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Keebmonkey has been the only authorized agent (We authorized regional distributors) for the Megalodon Triple Knob Macro Pad since Sept 2022, we have made great sales on this product. However, because of the continuous updates of VIA, the compatibility of the Megalodon Macro Pads with VIA has become worse, and json files are more difficult to use than ever before.  As a result, we strongly urged the manufacturer to open-source this product, and so far, they fulfilled our needs and open-sourced this product, which the product can now utilize the auto-detection function of VIA. And also, the online keymap editing function is finally active. You will need to flash a new firmware to your Megalodon Triple Knob Macro Pad, and unlock the functions below. ​ * VIA 2.2.0 Compatibility * https://usevia.app/ Online Keymap Editing Here are the steps on how to flash your Megalodon Triple Knob Macro Pad to activate these new functions. [Guide](https://wiki.keebmonkey.com/en/guides/kb16update)


Megalodon Macropads are amazing pieces of hardware! I really enjoy the color scheme and their semitransparent bottom. But totally agree that their software is a mess. Many thanks for pushing the manufacturer to open-source this project!


Thank you very much for the appreciation! The manufacturer is afraid that their codes are copied by other manufacturers after they open-source the product, especially the OLED part. However, we guaranteed sales and pushed DOIO to open-source the product. We will also implement the open-sourcing of other Megalodon Products.


I wonder if it would be possible to have a Bluetooth version! This addition would make it the single best piece of hardware in my desk :)


DOIO(Megalodon) has teased on their Instagram and they have made them in the past so we will probably see them soon


You can order it now for $99. It’s a presale so it will ship within 60 days of purchase according to the keebmonkey site


awesome! thank you for the tip...ill get it :)


I understand that's a fear some people have when they opt for open sourcing their code, but with the software they have behind the product, it totally makes sense to go open source or develop a better user interface *and* make your product available as a plug and play.


Thank you for pushing this with DOIO, with all their products let's hope they also do this for other products, in my case 38% and 64 could be really appreciated Honestly if they are afraid of other manufacturers, they shouldn't, the quality of their products and creativity on design and layouts is a lot to keep them going, while software also matters I think right now it's only being an issue for customers and there's already a lot of software open sourced for OLEDs


That is what we are currently working on, we are asking them to open source the rest.


Awesome thanks for your effort


Awesome. Now do the 38%!


Very excited!! Great product


Aware that you're not the manufacturer but you seem to know a lot about this macropad. Is there any way I can get some replacement knobs from DOIO?


Just purchased one of these from KeebMonkey, it arrived about a week ago. How can you tell what version the currently installed firmware is?


Is it possible to firmware update the **wireless** one ? The chip I have is geehy APM32


Think you can also port to VIAL? I am currently using the doio firmware without problems, but guessing your updates will be useful: https://github.com/vial-kb/vial-qmk/tree/vial/keyboards/doio/kb16


\+1 for this.


This is only for units sold after November of 2022. It sucks that they are not implementing this firmware for initial supporters just a few months earlier.


>November of 2022. It sucks that they are not implementing this firmware for initial supporters just a few months earlier. They are vague about this, because they do not have records of which chipset is used in which batch. We would recommend giving it a try for every Megalodon Triple Knob Macro Pad user.


I bought mine directly from Keeb monkey at the end of July and the chip says it's a Geehy APM32. Some googling says that's a drop in replacement for the STM32, should this new firmware work with my unit?


How did you log the chip spec? definitely sounds like you won't have issues. They stated only units with the ATMega32U4 chip won't work.


I took the bottom off and read it right off the chip. I flashed the update today and it worked fine.


It will work for you.


Same setup here and flashing didn't work, I'm getting an error message: Cannot open DFU device No DFU capable USB device available


It worked on mine with that Geehy chip but I couldn't get it to show up using a soft reset key set using Via. It worked correctly pressing the reset button under the bottom cover.


If it's not working, they should refund 50% of the cost.


Got an email about this only to find out mine is too old for this firmware upgrade, what a shame.


Bought two in July, delivered on August 1st, and flashing worked for both of them. In the process, it also unbricked the RGB on one of the units, even though it was probably just resetting it (which is one of the flashing steps) that did the trick.


good to know, I guess ill give it a go!


Did you try?


how can you tell if your product is too old for this? I bought one pretty much as soon as it came out


The guide says its only for ones sold nov 22 and later.


I ordered mine in june of last year and the firmware works fine for me


When was it delivered?




I got mine delivered in August last year as well, and just successfully flashed the new firmware, was really easy too!


I dislike the new VIA GUI...


Is this an official release? I upgraded the macropad go VIAL a long time ago so it likely will never affect me but great to see them finally supporting their customers.


I got the firmware updated, but only the web version works for me.


The KB64 seem to work pretty well for me since we got it last week but I just got at KB38 in the mail today and this is not a walk in the park. I got the old version of Via so I was able to upload the json file and work from there by following this tread. When via works well these macropad are awesome but it difficult to find troubleshooting online .


What about the new wireless model? Will we be able to upgrade it to the newer version of VIA?


I applied this and everything looked good until I looked closer. Most of the LEDs are no longer lighting and the 3rd colum of keys is constantly held down in the matrix tester. Everything else works, but this has rendered my unity barely functional. Any way to fix this? Any electrical component I should be looking at? Desperate


Keen to get a bluetooth macro pad. Anyone knows if the new bluetooth version will work with an ipad? Looking to use with Goodnotes app. Any ideas?


it does work with ipad for me


That's great. What is your current setup like?