Favourite song lyric?

Not my favourite song but the line 'The grass is always greener, on the otherside, except the grass is only green until the grass has finally died' from Burning vs Drowning is definitely in my top fav lyrics

It just feels really strong and i like the way he sings it like his tone and voice


"I carved my eyes out and placed them on my porch so I could see where I lived forever, I will know how I die forever" from top hat His inflection just makes it hit so hard and it can relate to a lot all of top hat is an absolute gem


I adore that song so much


i cant even pick dude, but one that i hold so close to my heart is “her body’s got a lot of nerve to show your face around this house, because the last time that you left we took your name off of the wall” in the jungle song. something about the way he sings it just feels so special to me


“On again and off again, destroy yourself and lose your friends, isolate the ones you love pathetically abandon them”


“and i will sleep like i used to, my body is older, i broke when i had to, i know that he loved her”


the entire trees III lyric.