Jameela nails that valley girl accent so well, I actually view her as a different character compared to her other character Tahani in The Good Place where she uses her natural accent


Definitely! I’ve seen vapid arseholes like her wander the streets of Los Angeles with their trendy clothes and cold brews.


They're here in NYC too....especially in Brooklyn. The whole neighborhood of Williamsburg needs to be fenced off from the rest of the city.


I like how you’re thinking. How about we take these people, shove them all on an island prison away from all greater societies and film everything and make it the next big brother.


Survivor 2: Riker’s Island Boogaloo


They only island with a Starbucks, very low stocks of designer clothing, and all the drama.


djsjdjsj im afraid i think im one of these vapid arseholes u mention 🥲😭 i love my nitro cold brews and my athleisure clothes but fret not i shall not steal any brand name and profit off of it like that mean bitch titania!


Her American accent makes me feel all tingly down there


Tahani isn't her natural accent, she's got a London accent irl, you should check out the podcasts. She's a gem


Oof those YT comments are rough.


The incels thrive there.


YT is an incel breeding ground. Click on a video related to current events and you get 50 Ben Shapiro DESTROYS someone with facts and logic videos recommended to you.


You got the ALL CAPS right but forgot the !!!!!!!!!and face caught mid-scream.


I clicked on the she hulk hashtag after ep 1 out of morbid curiousity. Now I keep seeing the same 1-2 hate bait videos in my recommended. It’s a good thing I’ve curated it so it’s mostly good stuff like football⚽️ and movie/tv talk. Although, the last couple of days I’ve been getting random stuff that I’m not interested in recommended to me, not sure if the algorithm is off at the moment


You say as if we’re not on Reddit rn. Not calling you an incel but yiiiiikes have I seen some comments. Even on this sub


Reddit has lots of awful people as well but YouTube’s algorithm is straight up a danger to society. It can go out of its way to recommend videos that have really harmful rhetoric.


It's a Marvel show on a Disney platform with a female lead who makes a lot of sexual jokes. I can't exactly say I'm surprised by the response.


If a fan was 10 when Iron Man came out they're 24 now. They can handle some innuendo. They're the ones mad that everything isn't Rated- R now 😄 And for parents that don't like it there are parental locks. Disney contains Hulu now in the States and Star everywhere else so plenty of adults have it. It's isn't just cartoons for toddlers and hasn't been in decades. Disney bought Touchstone Pictures in the 80s and put out R-rated films. Why is it when somebody dislikes something the "reasonable response" seems to be that no one else should have access to it instead of them simply not watching it or using the locks that were provided for that specific reason?


>If a fan was 10 when Iron Man came out they're 24 now. God, I was 27 when it was released. Where did all of that time go?


Don't feel bad, I think I was 39. 😔


I was 3


It's past your bedtime then 😝


Disney+ does not contain Hulu in the US like it does Star in other markets. Hulu is still a separate service with a separate price tag (unless u get the bundle)


I recently told my college friends that I actually like the show, and they couldn't believe it.


this is quite insane to me. havent felt that big of a disconnect with other mcu fans because shehulk might be one of the best and most entertaining mcu show so far. ep4 was so good. i rewatched it 3 times already.


completely agree I really like the show but episode 4 is EXACTLY what I would envision a perfect episode of this show would be. Hilarious angle of applying real world law to the ridiculous stakes of the MCU maybe a fun guest star, with a little bit of superheroing on the side connecting the 2. Episode 5 was on pace to do the same but did miss the superheroing part. I get that her journey of this season will be embracing that side of her so I get why we aren't seeing it. I just love that episode 4 gives us my most idealized version of this show I had in my head when it was first announced.


then you must really like shittly written stories...


...who the hell are your college friends?


This show is generally pretty trashed on outside of this community from what I’ve seen. Like I’ve seen a lot of just normal people who think it’s bad, the type that seem to usually like Marvel content, from my anecdotal experience.


I’d say a lot of people in this community think it’s bad too… no shame if you like it of course but I have interacted with countless people who aren’t happy with the final product here


Ya, it's just... corny. I don't know, it just seems that each new show they've released since WandaVision and Loki has gotten worse in quality and writing, with attention being paid more to cheap laughs, gags and hooks. I'm still watching it, because I'm still going to consume MCU storyline as we move into this next phase, but it doesn't mean I can't expect better. Even the SW shows have been meh in quality with a lot of fan service over genuine storytelling being the modus operandi. Andor seems to be the first show on Disney+ under either Marvel or Star Wars that seems interested in actually telling a story that's not based around cheap laughs or callbacks for fans, thus far at least. The only other one that may have that is What If? and it's a bit sad it's so.


I'd argue What if...? doesn't have that, literally the entire series is callbacks to past MCU movies






Fandoms on reddit (or the internet in genral) have never been a place for nuanced discourse. I can't say I've ever seen a critique or applause for the MCU that actually made sense beyond some superficiality. "The fight scenes were cool" and "too much jokes" need elaboration that most are too dumb or too lazy to provide.


Reddit is definitely NOT how the real life looks. Almost nobody in my circle of friends (including the ones who were SUPER into MCU back on Phase 3-2-1) said they liked She-Hulk or Thor. All the bad words are out for those two specific titles I mentioned. Maybe 1-2 out of 9 actually liked them. Personally I don’t hate them but I do not like them either. Thor was extremely forceful on the unfunny comedy and She-Hulk as well, on top of how they treated Hulk as joke and Jen being super entitled. Also I feel like being vocal about disliking something is almost taboo. If you can express love for somethint, why can’t you express dissapointment?


100% agree. The amount of people in this sub that act like everyone in the general audience loves Thor and She Hulk is funny. That’s not my experience at all, and even the few verifiable metrics we have like Cinemascore, RT verified, and relative box office performance indicate that it has been received worse than most MCU projects especially pre-phase 4.


Agree. It almost felt like censorship, when in real life you could literally say “I hated that movie oh god” and people actually agree with you or genuinely ask why, instead of just calling out words like incel bigot or whatever


Reminds you that everything is infer when you’re off reddit lmao


Sometimes I think Disney astroturfs all subs related to their content on social media. Especially when it comes to Star Wars and Marvel. It's been weird to me that their acknowledgement of this and other Marvel subs was seen as a good thing.


From what i've seen, most casual folks just aren't aware that the tone is natural for She-Hulk and they just see it as a bunch of jokes


Or it’s just not executing the tone well


I'm not commenting on the show's quality. I actually have encountered several people who just expected this to be a serious hulk show for some reason But now that you mention it, i do think its executed both the tone and the character very well


interesting, that’s a weird tale based on the promotional material at least


yeah they stopped after seeing the promotional materials and generally just mock it without actually having seen it


I like the idea... kinda. I love Maslany. Huge fan after Orphan Black. I love irreverent superhero comedy, and adult content... Deadpool was great, and it has no business in the same world as Thor: Ragnarock. I even enjoyed the supposed inspiration for this show: Ally McBeal. It was weird, quirky and funny. *"I like a fresh bowl"* Who writes that? That said... so far this show is really weak. And it ain't the actors fault. I think the big problem is they are trying to do a comedy and they didn't hire comedy writers and comedy directors. Probably not comedy editors either. Comedy is all about timing. There was a podcast years ago with a few comedians talking about doing TV stand up specials. They said the biggest thing was that you (the commedian) have to be in the editing bay when they cut it together, because a normal editor who doesn't do stand-up will wreck the comedy. They edit out the subtle timing that makes the comedy hit the beats and land. So maybe that it is part of it. They also hired a great actor like Maslany and then most of her screen time ends up being a CGI character. So all of her performance is muted under that mask. And it ain't always a great mask. So that hurts the show. This show seems to work for a very specific target demographic. So they at least hit that mark. I keep hoping it gets better. I watched a bunch of WB crap hoping it would get better too. Lots of shows start out kind of shakey and then hit their stride.


I would agree most of them just think its fine in my experience. Which I get, when I heard there would be a She-Hulk show this is the take I would have hoped for with it being comedic and 4th wall breaks, but I never imagined they would actually do it. Feels more made for a niche of comic fans than MCU fans I don't even mean that in a gatekeeping way I am just surprised they invested in something that really wouldn't have mass appeal on paper and I hope they continue to do so. Not everything has to be for everyone more disney+ shows could stand to take what little risks they can with huge IPs


I'm one of those... I say this because this sub seems to have a real problem with any criticism of the show whatsoever. Thing is, I consume all MCU content, and have read my fair share of the comics. Don't care about the twerking, don't care that it's female centric, that is fine. I just think it's poorly written and unfunny. That said, like it if you like it. Hell, debate me. Convince me I'm wrong, or open my opinion up to a new perspective. I'm open to that. I'd certainly like to like it. I've seen very little of this kind of debate and discussion on this sub, and a lot of tribal division. There are certainly those out there that are inherently offended at how she is portrayed, but in my experience there's far more of the, "Screw those basement dwelling incels who are threatened by what I like. Who's with me?!" Seriously... How many posts a day are about owning the "haters"? Memes, rants, jabs... I bet there are half a dozen a day. But... Automatically calling me an incel because I don't like what someone else likes is messed up. I enjoy discussing things, and have opinions on things, and as this is a part of a much bigger picture, I'd like to have a voice. Instead, I'm pounced on if I criticize any part, component, acting job, or writing, in the show. It's a shame... Honestly might not even finish it. Which sucks, because I'd like to like it. But, that'd be one less "incel" to deal with, right?


It’s bc there is a collective of incels who hate on the show JUST bc of the feminine nature of it, and people on Reddit tend not to be nuanced. I also don’t like the show, has nothing to do with any culture war shit. But it’s easier to pin any and all criticism on incels rather than acknowledge legitimate criticism. I agree there are a lot of wack incel takes, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately assume someone who doesn’t like the show is an incel.


I agree, dude... But, check out my downvotes. I'm over here downvoting and speaking out against the sexism and hypocrisy, too... But still getting downvoted. Toxic bullshit, all around. It does no service to the creators or the fans. I'm out of this sub.


Yea true. I was downvoted too even tho I feel my comment was pretty understanding toward why people are more defensive of She-Hulk due to very real misogyny , and I caught some downvotes, probably bc I’m not exclusively calling criticism misogynistic.


Most people outside this sub are hating it... The same people loved other female lead mcu shows/movie




Like average people? My friends, family, cousins? They are like 15-16 and some are females, cant use "Incel" card. We all loved Ms Marvel, WV, Eternals and other female lead series. This series just has poor writing, even the writers acknowledged that they dont know how to write court scenes.


One writer -- the head writer -- said they decided not to have the trial of Emil Blonsky last the whole season. That was what they meant by that. Maybe she shouldn't have publicly given certain folks an easy excuse to fall back into as to *"why this writing isn't good in my opinion"*, but... too late, now. *"Some are females"*? So, it's majority male, then? Got it.


Jesus fucking christ man. Just go on and do PR for a billion dollar company. Even valid criticism gets denied for "oMg yOu hAtE wOmEn"


Pal, I don't like people taking shit out of context. I've got a good memory for things, so I use it when I can. That's it. Also, your criticism is *completely* fucking invalid. Good day.


>your criticism is completely fucking invalid. Understandable, have a good day


Usually are, hence that scene calling them out


Patti Harrison is a gem. 💎




Tables are how I keep my house hot!


I really hope Jen puts Titania through a table and Patti screams.


I cant even watch a movie anymore without a big glass of wine… and popcorn!


I really hope that she becomes the first acknowledged trans character now in the MCU, even if I doubt they'll go that route.


There are two Pattys/Pattis on this shiw.


Patti Harrison!! Excited to see her here. Her style of humor matches well with this the type of show.


I would love if they could get Tim Robinson next


Great suggestion!! You can do a lot with him. If they ever got him on board, I would love to see him guest star as the awkward, rival lawyer to Jen in court. Or maybe even a delusional, rich client who thinks he's a super, but really isn't. He's good for the firm because he'll pay any hourly rate.


It’s just what the writers of this made up for this


People really think Matt’s episode is next week


People were so quick to forget Jameela Jamil confirming at the premier that episodes 5 and 6 were Titania episodes.


People are quick to forget that people on this sub aren't always reading every single post.


I still think episode 8 is most likely.


Oh it def is. The leak I saw here on Reddit last year was 95% accurate. I’m just being overtly petty cause I got a bet with 2 clowns on Twitter that he wasn’t coming this week


"Cause a helmet is 100% guaranteed"


Last week [this account](https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers/comments/xepkbw/episode_discussions_shehulk_attorney_at_law/ionxisj?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3) commented that episode 6 won't have DD and it will be another episode of Titania 🤔 They also commented that DD canon sadly won't be acknowledged in this series


Jameela Jamil stated in an interview at the premier that episodes 5 and 6 are where Titania would really become a problem for Jen. I doubt that account is a leaker, just someone who remembers that interview.


Tbf they are just saying it's not acknowledged (i.e. they avoid the question entirely). Oneaboveall person on Twitter said the same thing. Just that DD says he has "experience" over She-Hulk in the heroing.


PATTI HARRISON IS ON THE SHOW????? DID THAT LEAK????? omg I love her so much


Patti Harrison world domination rightfully continues. ![gif](giphy|2Y6pFs7oTVyLZTYUlt)


Looks like Christmas came early this year!


Hahaha, I guess he did! Good one!


I’m not stupid. I’m smarter than you!


Love Patti Harrison, swear I saw reports that one of the RuPaul judges were cast as the first trans actor in the MCU but I think this would make her the first right?


Patti Harrison is trans? Mind blown. She's absolutely hilarious. Can't wait to see the episode now.


*Jessica Jones* s3 had Gillian, the receptionist for Alias Investigations


Erika Ervin was on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as a dignitary on board Kasius' ship. There was also a trans guy in Peter's group in Far From Home


I love Patti but i didn't know she was trans


...what do you mean, *"but"*?


nothing lol i just didn't know!


rupaul judges? the only trans judge on the main version i can think of is ts madison, who was only there 1/3 of the time, and then there's jiggly caliente on the philippines version. are you thinking of shea couleé? she's a contestant, not a judge, and i don't believe she's trans.


Apologies, I’m not too familiar with the show, just remember a name attached saying that they’d be the first trans actor in the MCU


You're thinking about Shea Couleé, who's joining Ironheart, but she's one of the winners of the show


Patti Harrison in the MCU is an absolute ![gif](giphy|26hirEPeos6yugLDO|downsized)


Is this the one daredevil will appear in?


No. 8 or 9






i dont get it does 8 mean no?


No it means he's likely showing up in episode 8


There’s so much stuff left from the trailers, idk how they can why they’re waiting out till 8 for Matt, with 4 eps left we have: >Daredevil cross-over >Matt Murdock/She-Hulk law stuff with them going for drinks >Wrap up with the ‘leader’ wanting Jens blood >Hulk continuation as Banner and Tatiana share scenes from set pics of Mark in the CGI suit >Abomination continuation from trailers >Frogman stuff >Super hero therapy session/dance party from the trailers All done in 2hrs of show, and that doesn’t even cover 30 mins of that is now a Tatiana/Jen beef episode It feels like Marvel can choose any show and an amount of episodes that is one less than it should be and have to cram the rest in at the end


But... what is Patti's job in this show?


Her job is tables


Im glad that they are making She-Hulk and Titania's rivalry super petty after she had appeared in the first episode for 10 seconds and then disappeared until the fourth one


I can't believe this show has gotten me to appreciate Jameela's...talents (her hosting on Legendary was cringe-worthy)


So I’m guessing daredevil doesn’t show up this ep


How many episodes are there in the series?




Nice! 🔥


Uh I love that short girl attitude. She is so perfect for this role.


I’m in love with Titania. Hope there’s more to her after this series. I believe her character is connected to Doom or Secret Wars in the comics.


She does not know the groom’s name. Predicting it


I don’t like Titania and this clip makes me like her less. Can’t wait for Jen to stomp her butt lol.


Didn’t Titania date Owen Reece a.k.a. Molecule Man in the comics? What are the chances that the groomsmen is Owen?


No that was her best friend Martha. Titania was with the Absorbing Man


Ah you’re right, I was confusing her with Volcana.


Jameela is my favorite part of this show hands down. I expected her to play the character very WWE based on the comics I've read with Titania and the costuming but this take feels extremely fresh and more grounded. I just wish the E1 stuff with her felt resolved or even acknowledged? How is she not in prison? Why was she in that court room??? To my knowledge that wasn't a flash forward so what gives????


They mention it was her panicking and trying to run from traffic court. Or something of that nature.


How is she not in jail though??? You'd think with the government chomping at the bit to control powered individuals that would be a priority?


Jameela Jamil is doing a great job here, so much better than she was in the Good Place. Love her voice for this.


The show is bad


Does anyone else actually find Jennifer extremely attractive and beautiful when she is not in She-Hulk form?


I’ll be glad when this shows over and we’re on to the next one. Not for me


Yeah, it’s perfectly fine not to enjoy a series. Each series is aimed at a different audience. I for one didn’t care much for the animated What If… show. And I am Groot didn’t target me either.


Is it aimed a a different audience? It seems like this sub is the audience for everything, the ones huffing this stuff down and making sure The Mouse isnt disrespected


Not everyone likes a comedy show like She-Hulk. Not everyone will like a sitcom like WandaVision. Marvel Studios is trying to branch out into different genres. Such as campy horror flicks like WBN. Every product will satisfy different people. So yes, this show has a different audience, even if the audience is a subcategory of everyone watching the general MCU movies.


But you can't dismiss any criticism as "it's not aimed at you".


Sure, but that has not happened in this thread. That being said: often criticisms are just parts of I want it that way. And even if we agree on a criticism, then we still might not agree on its weight.


You get downvoted but you're right. This sub absolutely LOVES anything MCU and be careful not to criticize anything because every single thing the Marvel machine pumps out is PERFECT


I still can't believe that the show does what The Mitchells vs. The Machines did by casting someone who is really annoying on social media to play an annoying influencer.