> No Menacing Six. Just 5 nostalgia villains > the other two arachnid boys are in it > Yes, Blind Lawyer Batman is in it > Venom is in the post credit scene, he’s staying in the MCU. Venom 3 is an MCU co-production. > New Disney/Sony deal is on the way. Will include Venom and Morbius. > Morbius and Blade will meet later on down the line, and potentially will be on the same team. > MCU is about to get fucking bonkers Really, This is it?


“What, you wanted more?”




What more could you have wanted?


Don't ask, or I'll go full Veruca Salt on you






"I'll give you more when you fix damn door!" -Anon


"Sneed." - Some other Anon


"No no no of course not."


The MCu is def gonna get super crazy soon, just wish guys like Cap and Iron man could be around for it Edit: since people wanna argue semantics, I was referring to Steve Rodgers as Cap🙄


As long as we eventually get a flashback to Logan and Cap working together during WW2, I'll be happy.


Logan is extremely important. In the Comics he also helped Black Widow when she was a child.


Natasha’s MCU background is very different though. I mean, in the comics Alexei is her ex husband (making for the weirdest adaptation choice to date) and Bucky is her first love.


Honestly, out of all the things to criticize in the Black Widow movie I actually liked her little Black Widow family. They were cute together. Felt like the Incredibles.




They got a good send off and it should stay that way. Besides I don't think MCU will ever reach the bar set up by the Infinity saga. And it looks like they're trying hard


I’m not gonna lie, it feels to me like the hype surrounding NWH has been bigger than anything that has come in the MCU before, and I feel like Multiverse of Madness and Quantumania are going to continue to just be insane crossover movies that can definitely match up to the infinity saga, we have no idea what even comes after that. We’re just getting movies a lot faster now, and a lot more characters, and I know Eternals is divisive but even the solo movies like Shang Chi are amazing. I do appreciate the slower and more focused early on in this franchise, but I think now it’s starting to feel like the actual comic book universe with how insane shit gets, and I’m all here for it. It feels to me like instead of having one giant storyline with everyone, marvel is building multiple storylines, each epic on their own but with different heroes dealing with different things, and that’s what I want.


Endgame was bigger. And the box office will reflect that.


But the trailer views reflect otherwise. And the Box Office will obviously be in Endgame’s favour, since it didn’t have a whole pandemic surrounding it.


Oh man. Just imagine Cap and Tobey's Spidey meeting. No fight and other shit. Just two experienced heroes discuss their lifes.


I can live without Iron Man as I feel they’ve done ALMOST every cool thing they could with him (him meeting Reed or Hank would’ve been cool), but I feel like there’s still so many things they could do with Steve and so many characters they could have him do things with (Spidey, Punisher, Daredevil, Wolverine, Cyclops, Doom, The F4, Blade, and to get wacky Deadpool would be fun). I’m gonna miss him so much in Secret Invasion and during the Kang stuff and whenever Galactus shows up.


Iron man didn't even meet Dr.Doom or the actual mandarin his arch nemesis. There is so much stuff that we missed out on


CRAP you’re right about Doom I hadn’t thought about that. I can’t believe I remembered Reed but not Doom that’s my bad lol


Cap will be around to see it


Wherever he is lol I wonder what their plan is for him


He's there current day, he just had a whole streaming show origin.


Literally all I wanted was Tony to meet Reed and Cap meeting Cyclops.


Mobius VS Morbius when


Jet ski races when?




Without giving anything away... The entire back half of this post is extremely suspicious in my eyes. I personally doubt it for reasons that I can't reveal right now.


> MCU is about to get fucking bonkers Why is that suspicious


It's not. I'm talking about the three lines above it. Venom is in the post-credits, but it's going to be **extremely** doubtful that the third movie is a co-production. Sony want a degree of autonomy from Marvel, and getting 100% of the revenue for their non-*Spider-Man* MCU productions is a big part of that.


Not if Sony believes they can make exponentially more money with Marvel/Disney under the hood due to their pretty consistently solid creative decisions.


That would make sense, but I think that part of the reason for the current situation, aside from the egos of some people at Sony (like Avi Arad), is that they want to say that they're able to make their own successful movies without a rival studio pre-packaging a hit for them. Given that there are few franchises that Sony 100% owns, they're going to milk the hell out of the *Spider-Man* IP, and don't have to depend on Marvel for every single creative decision that they make.


Every Companies first and most important priority is profit maximization. Sony movies usually suck serious ass and the highest grossing Spider-Man flick was a Sony/Disney coop... so I think even the biggest egos would take a step back if its what is necessary to increase profits in the long run. They will milk the shit out of the franchise but with Disney they can milk way longer than they would have ever could on their own... another spidey reboot wouldnt work a fourth time around.


You are correct, of course. They may also figure that 50% of ten franchises (which can be augmented with additional MCU crossovers) is worth more than 100% of three franchises (with no MCU in involvement).


I think Venom post credit scene revealed that Sony doesnt care that much about making their own movies without Marvel/Disney’s input


Quick question because you mentioned his name: Why the hell is nobody kicking out Avi Arad? The guy riuned two Spider-Man franchises and is ruining Venom for many guys.


Because Venom is doing well financially.


His whole schtick is "Let's put Venom in it", "More poorly undeveloped villains!", "Let him say something funny" and "more gadgets/vehicles I can make toys with!" If that's enough for Sony, they can literally hire anyone.


Well unfortunately it seems like that is enough for Sony.


They want to print money and if they can have decent Venom Vs Spiderman on the big screen they will be able to print lots of money


But they don't need Marvel's help to do that. They can easily put Tom Holland's Spider-Man in a *Venom* movie and make 100% of that revenue.


Where did Sony ever say that they want autonomy?


Sony wants the MCU brand on their movies. I highly doubt Feige was willing to include their movies into the MCU, and if anything they'd be added in at the demands of Sony as the price of the Spider-Man movie rights.


probably a little bit to do with the end credit scenes from eternals


There's really no other way to interpret what you are saying other than thinking Disney and Sony are not getting along.


Oh, I'm not worried about that. I believe that the partnership will continue well into the future. That is not what I was trying to imply. I'm just skeptical about MCU crossovers. If those happen, then... Well, I don't think that they're exactly going to be conventional, let's just say. All those weird continuity shenanigans in the *Morbius* trailer are there for a reason.


Ohhhh. Based on what you are saying, I bet the continuity errors are going to be chalked up to "Multiverse" shenanigans. So Morbius has connections that can be perceived as MCU while having other Easter eggs suggesting it isn't.


Yeah, you could say that. I won't be surprised, let's just say, if the SSMU has its own iteration of Spider-Man that's **also** played by Tom Holland, rather than having crossovers with the MCU. I could be completely wrong here, but I have a feeling - they're more interested in him being *the* definitive Spider-Man than they are with directly connecting their movies to the MCU.


I have had a similar theory Variants were partly established so there could be two Peter Parkers played by Tom Holland so I could see you being correct.


"Blind lawyer batman" This is funny on so many levels


Ugh I hate the stupid high and mighty way these so called “scoopers and leakers” talk.


Saaaame. That Dr. Weird and Impossible's Peter leak we got from I think SEMB was annoying.


dudes trying to quip like he’s in an mcu movie


> Blind Lawyer Batman Ben Affleck is coming back as Matt Murdock?


It's Secret Wars I'm telling you guys all this Multiverse shit is gonna lead to 2015 Secret Wars where the multiverse started colliding with each other, that and maybe God Emperor Doom but that maybe too far fetched lol


Agreed, but I assume its going to take a longggg time to get there. At least two phases of build up.


definitely need blade vs morbius asap


That makes no sense. Why would you go the distance with five villains but not add one more to make it a sinister six movie. Why include more obscure villains like lizard and Sandman if you’re going to stop at five? Why not just make it three? Multiple people are reporting this so it’s likely true, but it’s so infuriating that they couldn’t just add one more villain, was Paul Giovanni busy? Did they not want to waste Michael Keaton on an extended cameo? Why can’t they just include one extra villain to make it as sinister six reference?!


They're probably gonna do a Sinister Six with exclusively MCU villains with Tom's Peter fighting them alone later on. Which is great. I'm happy our first live action sinister six team up won't have three heroes fighting them but Peter alone.


>Why include more obscure villains like lizard and Sandman Uhhh what???? Lizard and Sandman are some of the most iconic and early spiderman villains from both the movies and the comics. >if you’re going to stop at five Because just bringing in villains that this peter doesn't know isn't a good sinister six. it needs to be villains that our peter has met before for it to be a good sinister six


What did it cost?




The price.


What an absolutely baffling choice to stop at 5


Sorry for my ignorance, but is Blade a villain or a hero?


He’s a Hero who kills Vampires. He’s half-Human, half-Vampire. A Dhampir, so they call him.


But how can Blade be on the sams team with Morbius if he's a vampire?


He's not actually a vampire, as in like, a supernatural monster. He's just very vampire-like. It is kinda dumb.


morbius isnt undead. It is just like spide-man, a guy with animal features, but in this case the animal is a bloodthirsty vampire. In marvel the other vampires are undead and supernatural. But I need then to explain how the frick morbius can fly without wings and supernatural powers. ​ Blade was born from a human mother that was bitten by a vampire. Her mother died, but he was born as a human with all the vampire strengths and none of their weakness but the blood thirst. He is not immortal though, he grows older as any human. He became later a vampire slayer. It will be funny to see them teaming up, as they have bloodthirst.


Blade, black knight, morbius.. they are setting up a “dark Avengers” (no not the osborn team).. besically beating DC with their rumored “dark jla”. I could see a magic based user in there mordo? Yeah that would work.


Anyone else suspicious of how leakers keep saying Venom is in the post-credits scene, but not saying what specifically happens in it other than that Venom is in it?


There probably isn't a whole lot to it. I'm just expecting Eddie to show up in New York and maybe some dialogue between him and Venom about finding Spider-Man


Me reading this "leak"... ![gif](giphy|jRen3r5KuFwur3EuJf)


I was like 67% sure.


I could also be a leaker if I stated bits of the most popular theories on this sub and threw a dart at a couple other “ideas” for the mcu


These aren't even theories, this is literally just stuff we know


So, the DanielRPK method.


I'm gonna throw some dart in your eye.


what the hell!!!!!


it’s you who’s out, gobby! out of ideas!




Nothing ground breaking. BUT I do believe Sony is going to flesh out Spidey villains in solo movies, and the MCU will have Spidey movies with said Sony Villains.


you think wanda is going to recognize kraven?😂


ATJ is playing Kraven?




Was just thinking about this earlier. Such a stupid move. Not to say ATJ isn't a good fit, but everyone knows he was QS...


But QS is dead. And this one is from another universe.


Oh okay then. No one will question it. Might aswell get Eddie Murphy in to play *all* the characters


Some may say a Bohner move....


Heh. Boner.


Actually it’s a misdirect like in WandaVison and he’s playing a completely different character called Dick Butthole


Wanda: I don’t even know who you are


Omg, i haven't thought about this 🙃


I mean odds are they would never meet, that’s the thing about Spider-man centric characters they are really in Spidey’s corner of the universe. Vast majority of his history is non-Avengers related.


Babe wake up new baseless 4chan text leak that says what we already know


I’ll go get the kids! I want them to see this. I want them to be here.


To save you a click : Also my first time trying to quote on reddit, hopefully it works.>>No Menacing Six. Just 5 nostalgia villains \>>the other two arachnid boys are in it \>>Yes, Blind Lawyer Batman is in it \>>Venom is in the post credit scene, he’s staying in the MCU. Venom 3 is an MCU co-production. \>>New Disney/Sony deal is on the way. Will include Venom and Morbius. \>>Morbius and Blade will meet later on down the line, and potentially will be on the same team. \>>MCU is about to get fucking bonkers OP in the thread later states : \>>Forgot to add aunt may dies (In response to people discussing Toms MCU future.) This is OP. I’ll say this again, TOM ISNT LEAVING. He’s staying, the Sony-verse will be the Netflix/ABC shows, separate but some connections here and there if Disney approves of it


![gif](giphy|LFqxF9yF8sRry) HE’S NOT FUCKING LEAVING


THE SHOW GOES ON ![gif](giphy|r42HxBImuzoRxsRA14)


I loved when tom posted that when he was back in the mcu


Of course he does, dude really loves his role, if his contract ends he wither will try to negotiate or just leave it as legacy (like ironman and captain america)


Literally gives no proof and everything else he said is already been posted by numerous other leakers with actual proof.


I was just posting for the Wolf of Wall Street bit because reading the post above where he said, “Tom isn’t leaving” in all caps was so reminiscent of the scene from Wolf of Wall Street


What's funny is Tom Holland actually posted that scene to his Instagram back when he was possibly going to be taken out of the MCU and Disney/Sony came to an agreement https://www.instagram.com/p/B264Zf5FoR6/?hl=en


Yeah this is fake based on one details they got really wrong lol


Care to elaborate which one is REALLY wrong?!




you mean what is the fake about the postcredits scene or about the venom 3 movie?


Him staying in the MCU


So he is teletransported to th MCU just to get back to his own universe???? What is Sony doing????


Maybe they get to do one movie, Spider-Man vs Venom.


Did you expect him to stay permanently? I always thought he was here for the Spider-Man vs Venom fight and that's it.


So wait hold up… you’re saying Venom goes back to the SSU and Tom stays in the MCU but will get the black suit. How does that work? They’re not setting up Venom vs. Spider-Man?


You just answered your own question. Just think about it for a sec


So Eddie goes back with the spell along with other multiverse characters but the Symbiote is left behind and wants Peter as it’s new host? Sorry if i’m off base, the Morbius trailer has me all confused on the rules.


You're close


Would you tells us then... please????


It’s just a part of Venom that stays in the MCU and attaches to Peter not the whole Venom?




please tell us the actual thing Maam


Okay, can you at least provide clarity on the Morbius trailer? How is that movie in a separate universe given the MCU references?


Maybe the venom-verse symbiote creates an offspring, and that offspring is the venom symbiote of the MCU


Like he said, you answered your own question. Maybe Venom just goes back and they aren't setting up anything. God I hope this is the case. Keep the SSU trash out


So there's gonna be an MCU Eddie Brock?


It's either gonna be like 1. A piece of Venom bonds to Peter and isnt transported back - The easy dumb way, and seeing as the Venom 2 movie was all "Eddie gets plot details from news broadcasts" INCLUDING the post-credit scene, I have no doubt Sony would take the lazy road 2. The presence of Alt-Universe Venom somehow alerts the MCU Klyntar hive to come to Earth - Kinda cool but still weak, The symbiotes would, for the third time, randomly crash on Earth in a movie adaptation, which has sucked the both times it already happened 3. Some villain interacts with Venom and notices its healing properties, decides to make a synthetic version of a symbiote that can cure cancer, but it goes wrong- adapting the Earth-1610 Ultimate Universe storyline, which I think is at least somewhat interesting as opposed to a third rehash of the same story and the cheapo Sony way. This way you can contrast an organiv symbiote story with a synthetic symbiote story, both are unique and in a contrast, so neither can step on each others toes


I think mcu has their own Venom symbiote and Eddie brock.


Wtf. He should stay, what a mess


I request elaboration


Venom 3 is probably not a co production


Staying in the MCU?


I’m glad that’s not accurate! From everything I’ve heard (largely thanks to you), it sounds like it’ll be a somber ending thats best served without a goofy ass Venom tease.


Venom 3 isn't an MCU co-production movie is what she means I think. Edit: MTTSH said Venom is in the post credit scene already and that it hints at something. As she just said, Venom isn't staying in the MCU.


Why would they transport him over then?


She hasn't answered that directly yet, but I personally think he'll be in the MCU for one full movie so he can get the white spider logo and then he'll go back.


What detail did they get wrong?


Is the part saying Venom takes Spidey to the Sonyverse true?




Hiya! I keep seeing people expecting Mysterio to play some huge role in this. However, i recall some time ago (from you I believe... could be wrong) that he's only mentioned but not actually in it...is this correct?




Thank you :)


Are they going to do more spidey mcu films? what about Tom saying it’s the end of a franchise 👀


Tom just trying to get more money for his new deal


Ok can you just reply yes if we will see Tom Holland appear in the MCU after No Way Home




Thank you.


My biggest takeaway is that Venom 3 is going to be an MCU co-production. If Sony must insist on making these films, it makes sense for Marvel to get onboard so they can work them into the larger MCU a little better.


Ok but will Marvel Studios be willing to make a Good trash movie? Because giving Venom the sheen of respectability and coherence would make it way worse lol


Trash or not I’m just happy it’s in the MCU.


You're trash, Brock.


Me? I'm trash? Oh yeah, how am I trash?


Venom 3 is in the mcu and you’re laughing!




What does this mean for the casting of Kraven? Isn't the mcu Quicksilver cast as Kraven? I guess they could do a Gemma Chan and just roll with it..


Great. Another 4chan “leak” of shit we’ve been reading for months now.


looks like midnight sons is back on the menu boys


I think based on the post credits of Eternals it’s definitely happening




Blind Lawyer Batman, my favorite Marvel Television show


MTTSH has literally said almost all of this already lol


Yes, ATJ Kraven meets Wanda, who have already ressurected Quicksilver after MoM but in the mind of Ralph Bohner. ^/s


But then they get pruned and have to team up with crocodile Wanda.


With the help of Spider-Ham, Iron Mammal, Man-Spider, and Doctor Strangetopus, they save the Nomnomverse from her. Wanda crockrazy.


I also have some more inside info >!\- Tom Holland plays the lead!< >!\- It is loosely based on a comic book character named Spiderman!< >!\- Yes, it is a movie!<


It being a movie is actually huge, wow.


"Ah yes. It's *leaker*, i am also *leaker* and i can tell you that, in the movie, Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin, Alfred Molina's Doc Ock and the other Spidermen are in it. I will now make *thread* hope to see it approved."


i think everyone knows this already lol


Man this thread devolves at the rate and in the exact way in which I would stereotype a 4chan thread to do so




This is a wealth of new information /s


Why was this approved by mods. Nothing new was said in this post.


This is very clearly Kevin Feige


Shut the front door!


My only curiosity is why Venom have to be transported from another dimension, while Morbius looks like already in MCU. They just can stated that Venom is already in MCU since the beginning, since it will not contradict much.


It would, Venom 1 would be during the blip and people in the movie act surprised by aliens existing, and that's not the case in the the mcu


I wouldn’t say Eddie is more surprised by aliens existing, more like the fact that LIFE’s secret is aliens.


Is the year stated venom?


I only want Kraven, Blade and Punisher hunting Morbius while Spidey and Daredevil trying to protect him.


At first I thought this said a leaked trailer description... Then I read the Venom part and Sony/Disney deal and was like... This is a weird trailer


I know no one brings this up, but Tyrese nut ass really was right about Sony & the MCU joining together.


MytimetoshineHello did say a new marvel Sony/deal was on the horizon. So maybe it’s not total bs.


I'm just happy Daredevil is in it.


Venom vs Tom's Spider-Man soon, please.


My take- Venom will be in the post credit scene and probably can be regarded as the sixth member


lets say Venom and Spidey meet, and so do Morbius and Blade, does this mean we could see Kraven and Black Panther duke it out




This is just a bunch of things we already knew and educated guesses


Here’s hoping it’s true.


Ok mods we get it you were right now please stop letting these through the queue


This leak looks like it leaked out from some fan theorist's brain


But is pizza time in the movie 🤞🏼🤞🏼🙏🏻


Can’t believe we get externals, Shang chi and blade before fantastic 4 and X-men….guess that’s the nature of character rights


Am I the only one who’s really excited for Morbius, think his design looks great, and want him in the MCU? People love to hate because Sony and I definitely prefer the MCU, but I’m happy with almost any half-decent super hero / super villain movie.


> Venom 3 will be an MCU co-production. Biggest news here if true. If Venom 3 is Spidey vs Venom then I sure hope Marvel co-produces the movie cuz the first two Venom movies were really bad.