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Is there a pressure sensor at the other end of either of the fuel rails?


No there’s not. I had a feeling something was missing and I think that’s it. I kept telling my girlfriend that my mind was drawing a blank on what I was missing.


But shouldn’t there be a second line below on the fuel rail for the return line to connect to?


Will the 99 fuel rail bolt to the 04?


The whole engine is from the 04 including the intake. Silverado doesn’t have a engine, which is why I’m throwing this one in it


In the early 2000s just about all manufacturers switched to a returnless system. There is just one line to the engine, and the pressure regulator is in the tank as part of the fuel pump module. A lot also went to electronic throttles at this point too. You'll need an intake and fuel rails from a 99 to make it all work nicely.


Okay that kinda what I thought I was going to end up having to do. Appreciate you and everyone else for taking the time to offer some advice!!


You were completely right. Just to give a update to anyone else who needs the help. Around 2004 (which is what my engine is out of) they went to return less fuel system. So if you have a 99-2003 Silverado, Sierra, Yukon, or Tahoe and you’re trying to do a engine swap with a 2004 and up Vortec engine, be sure to get a different fuel injection rail and throttle body. Thanks 4x4Welder