If a Thanos player snaps I'm out of there, never giving them more than 1 cube


I believe I heard a streamer say, "I'm not giving you extra cubes for playing the best deck" and that has stuck with me. Snap and I'm out.


Same. Also, no way I'm giving them the sportsman's fist bump either.


Unless you've got the OP meta deck, Thanos is super inconsistant. I remember when this sub was wondering how to buff Thanos because he seemed underwhelming for a "big bad". Make the quinjet not discount the stones, and make leech last 1 turn. Bam! Thanos is back to being balanced. Unlike shuri or deathwave which is basically a free win if you manage to draw 2 or 3 of the right cards. Edit: To be clear I agree deathwave isn't so powerful it defines the current meta. I included it because just like thanos's interaction with quinjet is bullshit, wave's interaction with death and she hulk is just as bullshit. 22 power for 2 mana + a bonus card for 4 mana while also hard countering any opposing T6 play that required playing more than one card is BS. Not being as OP as Thanos and shuri doesn't make deathwave not OP.


Deathwave is nowhere close to Thanos or Shuri in strength. I had to switch from Deathwave to Doomwave to reach infinite, there are too many armors and cosmos around for it to succeed and you often end up outpowered anyway.


Any tips for playing Doomwave? I'm stuck at 40.


I wrote about it just yesterday, you can check my post history to see the deck but it's basically the classic Doomwave deck with Polaris instead of Mr. Fantastic. Here's the write-up: I think the classic Doom Wave deck runs Mr. Fantastic instead of Polaris however I feel like Polaris is the better card here, being able to mess up your opponent's plan in a variety of ways. She even won me a game by pulling the opponent's sunspot into bar with no name. The deck is pretty simple, you want to gain priority playing good cards such as sunspot, lizard, white queen and shang chi. Ideally you then want to play wave on turn 5 and she hulk plus aero, doctor doom or whatever makes you win the game. You're not getting your full combo every single game obviously, which means you still have to play smart and try to adapt to the situation. You'll retreat from at least 50% of your games, probably more, you never want to lose more than 2 cubes, with a 1 cube loss being ideal. Between rank 85 and rank 100, at least 60% of your matchups will be against Shuri, Thanos or Galactus. You have to be able to recognize immediately what deck you're playing against and plan accordingly. Galactus is the easiest matchup, recognize when they're going to play him (for example after an early wave or on turn 5 with electro down) and aero him on an occupied lane if possible. Polaris can also be a good counter if you can predict where they're going to play him. Make sure you have priority. I've won a lot of 2 and 4 cubes this way. If you can't counter him just retreat, especially if they snap, the chances of beating a galactus deck are slim if they manage to execute their plan, sometimes shang chi works if you lose priority but I would not risk it for more than 2 cubes. Shuri is a little bit tougher since they can disrupt your counters with cosmo and armor. Shang Chi can get rid of their big cards while Aero on a losing lane on the last turn can reliably win you the game. Keep in mind that on the last turn Shuri decks almost always play Taskmaster and Zero (or another 1 cost). Arnim Zola is rare but keep an eye for it if you see a huge red skull in an empty lane with no armor. If they skip turn 5 after playing shuri on turn 4 they're looking to play she hulk and taskmaster on six. The opponent's Aero can also be a problem if you don't have priority on the last turn. Shuri decks usually can't get into locations such as sanctum sanctorum so doctor doom comes in handy. If keeping all of that in mind and looking at the locations you determine that you can't reliably win the game just retreat. Thanos is the hardest matchup in the game, not just for this deck but probably for most other decks too. Some things to keep in mind are that with space stone they can move big cards from their lockjaw lane to another lane, or they can move lockjaw itself to another lane, with time stone they can play leech on turn 4, they can also pull leech from lockjaw early in the game. These decks usually run some tech cards too like shang chi and aero. Playing against thanos decks isn't fun, it's probably the most frustrating archetype I've ever played against in this game. If a Thanos player snaps usually I just retreat. I suggest you do the same unless by looking at the board and your hand you feel like you have a really good chance at winning. Knowing the meta and smart retreating are the keys to reach infinite. Good luck!




Thanks a lot.


Keen to try this, I usually play a knull/death deck but have she hulk and co. Do you have a deck list. It's not meta but been having fun and surprisingly doing ok with a darkhawk deck as well.




I'm having fun with a doc oct heimdall ramp deck. Clog their combo cards in unprotected lane with doc oct on turn 4, drop a value 6 drop on turn 5 pike Dr doom or magneto and then heimdall to consolidate your lanes.


What does your Knull/Death deck look like?


Basically a normal death deck, I try build up deadpool as much as possible to get knull some juice, ideally you are sitting on at least one lane won and have a 20+ knull plus a 0 cost death to finish. I also run one with nimrod and shuri but it doesn't feel as good.


Ok I was trying to build a deck with high one cost cards like Zero, Titania, Ebony Maw etc. and destroy them with Killmonger or Venom and then Wave on Knull or Destroyer and then Taskmaster and Death. The problem is my Knull often doesn't have much power, mostly below 20, and I really rely on the right cards so I wasn't really successful with this deck. Don't have Nimrod but Shuri. I think the best deck with her is one with Wong, Odin, Black Panther, Taskmaster and Armin Zola but I'm not sure.


Maybe use Zola to hit your knull to boost the copies it sends out. Even if the knull is only 10, you now have 20 in each other lane.


I started the same but tore up that plan. I threw in forge, nova and weirdly enough, cloak. Cloak serves two purposes, one being to move cards out of a wakanda or armour (sometimes have to play chicken with the armour player) and he Is a 4 value 2 cost. Unless I get screwed by not getting venom, carnage or kill monger, I usually get knull up close to 20. Ideal is to hit the low costs with carnage and then throw in a clock and wolverine to hit carnage with venom. The other way I've found is if you pull forge and nova for deadpool, powers him up quick and knull benefits. Depending on the game, you can leave like a 8 power deadpool down with at least one lane in good shape then drop death plus a 20+ knull.


For shuri, I think best deck is actually red skull with taskmaster.


Just play a destroyer deck I win a lot of cubes Now im at 55 and i was using pool 2 destroyer


Don't, just use the PAT-CHI-RIT ULTRON DECK


> Doomwave This sounds like a cool music genre.


Deathwave not being as OP as Thanos and Shuri doesn't make it balanced. Much like Thanos's interaction with quinjet is broken, death and she hulk discounting after wave's effect is broken too. Someone else posted your doomwave deck, and you traded a little power for a lot of control, but it exploits wave in the same broken manner deathwave does. You can play 2 strong cards on your last turn, and your opponent only gets to play one. Your deck provides a relatively consistent ~20 power while also shutting down a significant amount of counter play options from your opponent and maintaining a lot of control. I would argue your deck's last turn potential is as strong or even stronger than the previous thing the people of this sub declared to be "so obviously brokenly OP". It was a card that allowed an extremely predictable 18 power across all lanes, with the potential for up to 27 power if you got pretty lucky with lockjaw, and very little control if you wanted max power.


I’m sorry but I just think you have logic flaws here. You’re taking deathwave’s peak combo and judging that against other decks average plays. That’s not fair. Deathwave does not “consistently” hit the combo where death is fully reduced and you have she hulk in hand. It just doesn’t happen that often. That’s like taking a wong, bp, zola deck and saying “this deck is op, it can consistently hit 32 power in 2 lanes with only 3 cards!” That’s not how the game plays out and you know it. More often than not, a final deathwave turn is death, she hulk and that’s it, and that’s only if they draw death, wave, she hulk all at the right time without being countered. Definitely still strong, but not op consistent like you’re claiming Edit: formatting


This is a really great writeup - I still find it baffling the way that Wave's effect stacks with discounts for She-Hulk and Death. It just doesn't seem well thought through by the developers and it's another weird card interaction that isn't properly explained anywhere in the game (like how some Ongoing cards "trigger" in-hand like Morbius and Knull but others don't). Maybe I'm spoiled from Magic but those guys knew how to write card text with a clear logic


I was with you until you said deathwave is a free win lmao. In this meta, deathwave gets stomped. Both thanos and shuri consistently counter the deck and even before this meta, deathwave had some pretty easy counters. Just a random armor or cosmo can kill the whole deck


I grinded from 40 to 85 with DeathWave, and it was a slog. Nimrod made Cosmo and Armor _so common_ that it was fucking infuriating.


Yup. It’s definitely still possible to hit infinite, but this season is brutal for deathwave if you are high mmr. Not at all what I would call “free wins” if you draw the right cards


> I remember when this sub was wondering how to buff Thanos because he seemed underwhelming for a "big bad". Honestly, a lot of the competitive/high end opinion on him even back then was that he was great... unless the opponent had Zabu or Silver Surfer. T2 competitive decks become T1 the moment the stuff holding them back disapears. >Unlike shuri or deathwave which is basically a free win if you manage to draw 2 or 3 of the right cards. Honestly, Shuri will be fine if they cut red skull down to where you can actually compete in the cosmo'd lane. If they had 23 power in that lane instead of 33, for instance, you would theoreticaly have some options. Deathwave is nowhere near as big of a problem, and gets shut down by quite a few things common in the meta right now (aero/leech/sandman/etc.) you can compete with a deathwave deck in a lot of different ways.


Yes, I think Shuri is fine without Red Skull. I don't have Red Skull. I run Shuri with Abomination and Spiderwoman. It's still decent, but not insane.


>and make leech last 1 turn Leech needs this nerf whether he's in a thanos deck or not. Ramp decks can still get him out at least one turn earlier


Leech can be deleted from the game for all I care. Nothing describes the term negative play experience better than that card.


Even with the OP meta deck there are consistency problems. Applies to every deck really. Although, if Quinjet hits the field, those issues aren't important most likely.


The problem card isn’t thanos imo it’s lockjaw. Thanos was not problematic until people combined thanos with lockjaw effect. People didn’t realize this busted interaction until quantum tunnel was the featured location.


Lockjaw thanos was already known as the best way to play before that location, what are you on about.


A lot of people on here only read reddit posts and watch corny-ass content creators. I had a ton of people say thanos was a 'meme' deck meanwhile it was beating everything except Surfer/Zabu.


The feedback from cards is all over the place on Reddit. "I'm level 40 and playing someone who was infinite level." The following person says, "you'll only see these Shuri decks consistently if you're level 80+." "Thanos is too weak." "Thanos is too strong." SD is going to end up nerfing Leech and/or Thanos. Reddit will find another card they want to hate. It'll probably go to Aero.


Don't worry bud, Aero's safe until I unlock her. After that tho, nerhammer ahoy


Why were there constant posts “how can we buff thanos he’s not good”. The deck was for sure good before the location but either ppl didn’t have the cards to play it or many did not know. The location really made the deck catch on like wildfire


It's because a lot of people didn't have Thanos. Once Harry won one of the first tourneys 10-0 with Thanos, everyone knew that Thanos has potential. Plus with a lot of token bundles, it became more accessible. Similar to how Shuri became popular


I'm talking about how you said people didn't realize lockjaw interaction is the main strength of the deck. In all those old post of people asking for thanos buffs you see they all mention that the stones are good but thanos himself as the 6 drop wasn't. That's why the power buff they gave thanos was irrelevant to the deck doing well.


I’m not sure what happened but Thanos was a Infinite staple the first week of last season. People were running him even before the Zabu / SS nerfs went live. I think Quantum Tunnel is when people *really* started running him though, or maybe it was after his random buff. But it definitely solidified the lockjaw build because Thanks just dominated that location hard.


Lockjaw was literally featured in every good Thanos decks besides Thanos zoo from day 1. People just started getting enough tokens to have Thanos more represented on the ladder. Lockjaw is fine, he is a good boi who has done nothing wrong.


You’re right that people likely just didn’t have the cards and so people weren’t able to hone the decklist. Regardless people were not playing it and I recall posts “how can we buff thanos”. Lockjaw is one of my favorite cards but he’s inherently busted. I’d rather thanos remain a good card even though I don’t own him. I think it’s better for the game


Yeah people wanted a Thanos buff because they thought for some reason Thanos himself was the end goal but he never was and still barely is. But lockjaw was always in Thanos, it was too obvious to omit it. Quinjet maybe not, idk, and leech wasn't either but lockjaw definitely was. Leech needs to be tweaked and honestly Thanos should have his original power back.


Thanos power buff is still basically irrelevant to the deck. I climbed to infinite this season with Thanos and I can count on one hand the number of times I hit the exodia big daddy thanos combo. I can count on two hands how many times I intentionally played Thanos out of hand. That’s across 250+ games


Why should Thanos have his original power back when you say yourself that he’s the worst part of Thanos? 6 for 11 seems good, Hulk is 12, She Hulk is 10, Magneto is 12. Lots of cards outpower him 1-1 and his benefit is the cubes but the other cards have benefits with other cards as well. Zero or Cosmo basically buffs ones with effects, skip turn 5 with she hulk then you get her and a 5 cost.


I really hope they don’t hit lockjaw because LockThor/DracThor/Lockjaw Roulette are all good fun, mid tier decks. Anyone who has played a lot of Thanos will tell you for nothin that the real busted shit is Quinjet letting you drop lockjaw and three stones for free on turn 3, which then lets you move lockjaw to a new lane and drop 2 more stones and leech into him on turn 4 in a perfect world (that being you dropped mind/time/space stones into him on 3). Without Quinjet to make the stones free you have to wait till 4 to toss in the stones and then 5 to Leech on curve unless he pops out of the lockjaw.


Not true. Thanos paired with Lockjaw/Quinjet has been a thing since at least November, long before Quantum Tunnel. I feel like when anyone looks at Thanos that would be the first thing to come to mind.


No one even had thanos back then so people couldn’t experiment and hone the decklists. Inb4 omg no I had thanos


I don't even know that Lockjaw is the biggest issue. I think it's the stones costing 0 because of Quinjet


It's the combination of all 3 interacting as they do that makes it imbalanced. QJ discounting the stones is fine. LJ cycling the stones is fine. It's only when all 3 are in play that it becomes a problem.


Lockjaw is not "problematic" lmfao


Idk man have you seen his old tweets :/


Leech is the secret sauce that propelled Thanos over the top. Lockjaw was used with Thanos from the beginning.


Literally just had a Thanos player Leech me and Snap. This Snap being after my "You just Leeched my Infinaut" Ms Marvel emote. He lost 8 cubes. I don't know whether it's overconfidence, or that they've got a lot to think about, but they often don't seem to pay much attention to their opponent.


Shuri is strong, but it’s very inconsistent. You don’t draw her on curve/at all as often as you’d think, and if you don’t get the perfect draw (being armor>Cosmo>shuri>redskull>taskmaster+1drop — Aero absolutely wrecks you. And almost every player I run into has aero in hand. EDIT: why are y’all booing me? I’m right… I’m not saying don’t nerf it — it absolutely needs balancing. I’m just saying compared to the thanos deck, it’s significantly less consistent.


I agree. I don't have ramp cards, Red Skull or She Hulk, so I'm forced to substitute with Abomination and play a hybrid Patriot Shuri deck. If I don't draw Abomination, Shuri, and Taskmaster, or I get that location that makes turn 5 increase energy costs, I can't do much. Also, Aero wrecks a lot of my plays. A lot of the time, I end up playing Shuri and Shocker on turn 6 and it's pretty underwhelming.


It’s cool to hear about the other ways people are using shuri, to be fair. Outside of the meta deck I really never see anybody else use her. Dream dimension absolutely ruins it because I’m forced to skip turn 5 and hope to have she-hulk and taskmaster for T6 and even then, aero completely destroys the deck. It’s rough out there atm haha


Also make Space Stone move a card TO this location instead of FROM it.


The fact that you put deathwave with Shuri and Thanos tells me everything I need to know about how valid your opinion on the meta is


I just leaves now waste of time


Yeah they can climb, but I’m gonna make it as slow as possible for playing the most busted deck imaginable!


I actually beat Thanos lockjaw more often than not.


My favorite things about playing against Thanos is that they don't have to worry about running out of cards, energy efficiency, card placement, unfavorable locations, pulling enough power, my big cards, or my cards with powerful text.


Yeah, Thanos is like a stronger reverse Sera control. They have all the counters against you, and they get to play on curve too. They only downside is draw inconsistency, which gets mitigated by Lockjaw pretty often.


I gotta say the combo of Killmonger + Shang Chi gets most of the matchups won against Thanos, is just Leech that has been shown as really OP in this meta. I play mainly Sera Control and if by turn 5 I haven't got Leeched 90% of the time is mine to take.


Turn five Leech is a great counter to decks that try to stuff all their power into turn six. Leech before turn 5 is oppressive bullshit. I've always said his effect should read: "At the end of turn 5, blah blah". That way you still get his effect, but you have to leave him on the board and dropping him early doesn't completely fuck your opponent.


Oh yeah, it's a good argument. Honestly a Leech on turn 5 is GG with no hard feelings.


That’s a good nerf to Leech.


As a Thanos/Lockjaw player I can say for a fact that this deck type has definitely screwed me over plenty of times, which is honestly a good thing considering that even I have gotten bored of playing this deck all the time. It's just that I hate dealing with shuri zero and this deck is pretty much my only decent way of dealing with it.


Yeah man I feel you, I hate both of those decks, hell Shuri is even more on autopilot. I've tried Galactus with decent results it's just that if I win with him at best I get 2 cubes. While Sera has so much swing that an 8 cube win is easy


Killmonger kind of helps Thanos, there’s only 1 stone you don’t want destroyed, killing the others just creates more room for stronger cards


His shang kill monger combo comes on turn 6 and often includes blowing up nova, it's a game winning move often


I was holding on to my killmonger, just hoping to not get leeched, and when I didn't it was GG, and it felt so good today. Took out almost his entire board.


Lol same. I’m going to finish my climb to infinite at 5am when I can just play bots and then chill until the Thanos nerf.


Is everyone else still seeing plenty of Thanos/ Lockjaw? It felt like that was 25% of what I was seeing, but I get darkhawk and start running a deck with it and I haven't seen Thanos since.


With all due respect, a lot of this statement is just incorrect. \>unfavorable locations There are a ton of bad locations that can ruin this deck's day. Anything that limits space, spawns creeps into the field, or duplicates your cards, can make it hard to get out all the cards you need to win a lane, especially if you don't draw Lockjaw. \>pulling enough power, my big cards, If the deck can't get Quinjet, Lockjaw, and at least one or two of the Stones that draw, this absolutely can happen. Just like any deck that likes to cheat out big cards, you can and will get games where you ONLY draw your big cards. \>card placement, Also untrue. Without being mindful of where each Stone's ability is most impactful, which cards in the deck are still there to be cycled, and with the very real risk of getting all your big cards in one location, there's actually a lot of decision-making required to make the deck consistent. TL;DR: **I'm not saying that this isn't one of the game's best decks right now**, but it's *incredibly* disingenuous to imply that you can just play cards willy-nilly and rake in the cubes.


Totally agree, like you said Thanos decks are very strong and need a nerf (space stone and a nerf to leech where he can’t affect cards before turn 6). People act like you draw quinjet, lockjaw, and all the stones you need by turn 3. Sometimes lockjaw just spits the stones back out or your card draw is just all your big cards by turn 4. People are upset about the current meta and I understand it and also agree with a lot of points, dealing with Thanos and Shuri is a pain. Though people act like playing Thanos is a free win every game.


I love how a few months ago, Thanos was a meme fun deck 😂


Right? I've been playing these exact same Thanos decks since the card was released and it was just a fun deck that was actually pretty consistent, but now that all the other players have him too I haven't played him at all lol. Got boring running into mirror matches every game.


I just want a permanent mute on opponent emojis.


Never going to happen, we were begging for it in Hearthstone for 10 years and never got it. Just like learning to use turn signals in a car, whenever you go to snap or see a snap, instinctively mute. It'll become subconscious second nature eventually. In general people aren't dropping smug emotes over 1-2 cube games.


Clash Royale sells them and has them as rewards but has permanent mute. It's a possibility.


The most savage nerf to Thanos would be the change the text to: "At the start of the game, shuffle the six Infinity Stones into your deck. Your emotes no longer work" It would stop 90% of thanos players playing the deck.


Just slap that mute button. Free peace of mind lol


If only it was on by default..


There's a survey in the inbox section right now. Everyone fill it out and tell them to add this option that exists on nearly every other game in existence.


This is the way haha


I feel like I can finally articulate why this deck is so miserable to play against, and it's the fact that the most OP deck in the game, the deck that has 6 Wasps, each with ridiculously OP abilities to play into their canine slot machine, still runs Leech to shut down any possible counter. It's not enough for a Thanos deck to cycle out 3 huge cards and then rinse and repeat in another lane after moving Lockjaw, so many of them just have to run Leech only to win 1-2 cubes after they make it so that you can't even play any of your own cards. It's basically facing an opponent who you know is running a rigged deck. Also they have a card that explodes your deck.


What’s the card that explodes your deck? It’s escaping me lol


The "Scarlet Witch" one.


Can you imagine if Lamentis was a 0 to 1-cost card?!


leech is what's being alluded to with that metaphor. i.e., they already have a ton of good cards, AND one that ruins you on top of that.


I just hope they are enjoying the single cube they win each time they encounter me. As soon as I notice it's a Thanos / Lockjaw deck I'm out.


I just discovered that after Leech removes abilities from cards, Patriot is able to buff them. Helped me flip a couple of games I should have lost.




Yeah they should play worse cards to make you happy What are the brave cards you play?


The salt in this thread is insane. People taking the meta deck of the moment personally.


It’s like this all the time. They cry like babies over emotes and freak the fuck out over being beaten by cards they don’t own. Like if they had a Shuri they wouldn’t use it, lmao sure.


I have Shuri and don't use it. Where's the entertainment in playing the same 3 cards every game with no thought. It's boring as hell to play and shitty to play against. Not everyone plays broken shit just because they can.


Dude, same. Thought I was going to have fun “winning” but it quickly got stale playing the same turn 4,5,6. Also I don’t know what it is but hearing “Wakanda Foreva!” over and over was driving me insane 😂.


She is legitimately the most boring deck I've played in the game. She's busted and wins often, but holy shit is it monotonous.


The emotes annoy me so much more than the meta being what it is. BM is a choice lol you can win without being a jerk. The only meta I really hate is Galactus, and I still don't hate people for playing him, I just think he's a really badly designed card who makes the game unfun.


I have Galactus. If you don't know what I'm up to and can't read the signs then I'm likely going to have an easy win. The thing is that the signs are so blatantly obvious I get Cosmo'd, Aero'd, Shang Chi'd more often than not. There's nothing you can do about a dog pulling Magneto and Leech out of his ass on turn 3 though


Good for you, I maintain my stance about Galactus. And yes, I can usually tell when they're going to do it. I still think it's a very lopsided card. I'm not here trying to defend Leech either, mind.


Power is Everything


Idk, I still think there are ways to play around it. Half the time I throw cosmo down on lockjaw my opponent just retreats. I think a lot of Thanos players aren’t good at pivoting when their lockjaw play gets disrupted. The deck definitely needs attention because it’s disproportionately good right now, but I don’t think it’s unbeatable in the way Reddit thinks it is.


I agree. I've faced a lot of bad Thanos players. I've gotten my fair share of Cosmo into Lockjaw retreats too. I think the deck as a whole is overpowered, but most Thanos players are pretty bad at playing the deck. They assume that they can just mindless win... Which they can a lot of the time, but when you have good draws, you can often outplay them.


Exactly. Thanos is a good deck, but not everyone is a good player.


My wife's boyfriend plays Thanos and he likes it..


If you play Thanos or Shuri/Skull decks, I don't blame you. I refuse to go with the meta, but they are the most powerful decks by a wide margin. So chase the cheddar, I don't disrespect the hustle. But don't emote. Don't fucking gloat that you are playing the strongest shit against my goofy discard deck and won. I had some asshole spam "snap" over and over after he won. Like bro you are running Thanos-Lockjaw-Leech. Take your cubes but have a modicum of shame. You just netdeck'd your way to the top.


I played a twitch streamer running Thanos lockjaw who spammed emotes like they were on a macro after he dropped quinjet. I was playing a janky move deck for fun. Dude just shows his whole ass and thinks it makes him look good.


I bet his 2 viewers got a real big kick out of that.


This is how I feel. When I get hit with the Ms. Marvel emote by a creative combo, I don't mind it at all. But running a deck you copied off of a better player is nothing to brag about.


Sure play meta, but damn make some kind of variation to make your deck unique. Every one of these meta decks is a carbon copy of each other. Use some creativity and at least make some kind of interesting substitution to catch people off guard


> Every one of these meta decks is a carbon copy of each other. Never played any slightly competitive online game have ya?


I have, and they aren't card games with hundreds of options for a deck of 12 cards. Yet people don't nearly as often run hard meta even with far less options


All I play against are Thanos decks with perfect draws so I'm just gonna get my missions complete and stop playing until this is fixed


How are you setting the enemies cards back by 1 energy?


They mean Soul Stone, which reduces at that location as an ongoing effect.


I think they meant power?


It’s too many archetypes bundled into one with supporting cards that make it broken, not the stones themselves. Quinjet interaction is an every turn ramp. Slot machine control cards like leech on board is aggravating on turn 3. Just hope they balance not nerf into oblivion (not a Thanos owner here)


I had a Galactus player Snap and spam Ms Marvel at me on turn 6 this morning as he dropped a 46 power Knull onto the board. Too bad he didn't notice that I was playing a destroy deck and already had 27 points in the location, so when I dropped my Knull, his Knull & Death didn't matter. Most satisfying Thanos snap emote I've ever given.


I retreat turn 1 if I see they are playing Thanos. Not worth the time.


I don't. Having played Thanos I know how inconsistent that deck is. I also know exactly what the deck is doing. The only thing that ends up causing me to retreat is Leech. Other than that the deck does not scare me. See the Lockjaw lane, play the other lanes. See a lane that really boosts your deck, pretend that location doesn't exist. See Space Stone show up, know that something is moving the next turn.


winning at the highest rate in the game is quite literally the opposite of inconsistent


Its the thanos players scared their easy infinite deck will be made bad and they'll never make infinite again who age claiming its not "good". My win rate against thanos is sub 15%, my wo rate against shuri is over 70%. Its not inconsistent and its powerful. The stones need to cost more or not interact with quinjet/lockjaw. Its so stupid that cards that deffinently start in your deck get the quinjet bonus.


Do you mean the one favored lane that will get reality swapped? What will move? The Lockjaw you were avoiding? The 12 power magneto that just dragged your stuff? Do you wait till turn 6 to shang-chi if so? Will Shang-chi be usable on turn 6 or will aero move it? If so, how will you counter the other 10-15 power play he's done in the meantime with a dino plus other stones into lockjaw? My dude, you're completely underplaying the many many hurdles you have to face to beat Thanos. The only time you can safely beat Thanos is when they don't draw mind stone, lockjaw and quinjet in the first 3 turns.


Having played thanos lockjaw for a while, it's actually pretty rare to have quinjet and lockjaw up by turn 3. When you do, it's very advantageous


That is a winning board plain and simple, I meant to say those three are the pieces that will make the deck roll: quinjet, lockjaw, mindstone. Either one of those by turn 3 enables plays. Of course, I was entertaining the thought of leech not being played here, otherwise turn 3 time stone is also enough.


Then you retreat on turn 3, not turn 1. I've lost more to Thanos than I've won, but my cube rate against it is probably neutral or even positive. I've never seen a Thanos play snap, and a lot that retreat when I snap on them. Your points are true, but if they don't snap and they aren't winning yet, there's no harm in staying in and seeing what happens.


That was never the point of my reply. You never snap on Thanos, even if they have a bad hand. Save Mr. Negative into peak or such miracolous stuff. If they snap you leave 80% of the time. But is that any way to play a game, if one deck forces retreats and prevents snapping? The guy I replied to seemed to try to downplay such a juggernaut.


It feels amazing to Killmonger their entire board


Not sure what a leeches killmonger is good for


They leeched my killmonger that dimension tunnel location was up and I heard that cards are unelected when cycled. So I threw 3 leeched cards in there t6 including killmonger to try and get him baked out. Nope. They aero to the third lane and I lose. Deck has all the answers sometimes.


turn six draw killmonger - chefs kiss


I unlocked Thanos the day after the season started, and it did seem like playing on easy mode most games(and I don't run Leech). The card drawing is crazy. I honestly don't know how to fix it without completely ruining the flavor of the Thanos card. If you take away the card draw, the deck won't function with 6 extra cards in the deck. The obvious nerf of not having quinjet affect the stones isn't enough, It wins whether I draw quinjet or not. Maybe changing the card draw to if played from your hand draw a card.


The issue is quinjet giving 0cost stones for lock jaw, without that the deck alot weaker (I have Thanos but no quinjet) and that 6 mana you end up spending on all stones makes a huge difference


It does hurt the deck some, but I think it's still strong with the Nerf. That might be the best way to nerf it though, because raising the stones' cost hurts people like you who don't have a quinjet yet. Hopefully, they only Nerf quinjet in that deck and not overall. It didn't need a nerf in other decks.


1 cost stones with lockjaw is still a problem. That's enough energy o play 3 stones to the lockjaw lane and another somewhere else on 4.


and the issue with nerfing quinjet is that it would ruin collector decks which arent OP


Thanos deck a better move deck than actual move deck.


Hilarious hearing Thanos players in here saying “the deck is actually inconsistent” I didn’t know you are adding your losses to other Thanos players rolling higher than you into your “inconsistent” data


On good roll/curve, Thanos can "spend" the same amount of energy as most players spend the entire game at turn 3. (T1 sunspot, T2 quinjet+ mindstone, T3 lockjaw + 3 stones. Hypothetical three 6 cost means 26 energy worth of cards discounted to 5 energy.) 1+2+3+4+5+6=21 energy.


I can outmuscle it about 50% of the time with patriot. You just need to make sure your patriot is on the board turn 3, before leech becomes a threat from lockjaw then they can leech me all they want. Oh no! My abomination has no abilities! What ever will I do? Oh yea, beat Thanos in almost any lane


My fellow patriot player you are coping. Whenever leech happens, it's when I have ultron in hand. Even with a perfect set up you've got like 21 power in 2 lanes, which thanos lockjaw can easily beat


Thanos himself has 21 lol and their dino is usually at 15-19 plus free 2 power stones easily


What Patriot deck are you playing? I'm still experimenting with the mix I like best.


I was running this: # (1) Squirrel Girl # (1) Misty Knight # (2) Mister Sinister # (2) Okoye # (2) Shocker # (3) Patriot # (3) Cyclops # (4) Shang-Chi # (4) The Thing # (5) Blue Marvel # (5) Abomination # (6) Onslaught # eyJDYXJkcyI6W3siQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiTWlzdHlLbmlnaHQifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6Ik9rb3llIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJPbnNsYXVnaHQifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IkJsdWVNYXJ2ZWwifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IkN5Y2xvcHMifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IlNoYW5nQ2hpIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJTaG9ja2VyIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJTcXVpcnJlbEdpcmwifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IlRoZVRoaW5nIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJQYXRyaW90In0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJNclNpbmlzdGVyIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJBYm9taW5hdGlvbiJ9XX0= # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap. But i recently got Dr.Doom so I’m giving this a spin: # (0) Wasp # (1) Squirrel Girl # (1) Misty Knight # (2) Mister Sinister # (2) Shocker # (3) Mystique # (3) Patriot # (3) Cyclops # (4) The Thing # (5) Blue Marvel # (6) Doctor Doom # (6) Onslaught # eyJDYXJkcyI6W3siQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiTWlzdHlLbmlnaHQifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6Ik1yU2luaXN0ZXIifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6Ik15c3RpcXVlIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJPbnNsYXVnaHQifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IlBhdHJpb3QifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IkJsdWVNYXJ2ZWwifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IkN5Y2xvcHMifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IkRyRG9vbSJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiU2hvY2tlciJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiU3F1aXJyZWxHaXJsIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJUaGVUaGluZyJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiV2FzcCJ9XX0= # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.


Jesus Christ, nerf it already. I'm so fucking bored of seeing it and hearing about it.


If this sub couldn't complain it would be dead. The people here are fucking cry babies.


People who are happy about the state of the game will be playing it instead of discussing how it would get better. Which at this point only encompasses the minority lucky or rich enough to play one of two hard to obtain top decks, and the people with low enough MMR to consistently avoid them (be it by intentionally tanking their MMR or being legitimately new).


And you’re crying about crybabies. And I’m crying about your crying about crybabies. And the guy inevitably commenting below me is going to cry about me crying about your crying about crybabies. Welcome to Reddit, a place where people can share their thoughts and feelings with each other. It’s like, sorta the entire point, or something.


Too many Thanos apologists in this thread. "Thanos is inconsistent" is the funniest thing I've ever read. The only time I ever lose with Thanos is the mirror or if I simply just mess up. Most other decks in the format don't have that luxury.


Yeah inconsistent in that it doesn't win 100% of the time, what a bad deck


It's seriously crazy that this deck hasn't been changed. Just make it so that the stones don't work with lockjaw and boom problem solved. Thanos still remains a great card but they can't use the time stone that then become a devil dinosaur and then the space stone that then become a magneto. I mean it's bonkers.


Lockjaw isn't the problem as much as Quinjet is. And I *use* this deck sometimes. I don't even really have a problem with going against it, but Quinjet just shouldn't count for the stones. The stones should be coded as "already in your deck" which would remove the interaction with Quinjet without nerfing other non-meta decks that use it.


It's the quinjet interaction and leech that's the real problem. Quinjet let's you cycle super fast for free, while fishing for free cards. Leech shuts down anything and everything your opponent is doing, and there's no downside to fishing for him early. Make quinjet not discount the stones and leech only last for a turn, and the deck will be significantly more tame.


Leech only lasting for one turn is an excellent move.


Gonna be interesting to see how they balance this. It's not Thanos alone that is powerful but the combo with quinjet, lockjaw, leech, and in my opinion she-hulk. My guess is a change to quinjet working with the stones and maybe a nerf to lockjaw.


To be fair many players do that for even the slightest RNG advantage. It’s very annoying like dude you didn’t even mean to do that it was a roll of the dice. On another note all decks are beatable if you know how they work. Thanos is very beatable… it’s the leach that’s the problem. Thanos decks without leech being played are much more manageable. Hell it’s any deck that runs lockjaw or Jubilee with a leech period.


The main problem is Quinjet honestly, even leech isn't that reliable


Shuri/Red Skull/Taskmaster players when they snap on turn 6 and you retreat


Some Thanos players have class. But when I'm not playing Thanos, if I beat one you can bet in tossing a thumbs up to them.


As a low rank thanos player, I can't relate🫤


Hey, that's not completely true. I'm a Thanos player and I almost exclusively gloat with my THANOS SNAP 😁


Thanos reminds me a bit of Zabu-Dracula where you know their game plan (cheat a big unit with Dracula) but you are still powerless to stop it. Even if I know he is going to rotate his whole deck with Lockjaw, there is little I can do to prevent it. Those kinds of decks with uncounterable win conditions are usually the best deck around until they are nerfed.


I recently bought Thanos. And it feels unfair. I always try to be polite.


That’s the most anyone can ask.


If I do beat them, I’m always sure to use that emote on them


I see one infinity stone and I retreat, every single time. If it means I never see 60, sucks to be me.


I don't really care if a Thanos player plays and wins. The emote is always annoying. But nothing grinds my gears like seeing this emote when I retreat right after my opponent played Leech (or something similar, but it's usually Leech). Like congrats? You played Leech. bye


I might hit infinite before the nerf. Lets gooo! Lmao


I'm fine with Thanos. Everything is ok UNTIL that ridiculous Leech shows up on turn 4 because they played a 1 cost stone and it cycles to Leech. Two straight matches this morning and I quit playing. Leech is the cancer.


Yeah the early Leech is the biggest problem this deck does.


Or they have their cheaper Psylocke to do it, which also draws a card.


Which is why I always 👍 after beating Thanos


I’m sure they are devastated.


I also always max out my timer against them.


I don’t always give the disrespectful thumbs up emoji, but when I do, it’s after taking cubes from a thanos player after a snap.


if you watched all of this in the title happen in front of your table, and you stood watching till the last turn, maybe it is a skill issue 😉👍


After playing a decent amount of matches with both shuri and thanos, I gotta say shuri is so ez I can literally do anything else and afk grind ladder with that deck. Thanos requires too much work for a win tbh, 8 cubes is nonexistent Leech is really the biggest offender, they should rename him to “Antifun”


I like to drop this emote on them right after they snap and right before I retreat.


Thumbs up or snap emote spam, they all thinking they’re good playing a massive elo inflated deck.


Thanos players are the only players capable of using the "Fist Bump" in a toxic way too. When they win a game via Leech.


It's strange, I see so much hate for Thanos players, yet when I play against them I rarely lose. Now, Shuri/Skull, Galactus/Knull can go fuck right off.


I used to do the thumbs up emoji as a way of being friendly in most of my games. Then I discovered this subreddit and how hilariously overly emotional it makes the majority of you. Now I use it more often because for some reason people here see it as a middle finger *AND* get offended. I'm still being friendly. But its funny that people get offended over it.


It is funny as I did the same thing when I started. Thumbs up smile, is good. Then I see here and apparently it is not


I try to actually beat the thanos player, I'm not a little bitch


... and still loses


Anyone who gives that emoji at any time is a poor sport as far as I’m concerned. Always a dick move to use it when you win. Either say nothing or fist bump for good game.


Someone here is really hurt that they lost against Thanos.


I get a lot of use out of Kang lately. Like its a get out of jail free card come turn 6. Enjoy your one cube.


A well placed Cosmo and Killmonger combo is usually enough to make them retreat


I got Thanos 2 days ago, started playing it, not really better than my discard deck, still I have a rule while playing Thanos, I never snap first, even tho it might be 100% my victory, I just don't do it, unless opponent has Thanos too.


This is stupid and untrue. We use the Thanos finger snap because it’s on brand.


This should just be replaced with “thanks asshole”


I’m pretty sure in this scenario using that emote constitutes a hate crime


I say "Hello", mute the opponent. Then, win or loss, I fist bump at the end of the game unless I'm really salty, then I just leave. Sometimes, the thumbs up tilts me even if they meant it as GG so I just mute haha