Ah I did not know you had a separate channel for Snap. I followed you for a while, but stopped playing Hearthstone a bit over a year ago. Glad to see more from you.


Hoping to create more content for Snap. Glad to see you as well.


I appreciate how well you are responding to the negative comments :) thanks for the video!


24/7 grinding ?


Well I do stream the game. But I've played 6500 or so games. So it is a lot. But just grinding alone won't get you there.


From snap.fan, I've played in 7954 games so far and am still struggling to get past rank 93.


You must have played this game A LOT! What are your thoughts on SS? Do you think he deserves a nerf?


Silver Surfer definitely one of the stronger cards in the meta. It feels oppressive because it's one of the better cards that people have easy access too. However, their composition is a bit telegraphed and there are some counter plays with Cosmo and Magneto so I probably wouldn't put that that card at the top of my list of nerfs.


What should we do with Magneto against Surfer decks? Move their 3s to our losing lane? Is there a logic to which ones he moves, or is it random? Thanks in advance. :)


You can either move them to their losing lane or move them to your winning lane that their avoiding so have a couple options there


(Not OP) He does deserve a nerf, but his deck is also one of the few high tier decks that doesn't require pool 5 cards. They could probably hit Polaris or Maximus instead, since both are top 15 by cube rate despite being generalists. Dark Hawk and Shuri, and to a much lesser extent Zabu should probably be nerfed. Zabu is part of five of the top six decks rank 80+, and Darkhawk-Zabu is far and away the best deck by cube rate rank 80-100. Orca, Agatha, Venom, and some less loved discard units should probably be buffed. Edit: Downvoting without responding to a reasonable 0 response comment is cowardly.


Can you link the data you presented? Not doubting you, just interested to see it


https://snap.fan/decks/meta/?rank=80-100&patch=10.13&sort=cubes https://snap.fan/matches/statistics?patch=10.13&rank=80-100 I generally look at 80-100 stats since past infinite the meta becomes less tryhard-y (e.g. Agathat's use rate skyrockets). For the second link, click the avg cubes under "in deck" to sort.




Yes, but there's quite a large sample size (more than 300,000 games rank 80-100 alone). I think you can make comparisons between decks, even if the numbers are off due to selection bias (i.e. people using a tracker are more likely to be tryharding).


Lolol calling people cowards for down voting you is pedantic. It's fucking reddit.


Oh sure it's hella *pedantic*. I was at -5 and I have no idea what anyone was disagreeing with. I'm not expecting the downvotes to stop (reddit being reddit), but I was hoping it would bait an explanation.


My response, is that surfer does NOT feel like an unfair advantage. I grumble harder at many other cards. If you’re going to split hairs at the balance of the game, then just have one card that everyone plays. Turn it into a game of frickin’ checkers. If people really want to cry nerf, maybe Leader then. I wish people would just shut their yappers about surfer already.


Leader isn't part of any of the top decks played atm. Not even top 10. Surfer is the third best deck, after Shuri clone and Darkhawk. Those three decks alone stand apart from the pack as far as cube gain. Most "good" meta decks average 0.09-0.14 cubes per game in 80+. The three I mentioned are the only ones breaking 0.17. https://snap.fan/decks/meta/?rank=80-100&patch=10.13&sort=cubes The dataset includes more than 185,000 Silver Surfer games in this ranking range alone.


Great video! I liked that your tips are "non obvious" and fairly actionable. It doesn't mean they're easy to do though :) Do you have plans to do more in depth video on some of the skills you mentioned, for example: deck archetypes and mental model for playing or facing them, snapping mindset, location, etc?


Yeah the Channel is fairly new so I still have a lot of videos that I need to make. I did try to make "actually useful" tips. So many times I watch a tip video and I think to myself, "I already know all this" so I tried to avoid that.


The first one should be: used darkhawk lol


The first IS my decklist and the issue that I have a series 5 card haha. Then we talk about how your cards matter.


If you can't or haven't applied the rest of the info he gave then not even dark hawk can help you.


Great tips and thanks for sharing! I definitely don’t snap enough and also don’t weigh locations as much as I should. Just to expand on your “snap T6 if you’re not going to win” bluffing concept with a principle from poker. If people want to try this they should check that their story makes sense. Example: you’re playing a Good Cards deck and you didn’t draw Leader. Board state on T6 shows is such that you would likely win if you had Leader in hand. Snapping here is very profitable. If you’re not playing a deck that usually features Leader, bluffing would make less sense.


I agree with your sentiment but I'd argue Leader is a bad example because it isn't that telegraphed. I've bluffed with my Hela deck plenty because they assume I've got her ready for turn 6.


Great video! Will definitely be helpful in my climb. If I could make one suggestion, I think you should break up the video into a couple of smaller videos. Many people won't spend 40+ minutes watching one video. You would get more views if you broke up your video into 10-15 minute videos.


Yeah I'll consider making shorter videos in the future.


Is one of the tips to be a whale and spend $3000 to get all the cards? I'm only a little jaded, can you tell?


I’ve only bought the season passes and the welcome bundle but yea have cards gives you an advantage. I’m not happy good cards are behind they season pass personally.


Nice - and I'm excited that you're into this game! Watched plenty of your battlegrounds play before I detoxed from Hearthstone entirely - only to find my new addiction in Snap. Also on the BP-only train and pretty easily hit 60. It's definitely friendlier than ranked in HS.


Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but virtually every cardgame physical or digital has some kind of advantage to paying. And of them, I feel like snap is fairly generous. Playing often, learning the meta, and knowing when to snap/retreat is much more important than having access to more cards. You don't need multiple series 4/5 to make a decently competitive deck, people regularly make infinite with full series 3 decks. Panther, Surfer, and Zabu have been very powerful cards, but Miles and the upcoming MODOK show they aren't always going to stick to power in the pass. Hopefully future cards keep to the trend of interesting but niche cards that are less prohibitive being locked to series 5 temporarily.


Snap is generous, except at the higher ranks where the best decks have pool 5 cards (namely Shuri and Darkhawk). Surfer gets pretty close, but Darkhawk is ridiculous (and makes up 10% of the meta). Only very large whales and very lucky players get pool 5 cards in a reasonable time frame. With most CCGs, even really greedy ones, you can play pretty much any deck for $50. (Except for MTG, where your cards have resell value)




bro that's like 30 bucks over 3 months, that's not whaling




You not so subtly implied $30 is a lot of money over 3 months.


It is when you only get $5 a month in allowance


Tip 1. Use a broken deck.


Used to love your Hearthstone Arena content back in the day, glad to see you over here and looking forward to the video!


I thought rank 100 was the top


The actual audacity lmao. How I climbed to 400. Used dark hawk. Fucking kill me. No shit Sherlock moment here.


This was a good video. You wouldn't typically come up on my algorithm so I'm glad to support smaller channels.