She-Hulk looks a little rough around the edges but it's not out for 3 months so I'm sure they're polishing things up for that. The CG model is basically the only stand out problem I had with the footage because otherwise it looks pretty fun and I'm glad we're getting more Hulk mythos stuff anyway


I said it elsewhere, but with three more months it can be done. Some CGI artists may die, but it's a sacrifice Marvel is willing to make.


VFX artist: "You're killing me!" Kevin Feige: "I'm sorry. But in the grand calculus of the MCU, your sacrifice means infinitely more than your life".




Bully Feige


More like piece of shit Feige if this really is the case. I love the guy but if he really were forcing cruel work conditions then I’d judge anyone an asshole for doing that no matter how much I like them. Not saying he personally does this, I don’t know the behind the scenes. Edit: Again, I want to reemphasize that I am not claiming or believe Feige does this. I’m just saying if he did then despite how much I like him I wouldn’t respect it.


CGI is done by multiple companies Marvel Studios is the client hence the ton of leak from that point in production...


Yeah actually Kathleen Kennedy’s team at Lucasfilm (ILM) does a lot of the special effects for Marvel.


Yeah he spends his evenings at the cgi offices around the world personally screaming at and whipping the workers to make them work faster, this is an accurate portrayal of how the world works


Even with my edit you still don’t understand. Insane how much I have to spell shit out for people on reddit who lack common sense.


Lol no, I get it, it's just that the entire comment is absurd. You don't have to clarify that you don't actually think he does it, the entire concept of Kevin feige personally being the one to grind the cgi department into the ground is absurd because that's not how the distribution of roles in organizations like this work, that's why people are dunking on you.


What does grand calculus mean anyway? Calculus reminds me of maths in high school.


Basically means in the grand scheme of things


I get what it means but I have never heard that term before


“Grand calculus” is only used because it’s exactly the kind of archaic phrasing someone like Strange would use.


"Calculus" can just mean a system of calculations - it that approximately means "the sum of all things that matter". In the "grand" (overall, total, all-encompassing) "calculus" (calculation of what matters) of the MCU, the sacrifice matters more than the life. I suspect that "the calculus" came to be shorthand for the system of calculating change and integrating change because it was *so* incredibly useful. It was like rediscovering mathematics to compare having it versus not having it. It made so many things discretely ponderable and can be used for almost everything to enlighten in a new dimension. It's not surprising that it became nearly synonymous with 'doing calculations'


It's a common phrase for technical people, mathematicians, those ilk especially I think. Not surprised Strange would speak like them since he was a surgeon, and masterfully proficient already. Usually I'd just hear "well, in the grand calculus of things..." but I've also heard substitutes with "universe" or "reality".


Funny, as a chemist I feel like it's something that a philosopher or s political scientist would use I think most hard science specializations have discrete names for things, like saying phase space or Euclidian geometry or whatever theoretical set of ideas actually summarizes the discussion.


Outside fiction I've only heard it colloquially from a statistician so I figured it was another mannerism liberated off the smart not gay, gay guy from the show they always played on the telly. As a phrase to me it sounds like the kind of thing that'd be pretty run of the mill to anyone whose into comics, fantastical sci-fi or in general.


You joke, but these poor people are going to be working around the clock and not sleep/ see their families all because this lady looks too much like Shrek after Marvel spent x3 the VFX budget of a normal Marvel streaming show so this specifically didn’t happen.


There's not enough visFX artists to sacrifice: they sacrificed too many already. The entire industry is stretched thin, and it's such a grueling industry that many left it permanently. What we've seen is probably as good as it'll be.


Maybe giving her show first was a bad decision. The bad CGI model would be a less of an issue if it wasn't also her debut.


Hmm I don't think it's the character model tbh. Hulk also looks rough on the beach scenes. I'm spitballing but it feels like lighting: She-Hulk looks best in the dark bar near the end. It's possible they had to cut some lighting passes. (I also feel like the skin is unnaturally smooth, but that may be deliberate: she's a bombshell after all). But yeah I've always thought a Disney+ show would struggle realizing this character (and Kamala, and Falcon).


This is smoothness that's more like"it's 2003 and we can't do subsurface scattering" versus "she has good skin"


I realize this is most likely a joke, but given what I know of what crunch does to people across many industries, I don't find the thought of disney demanding a touch up on the cgi being done in just 3 months from the people working on it, that funny. crunch *does* have the ability to ruin, and sometimes even take, lives.


God, these poor people need a union.


No Way Home was actively being worked on even after it's theater release.


It would be better if movies didn't become like games. "Don't worry about this green screen, we will fix it in Disney+ version."


Idk, I'm almost in the opposite camp. We saw plenty of bad/unfinished VFX before streaming was a thing. Now every time I see terrible CGI in a D+ show or MCU film I pray they'll eventually fix it - they have no excuse not to. The last episode of Wandavision had some insanely bad shots


Whatever it takes


>it's not out for 3 months so I'm sure they're polishing things up for that. Literally everytime a new MCU trailer releases now SPOILERS : they don't end up polishing it


They do _some_ polishing, it’s just not always present across the board necessarily. Besides what else are they doing in the three months they have left if not that & editing??


How people forget this I have no idea. It’s literally every trailer for every show / movie.


Did you see moon knights truck cgi in episode 1? That was terrible lol


Could just be me but honestly it wasn't distracting enough to take me out of the show


Yeah it didn't bother me much, but I'm pretty tolerant of even middling CGI as long as I can tell what's happening on screen.


I'm 100% chocking it up to the fact that the show is still in active post production. This was a teaser for a show that doesn't release until August. I fully expect the CGI to not be complete just yet. I'm honestly surprised they gave us so many CGI-heavy shots in the teaser. IMO Hulk and Abomination looked pretty damn good, especially for a TV show. Not to mention the fact that the companies that get outsourced to do trailers tend to get the footage a while I advance. This CGI is likely what it looked like a month or two ago. Even still, it was really only a handful of shots that Jennifer looked a bit off. As of right now I've got no reason to think they won't polish it up before release.


I mean, if you watch it on a phone, ipad for sure. But 65" 4k is a different story..


Lol I do watch these on a 4K 65” TV But I think everyone has different tolerance thresholds for VFX. For me, as long as I’m not sucked out of the story or distracted by it, I’m okay with it.


It also helps if you've never worked in vfx before. When an eye is trained to spot bad vfx, you can never go back. I mean, this the part of reason why Marvel will never win any prestigious vfx award. Award-worthy vfx should be indistinguishable from other real-life elements.


Yeah that honestly didn't bother me but the issue here is that our main character is pretty much fully cg and if they can't get her right then its really going to take us out of the show


Never noticed it. Seems one or two people did and then it became the cool thing to harp on. Mindless people do mindless things.


Why do you people assume that just because we noticed it we were completely taken out of the episode and couldn't enjoy it anymore? Shit CGI is just shit CGI and nothing more.


Everyone complains about the truck scene CGI, but I honestly didn’t notice it at all. Thought it was perfectly fine till I saw everyone here complaining about it. I’m sure I’d notice it on a rewatch now that it’s been pointed out, but it didn’t stand out as bad on my first watch


I didn't know people had problems with Black Panther's CGI until I visited internet.


See that complaint I do understand haha. The final fight of Black Panther is imo the worst CGI in the entire MCU, it looks like a video game in a bad way. The rest of the movie is fine, but that last fight is godawful


The last fight in Black Panther was a rush job. The VFX crew had only a few weeks to work on it and what you saw in the film wasn’t fully complete. That’s why it looks rough.


I watched it in IMAX and it felt like I was watching a prelude in Xbox. Godawful indeed..


That’s kinda everything in general for me. Like a thing>see that thing is hated online


Which one shocked you the most?


Same. It still doesn't stick out to me.


It's because it looks great in Civil War then turns into a mocap suit painted black in following films


I noticed it but idk, didn't really care since it was a truck and logs lol I will say I appreciated how little of actual Moon Knight we got both because it let us focus on teh character of hte person under the hood but also because most scenes with the suit were so...lifeless and uninspiring. Honestly the Mr Knight suit worked better.




Since the only time they had a practical konshu suit was during the finale, I assumed the design wasn't finalized (or the suit hadn't been manufactured) until filming was nearly finished.


It ight be a TV size thing. I couldn't not notice it. It felt like it had to be deliberate, it was so much of the screen real estate


There's a difference between a character who is CGI for a good chunk of the show, and a truck that's only visible for like 3 seconds.


The logs were worse


I’m surprised a lot of people didn’t see anything wrong with that chase scene


Here’s what Christopher Marc said in response to the cgi https://twitter.com/_christopherm/status/1526687849457893381?s=21&t=mifT32Da1_qO4ZW597BJyQ


This tweet forgets it's a weekly series. So they have 3 months to finish the premiere episode, and 3 months plus 1 week to finish ep 2 and so on, all the way to episode 9, which is 5 months from now. (Of course shave a few weeks off each as a buffer.) Though TBH, I don't think it's going to look any better that it does in this trailer. I don't mind sketch CGI as much as some people.


We anime now


Breaking News: MAPPA to take over production of She Hulk


Would that make marvel fans Otaku? lol




Christopher Marc.


Yeah that cgi definitely needs some refinement


If it's more comedy less serious, people would be more forgiving. You can always laugh at Jennifer, if you can't laugh *with* Jennifer..


Usually with trailers they try to impress us by including the best looking content...


Really intrigued about its roughness considering how seamless visions was despite being a pandemic project


Probably same thing as hulk and abomination here: they could reuse the model from the movie which had a much bigger budget. Here htey had to start from scratch


I mean it looks rough but not awful. If this is what it looks like now, it should hopefully look a lot better in 3 months.


Yeah she looks really weird. But I kinda think this is as good as they're gonna go.


Please also remember that they sent the marketing team footage months ago to make this trailer. This isn't what the fiber product looks like today. It's what it looked like months ago.


I thought hulk looked fine but yeah she looked off for some reason.




TIL "a little rough around the edges" = "looks like shit" Also I literally acknowledge the show is some ways out and that gives them time to polish it and make it look better so you're not really countering anything I haven't already acknowledged lmao


Three months is not a lot of time. It'll look better, but it'll probably still look uncanny.


I honestly think this is about as good as the CGI is gonna get for this show. If there was that much work left to do I don't think they would have released the trailer yet. And with the amount of content they're pumping out now the VFX crews don't have the time.


I don’t know that they were ready to release this trailer yet. I think the leaked date forced their hand, so to speak.


Wong is in She-Hulk, good to know. Phase Wong going strong


Looking forward to the Avengers v. X-Men movie just before Secret Wars trilogy ending with a close-up on our Sorceror Supreme... "Something's Wong..." fade to black


Wong did call this the "Wong Phase" of the MCU lol


Wong about to bring upon the Age of Morbius ![gif](giphy|4sDxn0FxPG2SN2iF9E|downsized)


Wong is the new Nick Fury


The new Phil Coulson actually


The first Wong


Maybe this confirms the Wong Vs Blaze rumor we’ve had for a while.


Makes sense. They told us a couple years ago the Sorcerer Supreme would be essential going forward


It’d be great if they actually gave Wong some depth instead of shoving him into every project and not developing him on-screen


No development? Did you not see that scene of him singing a Beyoncé song in the library? That’s all the character development you need and more


Wong being a member of the Beyhive is peak character development


Wong has all the depth he needs and more.


No backstory, no family, nothing. He’s literally just a character they have in place to do the sorcerer supreme duties while they let Strange have the adventures. The only hint of depth was Shang-Chi, but that cameo made 0 sense and was never explained


Yes. That's all he needs. He's comic relief whilst being a badass that has the chops to deliver his performance in a serious manner as well. If they ever want to do more in terms of character with Wong then they will. For now though he's exactly what he needs to be and people love the character for it.


So why did they bring Charles Coxsworthy there if they’re not gonna confirm him for she hulk? Edit: so I was looking through some old photos and I uh noticed something very similar…you’re trash Brock


Yeah, that was weird. With Cox being there, I expected either: * They reveal that he's in She-Hulk * They reveal that he's in Echo * They announce the Daredevil revival None of those happened, so not sure why Cox was there. Edit: Apparently the photo of Cox at the Disney Upfront event was an edited photo & he wasn't even there. We've been duped! Bamboozled! We've been smeckledorfed!


He was not there https://twitter.com/juancruzzef/status/1526681540490514432?s=21&t=rQ9RdSKvVbX4IyWgIWtoHA




​ ![gif](giphy|D1tqdCzgWFs64|downsized)


QuidVacuo posting fake shit?! ![gif](giphy|xUPGcC0R9QjyxkPnS8)


This is ‘Deborah Ann Woll in No Way Home’ all over again.


That's not even a word and I agree with you!




Echo makes more sense IMO


Charlie Cox was not there, you probably saw an edit


I’m pretty sure that picture of him being there is fake


Those photos were fake


He wasn’t there that was an edited image lol




Let’s see that Secret Invasion tease


Makes sense She-Hulk is made public, while Secret Invasion isn’t. Given it’s still a while away.


And, you know, it’s a secret.


Even that promo pic of old Nick Fury was classified. There are helicopters circling your home right now




Was there a secret invasion tease. I saw Sam Jackson was there for presentation but didn’t see anyone mention they showed footage from SI


Maybe, after Ms.Marvel




Feige knows how to work a crowd. I mean I remember when showed up on the Investors Day Stream, instantly had my attention. It was just She-Hulk's CGI model that looked rough, the physicality of it. I think the CGI on the face was good, they do have 3 months to work on it, pretty sure it will go down to the wire. Pretty much everything else looked good to me, it was smart move having Abomination in Shang- Chi, since they can use that model for the show. And Tatiana looks like she is going to kill it. Also we are getting a new piece of MCU content for 4 months in a row, DS2 this Month, Ms. Marvel in June, Thor 4 in July and now She-Hulk in August. https://twitter.com/MsLizzieHill/status/1526688088646463490?t=Ev87ge7rIDOa3QZxjDnR_Q&s=19 And Lizzie Hill has been saying the oppossite, about the show being a supposed "mess". So I guess we shall have to wait and see.


March/April - Moon Knight May - Dr.Strang MOM June - Ms.Marvel July - Thor Aug/Sep - She-Hulk Oct - Werewolf By Night Nov - Black Panther WF Dec - Disney plus show + Guardians Special We eatin well this year!


3 months until release doesn’t mean they have 3 more months to work on it


The article didn’t really mention what he wowed them with ? Is there a list at least ?


If Feige showed anything else outside what's been made public it's probably not getting officially revealed until later, like at D23 or the next Disney+ Day or something like that


I saw She Hulk but that’s it thus far and the title made it seem like a big deal unless it just being hyperbolic


It was for sure some hyperbole but the article mentions some secret wars stuff and the Loki confirmation.


Lol Wong is in this too?? It really is the Wong Cinematic Universe


Wong got Dr. Strange on call, Shang-Chi and now She Hulk. He’s assembling something.


Might as well add Spider-Man to that list


True, although I don’t think we’ll see Spiderman this avenger iteration. We need his soft reboot first.


Will be get teases from this or is it locked door?


Probly not gonna get anything else official for a bit. They've got other events to showcase more stuff.




Feige has that Midas effect


30 minute episodes when it's like 7-8 minutes of credits deflates my hype for this. If I had commercials then I'd be really not looking forward to this.


“Where the hell’s the trailer?! I want it now now now!” “Ugh! CGI isn’t perfect! Why did they release this now?”


How are we seeing the connection between the main MCU and the TV shows, aside from just Wanda turning evil? We still don't know of any implications from Loki either


The reason the multiverse exists is because of the events at the Loki finale, and Hawkeye teased a thing that later showed up in NWH. The connections are starting to happen. The seeds are planted and the sprouts are emerging.


Take Loki out of the equation and NWH and DS2 could have still happened the same way. Because, prior to Loki, there's nothing to say the multiverse didn't already exist. Loki is a Schrodinger event.


But Loki didn't need to happen at all. They could have just had the multiverse always been open and for people who didn't watch Loki that's probably how they think about it anyway


But if they didn’t set it up like that, then how can we culminate the Grand Multiverse War in the creation of the Young Avengers and in the finale seal up the fractured multiverse by creating the Sacred Timeline presided over by the as-of-yet-unintroduced Kang variant Iron Lad (aka He Who Remains)? That’s my theory anyway. :)


So your theory is basically just a time loop? They could have still done that. Can you expand on what you mean? Idk if I'm understanding your full point


We’ll see a lot in Quantumania is my guess


The implications from Loki are that Loki and Sylvie refused to take He who remains place and allowed the timeline to branch and he decided to let it happen. With Sylvie killing him, there was nobody to stop it, so it broke and his variants (Kang) will appear. It is still too soon to say long term but Kang is set to appear in Quantumania so there is a direct cosnequnce as well.


This looks like it's gonna be CGI heavy and sadly to me that means the CGI will have moments that take you out a little. As long as the writing and characters work I'm happy


I wonder if Loki will get more episodes. If anything was of there, then the pacing and it would definitely benefit from two more episodes (while WV could have been shorter, tbh). And will it be just season 2 or any title? I look forward to She-Hulk but the sitcom vibe is not really something for me. I am not too fond of sitcoms (unless it is MASH and it was not really a sitcom from season 3 higher, but more of a dramedy). I hope they won´ t have that US TV speciality fake laugh over it and will go more of Ally McBeal approach where it also crossed drama and comedy. As a 30+ years old woman, however, I am kind of excited for a superhero dealing with normal woman problems. I like how they are now trying to appeal to more audiences so not everything is for everybody.


Yea, I’ve learned to accept filler episodes in anime so I can definitely accept “filler” content from marvel


For General fans who have zero clue on the whole process of CGI behind the scenes, how long would it take for the VFX & CGI to be done in the best way possible if there were no time constraints?


1 to 3 months depending on how booked the big CGI guys are. And since marvel has the money, but only a finite amount dedicated to TV, they have to make adjustments somewhere financially. And I’d take blow on cgi vs the storyline tbh, especially since it’s leading up to something bigger. And the “hit” they supposedly took in the cgi isn’t even that bad tbh. Budgets are budgets and marvel did pretty good with this one despite all the controversies lately


I really hope within the next 5-10 years that there will be more of a demand for VFX artists within the industry.


So nine episodes confirmed?


When will it start?


August 17th.


When is Thor L&T final trailer suposed to drop ? We’re a month and a half away from release.


Honestly of everything coming out, Werewolf by Night, Blade, and more Daredevil is what I'm most excited for. I thought I'd heard Werewolf by Night will be using practical effects too, which is beyond awesome.




Haha yeah right. Not when you have movies consistently making a lot of money many over $1 billion. The success at the box office is the reason they invest so much in the shows.


Yeah, I feel save the movies for bigger events/budgets or standalone stories.


When they get tired of making billions of dollars


Still pretty bleh on Jameela’s casting for Titania