Hi, this is Keebmonkey, and we are happy to tell you that the [CIY GAS67 Wireless Version](https://www.keebmonkey.com/products/ciy-gas67-gasket-keyboard-kit?_pos=1&_sid=805faf9ce&_ss=r&variant=42644421542103) has finally been released. The CIY GAS67 Wireless supports Bluetooth 5.0/ 2.4G, which a dongle is included in the package. A 2000-mAh Li-ion battery is installed. A lot of GAS67 users have been asking us whether the manufacturer will release a wireless version of the keyboard, they think that the GAS67 will be perfect with wireless, and here we are. Update: We apologize that we've placed incorrect photos, the updated photos are here on the [product page](https://www.keebmonkey.com/products/ciy-gas67-gasket-keyboard-kit?_pos=1&_sid=805faf9ce&_ss=r&variant=42644421542103). CIY has been placing a sheet under the PCB, so you are unable to view the battery anyway...


Can keys be remapped with QMK/VIA?


Haven't seen any changes in the description, but if it's anything like the wired version it's not. It requires software that they provide the driver link for to fully utilize the macros, rgb, etc.


I’ll have to see how people report the software. Can’t be worse than the GK6x driver, which is truly nightmarish. Other features look great & the price point is hard to pass on.


The GK61X and GK64X have been the recipient of work by pixeltris so that they are probably the most configurable non-QMK boards.


just the regular software that i've seen from other keyboards. ​ https://preview.redd.it/lk8ci9r5hnma1.png?width=1035&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=6eb9fafcbcf7998a9fcae464a3883ac9b49fa763


Yep, I wasn't able to set layer keys or anything


With GAS67?


Mine was a purple one from Taobao. Maybe they have updated the driver since


And yet you show pics of the regular version?


Read the pinned comment now


My comment is from before they edited their comment. But the website also has no pictures of the wireless version.




* GAS67 utilizes the Gasket Structure * GAS67 has wired mode * GAS67 has RGB * GAS67 has housings with better quality * GAS67 has a better potential to be modded * GAS67 is more stable and is able to handle routine work like any normal keyboard.


It’s not more modable the case doesn’t have threaded screws so you only open it a ltd number of times. Tbh regret buying it and would have my portico 24/7 over it


How is it more stable?


USB port and gasket mount. If that's enough then great. If not then pass on it.


....or the more prettier GMK67


*anthony adams rubs his hands together*


My gas67 arrived last week, if I knew I would have waited :(


bro same, just arrived in the mail and just got the email of the wireless version lmao


=( was hoping for southside leds


I really wish they had a ciy gas 75 too. MAN that would be fking insane. I need my f-keys without remapping!!


Interested in this version, as I was looking to GMK67 too. Does is have some software to remap keys? If yes, does it have some constrictions in key combinations or are they quite free like in the software for Feker IK75?


I bought one of these off Aliexpress and it doesn't talk to my PC via USB-C or wireless dongle. Anybody got a link for a manual or anything?


Having the same issue after putting switches in mine tonight - the board lights up and the device manager shows it working properly but the CIY Gas67 software says the device is disconnected and none of the keypresses are registered. If I find a fix I'll let you know


Did you open the board up, e.g. to replace the stabs, before putting switches in? I opened mine back up to check the connectors, and it seems to work after putting it back together. My theory is, the softness of the ABS used in the case makes it easy to not have it tightened down enough for the switches' pins to connect properly through the plate to the PCB. So I can get it to connect over USB-C or BT now. But I have not yet been able to use the config software for some reason. And it won't connect over 2.4.


No, I was unable to open the case up: the Bluetooth receiver on mine was installed in a way that fully covered one of the case screws and I couldn't find a work around. I'll try tightening up the case later to see if the extra distance was the issue on my end as well. Appreciate you sharing your troubleshooting!


So I used the thing fine on BT for an afternoon, then decided I wanted to figure out how to remap the keys, since the config software - which I got off the keebmonkey site - wasn't seeing the board. I found an .exe called Update.exe in the folder, and ran it. It flashed the board and I could connect to the software! I remapped my keys! Then I pressed the key combo to switch back to BT and....nothing! Using the software off the keebmonkey site, apparently I turned it into a non-wireless gas67! The power switch doesn't even work anymore! Factory reset does nothing! Wild ride. Now to run all the anti-virus and see if my PC has been hacked.


You have any luck with fixing the wireless? Just literally went through the same thing that you did lol (except my wireless never worked). Have it working wired now, but annoyed I can't get the wireless functionality working. Tried the update application again after I got the software working, which then broke it again (had to uninstall drivers and reinstall to get it working again). Were you using the key combos for BT that were on keebmonkey to switch prior?


Not having any luck fixing the wireless, looking for a version of the driver that has wireless support. I might contact the keebmonkey support to see if they have one - worst case it takes me back to the original issue and I reflash with this current driver.


u/BasieVampireTheory sorry for tagging, how one can flash to the original driver? Also have you managed to find a solution for the wireless connectivity?


I never found the original driver that was on the keyboard out of the box while searching on the web. I decided I was just happy to have it working at all, so I stopped looking for a solution to the wireless/bluetooth. I never got around to contacting keebmonkey support so that might be your best bet at the wireless driver. The driver linked from the item store page is the wired gas67 driver. Checked the manufacturer website as well but no luck there either.


I'm kinda in the same boat really. And loving the board so far. I messaged keebmonkey and the seller as well so hoping for getting that wireless driver. If not then I'll just use it wired.


THANK YOU!!! I ran the update.exe from the folder as well and it works fine now, halfway through a keyboard tester to make sure none of the switch pins bent. I'll check in the wireless connectivity once I'm done


u/tacticaltsundere I just received this board but after the 0104 FW update, which is a must so that the software can see the board the wireless functionality is gone. Anything I can do for it?