Iron Man and it's not even close


I came across a deck running Black Widow, Wave and Odin Absolutely terrifying


Try Rock Slide, Korg, Debri =)))


Hawkeye Is the useless One that can be used at the beginning Widow Is the disruptive One because let's face It, Scarlett Johansson would disrupt us all Cpt. America Is the one for the people Thor Is the selfish One Iron man Is the useful One Hulk smash Honestly they are all in flavour, as per the MCU depictions. Comic fans feel free to prove me wrong




Actually accurate




Cool that their costs are incremental like that.


You could have a perfect Avenger curve Pog


Cap should be 3/4! #buffcap


I think he would see more play as a 2/2. 2/3 would be more in line with Angela and still less than strong guy. And would make him fit easier in zoo decks, where he wants to be anyway.


Iron man


Vision is a very strong card. Iron man is a win condition. Ant man might be the best one cost.


Vision imo should cost way less and have his stats adjusted for it, it would make him a more interesting card. As it stands, you get to move him once per game, making him equal to Nightcrawler. In Limbo games he moves more than once, but that's an edge case scenario imo. If he could be moves over multiple turns, it would open many more lines of plays for mindgames and shenanigans.


Make him 4 cost. Thats all i ask for.


Is it weird that I’ve haven’t really seen any of the MCU movies and I really enjoy playing this game. One of the better digital card games ATM.


Completely agree. It feels refreshing.


Hawkeye: Tell your opponent what you are going to do next turn, then become as strong as Blade!


Starlord: "got 'em!"


Today I learned which ones are avengers.


So we're just casting out Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Wolverine... pretty sure Beast was an avenger for a while?


Well this is obviously based on the MCU Avengers. They didn't include Any Man or Wasp either, and they were both Avengers before SW and QS. Also, what about Spider-Man? Or Luke Cage? Or Spider-Woman? The Avengers roster has a lot of members. I think it's weird to try and call OP out on who they included in this list.


Did wasp make it into any mcu avenger stuff besides the final bit of endgame?


Not that I'm aware of and I've seen all the movies now. I think neither the comics nor the films do a good job of using the Avenger title. In the comics literally everyone gets to be an Avenger. In the movies, they exist for all of 3 movies (I'm estimating) before they officially disband. Then I guess every person at the End Game battle beginners an Avenger when Cap says "Avengers Assemble". I'm curious if there will be future movies with the Avengers title.


Wasp was in before the Magento kids? I thought they got in the Avengers early early on in the comics.


Janet Van Dyne was a founding member of the comics' Avengers.


My mutant only knowledge has failed me! I was sure that was a case where Ant/Giant man was rolling around and then the writers ran out of ideas so they introduced lady ant man years later.


They're on the cover of Avengers #1. Captain America didn't join until issue #4 (I just learned this part) which is why he's absent from the #1 cover.


Issue 4 is so soon, why not just have him in from the beginning!?


I think he was the one that pulled the team together. Before that they were uncoordinated as a team and bickered, just like the first film. They were the ones to discover Cap frozen in the ice. He also hadn't been in any comics for many years, and no one expected him to return. As to why not from issue #1, it's better story telling. The surprise of Cap's return, showing how the team needed a leader, etc.


Hawkeye and cap are decent in pool one swarm decks Hulk is terrible, just run Chavez Haven't seen enough Thor and widow but they don't seem that broken Iron man is a top 3 card in the game


Widow is strong in certain decks. The ability to make your opponent not draw a card at all and forcing them to play a 0 cost/0 power card to a lane is disruptive to their gameplans. In decks with Odin she removes two turns of draws from your opponent, this can completely shut down a lot of turn 6 strategies which are popular right now. Just don't use her against Lockjaw decks and you're fine.


For sure... Iron Man


A better question is who is the worst


Wasp. Infinite value.


Iron man. Then Hulk. Then Cap. Then Thor. Then Hawkeye. Then Widow




Yeah probably. Even with Mjolnir he's still a 4/6


Hulk 2nd, lmfao


Hulk is the 6 drop with the highest stats and no down side. With Asgard in play you are basically guaranteed to draw him making him 1 better than America Chavez. He sees quite a bit of play in my decks.


Chavez's consistency is worth much, much more than 1 power.