Not a huge fan of the pixel font, and would die for a DSA set, but otherwise this looks SO nice. Love the colors!


To each his own. I'm a fan of pixel art and Indi games, so this is very interesting to me. So much that it would be the first not off the shelf keyboard for me. I have a ducky shine 3(i think) which I've had for 8 years now with cherry MX brown.


Oooo I love the colors!


Color scheme is amazing. Modifiers are fun, spacebar is my favorite. Could really do without the pixel font though, as fitting as it may be.


I like the pixel font but I see what you’re saying, it might look better if just the mods had the pixel and the alphas were normal maybe


It would look way better that way


Colors and overall look are incredible, but *what* is this font? There are so many better pixel fonts. https://preview.redd.it/yrmj9mxocm8a1.png?width=129&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=6a25e921e0ee628abda88849405c093a0b01adc2 Like WHY is this the letter I?????????? **Please** consider changing the font to another pixel font, and this would be an instant buy. [Something along these lines](https://www.dafont.com/retro-gaming.font) or [even better, something as iconic as this](https://www.dafont.com/pkmn-rbygsc.font) would be amazing.


I back this opinion, Pokémon font would be really iconic and make for a very unique keycap set. Better than just making just another color-way with the same standard keycap font imo


I bought these and it was a little shaken up when it arrived and I legitimately did not know what that key was until I couldn't find the letter i lol


yet another nice keycap set ruined by its font


Hi! Check out the new design of Keytok: Back into the Game Keycaps. We are currently holding an IC for this product to check out whether you are interested in the set. ​ **Specs:** Profile: Cherry Material: PBT Keys: 152 Process: Dye-sub ​ [IC Form](https://forms.gle/VwsG9Jcnge42hu8F8) [Join Our Discord Channel](https://discord.gg/BBqN6YYdXC)


Are those keycaps made form gold/silver/bronze? Since those only-keycaps priced 3 times (65$) more than any whole blue/red/cherry keyboard+keycaps from aliexpress/amazon?


You are in the wrong place if you expect those prices. A beginner keyboard+switches+lube+keycaps is an easy $150-200.


What would be the difference of that 150-200$ “beginner” keyboard and some mechanical keyboard with all u listed above from aliexpress for 15$? Why pay x10 times more?


Why are you here?


To buy some plastic for 65$! How bout u?


I don’t think I would buy a cheap set like that to be honest


It's the difference between cheap, mass-produced, entry-level stuff and more nicely made, niche products targeted at enthusiasts. It happens in every hobby. The more seriously you take something is often the more willing you are to spend money on it. This subreddit leans heavily towards enthusiasts who are therefore far more willing to pay a bit more for these things, especially when they're coming from a respected company that specializes in this stuff as opposed to unbranded knockoff crap.


You must be new here. This is on the cheap end for a short/limited run keycap set.


In what way those 65$ keycaps are different? Some extra properties or functionality? Cheap end?


Mostly it’s that there isn’t much scale to these projects, which means that unit costs are much higher than you’d see for a company selling cheap mass-produced keyboards.


Yeah 65 dollars is pretty cheap. Nicer materials cost more money Thicker keycaps (as opposed to thin cheap ones) use more material and cost more money Better more uniform and clean printing costs more money Different manufacturing processess (dye sublimation vs double shot) can increase the price There's a lot of reasons most keycaps don't cost 20 bucks.




Now I would make fun of you but I spent almost $200 on keycaps that won’t be here for like 3 fuckin years so…. I have no room to judge anyone.


200$ for keycaps? Whats their resale value currently? Or they just sittin on yo shelf


They will go on a board when I get them. Probably. This is the wrong hobby if you want to be cheap. The difference in the quality of feel, sound, and colors costs quite a lot of money. The difference between a 35 and a $100 set is massive. The difference between a $100 and $200 is small but this community cares about the small. We spend money and time trying to get our switches to sound that 5% better.


>200$ for keycaps? Whats their resale value currently? Or they just sittin on yo shelf They said they'll be waiting for their keycaps for 1-3 years first so no, they're not sitting on shelf. The wait is usually due to popularity of the manufacturer (GMK) who have dozens of batches of different high quality keycap sets waiting to be manufactured. That makes the resale value of such keycaps even higher than what they originally charged. Even I am still amazed by how much people spend on their keyboards eventhough my small "collection" of keyboards is worth somewhere around $600. There are even single artisan keycaps worth several hundred dollars alone!


200$ for keycaps? Whats their resale value currently? Or they just sittin on yo shelf


Because this vendor loves to sell taobao listings for twice the price. Taobao listing is only 219 yuan, which is 31.4 USD. https://m.tb.cn/h.UQLcDJZ?tk=CabXd4g2ZBf


Please stop using the Pixel font


I wholeheartedly second this


Do a regular font please


I think the font is cool, it's like a retro font


That what bugs me about it. It’s only “like” a retro font. An actual retro font would be more legible and would be doing less. This is exaggerated in a way that really calls attention to itself. The T and L in particular annoy me.


I and T bother me most.


It’s not though. It’s like what people who have never seen the original “retro” fonts in use think a retro font looks like.


Oh now this is right up my alley, and that price is solid.


I love the colours and the design! Would buy if I had the money.


This set is already being produced and there will not be any changes. They are just gauging interest as in checking if anyone would purchase it before bringing it in, not really “interest check” as defined by this community, which is to gather interest and make changes based on **feedback**. I have the taobao link here to backup my statement: https://m.tb.cn/h.UQLbeud?tk=UMpfd4gbyPj As you can see from the taobao listing, the seller is KeyTok themselves. Listing also says 15 days lead time whilst in the Google form provided by OP, it’s 30 days lead time. Which further strengthens my argument that OP is just a middleman.


I love everything about it except the modifier let's that are obnoxious (like the return). I know it's a pattern these days to print wild shit on them via some larger brands but I can't stand it. Simplicity on the caps design and I'll buy it immediately


Love the colors. Hate the font.


What’s up with the letters? They’re like unnecessarily messed up


That looks so cool!


I'm a pixel artist I would love love love to own this set, signing up right now


If the legends used the same font as the backspace and enter keys, I'd 100% be on-board. Why the different attempts at a retro font?


I like the colors but hate how its implemented. Too noisy and cluttered for me. I would have gone with purple alphas pink legends, all mint mods purple legends, pink accents (space bar, enter, esc, arrows). Then an add on pack for blue and yellow accents. And id ditch all the colorful icons for a single color legend. Less cluttered that way but you can still do all the novelties.


Gotta agree with the other comments here. Great colors, but the font might make this a pass for me


Would love to see this in a uniform profile like DSA


YES. Exactly what I came here to say.


Tf happened with the "T", got horse kicked??


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I love it! Idk what people have against the pixel font, it looks great.


What a qt keycap set, if I had these I’d flex them on my qt friends


As many others have said, love the caps and colour but could do without the font


Colors are great, font is hard to read. Normal cherry-type font would be much preferred.


I lost the game


nice set, would be much better if it came with a normal esc and backspace key tho, the "back in the game" graphic is a bit cheesy


A nice and unique colour way. Would definitely be interested if I weren't waiting for like 4 or 5 other sets to go into production /ship.


I would love this but have no intention of waiting until 2048


I thought first it is Back in the Future keycaps.


Love the colours and esp the font.


Love the colors and the idea. Not a super huge fan of the pixel font but I still filled out the form!


Ahhh I love the colours but I'm after some XDA caps ideally p


oh my god. this is literally the set i've been wanting for years! and i don't know about you guys, but i NEED the pixel font


Looks sick, love the purple!


Pretty set I like thr variety of colors


Font is great for the theme, would rather have something different like this than standard fonts to keep it more unique.


i actually love the font but it would be nice to have other colorways since purple isn’t really my favorite color!


Like the font. I think the only thing I'd say is it needs a standard backspace and enter in the pink colours so that you can have "plain" ish modifiers.


Amazing colour palette but the pixel font and the gimmicky labels ruin it


That's a great-looking keycaps. Really like the color scheme. It would be great if we would have an option for a normal font and a pixel font


Cherry is still a tough sell for me over a uniform profile like DSA, but I'm in love with the amount of JOY this set emanates.


If possible, it'd be nice to have regular fonts on the alphas and 2 options for mods, one with regular font and the other with pixel font, also as other user said, this would be awesome in DSA profile, that'd be awesome for us candybar owners due to the uniformity of DSA (which by the way, most Candybar colorways would match this set quite nicely).


I actually love the font, half the people complaining about it are just purists. If you change anything on it, PLEASE pick a pixel font that’s not so… wobbly. You have a key so set here designed to be fun and funky, and I say stick with it so I can buy it :)


I think most of the font complaints are about the wobblyness, not that it's a pixel font.


If these were SA profile with the appropriate font it would be an instabuy.


What a great font! Don't you just love the SNΣFT key? /s