Some dickbag drilled a hole in my gas tank. Is this to big a hole to jb weld? jb weld sells a fuel tank repair kit

Some dickbag drilled a hole in my gas tank. Is this to big a hole to jb weld? jb weld sells a fuel tank repair kit


Since people cant behave like adults this get locked. politics has no place in this sub OP: JB weld will hold up very briefly at best. it will seal the hole, the gas will however cause it to come off in short order. you need a fuel tank


I would use a tight fitting fuel hose and a bolt that is slightly larger than inner diameter. Screw the bolt inside the hose and it should expand and fill the gaps. That will work as a stop gap for a little while.


Nothing more permanent than a temporary solution that works.


“This is only temporary, unless it works”


This guy Jerry rigs


That's not my name, please stop calling me Jerry...


Actually pretty clever


>tight fitting fuel hose and a bolt Yes, but make sure to use a lag bolt.


That is really pretty smart.


So you didn’t answer his question and got top vote. Smdh


Insurance - vandalism


u/thotdestroyer86 OP this is the best answer for a complete fix. I would use JB weld for a week or two, but your insurance could cover this.


Comprehensive deductible might be more than the cost of replacement/repair. If they even have comprehensive.


That's not the financial risk here. The financial risk is that the DIY repair causes a future problem (like a leak, then a fire) which isn't covered due to previous damage improperly repaired. I would patch my own fuel tank on an older, cheap vehicle. I'd get a quote for a cash fix from a licensed mechanic or consider an insurance claim for a newer vehicle or wife's car.


I don't know where you live, but comprehensive insurance is expensive and has high deductible. And any insurance claims are held against you for 7 years. Claiming a thousand dollar tank repair is probably not worth it.


My agent indicated that comprehensive claims like this do not go against you or cause higher rates. Your mileage may vary and you should consult with your agent. They are more concerned with things late relate to possible future claims like at fault accidents. Speeding tickets. Stuff like that


In California? In Los Angeles, where half the collision are hit and run? And even if not H/R, those remaining involved in collisions are insured about half the time. It's crazy in LA. In Los Angeles, I pay roughly $6k for car (perfect record) insurance and my deductible is $1500. I would either pay myself or patch. Not worth an insurance claim. And since this is going to be an ongoing event based on parking... just patch. Maybe even have a repair kit and a jerry can in the car. And maybe your car insurance won't go up, but any other insurance may go up.


Sounds like every big city in the country, you should be glad California at least has inspections, in Atlanta you can drive literally anything and just put a piece of paper on the back saying “test drive” or “tag applied for”


In Montana when you go to register and get your plates (same place and get plates that day not in the mail) you don’t have to show proof of insurance. Crazy.!


Im in California and and a claims adjuster I literally just had a gentleman with a drilled hole in gas tank. $250 deductible, rates don’t go up since it’s a comprehensive $1200 repair + 1.5 weeks of rental at $45 a day Depending on your insurance company we do our best for hit and run Granted if someone tells me they got hit and run parked on the sidewalk but the damage is on the passenger side only im gonna investigate it


What a racket


Depending on where it happened though, this could be related to a future claim. Was it at Ops home or work? If so, the car could be likely to be vandalized again. I'd agree on checking with the agent, but just writing vandalism off as a one time thing won't always happen.


>They are more concerned with things late relate to possible future claims like at fault accidents. This is generally true. If you cause an accident, you are potentially liable for $100,000++, so having higher odds of crashing equals higher stakes for the insurance. $1000 repair for something like this doesn't increase the odds it will happen again or incur some exponential cost.


JB weld does not work on gasoline, not even for a temporary fix. Seal-All, the stuff that comes in a yellow tube, will stick to gasoline.




I might try that. Thanks for the tip


That big of a hole you might aswell try a bolt then mesh on top.


Just put an oil drain plug in there lol


Spark plug


Run a wire to it for better fuel efficiency


Studies show you get better mileage if you heat the fuel up first.




"Petrolheads hate this one trick to achieve MAX POWER!!!"


"plug" is in the name. It's a no-brainer.


that's what he said


This guy likes danger in his life


Use the marine grade JB weld if you can find it


[They make kits for this, I have no experience with them though.](https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/permatex-fuel-tank-repair-kit-09101/11082067-p?product_channel=local&store=5383&adtype=pla&product_channel=local&store_code=5383&gclid=CjwKCAjwy7CKBhBMEiwA0Eb7anDdLnf1MvxS1mw35aJFJiLwPiK8yFgkOIaf0u5_pTRUg2cjJQYFzxoCTSMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds)


Permatex is very reputable though, so I'd give it a shot for sure.


Agreed. I’ve also used wire mesh the same way.


Make sure you use something rated for gasoline contact. Regular jb weld will not bond well to PE in presence of gasoline


This seems to be happening to a lot of people all of a sudden. We have had a few posts like this on the gig app subs as well.


Yeah I saw a few as well. Wonder what the deal is?


Well, it may have to mainly do with the cost of gas in some markets, the end of unemployment benefits and people still refusing to work... But it just feels like it is happening all at once.


Maybe people all just bitch at once since they see someone else do it. You're right though I'm sure it's a combo of those factors.


Anecdotally, I fixed a Mantis Rototiller gas tank that was *completely cracked in half* with that JB Tankweld stuff. I completely expected it to be a shoddy, temporary repair but 7 years later it’s still put together fine. I do agree with what others have said about running a bolt up in there and then JBweld the outside edge


how poor do you have to be to go through all that effort, just to steal gas?


Doing drugs isn't the issue, it's how one gets the money for them and doesn't have a job.


I'm surprised they have a charged wireless drill. They would have earned more money using that for construction


Probably store that too tbh.


Put a valve on there!


There is no hole too big for JB Weld.


So is this a thing now?


Ops probably messed with a crack head.


what kind of crackhead walks around with a cordless drill tho?


$20 at harbor freight, or free from the nearest tradesman van


Did you even think about the subject before asking"why would a crackhead..."?


It's the one that walks around with a corded drill and a generator you want to worry about more


You can do this with patience and a hand drill. It's a lot quieter


My Milwaukee M12 drill is relatively quiet, especially considering that it'd be used behind the sound curtain that is a car's undercarriage. Additionally, it could accomplish this in probably 3 seconds, likely less.


One that stole one and realized it's a fast and easy way to gas up his stolen vehicle.


crackheads getting creative and browsing reddit for ideas


I would get a plug, or bolt, to fit that exact size hole and put JB around the hole and tighten the bolt down. It should be a tight fit. Put JB around the outside of the head for an added seal. Failing that, I would go to a pick and pull lot and get on.


This is the second post I've seen in the last two days where is this happening at


I’m in LA


U can buy a temporary universal drain plug it should fit in that hole so it won't leak til u get it repaired or replaced


Plumbers epoxy filler Two part filler two colours putty rub together till evenly mixed then fill hole dome shape Job done


Is this becoming a trend like converter thefts? I’ve seen a few posts like this in the past day or two.


Who’d you piss off?


If there was even a little fire resulting from these holes, the cops could charge the dickbag with attempted murder.


Like they actually give a shit about it though.


The idea with the hose and the bolt is brilliant, but sorry to say my dude: you’re going to need to drain and flush that tank or you’ll end up with metal shavings from the drilling going into your fuel system, which could cause problems. If your tank is steel (you can check it with a magnet, if it’s steel it’ll stick) you can then use the magnet to attract any shavings in your tank by sticking it to the outside to prevent metal from getting sucked into the fuel line, but that’s only a temporary fix until you can flush it out. Sorry for your trouble, good luck 👍


You've already gotten a lot of suggestions regarding the best way to go about patching this, but I have a question beyond that. How likely is it that the metal shavings from drilling the hole will make it into his fuel filter? Hopefully your filter isn't too old and can handle it, and this doesn't end up clogging it.


Man what did you do to deserve that


Work my ass off. Come home and mind my own business. It doesn’t take much apparently


Not sure how to fix that. There might be something out there now a days. Why would someone do something like that to you


Downtown Los Angeles & crackheads


The Crack fairy told them you hide your coke in there.


Nothing better than used motor oil in your blow amirite?


To steal gas.




Really... we’re back to this again?!


I would put a new tank on it. It sucks but you don't really want that failing while driving. I would even go to the junkyard and pull one out (unless the junkyard drills holes in them too). Spectra premium makes some nice tanks. I've never heard of someone drilling holes into fuel tanks before.


Junkyards punch most tanks. Wanted one for my jeep and they put half inch holes in the ones they had.


bigger issue is, who did it and will they do it again?


Use a rubber plug they sell at plumbing shop, the one with a screw in the middle. Once in, tighten and crazy glue the screw shut until you get fixed.


Stick weld it to be sure /s


Just stick some composite dough


Metal roofing screw and a rubber washer


tap it for an appropriately sized machine screw and use that ethanol-safe epoxy.


Who the fuck would do that?


Assholes that want free gas and don't really think about the consequences of their actions. I.E. probably methed out.


You piss somebody off??


Buy a new gas tank


Jb weld has gas tank stuff TankWeld™ is a fuel and metal tank repair kit designed for permanent or temporary repairs of metal and fuel storage containers from leaks caused by cracks of 4" or less and holes up to 1/4" diameter. This kit is not recommended for plastic repairs of for use with polyethylene or polypropylene plastic parts.


A gas tank can be dangerous I would buy a new one


Who the fuck steals gas like that. I would have thought drilling through the tank causes a hot spot then...fire...




This shit happened yesterday on [/r/justrolledintotheshop](https://www.reddit.com/r/Justrolledintotheshop/comments/ptdltq/someone_stole_this_old_ladys_gasoline_could_also/)... What a dick move. Causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage to steal maybe $50 worth of gas.


Don't jb weld it, replace the fuel tank dont cheap out on something that's crucial.


It's just one small hole. It can be patched no problem.


Like someone mentioned earlier, Ethenol will break the welds.


The fuel hose with screw inside will work, as a modern fuel line hose will be resistant to ethanol chemical degradation.


Jb weld won't hold. The ethanol eats aways at the jb weld over time.


Not a permatex repair. They’re made for metal fuel tanks.


How the hell did they do that without igniting the gas!!??


Probably using a hand drill. It’s not that much to go through


drill and tap a plug in it.


Are you sure you didn’t steal this from r/justrolledintotheshop? Because someone there posted this same picture of their customers car…


Nah that car looked way newer


No that other car was newer, and cleaner haha


And had a plastic tank


Wish I did but nope. That’s my trucks tank


also the hole is a completely different spot as far as location to the crease in the tank


this seems to be metal. the other tank was plastic.


Spray in some Flex Seal, and just slap on some Flex Tape. I’ve seen that stuff keep a screen door boat afloat. /s (don’t listen to me, I’m just a whore for upvotes and awards)




I so hope you’re joking


More fun if he's not, though. People sincerely comment some of the stupidest advice on this sub. When I see a post like this where OP already has several viable and correct answers I like to go through and peruse the dumb things people have suggested.


If it was me I'd just thread that plastic and screw a little plastic bolt into it. Maybe glue it in (assuming the gasoline wouldn't react with the glue).


Get it replaced. Nothing will plug it the right way, jb weld doesn’t last


TankWeld by JB Weld. Look it up.


It won’t work.


Kinda looks like a bullet hole…..


Shot from inside the gas tank


You can see the hole drilled in the plastic cover on the ground is circular.


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A metal roofing screw with a rubber washer use them all the time to seal metal roofing














I hope this response was made for someone else in this comment thread, because you are replying to my comment, but I specifically said I was not saying anything about the president. As in, I’m not blaming anyone, just observing the drastic change.


You said “that’s a big change if you ask me”, and I was explain why that big change happened. Say what you want, the insinuation was there of blaming Biden. It is in a comment thread that started with someone blaming Biden. If my comment doesn’t pertain to you, it’s ok to just ignore it.


Will do. 👍🏻














>dont have to be a genius I think most people noticed already ;)


Have you ever heard the fact that correlation does not equal causality. I know those words probably seem big to you


I'm putting a stop to all of this. No politics here, we're just here to discuss car repair. That goes to everyone in this thread regardless of political affiliation. If you want to make political comments, go over to /r/politics.


If you can get hold of Belzona use that. I know a guy who used Belzona on his sump with oil in it and it stopped the leak. To buy the big pots is expensive but you can buy small sachets on ebay for a reasonable price. By reasonable I mean expensive for what you actually get, but considerably cheaper than buying the big pots for a small job like this.


You could drill it bigger to fit the smallest rubber expansion plug you can find


Do it. But make sure the tank is empty.


Stainless steel sheet metal screw with plastic type washer will be easiest fix I think ? Good Luck 🤞


I would try to jam a piece of similar style plastic (circularly cut) in there and then use JB MARINE WELD to patch it up. Give it a good amount of time to dry, 2 days or so. I fixed my gas tank with JB weld and the gas ate through it. Marine weld will hold up to oil and gas, that is what I used. Been 4 years, no leaks.


Permatex Fuel Tank Repair Kit 4" L https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002YLIRT4/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_BRHPTX3AZW3R0DP8E7GK Comes with the fiberglass mesh.


This has happened to me before and a few other people through work, when I repaired my I own I tapped the hole and threaded a bolt into it with jb weld or rtv silicone on the threads and all around it, worked like a charm.


If it's a plastic tank replace it. Depending on the hole size you might be able to get a plug of the same size and use that, might be handy for anyone in the future that needs to remove the tank. Although a rubber plug might not last too long, as gas is mildly violent against standard rubber.


Try all the job weld options and maybe some flex seal too?? Lol that stuff seems to be magic when it comes to leaks...don't know about fuel but might be worth a try


That honestly looks like a bullet hole


Lives in LA. 💯 A bullet hole lol.


Stolen post from r/justrolledintotheshop


Eat a dick. This is my truck


Tap the hole, and put a screw with a rubber washer in it.