Welcome to the club. At least you won't have to get him once he drops to series 3 soon...yay.


I think that’s kind of rubbing salt in the wound…lol I’d rather waste my 1/4 pull than my 1/25 pull.


1/25? Pool 4 cards drop at an average of 1/40.


Seriously? I've opened 50 caches since my last pool 4 card


Yeah, that's how averages work. A 1/40 average means you can go 78 caches without opening a pool 4 card.


Okay. Then I bet my next pool 4 card is definitely master mold


master mold is pool 5 but he’s actually good


You didn't get me. By the time i unlock my next pool 4. Master mold would have dropped to pool 4


Thanks, sorry that’s what I meant 🙂


I mean, it has been announced for a while that Orka is dropping. They could've not opened their caches if it mattered so much to them.


It was announced for a day, but yeah. I would argue that it's terrible design to encourage hoarding caches though. Every few weeks this is going to happen and it will always feel bad to open something in S4 that's going into 3.


I believe your cache drop is determined the moment you acquire them not when you open them. Saving caches does nothing


You’re wrong, devs confirmed, that drop is determined the moment you open the cache.


Only the pool is determined when you acquire them. It was going to be a pool 4 card, when Orka moved out it could have been a Shuri


I just pulled Attuma so I feel your pain.


In all fairness Attuma makes great Venom/Knull bait in a destroy deck.


That be great... if I had knull.


I feel that. I ended up biting the bullet and using collector tokens to get knull from the shop. It took ages. I’m still missing most of the key cards from the top decks. No galactus , Shuri, or Thanos. Maybe some day.


And I used 6000 tokens for Bast. Dumbest purchase in all of marvel snap


thats a big oof but if you pay mr negative, you probably use bast a ton. these days i just spend tokens on series 3 cards. no risk of them dropping and I can focus on opening up new archetypes.


Spending tokens on anything but permanent pool 5 cards is the biggest of oofs.


I picked up bast for 3000 when he dropped to pool 4. Total waste of tokens. Big regret here.


Yeah I have Thanos pinned but it's gonna take so long


I don't have any of those or Venom but I'm still having fun with Knull


Also great in armor and professor x decks. Still stinks you got him instead of another series 4 that will stay in 4 but he's far from a bad card and I can only see his usefulness going up with more and more cards released.


It was working fairly well for me on that deck. I might even put it back since Nimrod is not doing that much better either. Also, the Dan Hipp variant is AWESOME!


I recently added him to my Venom/Knull/Zola deck. He’s awesome. I use him to bait Shang Chi and exercise some lane control. With 10 power on a lane it forces the opponent to respect it. He’s a really good fit.


Yeah I kinda want Attuma for my Knull deck tbh


i got attuma and then orca...


Yea last 4 I pulled was Titania just before she dropped, lucky in life unlucky in Snap.


Eh Titania ain't a bad card, she needs Zero to really work but a 1-5 with no downsides for 2 vs same with Lizard for 3. Admittedly Lizard does dodge the Killmonger problem, I mean both the current Meta Thanos and Shuri decks run her (IIRC, I know Shuri runs her, Lizard and Zero as a 'low cost power package' to gain priority early)


I use Attuma in my control deck with armor and Prof X. He's pretty good!


He’s great in Venom/Knull/Zola. He’s good Shang bait and helps with lane control.


I have Attuma and Orka at CL 2400. 😐


I’ve pulled 5 series 4 cards, and only 1 will still be a series 4 by the end of this season. Absorbing Man, Helicarrier, Agent Coulson, Orka, and Valkyrie have been my pulls. Calling a Valkyrie drop next season haha


Just got Sentry a couple days ago.


Same, pulled attuma 2 hours before they announced the series drop, yay


If you have invisible woman then you can play Attuma behind her, and even bait a cosmo.


I want them to flip the ability/power so it's functionally the same stats but a negative ongoing effect like the Lizard. Then you can finally have a perfect on curve Sauron deck without shuri. 1 Ebony maw 2 Lizard 3 Sauron 4 Typhoid 5 Redskull 6 Orka


Look at the bright side - he's gonna be Pool 3 next week, so... it's basically your lucky early access!!!


Pool 4 pity timer go brrrr


I thought there are no pity timers on Pool 4/5, only Pool 3? But I might be as well wrong, wouldn't be the first time :)


A pool 4 card replaces a 3 once in every 40 reserves (though because it's random, you can go up to 78 boxes without one - eg, you could pull one at reserve 1 and one at reserve 80). Pool 5 has no pity timer. I've been tracking my card drops, and it's been very reliable - I got Bast at CL1474, the 40th reserve (for 1-40), Helicarrier at CL1582 (Reserve #49, 41-80), and Valkyrie at 2050 (#88, 81-120). I won't get another one until after CL2434 (Reserve #120).




It's not probability if it's guaranteed. You're also correct, it's not really a pity timer either, but you *will* get a series four card in every set of 40 boxes.


>A pool 4 card replaces a 3 once in every 40 reserves (though because it's random, you can go up to 78 boxes without one - eg, you could pull one at reserve 1 and one at reserve 80 ​ Sorry, I misunderstood - it is, truly, a pity timer, my bad!


Ah, yes, there is some randomness involved - the first card box you open in a set of 40 has a 10% chance to be a pool four card, but the odds go up with every card box you open, eventually getting to 100% at the last one. Same with pool 3 cards - you'll get one in every set of 4, but *which* box is up to chance. Like, when I got to CL1426, I knew that'd I'd open a pool 4 card in my next card box, which was also right around the first pool demotion, so I paused on opening reserves, and sure enough, I got Bast right after (waiting didn't help much, I didn't get any of the newly demoted cards, but I also didn't get any of the ones that dropped to pool 3, which was also part of the goal).


Once you're in pool 3, those are the standard cards you'll get. Pool 4 is every ~400 CL. There is none for Pool 5.


Do you know when next week they drop? I'm not opening boxes until then


If you have reserves, it will carry whatever patch you got it. So it’s better if you hoard credits until then.


Oh yeah totally agree. Thanks for clarification but I'm definitely hoarding credits not boxes. Thanks!


Just spreading awareness. When tokens was about to be introduced, I hoarded reserves instead of credits :(


Unless I’m misinformed, that is no longer the behaviour


So there's no point in hoarding reserves until the stream pink variant rush? I have 10 unopened ones


TBH I'm not sure if they have changed it or not. Right now, I'm capped on credits myself so I don't have a choice but to upgrade cards after missions. If you're not capped yet, might as well hoard credits until you are sure what's inside the reserve will be updated with the patch


This made me laugh... Although I did open sentry about 2 weeks before it dropped.. I had never even seen sentry in a game and had to look it up..was shocked when I saw series 5


I got dazzler in the low thousands CL. I didn't realize she was S5 until I saw the memes about how shitty of a S5 she was.


Dazzler in kazoo seems kinda good, idk though since nobody has her


I've gone well out of my way to try to use her. She's straight up just bad. You wouldn't be able to tell I have her because unless lockjaw fishes her out, there's nearly always a better card to play that turn. Even in Kazoo, most 4 costs and many 3 cost cards are straight up just better than dazzler. I've played hundreds of games with dazzler in my deck. She's contributed to a win less than 5 times.


Your payoff for filling every single slot is +6 power, and that is taking into consideration how many lanes in snap make things unplayable. Meanwhile, Shuri


Bro same, my pity timer gave me Orka as well. Next pull was pixel the Thing so I’m killing it.


Pixel Thing is fire.


I have Orka too and so many pixels.......at least I did just finally get a good pull in Shuri.


So far from series 4 I’ve gotten super skrull and M’baku so its tough out here


M'baku is great in my Cerebro 2 deck with Lockjaw \*cries\*


Super skrull is amazing in my ongoing deck. He doesn't always pay off but when he does, it's great. Especially if he copies cosmo. You do have to be careful around red skull, typhoid or elektro tho


Super skrull seems awesome. Maybe it's because I play lots of ongoing but sometimes it just destroys me


I wish they'd made him 6/10 or 6/11...or even 5/9. I feel like then people might actually use him...especially with shuri.


Maybe 9+9, that can actually steal a square if they don't see it coming and not infinaut strong.


well you could still run him with Shuri right now, a 6/18 isn't bad, and can be run in a Warpath deck, combo it up with wong.


I’ve saved my caches for the event coming. So glad I did


I’m not good at theory crafting but instead of this cards garbage stats and ongoing buff would it become viable is it was a 6 cost 15 power with Ongoing: If any other card is here -5? Like you could use it with a card that remove ongoing and drop 15, use it with Drac, etc but if you can’t hit the combo it’s just a 6 cost 10 power card?


I mean that would make it better but I’d rather see a double it’s power if it’s the only card here.


Nice! Now you have a "unique collection".


I got you beat. Just pulled the same one….but pixel! Yay!!


Join the club


At least I have someone to sit in my pain with. Super glad I just pulled Orka instead of Knull.


We have some good pulls on the horizon surely...


Thanos next reserve !?!!?!??!?!?!


What makes it worse is the fact that this will be a series 3 soon. Basically a waste of a series 4 pull. Damn.


That's the whole point of this being so bad.


Well, Orka alone is a sad card. Really did him dirty being pure trash atm.


Every sea monster should be reverse as in their base stats high and the ongoing makes them lose stats if they are not on their own.


Would make sauron way too strong


Not so long after i pulled Orka, i got Galactus ! Bad luck now for good luck in the future


A glimmer of hope!


There was a post recently, advising to wait with opening caches if a series drop is in sight. I was holding back anyways to have higher chances to get some of the variants in the variant rush, but rwading posts like yours make me confident, it was a good tip. So if you have the patience, this could be something you could try, if the next drops are announced.


You gotta hold credits when they announce the series drop friend


i sometimes wonder if they drop cards based on how many people have already gotten them.


i feel ur pain. This was my first pool 4 around CL 1000. Didnt see another for around 600CL


This game is quite a disgusting cash grab. But I still play it everyday and pretend it’s better than the others. Sometimes I wonder how long it would take me to convince the younger me that this is where gaming devolved to.


If you think this is a disgusting cash grab, you haven't seen anything yet. There's so many layers in place to stop people from spiraling and spending hundreds in one sitting where other freemium games reward it. > Sometimes I wonder how long it would take me to convince the younger me that this is where gaming devolved to. "It's freemium, so they want you to pay with your time while the other people that spend on the optional subscription fee can have fun. You can still buy games, there's just an oversaturation of copy paste games on mobile churned out by sweat-shop studios that target the majority of non-gamers."


I don't understand why people don't realise that this is going to happen to every single one of us. I'm still about 3-4 months away from being pool 3 complete. By the time that happens, every single card that's currently in pool 4 will have dropped to pool 3.


The timing was just extra unfortunate.


I just got Valkyre myself


Lol yup all according to decond dinners plan to f over the f2ps


We welcome you, splash splash


Should be a 5 cost imo


I already pulled this, but anyway I'm not opening collection caches until after the limited edition variants become available. 16 chests so far ready and waiting...


Chests go by the patch they were earned so best to open then and just save credits


Nooo! Argh, thanks


I pulled Baast yesterday, but I’m having a hard time making him work.


Cerebro 3, early with warlock to get an extra pull or 2


Never tried cerebro I’ll check it out


As said previously, Cerebro 3 with Adam Warlock and Wasp to get your draws, although you will need Valkyrie for it to really pop off. Also works for Negative decks, Bounce decks, giving Mysterio clones 3 power and Deadpool decks to start off with a nice 3 power.


I actually have Valkyrie! Haven’t been able to make her work either lmao. I will try combining the two.


At least you pulled it and it's over. I still don't have this one and I still have disappointment to face. I'd rather get a new avatar.


I was playing a Kingpin/Magneto/Aero deck against a destroy deck this morning. Left location is Onslaught’s Citadel (ongoing abilities doubled). My opponent plays Orka turn 6 by itself on OC, beating out my Magneto play (with Kingpin from an earlier turn). 8 cubes lost because I did not expect this from a destroy deck.


That's why I hoard my credits since 2 weeks. I know I will pull a series 4 soon, I wanted to wait for the downgrades to avoid this. This design is really crappy.


Welcome to the club. My only series 4s are attuma and Orka lol


Hellcarrier and silver surfer (2 days after nerf) here


Pulled mbaku yesterday, feel you brother


One less card for your collection


Just pulled M'baku


Hahhahahah this is my one n only series 4 pool also. Now it’s gonna be a series 3 hahahhahaha


On the same boat, obtained Titania, Orka and Attuma as my three Series 4 cards and they are all already or going to become Series 3 cards...


Meanwhile I just opened 2 series 4 cards in back to back caches that are not dropping. Sorry for your pain.


Just pulled it today too, second series 4 card, first was sentry....


I've seen some interesting decks that try to make Sentry work!


Three of my 4 series 4 pulls have been mbaku, skrull and attuma. I understand this pain.


Same one I pulled. Big feels


Well you don’t have to wait for it


I shut down opening caches the last week or two to avoid this. I’ll be pool 3 complete soon after this next drop so there isn’t much in the reserves anyway.


I know how you feel, I got m’baku on Sunday lol


Which is why I'm hoarding unopened reserves until next week.


Maybe I'm dumb, but I only noticed that that's a dude inside a suit right now


Don’t open reserves right now! Not just because of the series downgrade that’s about to occur, but also coz of the upcoming steampunk variant event! Save them until the 21st and maximise your rewards!


The other semi worthwhile reason is that a lot of absolute dogshit is rotating out of Series 5 and you'd hate to waste your lottery ticket S5 pull on something like Shadow King.


My first series 4 was M’Baku


I started opening up my caches once I found out about the next series dowgrades since I didn’t wanna use my S4 pity on the likes of Shadow King and Shanna. I got Shuri lol.


Do u belive in unicorns too ?


Uhm. no..?


I pulled Orka a couple weeks ago. Today I pulled pixel Orka…


I got him last week. So amazing.


Should have held your caches till next week fam.


The variants don't interest me.