Tatiana Maslany, Mark Ruffalo, Jameela Jamil, Josh Segarra, Ginger Gonzaga, Jon Bass, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Griffin Matthews, Krystin Goodwin and Steve Coulter will attend the “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” premiere at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on August 15th.


Xochitl Gomez on her way to sweep another Phase 4 red carpet ![gif](giphy|QxE3vw3DVntMQ)


You know what…. i’d do the same thing. Free early screening and an excuse to dress up? Win win




Good publicity, too.


Definitely! Bathe in your Marvel achievement and meet adoring fans.


I hope we also see Iman! Iman, if you're reading this, please sign 199999 to Kevin!


She never goes to these,I think because she’s east coast


Is Canada the east coast now?


"[Is this Canada?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQBGmBOhQEE)" - redditor above you, probably.


*Benedict Arnold likes this comment* [Context](https://www.history.com/.amp/news/benedict-arnold-canada-invasion-revolutionary-war)


OH MY FUCKING GOD 😂 too real




How do you pronounce that








yes, they’re correct.


No, they aren't. It's her name, she pronounces it Sochi and it's not a nickname




that's not how she pronounces it. She pronounces it "Sochi"


Huh, guess I’ve been saying it wrong


This why black bolt don’t say nothing can’t fuck up if u never say anything


True lol


as she should


She doesn’t have anything else to so apparently. Just sits at home all day and waits for Marvel to call


As if you wouldn’t go to every Marvel premiere if invited lmaoo


No Charlie Cox at the premiere? ![gif](giphy|D1tqdCzgWFs64|downsized)


I am BEGGING you people to realise this is a She-Hulk show that Daredevil pops up in and not the other way around.


I’m begging you to understand that nobody said otherwise, people are just excited to see Charlie back as Daredevil, there’s a difference.


You say that like every thread isn’t going to be flooded by people “disappointed Daredevil didn’t do more and was underutilized.” I guarantee it.


Doubt it tbh you’re just exaggerating, and from everything we have heard about his role in the show I think fans are gonna be satisfied as long as you’re not expecting the show to be anywhere near the tone that Daredevil was


Right, you named the problem exactly. These aren’t *my* expectations for the show that I’m discussing, I’m saying every thread about She-Hulk is already all questions about Matt and how they’re going to continue his show. Nobody talks about Frog Man or the Wrecking Crew or Titania. All anyone wants to talk about is “Matt when and how?!” That, “DAE dislike Prof Hulk?” and “SFX Bad.” People have been building up Charlie’s return for 4 years, myself more than most. I truly think most people have not managed their expectations like you and I have.


That’s not what I have seen and idk why it effects you so much anyway. I didn’t see anyone on this sub bitch this much about people being excited to see Tobey and Andrew in NWH or all the cameos in MoM, but suddenly it’s a problem when people are excited to see Charlie back in action as Daredevil after 4 years.


But... It was the same way with Tobey and Andrew, almost all the discussion about the movie before its release was about them specifically and a lot of us were disappointed by it. Tobey and Andrew ended up having a pretty big role, so the fans weren't disappointed. But there was also the case of Kingpin, which again was the main point of discussion about Hawkeye show, and that started to be very annoying, and then everybody was disappointed by his small role overall. The same happened with Professor X and Reed Richards in MoM. It's just happening over and over for every more important cameo.


Natalie Portman literally did 10 seconds of VO work for Endgame and she was still at the premiere of it.


Also even when you're not involved in the project at all, as long as you're a Marvel Studios actor, you can still get an invite. Xochitl Gomez has literally been in every Marvel project red carpet ever since Black Widow. Like why are people overreacting to someone expecting Charlie at a premiere of a project he's involved in...this sub is getting so goofily overdramatic


Not even Gomez - Ming Na has been at multiple Marvel premieres too. It's all about promotion for the studio, both for current *and future* projects.


The largest movie of all time tends to be all kinds of attractive.


But the point is. Charlie Cox was in a couple episodes of she-Hulk, and he's going to be in BORN AGAIN. Why wouldn't he be at this premiere?


Alfred Molina was the secondary antagonist of No Way Home. He didn't show up at the premiere.


The point is it wouldn't be out of place to expect an actor involved in the show to show up at the premiere. The commenter didn't say it was required or whatever. Just that it's something one can expect with reason. Comprehension really beating you people's asses lol. And I guarantee you Molina not being at the No Way Home premiere wasn't because he wasn't invited or that he had no place being there.


Charlie is in more than one episode of She-Hulk?


Let's hope so!!


To keep attention on She Hulk, as DD is just a cameo?


>DD is just a cameo Kat Coiro, Jessica Gao, and Tatiana Maslany have literally said that he isn't just a cameo. Y'all have problems with the fans getting in the Daredevil hype when the She-Hulk cast and crew themselves are talking about Matt's involvement. Also why aren't you blaming the She-Hulk marketing team? Why did they put Daredevil in the trailer? Why did their Twitter account tweet a picture of him? Stop acting like they themselves aren't playing into the hype. Y'all are so disingenuous 💀 why y'all not berating Marvel Studios for putting Matt in the promo materials? Blame them as well!


Premieres are not just about current marketing, it's also about future marketing.


All he said was that Charlie won't be at the premiere. Seems quite dramatic to assume that they think 'She-Hulk' is really all about Daredevil..


And the top comment was literally about a Marvel actor not even involved in the project (Xochitl Gomez) potentially showing up at the premiere. This sub is getting an influx of performative whiners (who have the gall to call other people outside of this sub as whiny) ijbol


OMG thank you, daredevil stans starting to get on my nervs


Why did this sub get so whiny lately lmao


Shhh, you're messing up their chance to get performative and pontificate over people on what they should be excited for and not


Lately? It’s been like this forever


You know they put him in to get people to react like you're expecting, right? They want more views and people to try it that might not otherwise, so... Daredevil!


Where in OP’s comment did they say otherwise?


So only the main lead can go to the premiere now?


IMO, DD didn't need to show up in She-Hulk. Echo would have been the best BEST place for him to show up in. She-Hulk I dont get.


>She-Hulk I dont get. Ask Jessica Gao, the showrunner. It was literally her idea and she said in an interview how excited she was when she found out from Feige that they could use Matt. Also I'm actually more fine about him showing up here than Echo. Echo should be the one to guest in Matt's show than him in her show. Echo is a less popular character and would be the one actually overshadowed by any decently popular character. The complaints about Daredevil "overshadowing" She-Hulk is blown out of proportion by excessively dramatic people. One comment about Daredevil in this thread and people go "wHy aRe yOu mAkinG iT aBouT mAtT?!? 😭😭😭" In Echo it would actually be egregious since she isn't a popular comic character and she's a POC lead which attracts toxic dudebro fans even more. I'm fine with Matt not being in her show and instead make them meet up in his


He’s also in Echo.


But Echo as a character is tied up more with Matt. It makes much more sense he shows up there rather than in She-Hulk. Echo is a Daredevil character, her "Uncle" is Wilson Fisk. Not having Matt show up in Echo where the villain of the series is Wilson Fisk would be puzzling. As for She-Hulk, there's literally nothing to connect Matt and Jen other than the fact that they are lawyers.


Marvel may have slightly underestimated the enthusiasm for Daredevil and overestimated the interest in a sex comedy about She-Hulk.


I mean obviously not, they wouldn't of put him a lot of their shows if they didn't think he'll draw viewers, She Hulk is a new character that sounds like she'll replace Hulk, (she won't) a character everyone is turning around on also the general viewer don't know her so they might just wait to watch the show. Should people want to watch it for the main character yes, will they no.


Her comics are actually pretty good, I discovered recently! Though had the show not been coming out I would have never thought to read them. So I'm a little excited about the actual show, but parts of the trailer do look very stupid.


Oh yeh, they're great. I'm glad these shows give people a reason to read their comics and realise how fun they, I was excited when they first announced and get that tiny bit more excited the closer it gets, I think that's the same for every project tho, I need to buy Marvel Unlimited again once I've finished my physical copies first


underestimated? they're literally putting daredevil in everything. and you might not be interested in she-hulk (which is, surprise, a show about she-hulk), but most people i've seen are.


Well we're getting the latter so adjust your expectations accordingly.


Might be busy filming Echo


Why would he be there, he's blind!


The blind are not *so* blind that they cannot enjoy the ***MCU***!


My dumbass thought electro was in this cause of the picture of Jamie Foxx


Why are you looking at him like that


Look who showed up, my old friend Electro


So are you two just going to stand there and act like I’m not butt-ass naked?


Lmaooo same I thought oh wow did they just spoil Electro being in the show


Right?! Wth


I’m very excited about this series, and I’m talking about She Hulk and not just DD


Me too Sensational She Hulk is one of my favorite comics ever


This series will do no justice in reverence to the publications of old in which you’ve held sacred.




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Premieres are also often review embargos


yeah,grace said that she got 4 episodes and embargo is monday


people out here getting 4 episodes straight and we're gonna get drip-fed for the next 9 weeks *sigh*


Jokes on them, the others have to wait 5 weeks for a new episode.


Social media or actual review?


She also said that Maslany is 10/10 but some of the other bits of the show are "sloppy" I presume this means some of the CGI still looks like arse.


I can't find any thing of her saying this




I will be disappointed if nobody brings up Tatiana Maslany's *She-Hulk*-related improv from podcasts in any of the press junket interviews. Barring that, fuck it, *I* will! :-P


What are these podcast?


They're on the **Comedy Bang Bang World** platform; specifically, the *TMNT* episode of ***Stop Talkin' TMNT 2 Me*** and the *White Chicks* episode of ***Scott Hasn't Seen***. They're only available if you subscribe, though. :-/


![gif](giphy|W0EYYvXeYBm1nox6Ya|downsized) Kevin Feige is ready




God fucking damnit I saw the thumbnail for this post and thought Jamie Foxx was gonna reprise as Electro.




The seats at the El Cap are only slightly more comfortable than the ones at the Arlington, up-state. And by that I mean they are murder chairs.


Damn. Can't wait to see Daredevil!!


El Capitan is such a cool theater. It has an organ player that disappears below the floor right before the movie starts.


What time does it start at? I can’t find it online