She-Hulk Is Not A Bad Show!

I just finished the series and sure, it's not a 10/10 show. But it's also not a horrendous, unwatchable wreck.

It's satire. Marvel is satirizing itself. It doesn't really take itself that seriously which is perfectly fine for a comedy.

Could it have been better? Of course. But did I hate it? Absolutely not. It's way better than Secret Invasions. Which took itself way too seriously, was boring, painful to finish and cringey unintentionally.

For what it was, I didn't hate it and it can be quite fun if you go in with the mentality that you will be watching a light comedy show.

The memes and all that, although funny, gave it a bad rap. More than it deserved. The "cringey" parts were mostly deliberate. Because it's SATIRE and a COMEDY!

Not all of Marvel has to take itself seriously or it has to be BIG AND SHOWY!

Some Marvel fans and general viewers too acted literally like the group it was making fun of "INTELLIGENCIA" aka reddit. Ironic.

I liked it. A solid 6.5/10.


Part of me wanted the HulkKing guy to just collapse due to gamma poisoning upon injecting himself with Jen's blood. Wasn't it said that Bruce and Jen have a weird genetic trait that allows them to absorb gamma? Shouldn't that kid just die?


I think the finale completely erased that plot line? Like he never stole the serum and just... stole her privacy?


I know I know, i just mean if they had kept it


Ya... they could've resolved things better without the overly indulgent 4th wall-breaking. But I guess that's her character. She SMASHES all kinds of walls.


And sometimes Matt Murdock.


I genuinely really enjoyed a lot of the 4th Wall breaking throughout the series but yeah the end being purposefully messy to wrap things up in a weird little bow was hard to really get into. But it's far from a bad show I think. It did what it set out to do!


I suppose he did mention that he had her blood “modified” into a serum. It’s a weak excuse, but it is there. Thankfully it doesn’t last long before the glorious 4th wall breaking finale.


I thought it was going to turn him into gargoyle, The Leaders lackey is the 90s hulk cartoon who had a really unhealthy obsession with She Hulk. Thought it be a good way to introduce more Hull villains.


It is worth noting that She-Hulk has *always* been a fourth-wall breaking satire.


She was breaking 4th walls when Deadpool was just a twinkle in Rob Liefeld’s eye.


She Hulked so that Dead could Pool.


A modern poet!


She even points this out in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. One of her win quotes against a team with Deadpool is her saying "if this game came out in 1992, *I'd* be the one breaking the fourth wall" or something to that effect.


"Y'know, if this game were made in 1991, I'd be the one whacking you with a health bar."


Oh that’s great, lol. I never played the game, but Shulkie is my favorite superhero and a lot of it is bc of her sass.


I misread this as “Shulkie is my favorite superhero and a lot of it is bc of her ass” 💀


That too.


And she wouldn’t hate that either. I appreciate her sex positive attitude a lot, too, lol. She was goals to me as a nerdy girl in the 90s.


Agreed, and I don’t think Liefeld actually had anything to do with that aspect of Deadpool. He drew a cringey Deathstroke-knockoff ninja that Fabian Nicieza and Joe Kelly turned into an actual character. (Joe did it better imo, though I know Fabian disagrees. I know this because we used to get into arguments about the character on the cbr forums back in the mid 2000s. God bless him for being that engaged with the fandom, he’s one of the real ones. I still think I’m right, but he’s allowed to be wrong about the character he wrote and co-created) ((Also Liefeld is a perpetual embarrassment of a comic book artist, I will never understand how he got so big and how he still lingers around. Like, Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri exist. They EMBODY the drawing style that Liefeld aspires to and sucks at and has never improved upon. Idk I’m off on a tangent now))


Yeah, I don’t think there’s any argument Kelly took the character and ran with him. As I stated to another commenter, I was just making a quick ‘dad’ joke about DPs actual creator. My main point being the criticisms about Shulkie’s wall breaking are unfounded.


Fabian is responsible for so many good story lines in the 90s, and his thunderbolts run is amazing


Totally agree. And his second run on Thunderbolts was one of the best things to come out of Avengers: Disassembled imo. I was also very much into Ellis’ take that followed, but I still think it’s a shame because it seems like Nicieza got the short end of that stick. I could have read that comic for years. Classic super-hero stuff spotlighting under-utilized characters with JUST the right amount of underlying darkness - see Radioactive Man’s monologue about “the count.”


*Joe Kelly


Rob Liefeld was the original artist and writer, Joe Kelly didn’t step in for a few years


Liefeld was not the writer, and Kelly is the one who pretty much reinvented the character to be the wacky, 4th wall breaking modern Deadpool. Liefeld's was a poor deathstroke ripoff that was a bit chatty. Liefeld is technically the original co-creator, but had nothing to do with anything that made the character popular today.


You’re taking this too seriously. It would have made no sense to make the ‘twinkle in the eye’ joke about someone who wasn’t the original artist/creator. It wasn’t a joke about who made the character who he developed into, it was about who came up with him. But I guess since he has two dads I should have mentioned Fabian Nicieza. I just couldn’t remember how to spell his name for an off the cuff joke.


Not *always*, but at least a decade before Deadpool. Her first run was just a plain run-of-the-mill comic, although the overall story was actually really good, and it's often skipped or forgotten since it doesn't do the 4th wall stuff.


Savage She-Hulk


No one seems to understand this at all.


She-hulk readers I know did and loved it


Ah, well there's your problem. Most of the chodes who hated She Hulk have never read a single page of She Hulk.


Most of them haven’t even read comics.


I’ll never forget the dudes posting about Stan Lee rolling in his grave that Disney keep gender-swapping his characters and She-Hulk is a disgrace to Lee and the Hulk. My brother in Christ, Google is free. Search for the year she was created and for the love of god, her creator.


and they literally turned those morons into the villains of the show. it was hilarious


I can't wait until Disney's X-Men really makes it obvious that mutants and the discrimination they face is metaphor for real life minority groups and what they go through. The crying from all the idiots who (somehow!) never got that in the first place will be sweet.


Guarantee there will be an lgbtq x men character in the films that people will call woke


I’ve actually seen people argue that unironically


I love the comics, have several She-Hulk omnibus' and I hate the show. It was incredibly disappointing. I'm not really sure what 'satire' the OP is referring to here aside from the finale breaking the 4th wall, and that's hardly satire. All it was was the show telling the audience "yeah I know we're not good, we deliberately made it bad" as if that's an excuse. When you look behind the scenes, you find a group of writers that decided to make a superhero legal comedy and yet admitted that they did not know how to write legal scenes. Instead of getting a writer with legal experience, they just wrote bad legal scenes or avoided the law completely. In a show that literally had 'attorney at law' in the title. Instead of getting a superhero version of Boston Legal/Ally MacBeal, we got a bizarre mishmash of nothing that went knowhere. Extremely disappointing.


This. She-Hulk has been one of the few Marvel characters I actively kept up with and by God, this show was a chore.


It had some bright spots, but every episode made me deflated and miserable by the end. It honestly felt like it was written by 20 year olds. As a huge fan of Dan Slott's run on Shulkie, it was painful to see such a great run and character get mangled beyond recognition.


Honestly this shouldn’t even be the problem. I think it’s more that some people just don’t like shows that break or play with the format in some way. Which is mental to me, but there you go.




This. If you've read the comic, you knew what to expect going in and the writers & actors did a good job pulling that off. I enjoyed it better than a lot of other marvel shows the last several years.


Agreed! I love how it was different but still had a comic storyline cohesiveness. One nightstand with daredevil was hilarious.


No, not always. That interpretation started with John Byrne’s run, which didn’t come out until 10 years after the first She-Hulk comic. There have been many similar depictions of her since then, but many of her appearances since then have also largely played her straight as a dramatic character. Satirical She-Hulk is hardly the only She-Hulk.


Bryne is THE she-hulk writer, he is responsible for her longest and most popular/successful run to date.


Agreed, though I’ll be honest, I think the last episode took it too far. It went from funny talking to the audience to far too meta.


"What if we made a female hulk but gave her the body of a porn star?" I mean that was always the pitch right? It was never that serious. These idiots would probably get mad when the Squirrel Girl movie is comedic.


Your acting as though that’s different from literally any female super hero created. They all have the body of a pornstar - bunch of horny dudes drawing girls in skin tight clothes with nipples constantly poking out. On the opposite side every male character was equally ripped. Which means either none of it was serious, or it was and you may just be missing the mark on this she-hulk thing…


I enjoyed the concept of the finale, but not the execution of it. I thought the rest of it was pretty fun!


They talked about how they could write a better ending, and then they skipped the ending, they skipped to the epilogue. I would have enjoyed watching the "suggested changes". They ignored one of the most important rules, "Show, don't Tell." It was just... over.


They didn't skip the better ending, her breaking out into the "real world" and making the changes **was** the better ending. That was the point. She used her powers in a createive way to solve the problem. Not to create a different problem and then solve it in a conventional way


Yeah, but the ending was still dumb. Can you call breaking the fourth wall a good superpower for the show, like it retrospectively makes previous plot points worse by making them worthless. She just removed important plot points and deus ex machina'd her way into a victory Jar Jar Binks style. I think that the wall breaking is fun but when it affects the plot it is dumb to me. >! I also hate how they made Abomination break his parole, he had become an amazing character !<


Being self aware of how bad your script it doesn't make it better


Still better than a bad script played straight. Secret Invasion literally being the formulaic bullshit She-Hulk was making fun of.


Secret Invasion sucked from start to finish.


Making a script that revolves around subverting expectations at the last minute isn't the same as "being self aware that your script is bad".


The finale falls apart to me because they wrote this whole diatribe about how this ending sucks and is garbage and wouldn’t it be better if it ended *this* way? But it’s like, hey writers, you wrote the shitty ending too. You wrote a shitty ending, just to turn around and say lmao this ending sucks let’s do a better one. You could have just done the better ending to start with? I felt like it was taking crazy pills watching that finale. And yes I get that they were making a commentary on how cliche most of these super hero properties operate but just making a good and different thing on your own is more than enough of a statement to make than artificially creating your own bad ending then pointing at it and saying “ew!” as if some other writing team wrote it.


I think that the bit with the finale went completely over your head/you’re overthinking it. They wrote a bad ending on purpose for the sake of the bit


The "hero fights an dark mirror of themselves" is a really tired trope in the MCU too. Iron Man does it in the first two films, Captain America does it, Black Panther **really** does it, Ant-man does it, and She-hulk zagged away when it looked like they were about to do it again, providing some commentary on the MCU as a whole.


Since when is writing an ending that you know is bad and calling it out in your own writing makes it’s good? That’s ridiculously stupid.


Because of the rest of the MCU that it's satirizing... oh who am I kidding, there's no convincing people like you to stop hating something once you've started.


When you don’t do anything actually better than what you’re satrizing, that’s clearly not good satire. Especially considering the show critiqued the rushed nature of the show finales, only to do that exact same thing. I didn’t go into this expecting to hate this like you think I did. I earnestly tried to like it. Only to find there was really no point to anything that even happened because Jen just wiped away any and all conflict like that.


... how could you write all of this, saying you get it, while not getting it?


The very fact that it brought in obscure villains like Porcupine and Leapfrog gives it big marks in my book. Plus it feeling different to all of Marvel’s other shows, the likeable supporting cast, plenty of laughs, and her excellent chemistry with Daredevil, its probably my 3rd or 4th favourite MCU show


I LOVED the episode with Daredevil


Daredevil loved it too


That little ‘walk of shame’ while whistling at the end was perfection.


Incorrect, there was no shame. That was a goddamn strut.


Lol, that’s why I put apostrophes around it! I didn’t know what else to call it but there were indeed no regrets, from either party.


The Stride of Pride


Also loved the Mr. Immortal cameo, even though it was kinda "inaccurate."


In general I’d rather a lot of characters like that get adapted in an “inaccurate” and fun way than not at all


I thought it was a decent story idea, something out of Angel, but I wish they wouldn't use Mr. Immortal to fill that character role, because other than the super power, it had nothing to do with the character. That is a very shallow way to adapt something.


Hell, if they ever want a more accurate version, they explicitly say he has a son.


I'm hoping for a season 2 Porcupine redemption like what's happening in the comics at the moment


I think 9 episodes that were episodic helped. Six episodes telling one thin story doesn’t work


I really enjoyed it. I think it hit the tone it wanted to and it got hate because the tone wasn’t what people wanted even though it wasn’t gonna be a typical Marvel show. That said, the ending was weak and the finale’s big wall break missed the mark for me when it had the writers acting like characters and the whole K.E.V.I.N. thing instead of it being realistic (though her breaking through the streaming menu was perfect). My personal biggest issues are it really downplayed Bruce’s trauma and anger issues (also his son’s CGI and that hairline) when it could have still had her “in control” of her anger because of her experiences as a woman without invalidating Bruce’s inner struggle; other issue was the legal side of it; I was hoping for a more realistic courtroom. Not like Daredevil, but for a legal comedy the legal side was whack as hell for the sake of the comedy. Since Endgame, Marvel’s weak spot has been their writing, both for films and series. Every (non-CGI) issue I’ve had with She-Hulk came down to writing.


They didn't downplay Bruce's trauma and anger, they literally washed it all away like it never existed. And not just in this, but in every movie he's in, except the 2003 version.


Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought they were actually hinting at Bruce's issues in She-Hulk? Bruce had a massive binder for handling how to be a Hulk only for Jen to not need any of it to his surprise. I thought the point there was that Jen didn't have all of Bruce's trauma, and Bruce mistakenly believes that handling Hulk is super difficult because of Hulk and not because of his underlying trauma.


I like your headcannon, I wish this was shown though, but no, nothing like that was even remotely implied. If they had, it'd have been different, at least comparatively.


I liked it but was definitely bummed at the finale. Also.. 6.5 is a solid score for you?


if 5 is average in a 10 scale, I guess 6,5 *is* pretty solid, technically speaking.


I could see that. That also happens to be the show's aggregate score on MetaCritic, although I'm sure that number is intetpreted differently.


As a fan of the comics, this is one of the first MCU things that feels like such a straight adaptation of the whole character since like Civil War lol


It was exactly like reading a She Hulk comic.


I agree. I think what a lot of people don't understand is Marvel, the comic publisher, makes/made a diverse range of titles. Not every single title is meant to appeal to every fan. You might be all about X-men and read every comic that features those characters, but not enjoy any Avengers comics. It doesn't detract from the comics you do like. This show is the same way. It appeals to the fans of the She-Hulk comic. Those fans aren't necessarily the same fans who like Falcon and The Winter Soldier. That's what makes for a robust and interesting universe.


> I agree. I think what a lot of people don't understand is Marvel, the comic publisher, People understand that perfectly well. Even if it's faithful to the source material it can still be poorly done, and She-hulk isn't exactly an incredibly popular property to start with. It doesn't matter if they did it a certain way on purpose or not. What matters is if people enjoyed it. People always want to say that if you don't like something you don't understand it. No. We understand it just as well as you do. We just don't like it.


That's what I was saying. It's okay if you don't like it. Not every piece of media is meant for every person to enjoy. As someone who enjoyed Marvel's awkward 4th wall jokes from the 80s, I thought the show captured that style very well. It's not the best thing Marvel has ever done and it has flaws. It was still something I enjoyed and we can have different opinions about it.


Sure. I'm glad you liked it.


I liked the whole show until the finale. Honestly, if it would have ended the episode before, it would have been a better show.


Ya. The finale was a little messy. Which was also intentional on their part but they leaned so far into the 4th wall breaking that it took me out of the experience when investment mattered the most. The finale. But, eh, it was still okay.


Messy finale is a staple to MCU Tv series. I was really enjoying the "Moon Knight Drama" till they realized they are at the final episode of a MCU show and had a big CGI fight.


Well... at least they gave a good finale to the Infinity Saga lol.


Give it time. People will retroactively decide Endgame is a shit ending if something better came up.


I thought the finale was a cool concept but I didn’t think the execution was that good. Really enjoyed it up to that point though.


My problem with the finale is they're criticizing the formulaic Marvel climax, without offering their own better alternative. Simply pointing out how generic the ending was going to be doesn't itself make for a good ending, especially since all the shows setup was for the generic ending they didn't end up acting on. Plus Daredevil feels more like arm candy in the finale rather than an actual character. Loved most of the other episodes though.


Right. You can definitely cut the "big brawl" at the end, but you need to replace it with a narratively equivalent element. A ton of shows I've watched recently had zero giant brawls at the end of the season, but they did at least have some really compelling climaxes instead of those brawls. This show just fizzled and then expositioned us though a happy ending montage.


That's how I felt mostly. And even then I just thought they tried too hard with the finale and went a little overboard, throwing it off a bit. It wasn't awful. Just didn't stick the landing.


The problem with the She Hulk finale is there hadn't been enough build up to get viewers to accept the idea that Jen could break out of the viewing interface and go elsewhere. For her to have that power was too much of a sudden shock, and distracted from the story. All she had done previously is a few addresses to camera (which also happened in Wandavision). What would've been better is for a previous episode to establish that Jen can see and operate the Disney plus video controls. Some time where she pauses the show and skips ahead over a section she wasn't enjoying. If the streaming interface was introduced earlier, then the finale would've seemed more like a logical growth of her abilities.


It was a novel idea and a risk, it just didn’t land as well as it could have. It was a very in- universe sort of in-joke, though. I didn’t hate it.


I'm glad you liked it, but saying something is satire isn't some magical defense. Satire still has to be good in order to be enjoyable.


The second most used defense is "she did it in the comics too". Wel, just cause it worked in the comics doesn't necessarily mean it will carry over well to a different medium. It didn't


Exactly. Or even then, *maybe the show is just written badly*. Which, by the by, it *is*. People seem to constantly think that 'if X was good then Y will be good too'. People love the She-Hulk comics, so obviously the show must be perfect, right? No, the show fucking *sucked*, that's all there is to it. It's miniscule amount of fans can jump through as many hoops as they want to try and defend it, claiming it's satirical or deliberately bad or whatever you want, I don't fucking care, I think the show sucked and that's all there is to say.


I don't dislike She-Hulk because of the things the jokes are *about.* I just don't think those jokes are funny jokes. I'd love to see a show make jokes *about* exactly all those things. I just want those jokes to be *funny jokes,* and I don't think I laughed a single time.


My problem would She-Hulk wasn't that it was a comedy, it's that it was just plain not funny, and at least for me the satire was a failure, it's basically just Marvel saying "haha we do those things, but we're totally not going to change anything about the way we do things". It honestly came off as really masturbatory to me. I also thought it's feminism was incredibly shallow, it's the kind of white girl boss feminism that corporations use to get brownie points with liberals, I wish it would have committed to actual Progressive feminism, at least that way it would have had a message. To be fair though I've been pretty sour on the MCU for a while now so I'm not the target audience. I'm glad you enjoyed it if you did though.


sure, she hulk was not terrible. but the the content we saw was not the thing i wanted of a marvel series. There was no feel of a real threat. The comedy wasn't too great either. i personally feel they took the 4th wall too far. Imagine, at the end of kang dynasty when rest of the avengers are all dead, and she hulk just asks kevin to redact it all. i feel it defeats the purpose of a more serious franchise. secret invasion was way too slow paced and sometimes weird and cringe, but at least it gave us a proper boss fight.


I just wish it had been more like "Boston Legal" with superheroes.


It's not bad. It's terrible.


It is, terrible.


The problem I had with it is that her lawyer side barely mattered in the show. I wanted an actual case that she had to work through, but we got very little. It was essentially a generic super hero show when it could have been much cooler based on cases she’s tried in the comics.


The writers clearly had no idea what a "courtroom" was, what might take place within one, and had no interest in finding out.


Exactly I agree 100% I would of loved to see cases, one thing I loved about the daredevil show was it wasn't all just action and super hero stuff he was working on cases sure he would super hero later into the same cases and track then down but there was something inbetween it so it wasn't all just crime fighting


It wasn't the comedy, I have read her books for years. I wanted MORE She-Hulk and the overall story was kind of weak. I didn't hear a lot of hate from people, just disappointment.


I didn’t even like it but to be fair it had more action than Moon Knight


I Am Groot had more action than Moon Knight


Yeah they turned into a weird Indiana Jones type thing


Tbf that was a really good episode


That's how the show should have started. And then brought it back to street level. Instead it ends with a huge generic fight with giant gods walking around. Just felt like a weird excuse to bring in egyptian mythology into the MCU. All that stuff has been fairly secondary in most MK comics that I've read. I did like the way the show explored Marc's internal mental state but it was a big misstep as a whole.


The fact that you still gave it a 6.5 proves the point of why people don’t like it


Agree to disagree. For me, the problem with She-Hulk was it was a legal comedy that wasn't funny. I mean, you have shows like Boston Legal to use as a framework, and it just felt like it missed the mark. Like someone who loves the MCU, generally, I won't call it a piece of shit but if I rate it on a 1 to 10 scale, a 5 would be generous for me.


Yeah it was a solid show. I think the biggest miss is they didn’t really have a writers room or enough episodes to make an actual episodic lawyer show, superhero ally Mcbeal was the pitch and we just got generally self aware fun


The show works best when she’s in the middle of a court case with an insane villain / hero situation. The frog was great. The immortal was great. The entire Wong situation was hilarious. It should have just been eight episodes of that. No season long plot line required.


I thought I read that that was the plan but then they realized the writers couldn’t come up with enough different ideas for court cases.


I mean it's alright but I wouldn't say 10/10. A 10/10 means it was perfect with 0 flaws. It wasn't perfect and so is every other Disney Plus show, but that doesn't mean it's bad.


just wish we got more Titania


I really liked it. People made it seem like I was crazy, but like you said going in with the mindset that shit will be silly really helped me enjoy the ride


I would give it a 4, maybe 5. It's partly satire but satire still needs to be good. And clearly we were meant to connect with parts of the characters/story.


No, the character is supposed to be satire and partially 4th wall-breaker, the show was shit. It TRIED to be that and failed miserably. It was a caricature of itself and it failed in even doing that. Plus, the worst part was her giving Bruce that sickening speech about not knowing what it's like to be angry and control himself was no satire, it was deliberate and cringey AF. And dumb AF.


You hit it on the head. That part was just the absolute breaking point and that was at like the what, 2nd episode?


Yeah I think so. It was early on and it completely defeated the whole thing. At least if they made this as a joke or at least if Hulk came up with a rebuttal, it would've been better and salvageable. But her, telling the guy who saw his mother murdered by his father and grew up being abused and had several mental illnesses, that "he doesn't know what it's like", and him just quietly agreeing? Not even a flinch, not even an implication that he was just hiding it all, nothing, just pure agreement and sympathy. No. F that.


How can it be satire and a comedy when it isn't funny at all?


I love how, when something goes badly, it's just listed as "satire." SHulk could have been great. The first episode was tremendous. A strong character. A new spirit. An amazing cast. By halfway through it had lost its way and just had to get really silly to pretend like it had a plan all along. It's an absolute trainwreck and the most bland, obvious "satire" that they could have produced.


No no no you don't get it that's the she Hulk character she's not supposed to be funny or a lawyer in a courtroom. The 4th wall breaks were not funny not even once. Even the people that stick up for the show contemplate themselves. Op said exactly what you said blew everything off as satire it's just her blah blah stuff. Then agreed with a comment that wasn't being down voted about it just not being funny. Then they were like yeah maybe season 2 they'll get that part right. Wtf so did you think it was funny or not? My point is people aren't reviewing the show with their sense of humor or brain but their emotions.


No. It’s a horrible show


It's not a *horrible* show, but it is definitely not a *good* show. It's a show that SHOULD have been a lot better than it was. It's a bit like Iron Fist. I hold all Marvel shows accountable to be *above* that standard. Also, just for the record, NOBODY is negative about the show because it was funny. Nobody. Not even one. If anything, people were hard on the show for *not* being all that funny.


Each is on its own but it was horrible and I didn't need reddit to tell me that... I couldn't watch beyond episode 3 and the social media majority just reconfirmed my feelings. My idea of comedy isn't a woman telling Hulk that she is better Hulk cause she deals with catcalling on the street on almost a daily basis.


I always understood it was a satirical comedy. I'm down with that. The issue for me is that it wasn't funny or clever. I can count the amount of times I laughed on one hand. I get that comedy is hugely subjective, it just wasn't good satire in my opinion.


Yeah, it’s satire, but it’s not well-written.


It's bad, but loads of marvel fans will just eat it up for whatever reason


*twerking intensefies cause F U N N E H* /s


Wait the last time I made this comment I almost got burned at the stake. I wish I would've enjoyed she hulk more. More courtroom or actually funny jokes. Idk she hulk is dope as hell but idk what the point of that show was...


Honestly, agreed! I dont mind the Idea of what they where going for. I do however mind the execution. It just wasnt funny to me. And I get that humor is subjective but it seems that a LOT of people seem to agree with that from what I've seen online. Then add that VERY messed up conversation between Jennifer & Bruce at the beginning and.... it's was a huge miss. I wished it wasnt. And that hurts since I like her a lot in the Comics!


Yeah the convos between them were weird. Yeah she's pretty freaking rad! I wish I would've liked it more and that feels weird to say lol. I went in thinking courtroom funny stuff and I guess my expectations were to much.


She's really cool in the comics, but like ima be honest, I didn't like her character at all after like the first 20 minutes or so of the show. She was so unlikable to me.


That whole damn Ass speech she gave to Bruce about how many problems she has..... like... Buddy, you're talking to someone who's confirmed to be a suicide survivor in the MCU, among a LOT of other things. I think Bruce suffered more than enough, and she's just so dismissive about stuff she SHOULD know.


It’s not bad. It’s fucking garbage


I think the difficult thing was that it was a comedy with very few discernible jokes. Being silly and being funny are different


For me it was entertaining the finale could've been better and there were weak points but I agree it was a decent show


I definitely liked She Hulk more than I liked Secret Invasion.


At least it’s something different and has its own tone. Same thing with Peacemaker.


The ending was a bit wacky but I did enjoy the show!


said no one ever


It's laughable but not in the way they intended


911. 🚨 Say Pizza if you have a gun to your head and are in danger.


I really liked it. Which I was not expecting honestly. I didn't like the finale though. Breaking the 4th Wall only works for me when it's subtle, and I thought they went wayyy too far with it. Still, can't wait for season 2.


The law stuff was really bad, but otherwise I enjoyed it.


Has to be a troll post


Bad editing and some awful dialogue didn't help it


Yes, but have you considered that they made her twerk, like a thot? That not only make it vile and unwatchable, but heralds the end of Western Civilization ™ itself. Or so Reddit has led me to believe.


You can like it. People still date and get married to the Kardasians. There's someone for everything. It's still horrible.


It’s a terrible show.


It wasn't absolutely garbage like a lot of people say, it's just really cringey, it had good moments. Last episode was pretty bad imo.


It's not a bad show, it's a terrible show


Not a bad show! 6.5/10! LOL that’s a bad show sweetheart have some standards


You sound like how IGN admitted they don’t give major publisher games less than an 8. Your scale is messed up


Most Americans grade things on a scale similar to the US educational system, in which a 70% is considered "mid," and a 50% or below is a complete failure. It is NOT a scale in which 50% is ever considered "fine."


It's subjective. You don't think it's a bad show but I certainly do. In my opinion it's the worst content Marvel has made.


You mean *prior* to Secret Invasion? Maybe.


Bob Iger? That you?


I honestly couldn’t finish more that few episodes. It never felt like parody and the jokes fall flat. It’s a little too; white man bad, woman good, and being female is harder that being the victim of child abuse for my tastes. If it wanted to be a courtroom comedy they missed the mark so hard it was unwatchable for me.


She-Hulks a disrespectful piece of shit It removes free will from the MCU for the second time It’s CGI is awful And painfully unfunny is an insult to how painfully unfunny Multiverse of Madness I don’t give a shit if it’s like the comics. I would criticise those in the same way if they were this bad


Not horrible - but also not re-watchable. Most of the Infinity Saga MCU films are worth multiple viewings; the Netflix Daredevil series as well. Even WandaVision was worth another look. This series is emblematic of a decline in quality and viewer interest, as well as tolerance for being messed with. I’m not optimistic about Loki S2…


Nah it was fucking shit


It was a very ballsy move to center the show around trolling it’s potential trolls. Probably didn’t pay off in all regards, but nothing’s perfect. I probably wouldn’t choose to watch this show over other Marvel Disney+ shows, but I still consider it solid as a self-parody series.


They knew those people would hate it even before watching so why not just mock them?


For like a scene or something, yeah. But to make it the whole plot? That’s the most low hanging fruit ever. If hulk did this sort of plot people would rightfully hate it.


Yeah. I thought it was funny.


I liked it well enough. I thought it was pretty funny.


I liked it well enough.


I very much enjoyed She-Hulk. Sure, the CGI was suspect and not every joke landed, but I just enjoyed a fun little romp here or there. I also got a kick out of it knowing exactly what the general response was going to be and it just mocked it relentlessly, which drove those people more nuts.


It's not bad, it's HORRENDOUS!!


It wasn’t bad. It was terrible.


Most episodes of She Hulk were a ton of fun!


Oh yes it is.


Honestly, it's better than a 6.5. It was a really solid show, and tonally pretty much exactly what you'd expect if you were familiar with She Hulk's comics. It's like reading an updated version of any given copy of Byrne's Sensational She Hulk.


As someone who has been reading comics for 30 years, She-Hulk is one of the best comic adaptations yet. It's one of the truest and closest to the source material. If you like She-Hulk, the show is for you. I'm not a massive She-Hulk fan, and I still greatly enjoyed the show.


6.5/10 it’s not a bad show. Okay lmao that’s terrible dude. 6.5 is bad. That’s a D in school. If I made a pizza I said “it isn’t bad it’s like 6.5/10” you would think okay that’s not going to be good pizza




The message of feminism and empowerment was a good choice given the character and the current state of both our world and the MCU, but I feel it wasn’t executed as well as it could have been. If the entire show is meant to be taken as satirical comedy, then the serious, important moral doesn’t stick as well. The plot points were solid in expressing the type of realistic issues that Jennifer went through, although there were a few cliche and overly-dramatized moments of sexism. Maybe I’m just living in ignorance of how trashy men can really be, I don’t know. However, when the entire series ends up being a fourth-wall breaking, comedic silly lawyer show about Marvel as a company, then it throws that important message out the window and diminishes its effect. A lot of it feels very surface level. The understanding of the Hulk (Bruce) as a character lacked all depth and put him under the “Overly Muscular Male Superhero who Mans his way through problems” umbrella. This umbrella totally exists, but the Hulk has evolved into being more of a complex character, and the MCU doesn’t do that justice. I look terrible writing out a giant essay for all of this, but I have never been a big fan of modern entertainment and the way they mix social justice with comedic social commentary (Velma, Barbie movie to a lesser extent). Trying to get a message across is much harder when you aren’t taking the material seriously. It’s just my personal view that making light of these issues makes a mockery of what they stand for.


I think the ideas were good, but the execution was off. Comedy being subjective as it is, the show was never going to hit it off with everyone. However, I'm a big proponent of the ending of a show making or breaking it. I feel like the ending to She-Hulk missed the mark, and that wound up pulling the show under more than it should've been. Did it need a big super hero fight? Hell no it would've missed the point of the show entirely, but I feel like using the fourth wall to try and subvert a fight rather than writing a different ending was the wrong direction. I do also think that trying to satire your own brand is very hit or miss in general, mostly because of how a lot of people don't see satire unless it's explained to them. I didn't see it, and while my biggest problem with the show has nothing to really do with the comedy (I was hoping for more of a spoof on Law and Order type shows) I can see why it wouldn't land.


I loved it, I thought it was refreshing over the standard Marvel stuff.


It's a slice of life that breaks the 4th wall & i enjoyed it as such


I enjoyed it.


I really enjoyed this show!


I watch for entertainment. Im as much a nerd as it gets and i’m not a movie/show critic like 95 percent of people that watch. At the end of the day its all and act behind a camera and I really liked it. I have always like she-hulk as a character and I think the show did her justice, flaws and all it was actually good in my opinion


Three good things about this show was daredevil, the season finale was some big cg fight (atleast it was unique) and of course WONG


I'm gonna need you to explain how the Emile retreat episode, the Donny Blaze episode and the Mr. Immortal half episode were nice additions to the MCU more than having one episode centered about Bruce putting himself back together in the Mexican lab would have been.


I don't have a counter argument for that but all I know is the retreat episode was just a nice episode. It was wholesome and probably my personal fav episode of the show. It felt like the retreat episode was her accepting both her sides equally. Getting to terms with it and the characters were just lovable. But sure, they could've had a hulk episode too. Nothing to say here.