> “[Ms. Marvel] has that big dog. If there’s another season or a movie, the big dog is going to have to be a big character in it.”


What exactly is Lockjaw? An indog? What breed? An inbred?


He's an Inhuman Bulldog.


To be fair, most bulldogs *etc*


I think the joke went over your head.


Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too quick.


Im going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.


Perfect response


"I never freeze"


That was meant to be a joke?


Inhuman…Indog….Inbred…you see the pattern now?


The dog is In-Human HA *slaps knee*


To be fair inhumans and inbred aren't that far off


Mutant bulldog




Jokes aside lockjaw is kind of horrifying. He was a human before terragenisis and turned into a giant bulldog just like gate who turned into a..m giant portal gate


I think that was eventually retconned to be a prank by Quicksilver, or QS revealed the prank? Something like that. But yes, horrifying originally.


Ralph Boner Prank ![gif](giphy|3o6Zt4HU9uwXmXSAuI)


You're fired go


Originally Lockjaw was just a dog, then another writer retconned it so he was a deformed Inhuman which was messed up because the Inhumans treated him like a dog. In X-Factor Peter David just had Lockjaw go back to being a dog. [Pietro explains to Madrox that Gorgon and Karnak were playing a trick on Ben](https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-V9jouP0FGhE/Vwfll8plrxI/AAAAAAAAcoo/_RVMPIjnY0crIFzw5ChymIso5Q81hMsaA/s1600/X-Factor%2B%252371%2B-%2BLockjaw.png).


That was retconned in Peter David's X-Factor run.


Honestly thank christ because I really hated that. Why would it be retconned in an X-Book considering he's Inhuman?


Quicksilver was a mutant at the time (also since retconned) and part of X-Factor but he was married to Crystal from the Inhumans (albeit I think separated) and Lockjaw hung around with him behaving like a regular dog as well as teleporting him where he needed to get to. One of the other X-factor characters (Madrox or Havok maybe) tried talking to Lockjaw like a regular person as Ben Grimm had told them the story about Lockjaw being a horrifically deformed human, QS explained that was Karnak and maybe Gorgon pulling a prank on Ben and that Lockjaw was actually a dog.


The one benefit to new writers coming in. To fix the awful shot the last writer did that no one liked


Yup. It was one of Marvel's better retcons especially considering the Inhumans and everyone else had always treated and talked to Lockjaw like a dog (albeit a very smart extremely loved one) & not a horrifically deformed adult human.


Sadly ain't nobody retconning Gate, the most tortured soul in all of marvel LOL


Frankly it's not that weird to talk to an animal as if they were an adult human. It's the baby talk with pets that I can't stand.


There's a level of human conversation that your never have with your pet because they can't communicate on that level. I think that's what the difference is. Not how you talk to them, how they understand you. And a human will be more on that level.


I agree on principle, but it can vary. I've met humans who were far less perceptive than some animals.


I mean, it’s X-Men. Go to any era of the mutants and you’ll find retcons galore. Might as well catch a few things in there while you can.


I mean I read a lot of X-Men, clearly just not that book, but retcons the do tend to be relevant to mutants rather than retconning a completely different casts lore. Not that I'm complaining because it was a gross and character ruining element of Lockjaw lol


It got retconned




Oh god






>He was a human before terragenisis ![gif](giphy|51Uiuy5QBZNkoF3b2Z|downsized) And I thought it was just a cute giant doggo


My world is torn asunder as well


This was a prank.




It was retconned.


I thought they made Ben Grimm The Thing , think that as a joke prank on him .They made him think he could talk.


Lol yes several people have informed me the of the blessing that is that retcon


Nah that Lockjaw was a human thing turned out to be [Karnak and Gorgon playing a joke on Ben Grimm](https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-V9jouP0FGhE/Vwfll8plrxI/AAAAAAAAcoo/_RVMPIjnY0crIFzw5ChymIso5Q81hMsaA/s1600/X-Factor%2B%252371%2B-%2BLockjaw.png).


Yes lol many people corrected me and I have responded to each of them thanking them for clarifying.


what's indog?


Not much. What's in with you?


I read this in the tone of Colin Robinson from WWDITS.


I couldn't be more flattered


Hahaha gotheem!


I used the ‘updog’ thing a couple of times, so satisfying when it works. Even if someone might just be playing along lol


Batmaan is pissed.




He’s an updog.


Ask me about updog.


By that logic, I’m the inhuman version of your mom.




it's updog


He's an updog


Lockjaw without the Inhumans...?


I'm sure they are part of the plan, the Royal Family at least. Or Lockjaw could be the bridge to it.


Isn't rumor the Inhumans will eventually show up but will just be the Royal Family? What I love about that is that it'd mean that Kamala wouldn't meet Lockjaw due to inhuman connection but rather through chance and the fact Lockjaw is just that lovable


Kamala doesn't need to be inhuman to befriend Lockjaw.


Lockjaw bonding with an inhuman makes a hell a lot more sense than just a random person. The same people that argued that her power and background changes didn’t matter are the same ones acting like Lockjaw is a defining characteristic of hers. You can’t have it both ways


> You can’t have it both ways Or... you can. Kamala is a mutant who befriends an Inhuman bulldog. Bam, done.


The only reason Kamala had Lockjaw in the comics was because she was an Inhuman and Medusa wanted to send him to keep watch over her. They can't have that same connection without her being an Inhuman.


> They can't have that same connection without her being an Inhuman. And that's fine. Nobody was a fan of Lockjaw and Kamala together because "Medusa sent him to keep watch". That's not important.


You know that writers exist, right? And like, their one job is to figure things like this out?


It's called changing the reason in the writers room. He's a giant dog, she's a teen girl. It works.


It's be like Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, except the other way around.




>The same people that argued that her power and background changes didn’t matter are the same ones acting like Lockjaw is a defining characteristic of hers. I can only assume you've done hours of research, matching up people's comments from months ago to comments from now. That's some serious dedication!


"The same people who" comments on Reddit are so full of crap. This is the case every time.


I think it's fine to differentiate from the comics and I personally think a Mutant dog makes more sense than an Inhuman dog.


Lockjaw is literally the pet of the king of Inhumans. If they make him a mutant in the MCU that would be the dumbest decision they have ever made.


Inhumans mid bro... And wrong, they've would've made way dumber decisions.


Nuhumans are mediocre but the royal family is incredible. Paul Dinis 2008 run, Al Ewings Royals , The Saladin Ahmed’s black bolt run which won an Eisner award. They are an absolutely invaluable part of marvel lore. You don’t get war of kings or realm of kings without the Inhumans, just because you don’t know anything about them doesn’t make them “mid, Bro”.


Assuming that Anson Mount is involved wouldn't that depend on his schedule?


With how much charisma we've seen from Mount as Pike, why would you bring him back into the MCU as a guy who can't talk? This is what's mindblowing to me.


Makkari can't talk and she had loads of charisma, so...


Black Bolt can't be a king without kingdom full of inhumans.


I think the best compromise is to simply say that the Inhumans are a further evolution that branched off from humans around the time mutants did. They are technically mutants but come from a specific group of mutants. Or something like that.


You mean the portal.


She prob finds him in space or something after The Marvels.


I have no basis or proof to say this as fact, But I have a feeling they’re scraping the 2010s “Nuhuman” stuff and will replace them with mutants for simplicity sake, but still eventually introduce the Inhuman Royal Family. Because Nuhumans were always meant to be mutants anyways. Any mutant and inhuman comparison comes form that era. The royal family isn’t really similar to mutants. Especially back when they were introduced. They were the descendants of experimented on humans who surpassed humans in intelligence and technology and lived a secluded life They’re a lot more comparable to Wakandans than mutants. Terrigenesis also differentiates them from mutants Having a bunch of people developing powers on earth being both inhumans and mutants without the decades of story the comics have would be confusing But I don’t think establishing a race if super powered humans living on the moon is that confusing to general audiences At least that’s how I see it


Mutants were also the result of experiments tbf


Yes. But different. Mutants we’re a lot more primitive than inhumans. Mutants we’re created by the celestials and just left alone to develop like normal humans Inhumans we’re created by the Kree and quickly outpaced regular humans which lead them to creating Atilan


No they weren’t. The Celestials making Mutants is a rumor, that’s never been confirmed. If this was the case, it makes no sense how there are Mutants like Franklin Richards that are stronger than Celestials


I mean, we absolutely know the Celestials inserted the X-Gene into early humans at the same time as the Deviants were made. They don't actively control the mutations, hence why you get some Omega Levels like Franklin able to destroy Celestials, or mutations as minor as Forget-Me-Not's. They basically inserted the gene and then left them alone after that


My guess is the Rroyal Family and the Inhumans will become a subgrouo of mutants. Lockjaw would be Kamala's way into inhuman title while being a mutant. I will keep holding out hope...


Ikr? It just doesn’t make any sense


The Pet Avengers are forming Throg will be released soon, Flerken, Lockjaw, etc They will fight their greatest foe yet, Gator-Loki


excuse you, the flerken's name is goose


Now that I’ve had Moon Knight this is my most wanted thing


Like DC's super pets


pet avengers are already a real thing in the comics




[So are the Super-Pets.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legion_of_Super-Pets)


...yeah. i know.


Meh like when doom patrol came before xmen and deathstroke before deadpool etc etc etc.


deadpool isn't based on deathstroke, only the name "wade wilson" is *because of* the other similarities in the characters


DC's League of Superpets was a surprisingly fun movie.




I kept getting so confused, wondering why everyone was talking about a dog. Keep getting Lockheed mixed up with Lockjaw. It's early.


But i want ghost dog, thori the hell hound, and jeff the land shark


Now that makes me want the DC super pets in the DcE…whatever universe DC is doing


Bill and Don the lobsters are way overdue.


this kind of helps the rumor that the royal family as part of the universal inhumans are in the marvels, also kamala could think she is an inhumans, i mean mutants are not established, she would see a race of metahumans and think they have her same mutation


*The hopium is strong with this one.*


Btw im one of those who preferes her being a mutant


You guys are crazy if you keep thinking that they're not totally gonna retcon her.


Neither of the recent leaks of the marvels had anything to say about inhumans.


oh okok


I wonder if they’d go with the version introduced in the Inhumans show. Lockjaw could be a nice tie to the Inhuman royal family if Marvel Studios wants them to play more of a role in the MCU.


If you don't wanna actively retcon the ABC show, there are two pretty simple ways: 1) They're still on earth and just kept it low profile (kinda like the Eternals) and are now forced to come out. Treat their show sort of as a tie-in which you don't have to watch to understand their overall story. You could casually drop a line about how their base on the moon was destroyed by Black Bolt's brother. 2) They went back to the moon and built a new base. Basically the status quo (minus Maximus).


Would Maximus be dead, on the run, or imprisoned?


and steve rogers also stays there!


Where my Thomas Edison bird clone marvel ? WHERE IS IT ?!




I thought maybe, MAYBE Whiplash's Burd in IM2 was going to show up in Ms Marvel. Whiplash was so insistent on him because he was the brains of the operation


Possibly the only retcon that might have made me okay with whatever the fuck Mickey Rourke was doing in IM2.


Birds aren’t real


Better villian than the clandestine


Good boi.


Don't do it without bringing in Isabelle Cornish's Crystal


Damn y'all simp for any hot actress




Didn't expect a tetanus plotline.


I don‘t get the joke please help


lockjaw is a symptom of tetanus, it just makes it hard to move the muscles in/around your mouth.


Lockjaw deserves everything, such a good boi


I don’t care what they retcon Kamala to be, I just don’t want Medusa, Crystal, Lockjaw and Black Bolt to be erased and banished from the MCU because of Pearlmutter.


lockjaw when spot newborn around 1 mile radius


Kamala tags along with Carol to the Night Vet to get the Flerkittens spayed/neutered & sees an lost dog paper for Lockjaw on a bulletin board


Lockjaw is the only Inhuman we need, sorrynotsorry good boy


Yes!!!!!! That's gonna be awesome


If they introduce Lockjaw and he’s just some dog that ate some cosmic dog food it’s gonna be hella disappointing. Already not the biggest fan of them removing Ms Marvels Inhuman origin


She was *originally* going to be a mutant, but she was made back when all the comics were being ordered to shove Inhumans into everything possible.


Why do people keep bringing up this point as if it means anything? Original intentions don’t mean shit, fact is Kamala was an inhuman for 8 years in the comics, and in all her adaptions outside the comics aside from the MCU, and that’s influenced her character in small ways. She was not a mutant at all. They also can’t be claiming it’s more ‘accurate’ when they’ve trashed and altered so many aspects of Kamala’s character anyway. I mean G Willow Wilson intended for Kamala to have ugly, physical and goofy powers yet do we get that in the show? No, why was it okay to throw out that original intention but make her a mutant? Hell it’s not even like the mutant aspect was important to the show, it was literally just the MCU’s usual cocktease for future stories.


I hope we get a season 2. The cast of characters in Ms. Marvel were great and would shine in the format of a second season instead of a movie


You can't make Kamala a mutant then give her the Inhumans mascot! It doesn't work that way!


# THEN YOU KNOW WHO’S COMING ![gif](giphy|l4Epi25REDgUmZonm)


Maybe I’m old but I thought Lockjaw was Crystal’s dog?


I don't know how they plan to do Lockjaw without doing the Inhuman Royal Family. They better not make him a mutant!


What a week these directors have had. Kind of admirable they’d be talking about new projects.


This marvel show was unwatchable


you can't bring Lockjaw without Inhumans, right. They can't say he is a mutant dog or something lol.


mid marvel


Wait a second I KNOW HIM


I won't be surprised if they turn Lockjaw into a mutant dog too


If the CGI budget is as low as it was for Miss Marvel season 1 I'd hope they just save LJ for later.


Wonder how they are going to do him in the MCU.


This is one of the few reasons I wanted an Inhumans reboot. Specifically to have Lockjaw in Ms. Marvel also Medusa in the MCU but it looks like she’ll be in the Marvels so no reboot necessary. Lockjaw is the best.


are they gonna make him a mutant too lol


Why? shes not an inhuman right? Why would lockjaw need to be in it?


Rule of cool, fanservice. 90% of the audience, myself included, don't give a shit about if she's a mutant and still hanging out with the cool doggo. That isn't something a normal human being cares about. They care about one of the sweetest characters having a cute doggo friend. That this is something you're even questioning should be a wakeup call. You're missing the forest for the trees.


So inhuman=mutants?


There's speculation they might be a kind of mutant, but we'll see. That isn't necessary for this though, she can just be a mutant that an inhuman dog really takes a shine to when they meet by pure coincidence. Its really that simple, I don't know why everyone wants to read so much into it. Fun team ups with no real cause happen all the time in the comics, but the same people upset about her being a mutant based on what she was in comics suddenly need cool team ups to be justified? Cmon. Not you, I mean the ppl being weird about it.


She's not an Inhuman anymore, so why bother? If they just kept her origin to something clean and simple like the bangle just being her radioactive spider then most of her arcs could be kept as is even as a mutant.


I mean the bangle was essentially her radioactive spider, it did jump start her mutation




Why? He’s Inhuman… how about fucking Quake… or Mack, or May


Quake will be a mutant too.


So she's a mutant, but they're still tying it to inhumans? Oh boy...


Nah if they won‘t introduce the Inhuman Royal Family properly, they better not use him just to make him a mutant dog or whatever. Picking and choosing Inhumans lore and making it part of something else is such a slap to the face to comic fans of the Inhumans. They better just leave him out if they don‘t do it right. Have Goose instead as her temporary super pet. Or wait until the Royals are established. Or they could use him as a bridge to introduce them. I guess I can get over them making Nuhumans mutants, but if they do that with the Royal family Imma be pissed.


How about NO. When they add fan favorite characters to a show, you know it’s because it’s crap


Please marvel. His is one of the only shows that I DO NOT want a second season. Your fan base is not social media craving middle schoolers.


His imma one of the only shows that need a second season. It was visually one of the most interesting shows, and Kamala is a character that can easier have more stories adapted with minimal changes.


> Your fan base is not social media craving middle schoolers. No, they're social media craving all agers.


You guys know this doesn't mean anything, right? They aren't saying that they're planning it, just that they want it.


So they're planning it /s


I didn't like Season 1 enough to want a season 2. Let her be in The Marvels and then set on the backburner for a while. Her story was just a setup for The Marvels anyways.


Why would Lockjaw even befriend Kamala in the MCU? She as it is has zero connections to the Inhuman’s, and unless Lockjaw isn’t an inhuman in the MCU why would Kamala interact with him? In the comics Lockjaw is assigned to protect and keep an eye on Kamala by Medusa because the 2 major inhuman factions were warring and Kamala was getting caught in the middle by both sides trying to recruit Kamala. What reason would Lockjaw have in the MCU to befriend Kamala? The Luck or coincidence angle? That’s getting a bit convenient with Kamala as it is in the MCU. Should have just kept Kamala an inhuman. Explaining the Inhuman’s would have been by far simpler than the dumbass Noor, Bangle and Djinn crap we got in the show, not even mentioning the Mutant angle being shoe-horned in at the end as well.


> The Luck or coincidence angle? That’s getting a bit convenient with Kamala as it is in the MCU. Sure. Why not? Most friendships are formed through coincidence.


Because MCU Kamala is already too reliant on coincidences for her character. MCU Kamala is a massive Carol Danvers fan girl that not only happens to get superpowers, and live her fantasy of being a hero, but also has a superhero lineage in her family. Convenient Not only that but said bangle that gives her powers, and belongs to said superhero family lineage is also conveniently linked to Carol Danvers, Kamala’s idol? Convenient. Not only that but Kamala’s name itself apparently means ‘Marvel’ just like her idols superhero name? Convenient. And her necklace of her name, conveniently also resembles her comic lightening emblem? Like wow how convenient. And to add to that not only does Kamala have powers and a connection to the Noor Dimension, but she is also apparently part mutant as well? Convenient. Add in Kamala randomly meeting some special inhuman dog for no other reason than it happened the comics is also convenient. They could build Kamala a relationship with the Inhuman’s I guess but what would be the point? Might as well have kept her in an inhuman if that’s the route they go.


I mean… most of that is just standard superhero origin story. No one gets super powers without a series of crazy coincidences. And her name meaning Marvel has no added significance in the MCU, where you never hear the word Marvel anywhere else. If her name meant Shazam she’d be Ms. Shazam and it’d be whatever. Same with the emblem. It’s not a “coincidence” that a show based on a comic book just happens to have things that somehow wind up looking exactly like the comic book version, haha. It’s not a “coincidence” that in films Bruce Wayne just happens to fall into a cave of bats. So he becomes a… Bat man? Convenient! But I do agree that it seems like a relatively extraordinary coincidence that her bangle has (or gets) a connection to Carol Danvers, especially when you take away Kamala’s connection to the Kree.


Except it’s not really most origin stories because most of these things don’t happen due to coincidences in the comics. It is a coincidence when they literally have introduce coincidental plot reasons to introduce said comic aspects instead of actual connected reasons like the comics provide that make sense. Her name meaning Marvel in the MCU is what’s gonna be the idea for her to take up the Ms Marvel name in the MCU. In the comics she just takes the name because it’s Carols old title and she’s a fan of carols and thinks she can be a hero like Carol. Comic Kamala gets her powers by coincidence in the comics as well, but she doesn’t have a massive ass superhero lineage that also conveniently ties her to Carol via the bangles in the comics. Kamala’s just one of many Nuhumans in the comics. Kamala in the comics meets Carol because Carol simpy seeks out Kamala due to curiosity in regard to whose running around using her old name. No coincidence there. Likewise Kamala’s lightning bolt in the comics is based off Carols lightning bolt, not just because it’s a broken necklace of her name that conveniently looks like her comic lightning bolt. Hell even Kamala getting energy powers that are vaguely similar to Carol is a massive coincidence. Part of the comics irony was that Kamala wanted to be a hero like Carol only to get completely different powers that were aesthetically ugly unlike Carols and Kamala had to deal with that was a bit insecure in how they looked to begin with.


So, Troll, it's like this: Fate + comic books + Your boss telling you what to do + a 20 year plan = a bunch of coincidences that superfluously make sense. (In ways no one has seen yet) ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|scream)


Ah yes the classic ‘don’t agree’ equals troll makes sense. Fate and comic books are shit explanation, especially when the comics themselves have proper answers to most of these connections without relying on shitty shoe-horned plot conveniences that only exist to give Kamala comic book characteristics because the MCU hasn’t built Carol up enough yet to justify the original explanations. Also Kevin Feige’s ‘planning’ is vastly overstated. They couldn’t even plan ahead far enough to cast the correct actress for Cassie Lang in Endgame ffs.


Just like how when we got Iron Man 1, we had no idea that we would have Endgame or the Multiverse saga, we have no idea what's planned. So fate + comic books + the Boss seems pretty legit to me when referring to coincidence. It was coincidence that lined everything up, something like 14 million possible ways to have happened before we got to here.


> She as it is has zero connections to the Inhuman’s, and unless Lockjaw isn’t an inhuman in the MCU why would Kamala interact with him? it’s hard to have a connection to the inhumans when they haven’t appeared yet.


Yes but even when they do appear what actually would connect Kamala to them? The only that connects Kamala to the Inhuman’s in the comics is the fact that she’s also an inhuman, but even Kamala still keeps her distance. What reason would MCU Kamala have to meet a bunch of Inhuman’s living on a moon or in their own secret base?


i don’t know, that’s up to Fiege to figure out. the bangle is Kree, she will probably be involved with the Kree in The Marvels, shouldn’t be that hard to shoe horn something in.


> Yes but even when they do appear what actually would connect Kamala to them? The high likelihood that inhumans = A type of mutant in the MCU is literally all the connection they need. What was Thor and Rocket's connection besides being in space? Nothing. Yet they teamed up. You're way over thinking this, bigger coincidences happen to people every day.


No thanks


i still think they will have the inhumans be a part of the mutants so that the general audience doesnt get too confused in the long run


They did it fine in MoM. You don't need to do Nuhumans. The Royal Family living on the moon is already enough to prevent anyone from being confused.


The Royal Family shouldn't be mutants though


Would it really change much about their story? You'd lose terrigenisis but otherwise you could keep it relatively the same if they we'rent going to do anyone other than the family.


Because the Inhuman Family is connected to the Terrigen mists. Their whole backstory relates to the Kree, not the mutant martyr complex


Just make the NuHumans mutants. The Royal Family being mutants makes no sense whatsoever


I still wanna believe that "mutant" gene Kamala has is the Inhuman gene not the X gene.


despite the X-men 97' theme playing?