Owner of a Tofu myself, glad to see a more updated version, cause I actually really love the Box design :)


Why call it a Tofu if it's not tray mounted? Needlessly confusing


I think it's because they're trying to market the Tofu to the current preferred meta in the kb community. They already have a name that everyone knows, but most people are not looking for a tray mount kb at the price of the Tofu (and they don't want to lower the price). Honestly, I think it's great as a Tofu owner. I wish mine was gasket mount because I love the boxy minimal design. Tofu was my first. But after buying a gasket mount board, I prefer the softer typing feel. Also, I think that the Tofu is a good in stock option. If this was GB for a limited run, I would agree with you, but if this is what they will keep in stock as the Tofu V2 on the site, then go for it.


Couldn’t agree more with you. Really hope it’s gonna replace the current tofu. Although I don’t need another 65 atm I will be picking it up in the future should it become an in stock option. It would be a great alternative to other in stock options like the q2 or the zoo65.


How is it confusing just because its not tray mount lol. Tray mount is something no one is looking for at all, and its still boxy like the tofu. Its not like they called it a tofu v2 either, its still something different.


# KBDfans Tofu Jr 65% mechanical keyboard kit # Group Buy starts in 1 day! The video above is a sound test with the Gasket mount [2022 KBDfans BFCM page](https://kbdfans.com/pages/bfcm2022) [Page Link](http://kbd.fans/tofujr) [Top Mount Sound Test](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dj71hvkyiIM&feature=emb_title) # History of Tofu65 The first generation of the Tofu65 was born around October 2019. Until October 2022, we have sold more than 26,000 units all over the world! Tofu65 is a popular choice in the MK community, and it could be the first customized mechanical keyboard for many enthusiasts in this lobby to cultivate an interest. The minimalist design and affordable price made it an excellent entry-level mechanical keyboard. # Sound Test Details \-Gasket Mounting style \-KBDfans hamster switches \-FR4 Plate \-Poron PCB foam \-Poron case foam \-Cherry screw-in stabilizer \-EVA switch pad \-Gateron Oil King switches \-GMK Iceberg keycaps


Looks good, hopefully there's a tofu jr lite later down the line


I'm considering buying this for the BF sale. Which plate do you guys recommend? There's Polycarbonate, POM, FR4, and PVD Brass


fr4 for the softer typing experience


both PC and POM are way softer then FR4


That flexxx 🥵


That build looks great! I also use Oil King + steel plate + tape mod + PBT XDA keycaps, typing sound is deep and thocky With the combo here (ABS cherry keycaps and FR4 plate), suddenly Oil King becomes clacky :D


I thought it was the opposite: steel plates are higher pitched and FR4/POM plates are deeper.


The plate itself is not as important as you think The switch and keycaps are the two most important factors If you have a thocky switch + keycaps combo, it will thock on an aluminum case, plastic case, steel case, pc plate,…I have tried this before many times


wait is that the whole case flexing???


I think the flex test is useless; pretty sure it's mostly the deskmat that gets compressed.


What does s BFCM mean?


Black Friday cyber Monday


What happened to have only 24 in stock for all variant except black 😂


Are there going to be any prototypes given to reviewers?


someone lmk if anyone finds anything plss


Thinking of preordering this during the next couple of days... Anyone know if any prominent YT channels or streamers have a prototype of this? Looking for videos/photos on it aside from the ones on KBDfans


No, not yet, been looking all over for it. My guess is that either they haven't sent out the boards, no one prominent is reviewing them, or they are currently testing and reviewing the board and the reviews just haven't come out yet.


This is a dream come true. The tofu is my favorite case and I've been hoping to see it updated/refreshed like this. As soon as this comes in 60% I'll buy four.


I'm considering buying this or Zoom 65. Which should I buy? I like both of their design (maybe tofu more) But I really like the knobb of Zoom 65


Mine arrived without the plate I ordered..


did it have any plate at all?