Seriously kind of bummed how hitting infinite made me care less. Although it kind of released me from the spell of this game. Free cubes for all until next season!


The new developer roadmap has a bunch of "infinite is just the beginning" stuff in the pipeline in the next few months


Also an infinite MMR floor and being gated off into only matchups vs other infinite players!


Honestly anybody without infinite card back that’s not running Thanos/Shuri is getting a free 8 cubes from me til the end of the season


I don't WANT to use my Shuri deck, but every time I switch off of it for a while, my rank slowly drops. I would like to at least get the gold at rank 90, so I go back to Shuri, my cruel mistress.


What's your name so I can be on the lookout!


Aged Nemesis, title: *your old nemesis* If I start throwing goblins at you it’s just because I’m trying to win 1 lane for challenges I promise, still gotta get my monies


Oh, hey, i played against you today. Very memorable name and title combo


Same here. But sometimes I scare people and I'm like why you running!


I’ve had ppl pretend their losing only to play Shuri, Red Skull, Task. Can’t trust anyone


Just don't snap back until 4-5? Lol why would you snap back earlier?


I've been playing Agatha after reaching infinite, and if I'm losing I'll spam 'I'm losing!' and 'Snap?' to try and give em 8. Usually only end up giving 4 or they concede unfortunately.


Bro that’s extremely sus behavior. I’d be suspicious too. Freaks in platinum do this


I got nothing to lose lmao so ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯


Whenever I stop running my thanos deck, I do fine until I match back into thanos/shuri decks then start losing rank again.


I keep hearing about these Infinite altruists snapping to help others level up, but I’ve never met a one. And I’m also very cordial in games anyway; I understand that is something they look for.


I was at 99.2 just a few games ago, and played against an infinite card back for this season. Queued in, they did the Hello, snapped, Spiderman point, fist bump sequence. So I figured sweet, time to hit infinite and join the donators. Record scratch, they were not donators played their Thanos/Lockjaw deck like normal. I've tilted back to 96. :(


Oh geez, that sucks. Sorry, friend.


Well, if you ever get queued up against me (I have the same sn in game) this season, just say hello and I'll give you 8 cubes. I've been handing them out left and right to anyone that says hello.


Very kind of you. I think statistically it’s very unlikely, but it’s great you do that for people.


Yeah, it sucks that more people don't do it. I mean, you get to infinite and you know how much of a pain in the ass it is, why would you not want to make it easier for others?


my rule is if ur not playing thanos and u say hello and do the fist emote ill give u 8 cubes otherwise i just play without snapping


🎵🎶We can do this alllll daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!🎶🎵


Actually v funny


I just hit Infinite. Time to donate