But did they get given a neat team name like the "Toxic Brood"?


Hey could be fun if they write it well. They probably won't, but I hold out hope.


They did. It was fun.


I can't wait in about 10-20 years or so... when all the fans of these new reboots of old franchises... get to watch in horror as their favorite franchises are rebooted in ways they don't like... and then they suddenly become the people that they hated so long ago. There was a very small taste of it when the She-Ra reboot was announced, and the fans of that weird She-Ra kids cartoon got pissed that the reboot wasn't like their kids cartoon. But of course, they're all too tragically un-self-aware to realize what they're becoming: gatekeepers of a new Era. Me, personally? I hope it all goes to piss. I only support independent comics and pirate almost all my media so I don't support the creators anyway.


Also OMG I forgot the best part. The new Stab movie that the original fans didn’t like? I SHIT YOU NOT it’s directed by Rian Johnson lmao


Whose dick was he sucking? Lol.


Damn, they don’t even try to hide it.


Has EFAP ever covered scream? Because I'd love to see them cover this.


World Class Bullshitters might be good guests for that, because they're big horror fans.


legit retarded it would have been funnier in the so bad it's good way if sidney was the killer and it was a message about legacy characters not acting like they should in these soft reboots and it was called 5cream instead of just scream


i would watch five cream


So the bad guys are actually the good guys in the new movie.


As if subverting expectations was ever the issue. The Usual Suspects subverts expectations and is excellent. The Last Jedi subverts expectations and is utter excrement. One puts in good writing and effort, the other does not.


Lost of movies have twists, which I would consider subverting expectations. It’s not a rare trope. TLJ subversions are so dumb. Usually, you get information you didn’t previously have, resulting in a reframing of the narrative. In TLJ it’s just characters acting out of character and making stupid decisions.


Precisely! A story being so stupid and poorly constructed that it defies all sensible expectations is not “subversive” or clever.


Like in the third act one of the killers literally says he’s doing this because Scream 8 ruined his childhood and how he was radicalized on Reddit by other “real fans” lol. Had me laughing


That's hilariously petty too bad it'll be forgotten in a couple months as the masses get ready for the next shameless reboot


I do enjoy the unintentional message that anyone who tries to tell you how self-aware they are is probably up to their eyes in bullshit.


More like old fans can't stand double middle fingers to the source material they unabashedly love. Not that western entertainment creators get that of course given all the entertainment gates we had in the past few years... Ahh well, there's always eastern entertainment!


Jesus, cringe.


Interesting premise, at least. I’m sure it could’ve been handled more subtly and with more of a generous acknowledgement of where this ‘unhappy old-timer fan’ mindset would perhaps come from In all likelihood, the writers were probably just livid at subreddits and communities like ours and it’s just another not-so-hidden middle finger to what are otherwise, oh I don’t know, the paying customers the entertainment business depends on satisfying being left unsatisfied and alienated for no better reason than voicing their opinion on some dumb reboot movie (that its creator probably went on record to say was intentionally made to be divisive so _big shocker_ if people didn’t like it)


A real line from the film: HOW CAN FANDOM BE TOXIC!!!, it’s about LOVE


Most likely be a solid "meh". Just like that sequel a few years back, a big fat "meh" to it all.


Well it's not like the original movies were all that good either. I only remember Scream 2 because they reused the Broken Arrow theme for some insane reason.


I think the first 4 were pretty solid. Mostly cause Wes Craven was a genius and knew how to make engaging horror films/ keep the series feeling fresh


Is it funny though? It might be so bad that it's good.


That villain motivation is the only reason I’d ever watch this film tbh.


I'm sure there were a few writers patting each other on the back over this script. You can just tell when a writer thinks they're so clever; one of the reasons I can't stand Rian Johnson's scripts and, to a far lesser extent, Frozen.


As a guy who loves the scream movies, I don't care, I'm still watching because it's silly and stupid


Honestly, there are fans of certain franchises who do overreact like a bitch just because they hated a new addition to their favourite franchise. I hate The Last Jedi, I think it's a terrible and poorly conceived film, but a lot of the reactions I saw towards it just went over the line. Toxic behaviour towards something I also dislike is still toxic behaviour. Honestly, I'm okay with it in concept as long as it's written well. There are definitely toxic fans who deserve that, and it's fun to call them out on their behaviour. Nobody calls Megamind "sjw" when its main villain is the definition of a total incel, and is constantly made to look terrible because of it. I think you can possibly pull it off. I'm scared that they won't do it well, though.


I don't mind TLJ's deconstructive ethos at all in concept. However, that's a horrible idea to try to do in the middle chapter of a trilogy, and also the film betrays that theme at the end, where it goes back to unambiguous good guys and bad guys. Same with Matrix Resurrections: I think the deconstruction elements shitting on reboots is an interesting concept, but the movie just uses that as a lampshading excuse to try to do shitty nostalgia pandering to win over the masses while appealing to critics.


Imo their motivation is whatever. Lamest of any scream movie because the connection to the main character is SO weak unlike the other ones. For me the problem is that the movie as a whol just isn’t that great. Big pile of eh


That's disappointing. It's a fun idea in concept, but if they didn't execute it well, it's just wasted potential. If I want to watch a movie where the execute the "villain is a toxic fanboy" concept well, I'll just rewatch The Incredibles instead of checking out this. Still, nice to hear it's just eh and not straight up garbage like a lot of modern sequels to classic films.


I feel sad that Radio Silence had to direct this film. This confirms they only do mainstream work ro make money for their own projects. I hope their next film is pretty good.