I think it's the worst location in the game and wouldn't be nearly as bad if it shuffled less rocks. Maybe 3 would make it ok, you'd still get low rolls but they wouldn't be as bad.


Absolutely 5 rocks is too many when your deck is only 12 cards.


And there are only 6 draws after opening hand. If 5 of them can be rocks...


I get it’s suppose to be random so the locations create a variation but it’s annoying that there’s such a polarization. 90% of locations tweak the gameplay a bit but are consistent like the bifrost, a lot of those have affects on a countdown or tied into the location itself so you can rhino/storm/Scarlett witch/Magik them away. Subterranea is annoying because it add more rng, most of the time whoever draws the least amount of rocks win, it doesn’t favorite alternative deck types like Bifrost or the Peak (Darkhawk doesn’t need the power!). It literally is just annoying and is way too common of a location.


I wonder if it would be better as “25% chance to draw a rock.” That would likely lower the number of rocks, and also give you the opportunity to Scarlet Witch/Rhino/Storm it away.


I like that


>I think it's the worst location in the game Weird World for me. Instant retreat. Why the hell would I want to play someone else's deck?


Because then I can finally play with Galactus and Shuri 😎


Weird world only for my opponent to retreat when I play their Shuri *chef kiss *


At least its a deck someone wants... Rocks is just a complete coin flip of who drew more of their actual cards


Been doing good with my patriot deck haha


My LockThor did not enjoy... I lockjawed and dumped wasp and a rock.... and got back 2 rocks. The odds of that happening was teeth grindingly low...


Curious would blue marvel not be of use in that deck?


It's built around strong on reveals (like Mjolnir) being cycled with lockjaw. Then Jane foster to get them back for a big turn 6 I don't run any ongoing (other than armour to protect lanes) so Blue Marvel doesn't really fit.


Could be a tech card if it becomes a hot spot! Buffing all your dudes by 1 isn’t the worst thing to have especially if you get via lock jaw! Just a suggestion! Not a fix. I’m running my patriot deck through ladder and been having a lot of success with it recently got me to mid 60’s at CL 1250 ish


can’t remember the name, but you prefer weird world over the one that replaces your deck with 10 random cards? id prefer the other persons deck because there is at least some synergy to it


Pretty sure that's district x


Except if they made a district x ladder that is where I would live.


Having District X be its own separate game mode sounds like a LOT more fun than having it show up in normal games


District X hot location when


Yes please!


a marvel snap arena would be so much fun....


I actually do. It's more fun to try to get some play out of random cards than trying to guess what the hell your opponent planned and then do it with an incomplete deck.


I really like Wierdworld. You have to figure out what you opponent is playing and vice versa. Then take into account the probability of drawing what you want while considering your opponent could have started with key cards in their hand.


This. You also have to figure out some way to make your initial cards fit the ones you are getting. It's basically district x with synergistic cards.


All the reasons you mentioned is why it’s shit. You’re likely to have 2/3 of a functioning deck.


But you still have playable cards. Bring me that back to series 1 and 2 where people played cards instead of dumbass broken Omega combos... The game was fun back then Subterranean, on the other hand, you don't even get playable individual cards.


Oh I’m not saying I dont hate subterranea too. Subterranea, Weirdworld, *any location* that disincentivizes play should be removed from the game. Your deck should *at the least* only ever be what it is. Locations should incentivize play styles and not punish them.


I'm not sure what locations you count as decentivising play. One could say death's domain does that because it is a negative field effect, but when I started playing that was the featured location, and it just meant I should probably include night stalker, Colossus and armor in my deck. I don't have a problem with weird world. You still get to play cards. It's not my favorite location but it makes things interesting. Subterranea doesn't make things interesting, it just makes them suck.


If you're playing a Lockjaw deck, those rocks can be golden. Until you shuffle in 2 rocks and get... two more rocks in exchange.


That's how I feel whenever I get Weird World. But I tell myself, "one of us is gonna win" and force myself to play on. It's not that bad if the opponent has a meta deck and you kinda know what deck you are getting into.


The only thing I like about Weirdworld is that I can blame losing on them having a bad deck, so it's a moral victory. Actually, I also enjoy it when I'm playing a leveling deck with absolutely no synergy because I know they are drawing garbage. But actually, no, I hate it.


Ego is my least favorite. I want to be able to actually play the game.


I know people like to meme about it, but the location functionally says "end of the game, flip a coin to determine the winner." Except that would actually be a better location because you wouldn't have to ride out several turns of nonsense to get it over with.


Same with Ego. I want to actually play the game not watch it play for me.


At least ego is an amusing coin flip and super rare. Subterranea is neither.


Collector go brr


Weirdworld is fun


Why not? Try to make thr best of the cards and playing different decks can be fun


There's strategy to it because you know what your opponent is playing.


Nah it’s a fun location


Id rather masturbate with a cheese grater than weird world a snap game.


I hate district x i didnt sit here making a deck and then when i go to try it out boom District X comes out and im like well now i dont get to see how well the cards synergize


I dunno, I like the challenge. District X games are fun to me, too. Sometimes it screws you but sometimes you end up pulling off insane combos that you'd never be dumb enough to build around otherwise. I had a game the other day where I ended up with two Quinjets and it made sense to Mystique one for a third trigger. Fun!


Beat them with their own deck to assert dominance.


This is why I snap on weird world and Lamentis-1 people hate those


Ego. Why would anyone just not want to play? Mindscape and district X up there too


if I have patriot, and ultron in my hand it is an instant snap for me. I can win easy while my opponent has a completely non functional game.


3 will be much better. We also need some kind of card that destroys your lower cost card in the deck.


Or actually shuffled them instead of stacking all of them on top of your deck 90% the time.


It should just be put a rock two cards down. It affects both players equally and it doesn't completely ruin the game. Or it could be two rocks, two vibranium ore, and one character that's underground themed, shuffled into the deck. It could still asymmetrically favored the players, but at least it wouldn't be. You don't get to play while your opponent does levels of suck.


I wouldn't call it the worst location but they just need to scrap the location entirely. Ben Brode needs to get over his rock bluffing fantasies.


Lechuguilla and District X are both worse


lechuguilla you can at least not play there for as long as possible. District X i sort of like because it tests a different kind of skillset in the game. (unless it's turn 1 into drawing Agatha, but I won that game so i dont mind)


If at least I knew the cards are kind of evenly chosen, but too often I just get a ton of useless 6-cost cards so I can't play really anything in the first couple of turns or I only get 1-cost crap with no chance to get to any amount of power on the board


yeah, they should probably make it hqlf a bell curve centered on 1 or 2 cost cards. gives at least a good chance gor you to be able to play something most turns.


There's little skill involved with a random deck. It'd be one thing if it gave you and your opponent the exact same cards, but it doesn't. So it's just a coin flip between who drew the best cards before the DX reveal and who got the luckiest RNG deck draw from DX.


Random decks do have skills involved. sure sometimes it screws you and there's nothing you can do, but I'd wager more than half the time by far you could win or loose. Kind of like how pokemon random matches are mostly skill with a little bit of luck.


Lechuguilla is not even close. Just hold off playing there until you’ve already drawn the cards you need.


Ego is the worst location in the game


Functionally, it's just ending the game and deciding the winner by coin toss, except it drags that whole process out for at least three more turns.


I mostly hate Subterranea. I do. But I will say in the wake of Thanos Lockjaw being every other game I've found some new appreciation for it fucking them over more than it fucks me over.


I’ve a Lockjaw opponent who turn 1 snapped as soon as Subterra revealed as first location. I called his bluff and snapped too(my opening hand was Task, Red Skull, Shuri, drew Zola). Turn 4(after playing Lockjaw) he played 3 rocks into Lockjaw. Rock replaced by rock 3 times. Never have I seen someone retreat so fast. Prolly threw his phone and starting cursing his life too. I hate this location. I agree that 5 rocks is too much. Maybe 3 is the magic number.


Yes. I have a lockjaw. Imma play my rocks. Oh. Its another rock.


“The amount of rocks is too damn high” - Jimmy McMillan (probably)


You snapped though right?


I mean they can play 5 cards on final turn. That's OP. Definitely snap in that situation.


Sometimes the lulz is worth it. Gotta establish dominance.


What if I'm a sub? And I still hate subterranea.


5 rocks is so excessive. 5? As in nearly half of a deck? Thanks


I almost feel like something is broken with the current featured location, because out of the last 15 games I've played, this piece of shit location has been in nine of them. Sokovia showed up 3 times. I've drawn so many rocks since last night that I'm just not going to fucking play the game anymore for a couple days.


Oh my god yes, why is this popping up so much? Made me stop playing for a while.


It’s the hot location which shows up in 40% of games


That’s sokovia tho




At least make them 1-1 or 1-2 or something


There's a lot of ways to fix it. Have it throw three vibranium into both decks rather than rocks. Make it so that if you don't play there the turn it's revealed you get a rock put in your deck or something. Limit it to 2 rocks. There's a lot of options for this, but the current one just sucks


I'd accept it If they were 0 - 1.


Mr negative enters the chat


Not to be "Negative", but I'd rather not waste turn 4 just to get a 0-1 rock and an unplayable Chavez 🤣😉


I wish having 5 Rocks in your hand would give us something cool. Exodia them rocks man.


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, 4 cost, 0 power, if 5 or more cards in your hand are rocks this card gain +30 power and destroys every other card at this location.


That shit straight up stole Black Adam from dc


It should turn into Korg’s boyfriend.


Lol darkhawk players likes that location


If you draw darkhawk instead of rocks ofc


You need more Patriot in your life. Just kidding the number of crappy locations in this game sucks.


They have clearly increased the % of times this comes out, probably because they think this might be a good way of reducing the win ratio % of some particular decks. Maybe it is working, but at the cost of making the game less enjoyable


I've seen it in nine of the last fifteen games I've played. Three times as much as I've seen sokovia.


Oh yeah? Tell that to my Cer3bro with Valkyrie 😏 that being said even I don’t play the rocks


What is your deck? I recently got Valkyrie out of cache and Cer3bro is pretty much the most viable use right now. Thanks!


I just commented it, but also, I feel like adding in a killmonger somewhere would be very important. I’ve often found myself stuck by stupid squirrels or rocks or a ninja. Maybe Blade or even Shang chi because Valkyrie helps out by taking them down. Just not good for like Devil or Knull.


Thanks. I like Killmonger for cleaning up the mess especially with people running a lot of Debris. Today I got Debris followed by Absorbing Man.


# (0) Wasp # (1) Blade # (2) Armor # (2) Colossus # (2) Sentinel # (3) Cerebro # (3) Mystique # (3) Cosmo # (3) Rhino # (4) Shang-Chi # (5) Magik # (5) Valkyrie # eyJDYXJkcyI6W3siQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiV2FzcCJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiQmxhZGUifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IkFybW9yIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJTZW50aW5lbCJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiQ2VyZWJybyJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiTXlzdGlxdWUifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6IkNvc21vIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJSaGlubyJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiU2hhbmdDaGkifSx7IkNhcmREZWZJZCI6Ik1hZ2lrIn0seyJDYXJkRGVmSWQiOiJWYWxreXJpZSJ9LHsiQ2FyZERlZklkIjoiQ29sb3NzdXMifV19 # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.


Any Ongoing card that boosts power is good with Valk. If you're 4 against 4 but you have Ant-Man in your lane and they don't, you just win.


I think the text of the location should be updated to clarify that you will always draw at least two of those rocks.


3 of those rocks, in my experience.


It seems to be one of the most common locations aswell... I wish they made it as rare sight as Ego


Locations that significantly alter the contents of your deck should be removed. Impact the board not my deck building. Playing with random cards in a card game is not, nor has ever been fun. Can anyone think of any card game that has a game mode where you're given a pile of random ass cards and told to play,? No? None ever in the history of card games?


MTG Sealed Deck is the closest I can think of. You can add in your own lands, but you basically have whatever the packs give you. Though it is a test of deck building in a way that District X is not.


I want a game mode without weird world or district X lol


Let’s add the one that fills your hand with random bullshit to that list. If it reveals on T1, I can’t draw for 2 turns.


Why don't you just play one of your one drops? Oh that's right they suck so no one even puts cards that cost one or two unless it's iceman and scorpion... I was building my decks where more than half a deck cost less than three, and I didn't even include six drops. Then I see suggestions for top tier decks and they're like yeah just putting ice man and scorpion and then everything should cost more than three. Low-cost cards need a real buff or end game bull shit combos need a nerf big time


Low cost cards are fine. They're meant to help fill curve and affect priority in the early game or they're the main point of the deck in things like Kazar Zoo. 6 cost cards were a lot weaker across the board during Beta and that led to Zoo and Dino just being better than 90% of the stuff you could run. Spectrum was a 6/4, Onslaught a 6/6, Ultron a 6/7 (I think), Destroyer was 6/14, Hulk was 6/11 and Blue Marvel was a 6/4. Iceman IS good but also people just aren't very creative. Nightcrawler is a great 1 drop (especially if you run Angela). Korg is great, Zero is great in decks built around him. Ant-Man is great too. Lots of good options but your deck has to take advantage of them. I'm running a control deck with Rocket as my 1 drop over Iceman. He has more power (and is easier to trigger when Storm or Prof X have locked a lane) and Iceman has the side effect of potentially making Shuri decks more difficult to compete with. I WANT my opponent to play Shuri on 4 because it means I can easily with the Flooded lane without any real investment. That in turn allows me to lock down a lane on turn 5 if I'm able to guess where their Red Skull will go (it's typically easy to anticipate because of the armor or Cosmo).


Lol no


Nah they're fine


In hearthstone, there were a few weekly Tavern Brawl modes that gave you exactly that. The novelty of those modes wore out fast, though.


Arena drafts in Hearthstone, Collector decks in this game


Nah weird world and district x are great. They give me the most laughs in this game.


But if you had Kazar, Blue Marvel and Onslaught you'd be sitting pretty


Was too busy drawing rocks to actually get any of them.


I'm starting to really, really hate the locations in this game. Places like Subterranea, Weirdworld, District X, Ego, make me just want to not play and other places like Central Park, Eternity Range, Sanctum still annoy me to no end.


I just want a card that says "remove all 1 cost cards from your deck. Gain +2 power for every card removed this way." Maybe make it a 3/2. I hate both rocks and drawing turn 5/6 iceman


What a nice idea!


I think you mean broken idea. A card that helps you fix your deck and is actually powerful to play? Granted a great deal of combos in this game are broken anyway... This game needs so much fucking balancing help. It's disgusting


You got really stoned for that game.


wait did they retexture the infinity stones?


I agree with you


It's easily the worst location in the game and can affect the players so asymmetrically.


Lucky you, they all cost zero!


Agreed, but that’s an awesome colossus variant I haven’t seen it before


Bro your Colossus is sick!!!


"Shuffle" but they always all 5 right on top.


I said this in another post about the same topic: the rocks get shuffled and then placed *on* your deck. Working as intended.


I copped Subbeteranea 9 times within an hour on Saturday night. 3 in a row in the middle location. I also pulled a minimum of 3 rocks every game I copped this location. It's such a garbage location that always benefits your opponent as they pull 1 rock or none.


I remember good ol’ Benny from Hearthstone times. Inhuman monetization and pushing obnoxious and toxic RNG everywhere. Tbh didn’t think he could go lower, but he did! Joke’s on me, as I’m playing this rng clownfest ;)


Oh I agree. I always considered competitive Hearthstone to be such a massive fucking joke because of all of the RNG and random card generation. The card draw in card games is stupid enough RNG to begin with but adding more is just dumb. But until someone comes out with another, actually good RTS or turn-based strategy game, much less on mobile, I'm stuck playing games like this on my phone. Or the stupid gacha ones where you just blow all your ultimates on turn one, because for some reason you have them available on turn one...


Yeah :/


Just play Mr negative boom a bunch of free cards


It sucks but its not an instant retreat. You can play out your cards until T6 and just retreat or not. Oppo probobly got fucked just as bad or worse.


You won…. Wtf?


Ok then uninstall the game?... Problem solved


Uninstall the game then. Do it, coward, you won’t.


Orrr play s deck that leverages the rocks


Awww you'll be ok.


You could have retreated and lost 1 cube and 4 seconds of your time if you wanted. You should uninstall though, if you don’t like locations that give debuffs, it’s sort of the point of the game. You could consider chess instead which seems it would be better suited.


It's not "this game isn't chess" people are complaining about. It's negative RNG that can substantially change the course of the game over the course of many turns. ​ I've seen almost nobody ever complain about the negative zone, or a random sokovia (that could change today with the hot location but still). Even x-mansion highrolls/lowrolls are "laugh it off, retreat, play the next game". The problem with subterranea is that it is negative AND random AND can destroy your gameplan substantially AND you don't know how bad the RNG is until you play the game out. It's a perfect storm.


Sokovia being on hot today has been a drag tbh Subterranea deffo needs a change though, like a lot of people are saying, 3 instead of 5 rocks would be decent imo


It’s a stupid location. Entirely RNG. No strategy or fun mechanics. Get off your asshole sarcastic high horse defending the stupidest shit about this game.


Locations aren’t buffs no matter how much you cry


Except for the locations that literally buff your cards, right?




Who said Wakanda was a buff?


Except for literally half the locations?


Do you think that means that ‘locations are buffs’? 🤣🤣🤣


Where did I say locations are all or should all be buffs? Can you read?


You played this out through a T1 Subterrania, 2 cards under IW and a Magik? Not to mention multiple rock draws? Don't make location variance the scapegoat for your poor decision making.


If you don't notice, they're winning.


I think this location gets too much hate, I think it’s cool to make both decks more inconsistent. It’s one of the locations where I change up my game plan up the most. People bring up how they lose cubes because they think “ I only lose if my opponent drew X but maybe they didn’t draw it and they’re bluffing” ofc they’re not bluffing, when you draw 75% of your deck in a typical game it’s better to expect your opponent has the card they’re looking for. But this location changes that and actually makes this game feel a bit like poker. I don’t snap if I have a perfect hand on turn 1, but if Subterranea comes up I sure do.


Good thing I play patriot decks or this location would be hell


Still 5 2 power rocks is still pretty worthless if your opponent had a decent starting hand. Or kill monger.


You absolutely right, but patriot + mystique can at least get them to 4 power, that's 20 pts in a lane. Still vulnerable to killmonger and still sucks to get rocks, it just sucks slightly less when you have patriot.






Subterranea at 3 rocks would be fine, and while we’re at it change Lechuguilla to “Shuffle 1 rock after you play a card here.” This way it’s basically like Korging yourself instead of yet another unplayable location.


this is the universe telling you to play kazoo


The one time I leave my Darkhawk at home...


Thanos is easily defeated with rocks.


Running a roulette deck into Subterranea is just asking for trouble. It's the only location that has me contemplating surrendering Turn 1.


People love Ego but hate Subterranea? I’ll easily snap on subterranea revealing if I have a made hand but I never feel safe with Ego.


Don’t complain about locations or the game, Jeff Hoogland will ban you from his chat


Lower subterannea to 3 rocks and lechuguilla shuffles 1 rock. They can still mess you up but isn’t hair pulling anymore


Yeah I feel like 3 rocks is more reasonable


I just got it 4/5 games playing On Reveal Lockjaw. After the fifth game I put my phone down and opened Reddit..


As a Lockjaw enjoyer, I either retreat immediately or if I’m willing to stomach it, until they snap.


Unless you have darkhawk or patriot


I remember bringing this up to Ben Brode on the Discord server and posted his response to this Reddit. The rest is history.


It would be way less bad if it shuffled 5 rocks into each deck AT THE SAME LOCATIONS so each player drew them at the same time.


They really want people to play patriot


I mostly play Jubilee and Mr. Negative and I hate getting the rocks shuffled into my deck. I always just retreat when the rocks get pulled.


Let us combine the rocks into a more powerful card if we have 4


So. Much. Fun.


its needs to be nerfed to 2-3 rocks


Bruh that hand totally rocks! (I have had this happen several time to myself and using lockjaw. I’m not longer surprised at my mineral curse.)


Did you bluff yet?


My biggest gripe is the locations in the game. Half of them are either “fuck you have some rocks” or “fuck you im gonna destroy your cards”


I’m sure the opponent was sweating all the cards you were holding up


Looks personal


yeah last game i had that 4 rocks in a row. threw my phone - its just not fun.


i did this earlier


Ngl, quit playing after getting this a few too many times.


Might as well change the description to 'add 5 rocks to each hand' because you're guaranteed to draw 5 rocks anyway


So many locations literally make it so you just cant play the game or cards. Pointless annoyances.


Works well with machine world


What am I looking at? XD


Unless your opponent gets 6+ power on middle, you’d be safe with 26 on subterranea


Too many games I've been in where I'm like Welp guess I can't play this game.


lol seeing this hand feels like deja vu. I play quinjet and subterranea popped up, proceeded to draw all 5 stones and they were 0 cost as well.


Man, when this location appears and I have Adam Warlock, its like he pulls every rock out of the deck. Shit is whack lol


Subterranea hidden ability: Put 5 rocks right next to each other and draw them every turn. convince me otherwise.


the thing about this location is that unlike all the other negative ones this one can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. It is just there and NOTHING is going to reverse the damage it has done to that match.


I swear locations scan my deck and prepare the worst set every 5 games..