nowhere close to him, also Usopp’s mom died still worse than Luffy


The flashbacks to Luffy's life pre Ace's death make it seem fun and games, but it wasn't. Luffy lived in the forest outside of Grey Terminal (literal landfill for the local nobility) for "marine training" and because there was nobody to take care of him. "Raised" by bandits and part time supervised by the local village he had one brother run away and die and was kidnapped and nearly burned alive in an effort to remove the eyesore shantytown before a tenryubito visit. He wasn't enslaved by fishmen, but it wasn't the chillest childhood at all.


I think sometimes the "sad" aspect of a sad backstory depends on how it affects the characters. Basically, a sad backstory not only is full of troubles, but also makes them angry, revolted or, you know, sad. Luffy sometimes complains with his grandfather about his "training", but he doesn't react to it in the same way characters whose stories are supposed to be sad react, so it's really difficult for me to classify Luffy's backstory (besides Sabo's "death") as a sad backstory.


I agree to that to an extent. Luffy in general doesn't make much fuss about things unless it's food or boring things. In non-comedic instances, he will take umbrage with his loved ones hurting and the people who caused the pain. He himself wouldn't see the majority of his childhood as sad, and to be fair, most of it was (to him) fun. I just don't think it qualifies as "chill". I would argue that it's subtlety sad that he doesn't know who either of his parents are and the one blood relative he has is too tied down with obligations to be anything more than a stern disciplinarian the few times he shows his face. It is also pretty sad that he had to grow up in and around a shantytown built in a landfill. But that is if you're looking for things to be sad about in Luffy's childhood.


I agree. It wasn't chill. The only thing that kinda disqualifies it from being a sad backstory is Luffy and the way he faces life. If he was more serious and self-aware (like Sanji, for example), we'd have a very different perception.


I agree with this, was Luffys upbringing hard? For sure, but he never detested it, in fact found it fun and even bragged about it to Shanks. Sanji also had a hard upbringing and wasn’t really living until Zeff took him in, the difference is the agony that is brought by the memories or experience. Chopper losing his father, Nami losing her mother and working for her killer, Robin being the survivor of Genocide with no reason to live, Brook watching his crew slowly die and being the survivor for 50 years, those are sad backstories they bring pain and suffering on a primary level.


his brother literally "died"


Franky’s “Father” essentially got executed because of him, Usopp coped with his missing father by constantly lying to his fatally ill mother.


Mans was dumped in a jungle that's worse than jinbei and brook's they just had normal childhoods ig


Agree but i guess here for Brook its considered Rumbar pirates as his history


Brooks backstory is everything in his life before Thriller Bark


Usopp deserves at least a B, he watched his mom slowly die as a child while his dad ran off to be a pirate without a care in the world.


hey why usopp is so low? at least c tier, vivi is d, she literally just had tragedy pretty recently, my long nosed buddy had no father, mother sick and dead after a while and had to live pretty much alone... zoro and jimbe i understand, also do luffy, but franky should be there in B and chopper in A....


I messed up on Chopper and Franky in retrospect, but I think Usopp is in the right place. Him and Zoro both lost someone close to them, but were still able to be safe on their own. Usopp even made friends with the local kids and the rich girl down the street


Wasn't that a recent thing? (Like 1 or 2 years max). Most of his life he probably spent alone (he was 17 at the start of OP)


usopps a lil shit and anyone who likes usopp is mega lame. you should be in F tier with usopp


Sanji's was definitely S tier 🤷🏻‍♂️


Definitely S tier


Chopper has the saddest story imo, one of the few back stories that actually made me shed tears in any anime. Sanji’s backstory was a close second.


Brooke literally died


Dude that binks booze just hits different


your opinion is wrong


Sanji got beaten up daily, got disowned by his family, was prohibited from doing what he loves the most and stranded on a desert island for weeks with his adoptive father after everyone he loved died. And you put him on A.


That’s what I’m saying. Me personally I think he has the saddest backstory even over robin. And Brook should be A-tier


Robin is #1 for sure, she’s the sole survivor of a genocide then was treated as an object for 20 years.


Bruh Brook literally died and got lost at sea for a long time until he found his skeleton, He slowly watched his comrades die due to the poison yet they still played binks sake, he had to pick up his dead friends bones and stuff them all in one coffin, brook deserves S tier , so does sanji


He was also alone at sea for 50 years , brook deserves to meet laboon again he suffered enough


y’all did jinbe dirty smh he didn’t make it out of the fish ghetto to be a D rank back story


Bruh, sanji is S+ tier


But he met Zeff, after that things were OK for him I guess


He met Zeff then got stranded and almost starved to death


Chopper and Sanji were S tear for me. I cried during choppers backstory.


you should stop crying over things that aren’t worth crying over


All I'm getting from this comment section is the next Straw Hat should be a therapist.


I think the answer is yes


Nami had it worst than Sanji IMO. Sanji was at least able to get away from his abusers and lead a decent life as a young chef. Nami was literally enslaved for her entire childhood up till Luffy came along and kicked a shark through the floor.


You seem to forget that he also almost starved to death before he became a young chef. 🤔 He was abused, his mother died, he was disowned by his "family", he almost starved to death and *than* his life became better.


And Nami’s didn’t. On top of that she was abused, and her mother died, and she was (seemingly) disowned by her village. Nami was also in a lot of danger and almost killed by pirates plenty of times while trying to get money. She endured suffering for many more years than Sanji did.


Ion know I feel like Sanji should be at S especially because of what we learned about his past in the wholecake arc


Usopp and Jinbe had a much sadder backstory than Luffy and Zoro imo. I mean for Luffy and Zoro with the exception of losing a loved one they had a somewhat happy childhood and not that sad of a backstory if I’m being honest. Luffy especially had a really happy childhood.


You include Vivi with her crew, you get the upvote. That's the rule


Feel like Franky and Chopper should both be S tier considering their actions contributed to the death of their father figure.


My boy Chopper should be higher. I cried when he delivered the gift to the doctor


Usopps dad left him but Sanji left his dad what an absolute chad


I love the part in Onigashima where Robin said to Brooke “looks like we have a lot in common” when they were talking about loss and loneliness. bitter sweet wholesomeness.


Sanji deserve to be s tear


🎻 Quartet 🎻 Trio 🎻 Duet 🎹 Solo What is this? Why is the accompaniment the last to go? 🐳 Gets me Every. fucking. time.


and now i'm crying


Usopp’s backstory usually gets me because I have a really close relationship with my mother. Imagining her dying would break me, so his back story clicked with in that regard.


Jinbe should be higher, he had the weight of violent racial injustice


A foo u stupid zoro has the saddest backstory of all time he got shit in by a woman than she dies by stairs


Nami s tier


Nani and shooper definitely S tear with robin and brook The rest from B to C Luffy D tear


I'd trade Vivi and Jinbe's spot, but for the most part it seems quite accurate.


If Yamato joins, hers will be an F.


Franky and luffy should be in b


I hate ur tier list


Tear list, nice pun


I agree sanjis past was hella sad but fs not as sad as Robin and Brooke, I mean Brooke lost his entire crew, his life, and he got lost floating around as a soul for a whole year before spending like 50 years floating the seas alone on a ship with all of his dead crew 😢


Yeah. And Robin lost every single person she ever cared about, was handed down by one criminal who didnt care about her and treated her like an objekt to another not wanting to live until she was forced by luffy not to kill herself, still livingas an object under the strawhats until she finally decided to live as Luffy asked her to shout what she wanted. Lonelyness is a cruel beast.


Brooks backstory made me cry like a bitch, I’ve only ever shed tears in one piece for brook and when Luffy fought ussop and ussops return to the ship


They are all S tier backstories, I won't stand for this slander


You forgot Karoo.


Jim's backstory with Fisher tiger and otohime is super heartbreaking and impactful. One of the saddest in the entire series for me.


I can live with that list except for Jimbey. Down D Stairs is way less tearing than living through the slavery crap Jimbey has gone through. Edit: to clarify, my tear kist would be different (robin above brook for example)but the one thing that I dont think can be argued for in any way is putting Jimbey on the same level as Usopp and Zoro.


Garbage list


I'd bump Franky to B because his childish actions lead to the death of his father figure and the scene where he tries to "fight" the train gets me every time


Zoro must get revenge on DOWN. d. Stairs.


Sanji and Brook are at the top for me personally, Sanji’s appreciation for women became obvious when the only person in his family that appreciated him were the females in his family, therefore he would see women at a higher standpoint from men. Brook, well, he just makes us sad..


Temporary Member: Law Tear List: S


Senior Pink: hold my 💐


Chopper is A year not B tear


Hell no, Brook is the King of sad backstories. No matter how bad their backstory is, at the very least, there still alive! Brook isn't!




imagine losing your big booba girlfriend to Down D stairs. Zoro had the saddest backstory.


I'd put Sanji's in S-tier, personally. Chopper's too.


Confession: I just can't get behind Robin's backstory and for one simple reason. The scholars may have been cool, but the rest of the people of Ohara treated Robin like absolute shit. Why should we, the audience, care about them? The fact that Robin cares about them so much comes across as her wearing rose-tinted glasses *at best*. If the townspeople were nice to Robin or at least treated her with a modicum of decency to her face, I would be totally on-board with the tragedy. As it is, FUCK those guys. They deserved to get blown up. The scholars of Ohara getting Buster Called? That was a tragedy. The *people* of Ohara getting Buster Called? That was karma.


I would put sanji in s list.


Watching whole cake island arc and I really feel like sanji should be on S Tier


Franky should be at least B IMO, and Luffy’s backstory got kind of invalidated in the sad department since Sabo’s alive


Sanji and chopper should be S like bro they were discarded by their own parents for being normal(sanji) and different (chopper).


Seeing franky in C makes me cringe, his backstory is extremely underrated and his with choppers are the only ones that ever made me cry


S tier for me are Chopper, Brook, Nami and Robin. And this quote hits me hard and hoping there’s a cure “there's no disease in this world that cannot be cured” Robin and Nami because of her mother’s love. Everytime I play on that clip, I’m still crying. As for Brook, whenever I hear them singing “Bink’s sake” hits me hard. And the crew died one by one. I do think Zoro and Luffy is on the same level. Well not exactly the most ideal, happiest and chillest childhood but they don’t have “sob” backstory such as these 4. I mean of course dying of a friend is sad but they moved forward without any “grunge or heavier baggage”


Wasn't jinbei an ex-slave


Nami's backstory is overrated


Vivi is not a part of the crew


Bruh I upvoted you, you’re literally Hannibal Buress “why you booing me I’m right!”


You’re absolutely wrong, she’s an official member, though at the moment she’s considered a former member. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thelibraryofohara.com/2018/12/03/vivre-card-databook-vol-4-all-the-new-information/amp/


I always think people are insane on how low they rank Franky backstory. Have we read the same story? Dude was a reckless child, but he felt the responsability for the destruction of his family, the death of his father figure and got its own body completely destroyed all in the span of what, 6 hours. Regret is the motif there I get why people think children stories are always the saddest, but I never understood why they view Brook for example in a higher degree. Brook has a tragic one, no doubt on that, but they were all adults, they knew what they were facing. The loneliness and sorrow are devastating, but at least his world didn't crumble because of his actions


There is an impostor.


Zoro so low?


Like we wouldn’t notice Vivi there


Why would anyone want vivi to be a straw hat? She's pretty useless tbh


Vivi isn't with the crew


Ffs vivi is NOT a strawhat


Id move chopoer up to S, move brook down to C


I’ll put Franky in A Tier, and bump Zoro up just one notch cuz Kuina’s death was rough but it didn’t make his childhood any harder than it already was


I cried at Choppers and didn’t cry at Nami’s so for me Chopper is automatically A tier. Ngl I didn’t cry at Brooks or Robins either from what I can remember but logically I can’t put his on the same level as theirs


Sabo also “died” in luffy’s backstory. But if you know you know.


Luffy grew up around bandits, was tortured and witnessed the death of a brother. before that death the Other brother loathed him and tried to kill him dozens of times.


Brook would be a s fucking plus


I can see how 'They killed my mother in front of me' is slightly better than 'The burned down my fucking village in front of me including my mother'.


Only vivi bucks is a c, everyone else is a b and up


Chopper and Vivi lower Zoro higher


I agree


I agree that Robin and Brook have the saddest backstories, but I think that Chopper deserves to be in S tier as well


Change Luffy with Usopp, and then move him next to chopper, also put Frank there too.


I kinda agree but choppers was literally the only one I cried at


I would put sanjis in the highest one that's the only on that made me cry


I bet with you that Zoro will have some more sad backstory too, if we ever see a bit more of his past.


Dude put vivi’s backstory higher than jinbe’s


Wasn’t jinbe a literal slave?


I think everyone who lost a family member should be in the same tear.


Chopper is S tier. Personally it hit the hardest for me.


Usopps wasn’t as bad as the others but I feel like he should be one higher because of his dad leaving him and his mother dying


Usop should be the only d tier.


Luffy didn't have a mom or dad. He made brothers and then one died before he set sail. Luffy has the saddest backstory !


Still don’t know about childhood brook or jimbe


Luffy breezed his childhood.


Bro Franky's was so sad man




Going merry should be on top with brook and robin




"I want to live" *Violin intensifies*


People forgetting that luffy lost his brother at a young age?


Put chopper at a and Luffy at b


Jimbe is for sure a S.


Usopp deserves higher, his scene with his mom was one of the few that made me cry in the series. Chopper as well, Dr. Hiluluk made me burst out in tears.


Im ready to swing at you for jimbeis position. His backstory is basically fisher tigers backstory which is sad AF


I'm sorry, but is Fisher Tiger a Strawhat? Exactly


nobody on ohara or brooks ship was a strawhat either


Chopper man .. Sakura blossom


in my opinion chopper should be A.


i think they should show more of zoro and franky


Chopper is S


Tony tony chopper backstory oh man i cried hard that day


I am 100% puttin chopper S tier and I would rank franky and jimbei a lil higher


S - Chopper, Robin, Brook A - Sanji, Nami B - Franky C - Vivi, Usopp, Zimbei D - Luffy, Zoro


How the fuck jinbei is so low ??


Brook deserves his own tier


Swap Sanji with Chopper.


Every backstory is somewhat sad but Usopps should be way higher. He screamed every morning that pirates were coming in order to cheer up his dying mother.


This is a bad list


Sanji had a whole helmet on his head for years bruh


I agree with the tear list.


I would include Sanji at the top... That shit was fucked


I would had put Chopper with Nami or Sanji at least


Franky honestly needs more moments. I mean the family events of robin and sanji sucked....but dude honestly shouldve died a million times over


move sanji to S and chopper to A and put usopp B the lowest he has a pretty sad story


We all know what you did there mate. Nice move.


Luffy is D and Vivi is B for sure.


Just out of curiosity, why is Zoro so low? He lost his best friend as a child


id put chopper in A tier. he was abandoned by his family even before he ate the fruit and then was deemed a monster by everyone he knew, and he just didnt understand why he was being hated for so long. it breaks my heart everytime i watch his backstory. im not sure how long that went on for before he met hiriluk but he was in so much emotional trauma and its so painful to see :(


Robin, Sanji and Chopper were unwanted and were told it'd be better if they never had been born. I put them them in S for that reason. Brooke faced something similar but he was an adult by that time. So he had better understanding of things. I put him in A along with franky and Nami. Ussop and luffy can be B they both lost a family member maybe jinbe as well since he lost a father figure. Vivi and Zoro D, people lose bf irl not as sad as others.


I would move chopper up to A and sanji to B. Maybe move Franky to B. Aside from that, I agree with the rest😇😇