They had initially changed the date last night to release today on the 17th because they got stock in. They shipped a small handful out and then changed the date on all the Wakanda Forever wave to October 1st, probably because of a street date. You got lucky yours was sent before they changed the release date to the street date!


Yeah they charged me for my preorders saying they would arrive today, but I just got an email saying they won’t until October now.




Dang dude. Lucky break. Do a YouTube review and launch a career with how early you are on this one!


For me it's sort of pointless to review before seeing the movie. What is there to talk about? A photo gallery would suffice at that point.


“What is there to talk about?” Except for every objective quality about the figure that can’t be argued. And not the figure as a representation of the character with the greater context of the film. The way it represents a character is important, sure, but a figure should never be judged on that alone.


Sure but Marvel Legends have little features or differences among them. Range of the head. Accessories and if they have holsters. These seem to have some new body parts possibly to show. Most could be answered in photos. I didn't say not to make a video if anyone wanted. For me watching it won't matter much. I don't get much out of it myself. I'm not commanding what everyone else should do or like.


But it's a review of the figure not the movie.. I like to see the figure in someone's hands how it looks posing and most importantly how it looks next to other figures.


Well he wouldn't be reviewing the movie- he'd be reviewing the figure so it doesn't matter what the movie is like


You are right. It's a figure of a character in a movie though. If it had great articulation and detailing, would you get it based on that without knowing the character or media that it is from though? Could happen, unlikely though. That's all I mean. I never said don't do it; I just meant I don't enjoy any review of these that is opened before the movie is out. For MCU Marvel Legends that is. I am sorry if anyone was bothered by this, I just said how I see things, not how everyone else should.


I got the entirety of the first Age of Apocalypse wave solely based on how they cool they looked. It was only afterwards that I read the entire Age of Apocalypse saga. If I see Wakanda Forever Namor on shelf before I see the movie I'm getting him because he looks good and I love Namor. No need to apologize- it's just your original comment seems to imply that there's nothing of value in reviewing rhe figure before the movie comes out- which is an inaccurate statement because like I said - we talk about the figure itself (sculpt, detail, articulation, accessories) not the movie during a figure review. As a reviewer myself, in my reviews I'll talk about related media if I need to but I'm always there to talk about the figure itself


Seeing a figure in person be it through review or actually seeing it in store is a major deal breaker. I’ve seen many figures that looked great in promos and not so much in person and reviews have helped me make that decision. There are also a lot of people who might not want this figure but want to see it just to appreciate the sculpt. The short answer to your question is no, it doesn’t matter how good or bad the movie is. The infinity war iron man sucked imo, no matter how much I liked the movie and the suit I refused to get it because it was such a low quality figure. Reviews helped in that way. On the flip side I didn’t really care about the what if series in large (that’s just my own opinion) but the captain carter was a beautiful figure in person and I wanted it, same with ravager Thor, didn’t care for the movie much but loved that outfit. The new black panther movie could be a steaming pile of shit but I think the namor figure is a really cool design worthy of many movie shelves. So a review can benefit many different people for many different reasons.


A lot of money from views for everyone who wants to see how the figure is would be the point I suppose.


He wouldn’t get money if he’s just starting, but it could kinda get him a little growth. Yeah there isn’t much to be gained.


I mean, there isn’t anything to lose but everything to gain 🤷🏻‍♂️


That’s awesome! How is he?


A little bit tired but ok


Sweet! You got Namor early.


oh god how unfortunate for you. No I'm not jealous. Shut up.


They emailed me and said mine would be here Wednesday, then emailed me again saying they would be here oct 5th. So they’re shipping.


Can you post pics of the back that shows the rest of the wave? I think we’re still due to have one figure revealed


I had no idea about that! I just checked and it doesn’t seem to have any other characters not revealed yet!


The names are on the side.


Oh god that packaging looks foul 💀


Ha. Out of the Blue. I get it.


Oh this is good news! Hopefully this means the rest of the wave will start "accidentally" shipping this month as well including the new comic Black Panther which is a need for me.


Come oooon amazon mess up venom 3 pack next


I got charged for them, but none of them shipped. I did get the controller wave notification though.


And yet the Controller BAF wave is still not completely out yet.


Mr. Nimbus?


Mexican Namor is like Mexican Coke, almost the same but just a little sweeter.


yeah, mine just shipped from Entertainment Earth, wasn’t expecting them till November.


Just Namor or the whole wave? I have the whole wave on preorder there.


just namor so far, the only other one from the wave i ordered was Comic BP


Between yesterday and today, his delivery date changed 4 times for me on Amazon


Mine’s coming tomorrow apparently! Thought itd be a longer wait


Retailers get dates from Hasbro and are just ETA placeholders. If they get stock in sooner it ships.


Short shorts


That's awesome for you. I love it. I'm really hoping they release one with his full headress and regalia.


I just preordered one. I didn’t before because it was gonna come out in march so I was saving to buy the wave at once, but I see on Amazon it’s gonna get delivered to me next week lol I’m so stoked I love this Namor design


Hes not in a speedo. Not my namor!


EE is sending it out too. What about getting things you ordered in the mail is amazon messing up


Is it me or does that figure look goofy af?


The character looks goofy as fuck


Bro its comic accurate namor has always been goofy af his suit is just a speedo💀


it look incredibly cheap


Rare Amazon W.


Mirsab the Goat 🤌🏼




I’ll reserve my judgment until the movie comes out. Not feeling the Mayan vibe for costume.


Same. I hate this entire look. Sometimes less is more. It feels like too much.


Not to brag but he showed me first! Thanks Babe ♥️😘


Yessir 🫡




He's my Friend he told me about it 😭 I was just playing around


Why can’t are amphibian characters stay the color they where in the originals ??


Hey man this isn’t the place for that.


Why can't you get any bitches?


What do we pick on first, the shite spelling or blatant racism?


Did you get the correct figure? Did you get charged correctly? Nah they didnt mess up.


Nope that wave and controller wave are being shipped out atm. Only the comic panther is still on the orginal date ofc


Wakanda forever wave is set for October on Amazon! Controller wave I don’t know much about, but as far as I’ve seen I think I’m one of the very first with this figure!


I was replying to your title”Amazon messed up?” No they didn’t. This wave and the controller wave are shipping out now


They stopped shipping this wave put and changed the date to October 1st. OP got lucky theirs sent before the date change