Jim Lee is a legendary artist and this bundle is just a bad representation of the quality of his work


So much this. Jim Lee is one of the OGs of comic art and these variants are kinda mediocre in my opinion.


Classic comic book artists are going to get hosed on this game for variants. Older comic book work was much less detailed. Jim lee’s cover arts would still pass but in panel art is for nostalgia only.


This was my reaction. As an older comic reader, you’re very much aware of the appreciated difference between the styles, but if I’m going to spend modern money, it’s not going to be in owning a digital 1/4 inch card of it. Just looking at the sentinel card, you’re reminded how skinnier the super hero world used to be drawn (look at the original Superman). They look more like slightly puffed out chested men in colorful underwear. When compared to the most beautiful variants in this game (and there are some truly beautiful ones that can be printed as a poster in its own right), you wouldn’t spend $40 for these. Wrong direction from second dinner imo. They continue to cater to niche collectors with FOMO rather than caring to appeal to $5-$10 spenders.


Agreed. They could just copy/paste a panel or cover, give credits where its due, and be done. Better that than pixel arts. Heck, my Samuel L. Jackson signed card is a bonus!


I love that card


Data mining has shown that a Jim Lee Bishop variant is coming, and I’m holding out for that!


No feet showing? Seems pretty representative ngl.


It's really overpriced


And no one cares about these cards honestly. Sentinel being in the season also kinda reduces it too


Yep. I wanted a sentinel varient because I use him in my Dino and Collector decks but I think this season's variant is great; no need to spend gold on another one especially with no tokens included


Yeah, I don't use Sentinel much. He's in the category of cards where if I get a decent free variant for it, I am just totally uninterested in any more variants for that card. Wolverine falls into that category as well.


Yep, I'm good with my Wolverine baby variant


Best variant ever. Cracks me up every time I see it. His furry little tush


This is the most confusing thing about it to me when we already have a sentinel variant in the season pass. Almost any card seems like it would be a better variant.


Just terrible timing for this bundle


And the Sentinel variant in the season pass is straight fire. The only one in this bundle that I even like is ~~Cable~~ Forge, but I already have a much better variant for him.


Cable isn't in this bundle. It is Forge.


Whoops that's what I meant. Stupid brain typed the wrong character.


Understandable, since all the designs from the "pouch and thigh" era are all pretty much the same


:') Thanks for calling me a no one. I absolutely love these cards, but if Marvel Snap ever shuts down, I lose access to these things. So I'm not throwing money at it just for the cards. I want that Archangel Jim Lee Card and Avi a lot, but not for that price. Should have just been a .99, 1.99, or at most 2.99 bundle. They being greedy AF for a digital reprint of something. If I want to see these things, I'll just go on the internet and pull it up for free I guess. ​ I wonder how much money actually goes to Jim Lee for this. ​ Also: No fucking tokens? REALLY Marvel Snap?!? I don't see myself playing this game for long if they are going to price gouge the fuck out of some simple pleasures.


Probably close to nothing or a lump sum


The sentinel variant in the season pass is a million times better


Maybe they put this bundle because they are going to buff angel and forge(?).


That's not good logic. If they were going to buff Angel to sell bundles, they'd do it before hand.


I agree, but Let’s see.. Angel is the worst one drop in the game.


Only thing that progresses your collection in this bundle is the 1500 credits. You average about 800 a day so that makes this pretty bad if that is all you care about in bundles.


And you can buy more than 2x that many credits for 3000 gold with quest refreshes or in the normal shop


Agreed. Math backs it up too. Cool variant for cards that don’t get used much too


If you value each of the variants at 700 gold, it’s a good price. It’s weird that this sub loves talking about which variants they can buy from their shop but seems to hate bundles that have most of their value in variants.


I wouldn‘t buy any of those in the shop. With three great variants of often used cards the offer would be great


A lot of people make the mistake of confusing price and value. Not everything is worth what you normally see it priced as. If I had a pile of rocks I'd slapped $70 price tags on but offered you a one-time bundle with three for $100, that bundle would still not actually be a very good deal if you don't actually want three rocks enough to spend $100 on. Unless you actually felt those rocks were *worth* spending $70 each on, you wouldn't actually be getting $210 worth of value for $100 with the bundle. Things are only worth what people are willing to pay for them, not what they're initially priced at.


I do get the difference, but my point is that I see people excited to spend 700 gold on variants all the time. Unless you just mean that the specific variants in this bundle aren’t great, but there have been some in the past that are solid and people still don’t seem interested.


It's less about the variants/art themselves and more about the actual value that players get from them. People tend to spend money on variants they're actually going to play and be able to upgrade, and all 3 of these cards are very low on the usage scale. I bought Venomized Angel a few months ago because it's a sick looking card, but it's just been sitting in my collection collecting dust as a green border ever since. Lesson Learned. Not all 700 gold variants are created equal. Not by a long shot.


Too little for too much gold. Also, the cards are not ones I use regularly, and for Jim Lee of all people, these look pretty average.


Jim Lee has been my favorite artist since his X-men run in the 90s and these are barely a showcase of his art style.


In short, the deal is pants.


I like the Archangel card but not enough for the price.


100% agreed! The Sentinel Variant looks so incredibly bland; same with Forge. Angel looks halfway decent, but Angel is a terrible card in general


Because it sucks.


Came here to say that! 3000g for 1500credits, cuz im not interested in the visuals is poopoo deal


Yeah most people dont. I mean deadpool bundle was 3200g for 3200 credits and 1500 tokens how do you beat that?


Besides that the seasonpass also got a Sentinel variant


True and much better than this one imo.


I value variants slightly, but they gotta be cards I want to play. Ginnie a bundle with cool variants for she Hulk and Wave and if buy that with actual money.


Yes! Give us bundles that actually contain Snap combo cards in the same artwork!




Hey, you paid for the season pass where you get a Sentinel variant. Why don't you pay also lots of your precious gold, to get yet another variant for the same card plus two variants for cards you never use?


Not to mention this sentinel variant is nowhere as good as the battle pass one.




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This! 🤪


No Tokens no talk


100% this.




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I believe


The variant of angel is nice, the rest is meh. Other then that there is no value whatsoever. No acquisition of cards through variants (so you can play with them earlier), no benefit for your progression through credits or tokens. Boosters are the one thing that most people have more then enough of.


It's going to be real awkward when they release an Archangel card. 😂


This has been one of my biggest gripes honestly, is that they should have released either two seperate cards for Angel/Archangel or made it another variation of Bucky/Winter Soldier. But, Archangel should definitely not be just a variant for Angel.


I actually like the Forge variant. But yeah, nowhere near worth the price tag.


Same dude. I actually came here to say this.


Especially considering Sentinal had some of the best variants imho. That one doesn’t stack up at all.


I love the sentinel because that's the way I remember it looking from the comics. There's a certain awkwardness to its posture.


Makes no sense having a Forge and Sentinel variant in this bundle. Bad ones imo at that. I don't understand the thought process there.


Yeah especially when we get a great sentinel variant in the battle pass!


Trying to get you to spend gold before some legit deal comes next week or whenever this one ends


Cards aren't great in general, no tokens, ridiculous price, and not exactly the most iconic of Lee's work.


Terrible cards with cool variants, oh boy!


If it had been a badass Magneto, Wolverine, Juggernaut, Jubilee, Professor X or Onslaught. Big name cards that I actually use then even without the tokens I might have shelled out for it. As it is with no tokens, sub standard art (for Jim Lee) and substandard cards I can imagine this will have the lowest uptake out of all the packages


Cause the cards are garbage


It hurts that it offers a sentinel variant during a season pass that also offers a sentinel variant.


I read Batman Hush it was really good and Jim Lee is goated but this pack is underwhelming


Jim Lee’s best days are behind him tbh. He set the standard for a generation of comic book artists, but his stuff is more hit or miss now. These are a miss.


But they are from the 90s trading cards. They are not recent Lee work.


They are some other artist's copying of the cards. The actual cards look much better.


Did not know this, that’s even more disappointing.


All bout them tokens baby!


Because theres no Tokens


I mean, other than that it’s got no tokens, but these variants are _trash_. _THESE_ are the best variants they can come up with by Jim Lee? The guy who drew Hush? All Star Batman? Numerous X-Men titles? Like, are there two Jim Lees out there?


Exactly what I thought about it. Big Jim Lee fan but these choices just feel disappointing, both in terms of card choice (not exactly popular/meta cards) and the art itself. Seriously, give me something like [this](https://i.redd.it/hc7kisnj9g991.jpg) or [this](https://www.previewsworld.com/SiteImage/MainImage/STL146259.jpg) and I'd be throwing money at it.


My goodness, why can't we get those as cards?


Angel is really good, but Angel is pretty much unplayable.


to be fair, I think the angel variant is his best looking variant. But he’s a bad card atm Sentinel is strictly worse than the steampunk one And forge isn’t that special I want to buy it, but I think I should save for the eventual release of the Knullify iron man variant


If I had to guess that one is going to be 100% Ultimate (5000k tokens) It looks pretty similar to Gamora's one


Why make a post then answer your own question?


If we hadn't just got a good sentinel I'd be kind of interested in it cuz it's such an iconic drawing of sentinels, The angel isn't bad looking either They're really not good cards in the meta in a pool of three cards if sentinels the most playable there's an issue Also none of them are hard to get, This is the reason I bought the Mystique one immediately, The art was great, I didn't have mystique, and she's useful in a lot of decks


Too overpriced


Cause it's meh. Variants are meh imo. Cards not many use outside specific decks? No tokens? 3000 gold? No thanks.


Because it's shit


Cause it’s garbage


This bundle costs $37. For 3 variants of fringe usable cards. Not even pool 3+ cards. That is very poor value, art aside.


I bought that and set everyone to favorite. I love Jim Lee's work.


Same... Jim Lee is the GOAT... Everyone saying that the Steampunk Sentinel variant is better is delusional. Really hoping they buff Angel sometime soon because he's arguably the worst card in the game but this Archangel variant is S-Tier.


I may just be remembering my childhood, but Jim Lee's art was what made most of my favorite series. Great idea on angel. Some destruction events trigger archangel. Can't be destroyed poison tip reduce all cards at this location by 1.


The "why is nobody talking about" titles are my least favorite. You. You're talking about it. Someone else probably has too, what's the level of talking needed here? But to answer your question: These variants aren't worth the cost of admission. (To me)


Also they answered their own question. So basically the title should be "give me karma"


Variants are nice, cards are niche at best


Sucks because I love Jim Lee's art


For me its a skip. Forge is just..meh, angel is pretty cool but i dont play it and no one really needs this sentinel variant when we get a better one off the season pass…


I'm gonna go with it's expensive ... The variants are not for particularly useful cards and They have just released a season pass with a better sentinel in .


The cards don't scream Jim Lee, other than the name and the price. Pass.


No tokens, and it has angel. Nothing against the art, but these cards aren't that useful (sentinel is great but $ players just got sentinel art), they just did this artist dirty with the bundle content.


Throw 1k tokens n maybe


No tokens. The Sentinel from Season Pass is better looking for me. Forge is nice but I rarely use him. 3k I’d rather spend on Token Tuesday with mystery variant or a couple of Artgem alts.


no way im spending gold to get variants for some of the most underwhelming cards imo ​ plus there are no tokens in this bundle


Let me put it simply: no token no care.


Because the variants are bland, and for low end cards, and not that many credits for alot of gold..


Its one of the worst bundles. Very little value.


All 3 of these cards have better variants in the standard pool selection.


It doesn't come with tokens


Horrible value for money !


I love the Jim Lee Cyclops and got it from the shop for my Patriot deck but these don’t quite hit the same for some reason


No tokens, no purchase.


No tokens


3k for 1500 credits is bad. If the 3 variants are worth the extra gold then sure. Nobody buys boosters unless they're desperate.


No tokens, angel already has some insane variants, season pass sentinel is already amazing, and forge isn't really that impressive, overall overpriced bundle without anything too special going with the variants


cuz it’s not a topic to talk about


I really dont like the variants. And i also dont play the cards ...


I was a little tempted because I've got the Jim Lee Colossus, but the price is just ridiculous.


Just because it doesn’t have tokens lol


I think it’s silly to have two sentinel variants in one season. Angel is also trash. Seems like the easiest pass for me.


The value is nutz... in a Mr.Negativ way. Boosters no value... even when Second Dinners pushes those down our throats and we cry in agony they will never understand this. (except for the one random guy) Avatars no value... (everyone hates when one of those pops up in a crate, so paying for them seems strange) 3 variants for 3 cards who are best described mediocre... lets say greatly reduced value, the Artwork is great tho, what a shame. The 1500 Credits ok atleast something of value... but for 3k Gold this bundle feels like a scam. I don't know how others feel about this but a Bundle with a pricetag of estimated 45€ to 50€ (when you use the Gold price as base) should contain stuff thats atleast worth the estimated price, when im generous we can say its worth half the price, when im honest 20€ at max.


If one of those was a Magneto I would buy instantly


I’ve bought most of the bundles that include tokens and or credits. This is probably the worst bundle they’ve released. Over priced and Terrible value. Pass.


Sucks donkey balls


Ain't nobody want no forge or angel variants...........


No tokens


No tokens 🤷‍♂️


Nice try second dinner marketing. Maybe we don’t want to pay exorbitant amounts of money for a couple cosmetics


Bc it’s trash and expensive. Gold is so ridiculously overpriced lol, Theres never a scenario where it is ever worth it to buy gold with real money, and tbh if you have you are dumb. To afford this (from 0 gold) you’d need to spend $45. (Conveniently the $35 option plus the $5 option only gives you 2900 gold. So this bundle $45 for 3 variants for mid cards and some credits.


Bc the pricing is ass and no collectors tokens


Thanks to not having a confirm button, I'm the accidental proud new owner of these variants! YAYYY


My condolences. Please update your avatar to one from the bundle and a title that shows regret. “I’m sorry it has come to this” might be ok. There is probably a better one


The Angel is straight fire. But man that is super expensive


I would have bought it if it were Gambit, Cyclops and Wolverine 👍


It's a bad bundle all around: * No tokens * 3,000 gold is A LOT * Jim Lee is one of the greatest comic artists of all time, but none of that is on display here * Angel isn't a good card * Forge is good but situational * THERE IS A BETTER SENTINEL VARIANT/PROFILE PIC IN THE CURRENT SEASON PASS That last point capitalized for emphasis on how stupid it is.


This looks more like a rob liefield bundle than a Jim Lee bundle. Just a poor representation of Jim Lee.


Your 1700 gold says why.


L bundle


because it's trash


1. The first Jim Lee bundle (Yeah!) 2. really sucks (!) 3. Its Jim Lee (!) - and they include Sentinel....and Angel.....WTF? 4. Totally overpriced 5. Totally unatractive and irrelevant cards


The art from these cards has been repurposed from a 1992 X-men trading card line where Jim drew every card, its not even new art.


Cuz it costs 3k gold for 3 cards nobody plays


Battle pass sentinel is better. Bad timing for that variant


It’s probably the worst bundle in the games history that’s why lol


I have the same excuses for not getting it as others.. poor value with no tokens, non meta cards, not even his best work etc etc. the more negative stuff I read about it tho, the more I am considering it. assuming everyone thinks the same way maybe they will be rarer variants that will probably not be rereleased and maybe these cards may be buffed in the future that will allow them to be played more often. I think these might look great either inked or gold. the other part that makes me not want to get it is that I already have a forge and sentinel variant. it's been a bad choice from the start but I am on the fence more and more each day.


It’s ugly.


Why would we?


It meh


No tokens, I skip. Sorry, buddy!


Simple, no tokens.


Because the value isn’t there. Angel is a really bad card and there are no tokens in the bundle. Boosters are worthless and 1500 credits are pretty low.


Horrible value, angel is cool, forge is really bad, and we just got the battlepass sentinel for anyone that’s using sentinals, Also small rant but why does the new location give you a basic sentinel instead of the variant you’ve equipped it doesn’t make sense for me to have a cool variant but the location that’s forcing me to interact with a specific card gives me a basic one


No tokens


You are


Without tokens it's a no from me.


Jim Lee Cyclops was the first variant I purchased when I first started playing the game. All Jim Lee variants are Xmen characters these 3 aren't the best tbh


Because having art from Jim Lee doesn't magically make the cards useful to me.


I must say, I actually REALLY like the Forge variant here. But I could never bring myself to buy 3k gold for it.


Because its overpriced and the Angel variant is the only decent one.


cuz it has no tokens


The amount of gold is pretty prohibitive. Means mostly only people who buy gold with money can afford it, especially with all the much cheaper and much more desirable deals this month involving tokens. The arts awesome, pretty much only whales are going to pay 3000 gold for what mostly amounts to variant art. The cards are also pretty mediocre. None of those are pool 3 cards IURC, so most people have them. Angel is awful, Forge is niche, and Sentinel is okay but has a ton of other great variants including one this season pass.


Pretty lame besides angel art lol all the bundles I've seen past month are ugly.


Ugly variants tbh


Overpriced, and borderline unplayable cards


Looks like dookie butter


Because no tokens


I could really use 155 Sentinel boosters!


If only they include token then it definitely insta buy lol


Because I love Jim Lee and this doesn't honor him. Not his best arts (I mean : look at [this](https://www.google.com/search?q=best+marvel+jim+lee&client=firefox-b-d&sxsrf=AJOqlzWIfbQQbyVC1YMUol1zce4oDPt7fw:1679047208999&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjVg9Cj2uL9AhV3VaQEHWLrDbAQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1920&bih=955&dpr=1#imgrc=c02zYU5GRGfLDM)). Way too overpriced. No tokens. Don't use Angel. I have better variants for Sentinel. Forge is good but in really specific decks, and I like the base art.


Love the Sentinel variant for nostalgia purposes but I ain't paying for that.




I love the art but Sentinel is the only one who I actually even play and I already got a sweet Sentinel skin from the pass, so basically $50 for 1500 credits is far from worth it


Honestly I think he phoned it in. Maybe they just didn't pay him enough to care? I don't know but this looks nothing like my favourite Lee art and there's no way I want it


While the variants are near. Seems overpriced. I’ve also spent all my gold on token Tuesdays I never play any of these cards. So…. Meh


Dog water


After seeing all the collectors Token bundles the cosmetic ones really dont look appealing anymore to me


Because they are meh. Angel is cool I guess, but it is Angel and to my knowledge exactly 2 decks play Angel nowadays so...


The Forge variant is good, but he has better ones. Same goes for Sentinel, hell the one in the season pass is better. Angel is a dead card. Also, for Jim Lee, these variants are pretty underwhelming imo. Unlike the Jim Lee Colossus variant which is amazing. Also, I bet 95% of the playerbase doesn't even know who Jim Lee is. Also, like everything in this game, it is grossly overpriced.


It’s currently too expensive for me based on the amount of gold I’ve earned and I play a lot - everyday since December when I got into this game . But honestly I’m feeling that Angel avatar and hoping it pops up on my collection reserve one day lol


Because if you don’t love all 3 variants it is a bad deal.


it's overpriced, we just got another Sentinel variant, and the other two cards rarely see play?


Jim Lee has long been one of my favorite artists and I envisioned myself hoarding his cards…. But I’d never use them. Angel needs a buff. We just got a sentinel variant and I rarely play Forge. The price of the bundle is way too high to begin with and there aren’t any tokens so I’m passing. To each their own but I’ll wait until next week.


they should make these bundles for fan-favorite or meta cards, it would be so much more interesting. I'd never in my life imagine i would see Jim Lee drawing Leech or Sera, this would be a good chance to make these artists try something that feels made for us, the playerbase. But then again i understand they dont want bundles with good cards because they should be "Hard" to get


No collector tokens is what's probably stopping most, but it also does not contain many credits. On top of that I personally believe the art is quite bad: (arch)angel is a very clear image, but the pose is weird to me. Sentinel is pretty good, but the season pass has a far better alternative. Forge is.... Bad. Convoluted, unclear mess of an image. Can not make out what is what, without zooming in. And all that for 3k gold. No thanks.


Lol its bad


I just hope it means we’ll get more Jim Lee variants.


I LOVE that angel but I don’t use him at all