I really hope that they write this man to be just The doctor, not "The blackgayqueerrepresentation Doctor" I never cared about actor's gender, sexuality, race, etc, and I hate how those things have become pretty much sign that SJW crap will happen just hope he will be a Good doctor.


We all know why they hired who they hired, which is god awful in terms of respecting the integrity of the actors and the industry as a whole, but as in terms of acting performance I'll have to wait and see.


Not really. If you read RTD’s book about writing Doctor Who it’s really obvious that he was hired because Russell wanted to fuck him.


meh, I don’t realy cear after the timeless child mess. I don’t mind it being a black and/or gay and/or female doctor or whatever. As long as they do a good job. For instant I really liked Jo Martin as the doctor, would honestly preferd her over jodi. But agien the timeless child crap ruind my intress in the show.


What? You don't like that the doctor is now this uber-special unique important person as opposed to being special due to the hard decisions they make and their knack for problem solving under extreme pressure?


yeah, I guss Im weird that way.


I have never heard of the actor but I am open to the idea of him doing it but I am also cautiously optimistic since after Jodie’s horrendous run I don’t want to be burnt again so he only really has 1 chance imo if the writing etc is bad I am done


No. So they tried the tokenism with a woman. It failed. Now they went for the next best thing: A gay Black man. And during his first interview he already talked about representation and was being weird with RTD, as he is in this picture. ​ Don't get me wrong, I'm a bit annoyed by the M-SHE-U takes of Nerdrotic and Az and how quick they jump to certain conclusions, but this just reeks of tokenism to me. And I kinda hate that I jump to this conclusion now whenever a minority is being announced, but that conclusion keeps being correct.


It's just pattern recognition. We know where it's going because they keep going there over and over again. The art has been replaced by a corporate formula.


Pretty much this- which is why it was so stupid that people opened this can of worms because now every time you see a minority in film or tv you can’t help but think “Are they here because the story requires it or because the studio is trying to cash in on identity politics nonsense.” Usually it’s the latter unfortunately To clarify- studios and actors make such a big about women or people of color having roles in movies. Like we haven’t seen them in those roles for 100 years. It’s just cringe pandering


Hopefully one day our hero Ruby Rose will drop those supposed damning WB documents she has about "monetizing the gays"


Gary and Az are usually right with it. Feige even stated he wants more female avengers than men. He didn’t want Strange in Wandavision because he didn’t want a white man taking away the spotlight from Wanda. How you seem to ignore Marvel’s clear agenda is baffling really. Now everything isn’t MSheU but they most certainly are very invested in moving the franchise in that direction.


The 13th doctor’s run failed because of the writing, it had nothing to do with the casting. Which is why I don’t care who they cast as the doctor, as long as the writing is good, it doesn’t really matter.


Well, that's the thing about tokenism and forced diversity: If that's more important than writing a good story, then the writing is bound to be garbage. The Star Wars sequel didn't fail because Rey was a girl, but the first announcement about the sequels was that the protagonist was going to be female.


I have to ask the question: I've heard people pronounce his name as "Shooty," so is that actually how you say it?


Yeah that's how it's pronounced.


Might be speaking out of my ass, but even the journo interviewing him pronounced it that way, so that's probably it yeah.


There is footage of him pronouncing it that way himself. It is absolutely how it is pronounced.


No matter who they cast, I'm not really optimistic. If they cast a gay, black man a decade ago, I would believe that they cast a good actor who happened to be gay and black. Today, you get the feeling that they cast gay and black that might yet happen to be a good actor. No matter the quality of the actor, however, you can't polish a turd. Even if we assume this guy is the best actor on the planet, the new Doctor Who episodes probably wouldn't be good, and I'm not that generous anyway.


Won't really matter if the writing continues to be trash. And from the interviews they are very committed to the message instead of telling good stories. Ncuti Gatwa himself I could see as a pretty good Doctor, there were parts in the interviews where he seemed to be genuinely excited. He is an obvious diversity hire to deflect criticism as -ist and -phobic, though. I don't think I'll watch any of it and I hope the BBC loses their TV licence money.


doctor who doesnt exist anymore. It died with matt smith, then it was re-animated into the corpse of peter capaldi, then it finally just died. Theres nothing left. its gone. anyone who says otherwise is mistaken or lying. anything else that calls itself doctor who is playing a disgusting sick game. Do not allow them to fool you.


It died with Capaldi. His tenure has some solid stories that capture the essence of the show and the character, and some godly performances from Peter. The corpse emerged the day Chibnall was appointed show runner.


i loved peter capaldi and loved many of the episodes he was in. However, for those paying attention there were indeed signs during his run that the show's writing was dying. Certain episodes, moments, and plotlines here and there, certain charactors that were utterly obnoxious and brought nothing but a checked box to the BBC's list. Certain subtle narrative inconsistencies that left people scratching their head, rolling their eyes, and holding their noes knowing that something was startng to stink. Peter Capaldi made the performance of his lifetime and the show held somewhat strong despite its downward writing direction in the last seasons. But by the time Jodi's first few episodes it was obvious that the infection was far more severe than anyone realized. It was to the point where no one could see the giant softball sized tumor in the writing room until they hit us with The Timeless Children and we were all forced to stare in horror at the realization that the people in charge of caring for such a downright sacred franchise had nefarious plans to destroy and puppeteer the body of Doctor Who with strings of nonsensical agenda driven idiological incompetence.


Why are you so over dramatic?


lol cuz its fun. im only hyperbolizing a little bit tho the writers really are awful and the show really is trash now. They realy did destroy their own canon to an irreparable degree.


I agree it's dead now, but I enjoyed Capaldi until his last season and regeneration


Ncuti Gatwa is actually a fairly talented actor (he was pretty good in sex education, especially the first season). In fact I think all the actors who have played the doctor are talented in their own right, the problem (as with most media these days) is the writing. They keep shilling out new castings as if that will change the screenplay.


Unless Ncuti's a fan of Doctor Who and he actively pulls a Henry Cavill during production.


You got me there😂 I don't think he's got the same pull as cavil though. Would be remarkable if he pulled it off though


You underestimate how much of the British public consider themselves fervent fans of Doctor Who. Seriously, google *Doctor In Distress*. The BBC considered cancelling Doctor Who during Colin Baker's tenure, but a public protest movement with support from celebrities and musicians changed their minds and let the show run on for three more years. Even most British Celebrities will be able to tell you their favourite Doctor Who stories, Companions, etc.


Doctor Who always lives or dies by the writing. If Russell T. Davies has a vision and has picked this actor, I’m willing to trust him before jumping to conclusions. His track record earns him that. Also, I didn’t like Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi’s casting at first, and now they are both top-5 Doctors to me. The casting doesn’t matter any where near as much as the writers vision 🙌 modern Doctor Who isn’t shit because of Jodie, it’s shit because of Chibhall imo Also… he’s very good as Eric in Sex Education. Got some of that Matt Smith energy. Don’t really have anything else to judge him by yet, but wasn’t that the same for Matt Smith when he was cast?


I genuinely couldn't give two shits what colour, gender or whatever the Doctor is. I just want some good stories, and not to be preached at. Humanity at it's best, rather than being told how shit we all are.


Yeah from what I’ve seen of him he seems like a good fit for the new doctor. I trust RTD’s decision.


I think RTD will want to make Doctor Who good again. Can he? That's more up to the BBC then him. If they let him free rein and he doesn't give shit about 'the culture war' than I am sure he'll be able to pull it off if he wants to. I've seen plenty of people who think that Doctor Who end somewhere along Peter Capaldi time in that role. I don't know what to think of those 'fans'. I made it through 13th's first season before I was out. Chris's writing was what drove me away. Moffat had his good episode and bad, and the show was on a downward trend toward the end of his tenure, but he when out with some solid stories. I'll be will to give it another go with RTD at the helm, but I don't know about those other 'fans'. I also don't know how the few 'fans' that came in with Chris would deal with RTD running the show. All this might effect how things turn out for the better or the worse.


RTD is a phenomenal writer. Ncuti Gatwa is a fantastic actor. I see zero reason to not be optimistic. Way too many people in this thread are jumping to "tokenism" and "woke" and I'm sorry, but it's frustratingly stupid. Throughout his entire career, RTD has been extremely political and cared a lot about representation, and every time, he's knocked it out of the park with his writing. He's excellent at his job. Trying to make the point that representation is something to be concerned about is not only wrong, especially with this particular writer, it's also a dangerous slope. He's also already explicitly denied that Ncuti was cast for representation's sake. He was going to cast someone else even, but Ncuti was simply that impressive during auditions. That's all there is to it. He's a great choice, and RTD can be trusted. The show will thrive under these two, perhaps more than it ever has before. Representation had nothing to do with the issues in Chibnall's era. Hell, it arguably had even worse representation than any other era in New Who. Representation is at the core of RTD's writing, and he's yet to let anyone down. If people wanna pretend like this is a bad sign, then sure, feel free. It ignores reality, but you know, it's your choice.


Enjoy your shit show I guess


I've never heard of him before. Which is exactly what I was hoping for actually, but it does mean I can't really judge the casting. I'm cautiously optimistic that RTD will be able to make the show good again.


At a certain point is it not a moral obligation to just refuse to watch it regardless of casting after what theyve already done to the series?


I'm not familiar with the new actor but I'm willing to give the show another shot because Russel T Davies did some good work in the past. He's got a lot of retconning to do to fix the show though and I hope he has the balls to do it.


He was good in sex education and we have a new writer, so yes i am


As far as I'm concerned 12 was the last doctor.


**p a i n**


*What new season of Doctor Who?* I thought the Timeless Child basically said there ARE no set limit of Incarnations for Chibnail's self-insert. Or that the Time Lords' regenerative abilities were taken FROM the Doctor. Even if this upcoming Season is coherent, *the damage has already been done*. You've undone the mystery of The Doctor's past. It's *over*.


The good modern writer is back and I got nothing against the new actor. I'm really only worrying on how they're gonna deal with the stupid insane lore changes Chibnall wrote in. Overall optimistic tho


God no. Doctor Who's best success has been when The Doctor is the surrogate boyfriend the young female audience wants. I was teaching high school when they switched from Tennant to Smith and I had sophomore girls literally crying over his death while they were supposed to be learning geometry. They're not going to do that for a twinky gay black guy.


You'd be surprised


Alrighty then...


RTD said he was the best actor that interviewed and I believe him. People have also said he's great in Sex Education. I have no doubts in the upcoming era.


I don't know much about this new actor but even if he's a great fit I'm sure the god awful writing that doomed the show is going to remain.




I think it's a very bad idea, and one that indicates misguided intentions.


Fandom is dead. I can just try and enjoy the little things in life like motorbikes, Australian woman beach volleyball and Japanese horror. Sylvester McCoy was my Doctor and they gunned him down in the movie. RTD may make it work but Chinballs and Jodie killed it. It ain't coming back.


I was excited for the 13th doctor because i liked missy and thought a new showrunner would bring something fresh to the series I got massively burned on that so i have no expectations Rtd can write but the latest stuff he has been saying has been a little discouraging


I love Sex Education so I am very hopeful


Never seen any episode of Doctor Who, but I think like with any IP - if he plays doctor well and writing is good and fitting the character I couldn't care less. As far as my knowledge of DW goes he's constantly respawning and changing. I might have different opinion if I were British, I don't know how DW is rooted in their culture. If Witcher Geralt was changed to black I might be mildly angry, because he's quite strongly rooted in polish folklore and I believe it should stay this way. If there was other, black Witcher i don't think I would mind. Although slow erosion of differences between various it's makes everything more bland and boring. I like that Witcher world is different from LOTR world and different from discord etc. They all have their own flavor and depending on my mood I might want something different than yesterday.


Won’t judge before I see him in action, but to be fair he was annoying in Sex Ed, but he seems like he’s competent. I would prefer someone more gentlemanly, but that doesn’t mean he’s not gonna be good. So I guess we’ll see.


Why does his outfit look like something from Jojo?






Is this the self aware cringe?


I'd have preferred that they stuck with a woman for a bit. We had guys for 15 years, show a little commitment before bouncing to a different demographic.


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Shouldn’t have changed it to begin with