Has this person gotten anything right before or just pulling things out of his ass? Edit: 36 followers?? Why is this being entertained in the slightest?


Someone can literally make an account today, post educated guesses and be posted here in 2 weeks


Maybe I should start…


Agreed. These leaks sound more like fanfiction.


no. this person is no different than a random 4chan anon.


This is a bunch of things that you could write reading this sub for 10 minutes + fan fiction.


Faker than a 3-dollar bill




Account made this month and currently only 39 followers but they say things that would sound cool so the mods are cool with approving this (even though this sub literally has a source accuracy tier list). Got it.


Nailed it. This sub will moan about fake leakers when what they say something that doesn't pan out, but will uplift them to high heaven when they say something they want to hear. It's just this back and forth lmao (case in point The Watcher, Above All, Film Informant).


Yep, it even happened with Greatphase like after D23 lol.


Yeah, I forgot to mention him but he was a main one, especially during the “Is Kamala a mutant” era.


The source accuracy list is for established leakers with verifiably correct or incorrect scoops. New leakers have always been posted here and told to take with a grain of salt until they can be verified. I don't understand people's belief that because something is posted here, it means we should all believe it. Banning new sources would have robbed us of the full Endgame plot leak.


It's literally tagged as a questionable source, folks need to calm down insisting that the presence of questionable leaks is tantamount to verifying or supporting the leaks. This is supposed to be fun yall.




> This is supposed to be fun yall. I mean if you find reading clearly bullshit leaks with some stuff that sounds awesome but won't come true "fun", all the power to you. Even with the tag, the account was just created this month and has so much to say. Don't you think that's a little odd?


I can simultaneously be aware that some sources are more legitimate than others while also taking all of them with a grain of salt. I don't have a problem with new leaks from questionable sources because I don't hold any leaks beyond industry trades to be worth taking seriously. It doesn't upset me if leaks end up being nonsense because I don't put intensive stock in any of them being accurate. Even when they are we never know what the finished product is going to be. I'm not mad at dumb leaks because I'm not lost in the sauce of leaks.


> Donny Blaze will become a silly Ghost Rider > Hugh Jackman's Wolverine will return > Deadpool will get a comic accurate suit > Phase 7 already being developed with a Gambit/Magik series in development > Jennifer Kale, Elsa Bloodstone and many more witches will appear in Agatha Coven of Chaos ?????? Why was this shit even allowed on the sub ?


I was going to say to remove the Deadpool thing off the list and I'd agree, but then I realized his suit is already comic accurate lol


If anything Deadpool arguably has the most comic accurate suit in the history of comic book movies, this guy has probably never touched a Deadpool comic.


Fully agree. Reading through it, I was like "this is semi believable" then it got to shit like "Deadpool will get an accurate suit" "talking cow" and I'm like "what the hell is going on here"


Highly doubt this is real but on the off chance it is, I’m looking forward to seeing “Bova Deez Nuts” on every single Coven of Chaos thread


I legit think everything here was just build up for the Bova joke.


No person who isn’t Feige, Victoria Alonso, and Louis D’Esposito has access to all of this information




It’s definitely gonna be animated


I call it bullshit.


This is 100% bullshit with a mix of educated guessing lol


Can't wait for the Disney live action Dragon Ball movie with Kevin Feige as producer. /s


This seems very fake, lol.


Thunderbolts: Dark Avengers?


How would TASM3 be developed at Marvel if it’s a Sony property


Seems like a lot of guesses.


I mean as much as this obviously bullshit there's somethings that just spell it out: Galactus eats Celestial seeds- Galactus doesn't do that, Earth X Galactus does Why pull a character like Elektra from the multiverse when she known for dying and being brought to life When talking about Darkhold having great effect he puts #darkreign- why would a mystical item help put Norman Osborn in power as director of SHIELD "Jennifer Kale,Elsa Bloodstone and many more witches" - Elsa Bloodstone is not a witch He says the Ghost Riders in the MCU are: Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, Carter Slade and Donny Blaze- lol Donny Blaze is a joke character and Carter Slade is from the wild west, called Ghost Rider because he dresses all in white and he's been dead for 50 years And lastly how would he know about a Nomad series and what its lead characters are. Also why would you make it set in an alternative reality when you're going to use Cap and Black Widow anyway, 2 characters who were on the run for 2 years in the MCU, therefore making them NOMADS. This is laughably bad. Edit: Vision can change colours he says - how? He's an android not a lizard. Patrick Stewart is going to be Prof X in more projects- wasn't DS2 a literal send off to his portrayal.


>This is laughably bad. Ah but you laughed! :)


Ah shit you caught me.


Since 9. will be revealed in 2 weeks, we know soon if this is bs or not


It’s bs either way. It’s just an educated guess based on Moon Knight’s first appearance being in a Werewolf by Night comic


> they have a plan to recover the rights for this character Lol, def bullshit


Any leak that has TASM3 I'm already betting is fake


Donny Blaze as Ghost Rider? So it's pure bs :D


Also,"The Spider-Man 2099 series is being revived"??? There never was one?


43 followers. How do you guys even find these people


Who the fuck is even running this sub lol


Lots of obvious bullshit here


Yeah. Anyone can make this up.


Nice wish list


This guy just telling us what we wanna hear


Why the fuck are we posting shit from someone who joined Twitter this month and has 40 followers? This could just be OP even


Half of these are stolen, the other half just aren’t true


There is not any single believable new scoop here. Everything likely has been confirmed already. The rest reads like a 14 year old fanboy with undeveloped, childlike ideas.


The fact that they put #DarkReign on the darkhold tweet just tells you how ignorant they are of the comics. They had me with the first part because yeah destroying the darkhold in theory should allow for Vampires to all of a sudden be a massive problem for once, but like.... Dark Reign had nothing to do with the Darkhold or vampires outside of the X-Men stuff or fucking Mephisto. People just throw out bullshit that they've seen. Buzzwords. Its so transparent and lazy. Read a comic book or at least read the fucking wiki. Make your lies believable.


I really don't see how "Marvel and Sony are negotiating for Spider-Man 4" *and* "Marvel Studios is working on ASM3 right now" can be true. Fake.


Fake but enjoyed some of it


me too. I love fleaks that are inventive and out there. Star Wars had awesome ones. "My baby girl" and "sloth Anakin" will never be topped.


Simply an embarrassing submission for this sub to entertain lol


I too, can just post what I want to be true and pretend its a leak.


Pet Avengers better include an after credits scene where Doctor Doom shows up with his dog and Ryan Gosling plays Doom, Doom’s dog, and Redwing


YES MORE WANDA!! ![gif](giphy|J9O4Frj8gUYHiObBaw|downsized)




I'm hoping this true only for the Nomad rumor.


I swear if Deadpool is in an alternate timeline. No! No no no thank you.


I really like that “Marvel Studios is working on The Amazing Spider-man 3”, “Marvel and Sony have been negotiating a new deal for more Spider-Man, hopefully it works out”, and “Marvel is working on MULTIPLE Spider-Man projects because they have a plan to get the rights back for the character” (no shot they ever get them back unless Sony suddenly gets in really bad financial trouble, or fuck up and accidentally let the rights lapse) are all 3 scoops this obviously false account is pushing. I also like “These are the Ghost Riders in the MCU…” followed by a list of all the major Ghost Riders from the comics AND “etc” meaning of literally any Ghost Rider shows up they can say they were right.


Lol so much of this is BS. Hulkling with she hulk characters? No. Looks like he’ll be in Agatha https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers/comments/xlva69/weekend_free_talk_and_index_thread_new_and_fresh/iplnnlh/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


All of this is obviously fake, but appreciate them making up stuff about Elektra lol (Still waiting on the announcement that Elodie is coming back, Marvel!)


didn’t we have a source tier list? who is this guy


Mods I get you need content but this aint it


If anything is true I want the nic cage returning scoop to be real. Idc how bad ghost rider 2 is. I love me some cage. Especially pissing fire cage.


THAT LAST BIT...... OK, if that's true, I'll finally say it since you guys at last have earned it: Guys, commence demonic fapping. For Mephisto is coming!


Bova is a she. Fake.


Delete this shit