Mara is crying because Mara just found this review.


Or maybe it's the reviewer who's Mara is crying and he is projecting too much


Also a valid plausibility


"also why are you crying?!" "Shut up please shut the fuck up oh my god you're making a fucking dick cry with your stupid fucking review god send help"


Honestly i feel like Mara's design and lore will forever be overshadowed by the haha green peepee thing and it saddens me to the core. Mara is the reviewers bait of low hanging smt fruit


The review was all around awful tbh. Calling the turn based p5 revolutionary combat and P5S is somehow a visual novel now?


Is almost like the reviewer never played a Megaten or JRPG in general other than Persona 5 lmao.


I genuinely believe that most of p5 players have never touched a jrpg in their lives.


Tbh, is that really a problem? I mean, yeah, you shouldn't call it "the best jrpg of all time" since you haven't experienced much else, but I guess it kind of exists in a bubble compared to other jrpgs that makes it enjoyable compared to other games in the genre. Much like Megaten as a whole. So yeah, I agree with you, but don't see much of a problem in that statement. It's like saying most Mario Kart players have never played any other racing game.




> This sub has a hateboner for Persona It doesn't. While it is mostly true that people around here prefer mainline, most of the 'hate' this sub shoots at Persona is the product of people meming more than anything else.


I see most of the "persona hate" as hate towards the cringy part of the fanbase, not the game itself




I said hate for *Persona*, not hate for Persona 5. That being said, though, most people on this sub (key word: most) will happily agree that Persona 5 is at least a good *game*; it's Persona 5 as anything else- a story, an exploration of themes, a representative of the franchise- that the crowd here tends to take issue with.


The amount of people who said p5 got them into jrpgs and was their first jrpg continues to baffle me. I like p5 and think it gets to much shit, but I wouldn't say it's good enough to get someone into jrpgs, or convince people that turn base combat can be good.


Its gameplay is far and away the best bit of it though


I started with SMt 4 and other 3ds remakes, nocturne and then P5 and the rest. I don’t care about rpgs or other jrpgs, and actually any video games for that matter. I love checking out the creativity aspect in open world games and some cult classics like Grim Fandango or Max Payne on the iPad But I’m not into games much, it’s just Megami Tensei games I like. I checked out quite a lot of jrpgs though, so don’t get me wrong, but that’s only because I had a hacked 3ds and tried seeing if there’s anything I actually like. It’s not a matter of convincing anyone, just first impressions and preference.


Agree 100% i think p5 was able to make it "tolerable" to people who don't like JRPG combat because of how many safe rooms and exit points to make it easier to space out the combat. To see a great example of someone indirectly saying this, watch relaxalax's review.


Persona 3 did that to me. Aside from Pokémon, I've never played any other jrpg until persona 3. I loved it so much that got me into jrpgs hard. It's my favorite genre now thanks to P3 and I can easily assume that P5 did the same to a lot of people.


I've tried a lot of JRPGs and the only turn-based combat I've **ever** liked is Megaten. Persona 5 presents that combat in an extremely slick and stylish way.


Based on this excerpt, I'm not convinced they even played P5.


What else is new


Its like one of those "describe the series as worst as you can" challenges


"The series just dresses up social and cultural issues in surreal fantasy" Oh wow, something NEVER seen in any other media ever and not at all quite a recurrent use of fantasy worlds/themes. Guess we need now to make dialogue/stories without a trace of any relatable or relevant meaning just so this guy (if he's serious) doesn't think everyone is -pretending- to talk about more or less complex things (not saying that the themes in Persona are necessarily complex, but talking in general).


I mean to be fair to the writer, Persona 5 does tackle social and cultural issues in a really clumsy, juvenile way. That might have been what the writer was going for, but the phrasing is off and the tone is the same rehashed reductive shit we get whenever anyone talks about Megaten. "Lmao Persona is Pokemon + penis monsters, Japan is soo weird am I right?"


While I do agree that the writing in P5 is not top writing (and I commented in another post; clichés and tropes hurt deeply the story), I don't think in any way that's what the writer went for. Even if the writing were "off", there is a point where you are just saying something completely different, and I think lack of proper expression is a big problem for """journalists""", specially. So I won't give the writer the benefit of the doubt. And, given the tone you mention, I doubt he even really thought about the actual writing (if he has even played the game).


Yes I agree, this writer likely wasn't thinking this far ahead. Just playing a bit of devil advocate. What might have happened is that writer heard people complaining about the game's writing somewhere else, but didn't fully understand how it works in game. Again, this is just me spitballing here. It hard making sense of these games journalists. They work in gaming, but sometimes I get the feeling that the hate playing games.


"Games can't talk about real life issues cuz it's fantasy hurr hurr"


This guy definitely has something against Persona in general. Also I refuse to believe this guy thinks a story that dresses up cultural and social commentary under a fantasy guise or setting is exclusive to just Persona or MegaTen games


gaming journalism is peak comedy


I wish! Legit, I wish gaming publications went for a comedic tone more often, articles always have this bland 'playing it safe' and 'cant risk alienating either fanbase or corporations' approach. Adding some entertainment value in there would be swell.


Ive always found polygon to be great in that regard although ive mostly only watched their videos. What articles i have read have been great.


There's been some pretty garbage articles from Polygon, but generally their videos are fucking fantastic. Kinda disappointed BDG left recently since Unraveled was their best series, but I really want to see what he does next on his own.


Polygon says what other gaming journalist websites are scared to admit is true.


like mario hyperinflation


PC gamer is a joke all round tbh. So many click bait articles I've lost count now. I don't go to them for any news let alone reviews


Oh boy. If this is the case, I cannot fucking wait for all of the uninformed reviews of Shin Megami Tensei V. "0/10 too many personas and some kind of bullfighter creature is too hard"


"sHin MeGaMi TEnseI 5 IS ThE dARK SoUlS Of pErsOnA"


Course they mentioned Mara. It takes virtually zero astute observation skills to be reductive in a game review. But sure haha stupid penis monster means the game sucks.


Also considering Mara is an endgame demon in most of his appearances the possibility of this guy having seen him are not great. It’s just the go-to pick for generic weird demon


every single smt/persona review must mention mara. no exceptions


>the persona series just dresses up social and cultural issues in surreal fantasy garb How uncultured do you have to be to say something like that? Is any attempt to symbolically recreate actual social and cultural issues to make them have a bigger artistic impact bad now? Isn't all fantasy "dressing up social and cultural issues in fatnasy" garb? Except this time it's jungian psychology. What the hell.


You say this as if p5 actually addresses the issues in any meaningful way lol


it does a better job than the article implies


i mean, it points towards society as a whole and its lethargy as the true culprit, which is fine by me


You have pretty low standards for this stuff then tbh


What's your problem with it? Most other stories of this type either go the social justice route and blame a lack of awareness in society and that you can reform society through good education. Or it goes that you need brave people who expose the crimes for society. But P5 does precisely the opposite. It ends with the PTs exposing a crime, it's all in the open and people are aware of it, but they do not care because what they truly wanted was stability and consistency, so they overlooked the injustices, and what you need to address isn't society's awareness of problems, because they can very well be aware of the problems, but rather their unwillingness to act on it. Then they cleverly use the trickster archetype from Jungian psychoanalysis and mythology in general to show how humanity's unwillingness to act upon injustice could be avoided, precisely a small group of connected outcasts who are mistreated or were discarded by society have the ability to inspire people within society to be inspired, be aware of, and act upon abuse. This fits well with historical instances of a small group of revolutionaries managing to turn the entire tide around, like the storm on the bastille or the Russian communists. This is very much a meaningful way to address the issues.


Bait post.


Not inaccurate but still very crude. I hope that's not an official review, as it is completely devoid of any professionalism.


This reads like a '90s-era gaming magazine review, trying way too hard to be "witty."


Yega, yeah! I read this local gaming magazine religiously when I was growing up, and every article had this exact tone. Its not necessarily meanspirited, but can come cross as annoying and try-hard.


That sounds about right, the tone I interpreted from this text is that the writer was trying too hard.


When was the last time Gaming Journalism had professionalism? /s by 50%


Good point, actually 🤣


This feels like an Uncyclopedia article you'd find for P5S


Just wait till this mans plays SMT V


I've been seeing a whole lot of P5S reviews that are straight up brain dead


I'm not saying crucifixion is the appropriate course of action here, but crucifixion is definitely the appropriate course of action here.


i think that the most infuriating parts of these are that they compare megami tensei to pokemon. Like holy s h i t it came out before pokemon by over 10 years.


The Gamer is garbage


Do they mention that on every fantasy game they review? Or did they just didn't knew what to write and made some shit up?


Good message but the wording is so strange and righteous.


I think you people are taking this a bit more seriously than it was meant to; the "the Persona series just dresses up issues" thing is meant to explain why the metaverse is the way it is, which might otherwise sound complex but isn't. It's not a criticism, or at least I don't think it is, this is not very well written.


Seeing this stuff worries me on who they gave the game too