Looks interesting, cgi definitely needs some work though. Tatiana looks perfect for the role however.


Cgi has needed work for most of phase 4 lol


yeah but this really sticks out.


Yeah I agree. I'm not someone who's overly fussed about CGI and tend not to notice it unless it's really bad like the Jackal in Moon Knight. But the moment I saw She-Hulk face, i kinds just blurted out "Oh, no". And I think that's what the issue is, the face. It doesn't look right.


Looks like a ps3 cutscene. I’m stunned. And I’ve never once complained about bad cgi in the mcu but Jesus if the main character looks that bad just don’t make the show


Also like just use make up?? I know that non-union workers like VFX dudes are much cheaper to hire, Marvel, but seeing as you are in fact the most successful studio in the world at the moment I’m sure you could stand to spend a *little* money on quality assurance


Especially when there’s nothing inherent about the character that requires her *face* to be CGI. I mean Broadway’s been doing Elphaba in person for nearly 20 years…


Agreed. I've always been one to ignore "bad" CGI until after the fact, when watching for like my third or fourth time. At that point I'm so in love with the content I don't really care. But this seemed pretty rough. Lets hope they patch it up.


I know they'll punch it up, but it does feel kind of embarrassing to be releasing a trailer with it in this shape


Which is weird, because Ruffalo's Hulk CGI looks real great.


To be fair they had all the existing Ruffalo hulk assets from Endgame, which had a much larger budget. I realize that's not the only part that goes into it but it goes a long way I imagine.


I'm the same. Usually I can gloss over bad CGI. I won't complain. Such as the Jackal one. But when I saw her face, my reaction was the same as yours. Her face just looks off and wonky. I think I'll be able to watch through it though. Story seems fun.


Because it’s the main character. It invites us to scrutinize the fully CGI face


Id say its still in post production like its months away, thor is still in pp


I wish Thor was in my pp 😞


It's going to look like this. Everyone always says this and unless it's a year plus away it isn't changing. The main character models are done way in advance.


Eternals had many problems, but bad CGI was actually not one of them. All the other projects have been a little rough though.


Eternals had some of the best vfx work in all of mcu catalogue. The director is just too good at setting the lighting and it meshes so well with cgi. I never expected Chloe Zhao to be this good at shooting action. You can tell despite this being a marvel her style is still rampant.


The scenes with Arishem in space looked amazing


One of the few moments in the MCU that just has to be experienced in a movie theater, a home screen just can't capture the grandiosity.


The Deviant attack on the jungle village is visually incredible. The Deviants look 10x better than all the other generic gray alien goons in the MCU combined.


That scene was grade-A staging. It looks great to begin with and as a bonus you can hide a lot in shadows and darkness. There are some battle scenes in the MCU where I am just totally confused why they would do that to themselves. The final fight Black Panther, an open field in broad daylight?! Give us some damn trees and set it at sundown or night for some cool visuals. Also, the famous scene from the Infinity War trailer, the charge in the forest that wasn't in the movie? I'm ok with fake outs, but again, a fight in a field in broad daylight? Fine, get rid of that epic charge, but give me the forest battle!


Yeah her production design and cgi effects were too notch - definitely one of strengths of eternals


except for the post credits


I thought it was cool they included a PS2 cutscene.


Love that marvel's new focus on diversity is extending towards PS2 characters


Yeah say what you want about Eternals, but I would go as far as to say it has the best CGI out of any MCU project. Super good realistic looking VFX and the Arishem scenes looked phenomenal.


Pip the troll has entered the chat.


I remember reading not the long ago that effect studios still haven’t really caught up with all of the workload from the pandemic so most studios are taking shoddier VFX in exchange for making release dates


I believe the show was pushed back because of this.


I'll be very honest. Most MCU projects have some quick and unfinished CGI. Like even Infinity War which has Thanos looking amazing... has Banner's floating head in the Hulkbuster. Eternals has the Celestials in space and coming out of the earth... and Pip the Troll.


If you watch End Game, the scene where Thanos is about to snap without the stones, you can see a CGI mishap where the fingers and the palm of the gauntlet mold together.


I'm guessing the VFX companies Disney hires are streched really thin with all the non-stop content lately.


Yup. Plus there is a big turnaround regarding staff since the pandemic started


Everything but Loki, Eternals and Multiverse of Madness have looked… surprisingly bad


WandaVision also.


Eh. First 8 episodes it was good. The last one? Not so much


Was better than the eye and Wong floating in MoM by far.


Why does no one mention the Titan scene? That looked straight out of Joss Whedon's JL


Honestly thought it looked solid the majority of the finale, like the vision stuff looked pretty great to me. This she hulk cgi is like 100x worse than anything in the WV finale


I saw quite a lot of people criticizing MoM CGI. And there definitely were some weaker parts, especially third eye.


Sadly It’s never gonna improve at the rate they pump out shows/movies now.


I agree about the CGI. There were some shots in this trailer that, in my opinion, she looked more like Princess Fiona or a taller Gamora than She Hulk.




Lol yeah, not sure I'm ready for TV-quality Hulk effects, but it just looks so fun!


Ruffalo’s actually looks good imo—She Hulk herself needs some work. Though it looks to be really fun; if it *really* commits to being a fun comedy, I could give the cgi a pass.


Nah that scene of banner in the hut in the daylight is definitely noticeably wonky


How is it that the only cgi character that they seem to have nailed so far in that trailer was abomination


Probs relied on the Shang Chi models


Probably because of the updated model work that went into Shang Chi’s budget as opposed to a tv budget.


Agreed, looked kinda rough.


Yeah, but if it ending up being as fun as it looks like it could be, I can dismiss some mediocre CGI.


It’s her face more than anything. Hulk looks great.


Because they're just reusing his assets from Endgame, LOL


Honestly I think this is as good as it's gonna get for this show. There's a reason they waited so long to debut her, she's much harder to pull off in live action than even Hulk. EDIT: I watched the trailer a couple more times and thought about it more, and it's possible they're missing some lighting passes. IDK if that will fix everything but it'll definitely help.


Let’s hope they touch up on it final release, most heavily CGI show to date.


Once again, the CGI looks terrible.


I think it’s gotta be the VFX issues we’ve been hearing about, cuz this is MK levels of bad, and her character is presumably going to have more cgi.


Strangely I didn’t mind/notice how bad the jackals in that show apparently were according to some people. This though, is much more noticeable


Well, the jackals were one issue, but almost everything in episode 1 looks atrocious, especially the car chase. The suit didnt look great either imo, very video-gamey. But this is noticeable fs.


Even the car chase and the subsequent truck flip was a very brief moment of noticeable cgi which ultimately didn’t pull me out of it, and the suit only looked noticeably cgi to me during the suit up in Alexander’s tomb in the finale, but again, ultimately not immersion breaking to me since it was only like 5 seconds and looked good in the rest of the show. This is about a main character of the show, who we get close ups of in her cgi green form constantly.


Definitely agree, thats why im thinking its probably a bigger issue in this instance. We didnt actually see a ton of “moon knight,” a lot of the show was just oscar issac. This seems more like we’ll see more She-Hulk because thats the main focuses of the character, whereas with moon knight, there were many other, more personal character insights beyond “i can turn into a mummy superhero.” I guess we’ll see, but this isnt a good first look tbh.


The funny thing is, there were so many obvious production fuckups in MK that people assumed were intended for the narrative that just. . .weren't. The camera people and assistants in shots and green screen laying around were just...fuckups. But literally one per episode almost.


Seems to be a trend with a lot of the disney shows, like in Book of Boba Fett for example. They had a shot of a wall from above and some of the set behind it. ([image for reference](https://preview.redd.it/s29gxdi428b81.jpg?auto=webp&s=81781930933f590b7b9efc382ba1665c54be9588))


Yeah I didn't have an issue with the jackals either, the only things that stood out to me was the transformation after Marc is resurrected. But *this*, this is really bad. It's baffling just how good Hulk looks while She-Hulk looks like she came out of Food Fight.


Yeah, if this is why DC pushed 2-3 of their films I completely understand. Marvel has always been hit or miss with their CG, but Phase 4 has been *bad*.


I don't really pay attention to this kind of stuff, but other than a scene here or there I so far have not noticed any bad CGI. Even this trailer I don't really mind it(though it isn't perfect)


Four films and multiple seasons of live action shows per year is just too much, especially for an industry that’s already been slowed down by covid and a larger workload from things being pushed back due to covid. They need to slow down if they want to recover. But frequent releases is better than reasonable workloads and quality products I guess.


They’re prioritizing release dates instead of top level effects. It sucks, but the work level for effect studios is intense from Covid repercussions still.


Marvel, one of the highest grossing companies in the world, still have sub par VFx in their projects at times


The issue is probably not money. It's time. The Vfx houses are stretched thin and studios are choosing a bit worse CGI over pushing back Projects.


100% - they crank out SO much content now. Used to be just features, but now it’s like 3 or 4 features a year plus a few more shows on top of that.


The visFX industry was already being gutted by studios before COVID, and the pandemic has heavily slowed things down: you just cannot get your best work remoting into a PC. You can transfer files back and forth, but that's slow: complex Maya files (the type you'd find for Hulk) can be multiple gigabytes, and that may be just for facial expressions. On top of that, Big Content is bigger than ever. Something like Game of Thrones used to be a once a year event, now it's closer to once a month. After decades of abusing the visFX industry, there simply aren't enough workers to meet demand. Too many firms have closed, too many people have left the industry.


The first shots of her and Professor Hulk look good - I'd imagine their goal is to get everything close to that level.


Still in the phase of Covid affected cgi. Gonna be this way for a while unfortunately


I feel like we can’t keep letting Disney fall back on the Covid excuse when The Batman, The Suicide Squad, Matrix 4, and Venom 2 all had great CGI. The reality of it is Marvel is making too much, too quickly, and is unwilling to delay stuff to make it better.


Or just hire more people for different projects.


Hiring more people doesn’t really solve the problem. Marvels biggest problem is their management. They change so much of their projects mid production and expect VFX teams to just fix it in post that throwing more people at that problem won’t fix it. It’s similar to any mismanaged game dev story, big company runs into management problem, refused to fix themselves, so they just throw more programmers at the issue. The result is usually poor craftsmanship, and the same seems to be true of the MCU


![gif](giphy|dd9BKxEiGPY5pw6kVi|downsized) I misread that as something in the way


I wanna be that guy at the end please


He’s one lucky dude


Until you realize he was probably being picked up by some 300 pound stuntman in a mocap suit named Henry


maybe he was into that too? ya never know


This made me dead xD!


Why are you being so mean to Henry. It’d be an equal honor to be lifted by him too


"I see this as an absolute win" -Professor hulk


Wait, wait, wait... you're saying that actress ISN'T actually a huge muscle-bound green rage monster?! THE HELL YOU SAY!


She is, but only when she's angry like the character. But who can be angry when they're working along side Mark Ruffalo?


Ruffalo himself, that's the secret, he's always angry


Death by snu snu!




Honestly...yeah lol


Best I can do is the male Hulk carry you to the room


The guys getting some snu snu.


That CGI face 💀




cause they had a bigger budget when making the model for endgame theyre just reusing that asset for hulk


Stubble probably hides some of the imperfections


Maybe it doesn’t apply here but I know in video games (especially the 2K Wrestling games) it’s easier to do Mens models for various reasons like less hair or facial hair or other kinds of things whereas with the women they have issues having to make them look feminine and the long hair. I used horrible examples but basically it could be that it’s easier to do a CGI Man (especially one whose model already exists) then it is a woman.


No you're right, that would 100% be a consideration. In addition to skin, She-Hulk has more hair and fabric than Hulk, which both require simulation after character animation is locked. And both of those will produce more complex shadows / interactions with lighting, which will require more stimulation and render passes... The effects add up. When it comes to facial expressions, Hulk has glasses and stubble to draw the eye away from awkward animation. And before Smart Hulk, he wore an omnipresent scowl. Women's faces are expected to be more emotive than men's: Thanos' humanlike face also wears an omnipresent scowl. She-Hulk's facial animations are already more emotive than almost anything we've seen from Hulk, but it's possible the animation team they're using has more experience with men. I really don't have a solution here outside of throwing more money and time at the problem.


Cause they’re recycling a model that was made with a films budget as opposed to creating a new cgi model from a television budget.


I guess that’s a reused model that’s been worked on for so long and used in the likes of endgame while she is a brand new model presumably built with a much lower budget than endgame




so you love pain darling .. ?


YES ![gif](giphy|FnF7vgz2oON3i)


Cannot have premarital sex -> have premarital sex anyway but be punished for it -> have premarital sex but feel bad during it -> violent sex with giant hulk lady??? Go back to church, Matt, I think you’re confused. (On the other hand though, Hulk lady hot)




That show was a life-changer for me


Oof, the cgi is wonky. First time I can confidently say that about a Disney plus show, especially on she hulks face and that scene of banner in the daylight. Would have been a nice touch if Matt was the guy she was seducing at the end


They’re 100% going to drag Matt’s reveal out until the end.


she mentioned adult ophan?! edit: nvm im stupid edit 2: nvm im not stupid


Was it a batman reference?


It’s a reference to most superheroes


It's a reference to Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow (kinda), Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Hulk, Star-Lord, Gamora (kinda), Nebula (kinda) and probably others that I have forgotten


I'm sorry but the CGI is looking so bad lmao, i can't even sugarcoat it


They really, really need to work on She-Hulk model. Even move it six months if necessary. At the moment it's in an uncanny valley. The rest of CGI can be bad, but she needs to be as good as Hulk in the movies for this to work.


Some of if not the worst looking cgi in the MCU and it’s the main character so it’s distracting as fuck. Makes me kind of worried for the show, not sure I’ll be able to watch the whole show if the cgi for her is awful the entire time. I’m honestly surprised they even put out this trailer now with how rough she is looking.


This is awaking something in a lot of people.


And if the internet has told me anything, it’s tapping into something already awoken in many others. This show is going to light the internet on fire


It’s about time mfs start praising muscular women


With buff Jane Foster & she hulk, Marvel is going all out this year for snusnu😆


CGI’s looking a little rough but looking solid otherwise


Yeah it looks a bit awkward in some situations but I’m still looking forward


Hoping this is not the finished CG… both Hulk’s looks like Shrek right now.


I literaly said on another comment that she was looking more like Princess Fiona than She Hulk, lol. Glad that I am not the only one that thinks this.


The horny police will be extra busy tonight. I wish them luck with their bonking


Moments like these really show how much we are in a severely and heavily nerd-populated environment lol


It seems on-brand for She-Hulk, though.


Can't wait. Got a feeling Tatiana Maslany is going to absolutely kill it. Also Leap-Frog!!! EDIT: Might be Frog Man. It was a split second at 1:23. Also the CG does look wonky in parts but thats a given, still 3 months out. They will continue working on it. Unfortunately this might be happening more frequently, VFX companies are swampped, and there is a backlog. We shall see.


When did Leap-Frog appear? I missed him


it was Frog-Man not Leap Frog. not surprised he said the wrong name since they both frog characters. ima upload it to imgur ​ https://imgur.com/n5YkCPx


Bro that’s the Green Ranger. You’re not fooling anyone!


I guess he's the Power Ranger-looking thing.


Bruce has to be pissed that he turns into a giant monster that’s not human looking at all while Jen just gets hot


A lot of people would call Hulk hot


Me. I would call him hot.


So exactly like comics.


the idea of being a specific section of the law dedicated to superheroes is such a comic book thing, the mcu is getting crazier


What I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my superhero go now, that'll be the end of it.


>acomic bool


Yo that CGI is straight doodoo. Looks really fun though


Matt murdock goes from Karen to elektra and now she hulk what a lucky guy


Her and him are gonna be a thing in this? I've heard this but didn't know if leaks lined up.


Yup. He has sex with her, and even dons his comic accurate yellow and red suit at times. I’m pretty sure the dude at the end with the fries is a stand in for Murdock for trailer usage.


>Yup. He has sex with her. Idk why but this made laugh so hard


Matt: *Let's have shrex.*


CGI certainly looks…. uh not sure Other than that, looks pretty interesting


I am... horny?


So...they're going to keep working on the CGI between now and its premiere date, right? I sure hope so, because...yikes. Don't get me wrong; the rest of it looks like a blast and I'll definitely watch, but this show's going to get inundated with negative reviews if that CGI isn't fine-tuned.


These things are often being worked on until moments before release so while most of us cannot say for certain it’s not wishful thinking to predict that the cgi will be improved as we get closer to the premiere.


I keep forgetting this sub is solely occupied by expert VFX artists. This looks dope


Don't have to be one to recognize this looks wonky


And once you recognize it, you HAVE to add to the 50 other comments stating the exact same thing in order to create a truly engaging discussion.


I don't get how someone can be this angry over a bunch of people pointing something out lol. There'd be more discussion if there was less distractingly bad CGI


Yeah, since 2011 when Game of Thrones started people expect a lot more from TV shows CGI, especially coming from a multi billion dollar company like Disney. At some points in the trailer the CGI straight up looked like something out of the CW.


Everybody in this sub also have eyes. CGI is wonky


TIL having functioning eyes = being a VFX expert


Oh ffs, just stop. You don't have to be an expert to tell this looks really bad.


He's just saying "Don't say anything negative. Just consume product"


Pretty much how more than half the marvel subs and marvel discourse on Twitter operate.


No one here is acting like they’re VFX artists


Stop sucking disneys dick for just one second and admit the cgi is bad


Reminder guys you gotta be an expert in whatever you criticize. McDonald’s makes you a shitty burger? Too bad, you’re not a cook so what do you know. Think a film has bad writing? Sorry since you’re not a writer your opinion is null and void. How fuckin silly lmao.


I agree that this sub (along with the rest of Reddit) often acts like experts on stuff there not. But that being said.... Yeah this shows CGI needs some more work.


What kind of logic is this lol


Get Marvel's dick out your mouth dude. It's great to criticize things which you love. The cgi here is shit, and so many people telling it clearly means they don't need to be a VFX artist to see it. "Hey wtf doctor, you ripped out my brother's heart. Put it back. He'll die." "Well what do you know? Are you a medical professional?" Such dumb logic smh


I hope that if someone gives you an obviously undercooked, pretty much raw steak, that you're just like, " Well, I'm no expert chef, so I obviously don't know this is bad for me. I may as well eat it!"


Was that frog man?!




Definitely trying to be a comedy. (Whether I find it funny or not lmao). Looks different, I’ll wait to see more before I judge.


I wish Marvel would start pulling back on the humour for most of their projects so that when they *do* make an actual comedy, it hits harder and feels fresh. MCU movies are already packed with jokes so it makes the humour in projects like Thor Ragnarok, Ant-Man and She-Hulk (from what we've seen so far) feel overwhelming.


Yea I agree with u i’ve think they should start pulling back the humor too. >when they do make an actual comedy, it hits harder and feels fresh. Fr! 👏🏾


Mummy? ![gif](giphy|26BREnyYXsPOxlUKk)


Looks fun! CGI is a little off but I'm optimistic. I just want more Bruce. And hopefully Matt!


Can someone remind me if this trailer confirms or debunks the previous plot leak for this show? I genuinely can't remember that plot leak outside of her & Matt going at it.


And Wong catching them


Press confirms it by saying Jon Bass is in the show


Can't remember if the leak mentioned him, but the trailer shows Leap-Frog at 1:23.


Yes yes i am finally coming out as a clairvoyant, I can’t keep the secret anymore https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers/comments/tgzg2m/weekend_free_talk_thread_new_and_fresh_every/i15bv16/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


she looks fresh off the polar express holy shit


This is why I don't bother with Tinder. I'll never find my 9ft, 400 pound, Green Queen.


This looks okay. I'm not *that* familiar with the comic character so maybe this is exactly what people were expecting. The CGI definitely looks a bit weird. There's this weird uncanny valley feeling to it. Was hoping for a Matt Murdock appearance but it wasn't needed. Overall, it was a decent first trailer, I guess.


I still can’t get my head around hulk being used as comedic relief now. The guy is supposed to be an extremely dangerous wrecking ball of a creature yet he has been so mishandled in the mcu. I really hope that once the professor hulk stage is over, that hulk can go back to being an actual threat that people tip toe around and see him absolutely destroy some stuff.


I wasn't expecting Bruce to be so heavily featured in it I'm looking forward to it


I’m really starting to dislike the Disney+ stuff.


Wait that's illegal! You're not supposed to dislike or criticize what feige is spewing out. This is a masterpiece by all standards. You are just being a hater


Same. Looks so soulless


They need better quality control or something.


I was fully expecting to see Matt Murdoch in that dating scene montage regardless I think he will definitely show up


“Better Call Hulk!”


CG for her isn’t perfect (ok it’s bad), but those mocap jobs are tough and they’ve got more hours on a smaller budget. Looks fun, I chuckled at a couple things, and it’s obviously horny, and Maslany already seems kind of natural in the role so: fingers crossed


![gif](giphy|3o6ozkQ4KMCUHeKDug) My boy Matthew is gonna live the dream


I know CGI looking bad is a common complaint but it’s a pretty big problem when (for me at least) the main character looks super off putting. I think they should’ve just gone with body paint and perspective or vfx just to make her look bigger Edit: I should not that despite this my brain still sees giant buff lady and goes “hot” despite the off puttingness (in fact some part of my brain actually might find it hotter???)


Looks pretty good ngl


They should not have released this.


I told you guys.... ​ [https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers/comments/ur4g1g/comment/i8vadfp/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers/comments/ur4g1g/comment/i8vadfp/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) ​ also ​ FROG MAN


Once again, people, realize that projects like this are worked on tirelessly until deep into the 11th hour. All that aside, this looks delightful.


While yes that is 100% true, every phase 4 trailer that has come out and has bad CGI, people say "It's ok, they'll clean it up for release" and it has yet to actually happen lol.


Everybody: The CGI needs work. Me: I'm just here for Tatiana tbh


The show itself looks great but, I’m gonna be honest, she’s kinda lookin a bit like Shrek thus far