Easily the worst fans in baseball, having handily surpassed Yankees fan by a mile.


The security guard I talked today gave me crap for being a mariners fans and I asked him what he was and when he said Yankees, I said, "at least you're not an astros fan" and we laughed


I don't think Yanks fans who aren't from NY are even really fans of the team. They're just fans of the team having a winning record. If they're from NY, okay that's your market... I get it. But if you're just a rando walking around a Seattle suburb with your yankees cap on, you're a loser in my eyes. Sorry losers, but I'm not sorry about it.


The arm wrestling meme in real life. ​ pedantic: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWhwUGzw3G4](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWhwUGzw3G4)


Arm wrestle? It’s a hand shake, don’t tell me people haven’t seen predator!!!!




Exactly, I mean if you look at it without knowing where its from are you thinking thats a hand shake or arm wrestle?




[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWhwUGzw3G4](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWhwUGzw3G4) It's not that serious bro, did you watch Predator?


At least you can respect the Yankees as historically significant to baseball.


The Astros are historically significant for cheating at baseball.


I genuinely think I’ve reached a point in my baseball fandom where I hate the Astros and their fans more than the Yankees and their fans. I never thought this day would come.


At least the Yankees have a legacy in baseball, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and the like.


Yeah my first time at Yankee stadium when I saw the "27 time world champion" banner I was like yeah ok I get why y'all are so annoying I would be too


Cheating is their legacy


We used to only have to deal with Yankee fans when we would see them filling our park. The Astro’s fans just got the internet like 3 weeks ago and don’t know how to interact. Kinda like when we first got AOL in like 1996


Yeah I grew up hating the Yankees but always respected them. Their large fan base makes sense, 27 world series wins and 40 pennants all while being based in the center of the news media world will do that.


Most of the people I come across that are Yankees fans barely know anything about baseball. They just like a winner


I imagine it's the same with Astros fans. The difference is that bandwagoners from Texas probably don't always have the best social skills. You don't see this kind of behavior from Rangers fans.


Totally. Don't remember the hoards of fans ogling over Craig Biggio back in the day. All this shit since they cheated their way to a world series. It's pathetic


Eh, I was listening to a Rangers game a week or two ago and the fans behind the plate were yelling OVERRATED while we were behind. I kept thinking how shitty that is, but okay that's what you deal with sometimes. Our fans just make a lot of noise. Then we took the lead in the ninth and I laughed at the asshole fans. Who's overrated, fuckers?


But you do from Cowboys fans


Cowboys fans. Astros. Hmm. Wonder what that connection is. Only decent Texas fanbase is San Antonio. They took on the humbleness of Robinson and Duncan. Especially Duncan.


Plus names like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle.


It’s rare, but when I was a kid I always remember the worst fans showing up to safeco when we hosted the phillies.


Steelers fans were the fucking worst too back in the day. Eff Pennsylvania


As both a Mariners and Steelers fan for the past 27 years I don’t know what to think about this lol


You’re in a gray area for sure


Philadelphia is where every negative east coast stereotype originated.


When the nation called on them to stop Tom Brady, they answered. It felt weird and gross to root for Philly, but damn if they didn't earn all that lightpole climbing after the win.


it was strange indeed rooting for the Eagles that night lol


Oh thay explains the sounds they make when they are screaming in the stands, it's dial up!


Any stands screaming comments just remind me of the rangers fans accusing our 6-9 lineup of being overrated lmao


It’s like being a Reds fan and going to home game and 60% of the stands are filled with blue shirts. Same with the Cardinals. With Seattle being so far away from any other stadium, it’s crazy to think any sort of strong following can show up to Mariner’s home games.


Jays fans descended upon the Seattle ballpark, one even flipped off the Mariners Moose. But that's ok 'cause we swept the series


The nationally liked teams dominate our stadium. Boston, NYY, Blue Jays, LAD and maybe Cubs? A lot of people that live here are from other parts of the country. And we are right next to canada


I figured transplants is probably the core reason. This year for the Reds has been rough with attendance down so low it makes home games not feel like home games. But with Mariner’s on the upswing hopefully it strengthens the showing of fans and drowns them out.


StL Cards too. Big time. It’ll hopefully diminish with the NL clubs once we have the balanced schedule for a few years (starts next year)


Astros fans are just a bunch of bandwagoners who claim "but we won the WS more than five years ago *let it go*" and I'm like "No y'all cheated and got away with it. Doesn't help that your fan base is a bunch of whiny little bitches like Mike Trout."


Yankees are permanently good, I have just accepted that


Money can buy good players. I accept that. I don't wanna accept the Yankees beating our season win record. Someone stop these fucks.


The Yankees are, I hate to say this, a decent example of what every fanbase should want from team ownership. Not the BEST example, but I'm sure a good number of teams would kill to have a big payroll budget and a solid investment in player development. They suck, but if I have to pick between big spending suckage and cheapskate suckage, I'll always go with the former.


I was just saying this the other day. Yeah of course I hate the Yankees, but they also aren’t a tough division rival who have knowingly cheated while also dominating us basically since they entered the division. Also, yeah, I haven’t had a great experience with their fan base. Yankees fans aren’t my favorite but they also are who I expect them to be with their rich, winning history. TLDR: I am with you on the astros being my most hated team now and I love that many of their players continue to get boo’d. I love JV but god damn I wish he’d retire haha.


counterpoint, as a New Yorker who grew up hating the Red Sox, It’s not even close to the animosity I feel towards the Astros and their fans. I went to 2 games over the weekend and avoided the sub out of sadness/anger but Im 0% surprised those pieces of shit were here acting like gods gift to earth. I have a grudging respect for the Red Sox and their fans, the Astros and their fans seem to delight in going out of their way to act like complete scum.


For the last 10 years the Astros, Blue Jays, & Red Sox teams & fans have been significantly worse than the Yankees IMO. Crazy


At this point the Astro fans are proud of their cheating. That's what gets me. Just accept that you're team cheated and the ring means less. Their team is still good. Which is always what made the whole cheating even more annoying.


Had a VERY obnoxious Astros fan a few rows behind me on Friday. Everyone kinda just tried to ignore her for most of the game as she shouted at FULL VOLUME (I am not kidding, I wish I were) for every Astros AB. Eventually the people around her got fed up in the 9th inning and started razzing her back. Altuve got called a cheater and she says “He didn’t like the cheating, he wasn’t a part of it.” And I quipped back “Yeah my wife didn’t buy that excuse.” Laughs all around, greatest moment of my life lol


Still haven't seen that tattoo.


He is shy.


I kept calling Tucker in RF lance armstrong and got a lot of positive feedback lol


Like Nixon cheating to win the 1972?? election. Dumb fucker was gonna win anyway.




Yeah, it's wild. They win one championship, by cheating, and now they think they're one of the greatest franchises in the history of baseball


Looks like we are on the same page as pretty much every other fan base. I’m not surprised their fans are so annoying considering they went from WS darlings to cheaters in history… no one will ever forget… they know that… the care. But continue to say they don’t. It would be so awful to win a WS and to be part of 2, maybe 3 baseball teams with a * next to their WS.


Definitely. I actively rooted for the Bombers in their double header. Why didnt Phil Nevin choose his antics for a team everyone actually hates? No one would be mad if pitchers were pelting Astros players


They are for sure worse at this point.


at least I can say 26 Rings when they rag on non-Astros fans.


Well the Yankees are here in a couple weeks, so we get to re-evaluate their douchiness, lucky for us.


Same. All I could think all weekend was how much I just outright loathe the astros. Getting swept really got to me. I hope they suffer an Angels style collapse. Probably not gonna happen but it helps me cope. Yankees also have the plus of having a guy like Judge be the face of the franchise. Dude's so likable, I had to make my peace with it.


Seriously? Pretty bold of an astros fan to talk trash. Thought they’d continue hiding in their hole of shame for at least another year or two


They never had shame to begin with.


Wish we coulda gotten literally any other team from the NL West. Astros are not fun when they're good and not fun when they're bad.


NL Central but i agree


I don’t understand why they always feel they have to put us in our place. Yes you are better, and have been for years now. Would it kill them to let us be excited about ANYTHING without having to roll in hot with comparisons to shit on whatever we are stoked about at the time? This doesn’t happen here on this sub as much, but it happens all over social media. MLB posts something good about the M’s on Insta or FB and they act damn near insulted. Clearly they must forget you are allowed to enjoy good things about your team even if you aren’t in the ALCS every damn year.


Fucking cunts


(Don’t go over there and be a dickhead too)


Please don’t. The same thing applies there too. If you get banned there, you have a high chance of getting banned here.




I didn’t say it would 100% happen. Only if the mods from other subs report a user to us


Hah! Joke's on you. I'm a dickhead no matter where I am. At least that's what my kids say.


scummy fans for a scummy team


Quite an insecure bunch, aren’t they? Almost like everyone views their only title as completely fraudulent. Oh, wait…


Texas is the most insecure state after all


Well considering they've had to ban abortions to control over half the population... Yeah I'd say Texas is insecure as fuck.


Least free state with pretty much the worst rights. Bunch of free loading losers surrounded by rich morally devoid oil barons. No wonder they don’t care they cheated to win a World Series


Imagine choosing to live in Texas


Imagine experiencing Washington and thinking Texas is superior


Some friends from Utah (which is already hot in the Summer) moved to Texas this year. All I hear about them on Facebook is just how blazing hot Texas is. Unfortunately they had to go for work. But from what they say even with a nice house and pool, all they do is complain about the heat.


Utah has been ridiculous this year. I've gone to visit my folks in Seattle a couple times this summer and it's been the only comfort in months


glad you got to enjoy it! I lived in Utah for 15 years. Moved a few years ago. It's been such a good change. You're always welcome to the PNW whenever you need a break. I'd recommend the /r/Seattle subreddit for recommendations on food, places to visit, etc.


I'm very familiar with Seattle having grown up there and my parents living there, and visit as often as I can. I also really like Utah. Kind of the best of both worlds but I do wish I could go to more Mariners and AquaSox games


I live in Texas and I try to tell that to these fools all the time, but all I ever get is "HURR-HURR! THEM'S AIN'T GOT NO WHATABURGER UP THURR IN WASHINGTON!" Actually, half of them are so focused on hating California that their eyes cross and their brain almost implodes when I mention Washington and Oregon.


yes washington is better


Do they get banned over at r/astros too? The way they’ve said “this is their world series” yet come in here brigading the sub when we’re 10+ games behind them. I didn’t even see Yankees fans doing this by the dozens.


We have an agreement with most teams that brigading other subs results in a ban. If it happens too much, the subreddit can get quarantined or banned for it. Likewise, anyone who goes to an opponent subreddit will get banned here if your name is given to us by their mods


[They currently have a stickied post](https://www.reddit.com/r/Astros/comments/w755p2/look_but_dont_touch_rule_2_reminder_do_not_troll/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) telling their members to not brigade or they’ll be permanently banned on r/Astros too.


Yes, over at r/Astros there is currently a stickied mod post that says anyone caught trolling in another subreddit will get banned from r/Astros. And working with their mods has been a breeze, the ones I've talked to have been super apologetic and understanding about this whole situation.


Joke's on them; they live in Houston.


“Live” is a strong word


Yeah but that one guy on Twitter said that one thing!


Anytime I think I am a failure in life, I remember I'm not some jabroni who brigade internet communities and harass people because my favorite sport team played against them. Stay classy, Houston. Just keep validating every critique anyone has ever had of your organization and fanbase.


Holy shit I've had some TOXIC guys in some threads. Just check out my comments to hear them saying Seattle is a shithole compared to *texas*.


To any of the Astro trolls who are lurking. Your incessive shit talking to a team you say sucks and you don't care about shows that you do care and its probably because we don't suck. Astros and their fans know their team is getting older and while they will most likely remain a consistent playoff team due to the third wild card. They know that the days of a cake walk to win the west is over. The Mariners are gonna be a tough team to play for the next few years. We may have got swept this weekend. But those weren't easy wins they know that and we know that.


Plus who else do they have to root for? The Texans? The Rockets? 🥴 Not to mention their only ‘championship’ is tainted and pretty much worthless.


They root for the Cowboys when it’s convenient and rooted for the Rangers prior to 2015. Texas baseball fans are no more loyal to any one team then their dogs are loyal to Jif or Skippy peanut butter.


Here's something funny: Their game threads top out at ~1000 comments and ours top out at ~5000 comments. When they played the Mariners, total comments in Astros game threads was 2598. Despite losing every damn game in that series, our comment total was 7557. We're having more fun than Astros fans *even when the Mariners lose.* Their game threads are kinda bland. Ours are popping with copypastas, dumb inside jokes, and furious celebrating when cool shit happens. Some of these trolls are probably just bored of their own stagnant game threads, so they come over here for attention. Check it out for yourself: u/Mariners_bot u/AstrosBot


Most of us have moved to Discord.


Asterisks always beating their can.




They get so defensive when you call out their cheating franchise it's embarrassingly hilarious. Yes, we know it happened years ago but they still parade their phantom trophy around like a real one.


Not that many years ago really.


I am aware, but they act like it was moons ago and a lot of them compare to the steroid era. Meanwhile back then EVERYONE was juicing, not sure if everyone is going to the lengths they are to steal signs and more.


Living in their heads rent free


In this economy?!?!




Imagine being the best team in the AL and letting the fucking Mariners consume your thoughts lmao


Pretty equal comment counts in their GDTs for the series vs us and vs NY, their actual competition. It's kind of nice, they consider us rivals too 🥲


I just assume they are all terrible - how could you continue to support a team that cheated like they did?


It's not even the cheating. Remember the whole Osuna situation? Use a guy's DV suspension to get him for cheap, have an assistant GM taunt female reporters who are uncomfortable about it, lie about the entire situation, and then only fire the guy when the situation got too hot. At least we knew to fire Mather immediately when he showed his douchbaginess.


Eh, I try to maintain a blissful ignorance of steroid use in the 90s Mariners' locker room. I imagine it's the same for them.


that’s pretty different imo


exactly, the whole league was juicing


When cano took steroids there wasn't a single person here defending him.


Oh, I believe that. But he was never that beloved here and this was long after steroid use had become a scarlet letter in baseball. My understanding is the M's had a reputation for one of the dirtiest locker rooms in the 90s. I avoid learning too much so I don't have to revise my warm fuzzies about certain players from that time.


Your understanding is deeply flawed. Griffey, Edgar, Buhner, Wilson, Randy, Moyer, and the majority of our rosters were not only NOT juicing, they were never even implicated, accused, or suspected of it. While we did have some guys like Arod, David Segui, and Bret Boone who obviously did use stuff, we arguably had the cleanest locker room in MLB during the steroid era. Not even sure how you could get a different impression. Cano put up 4 very good seasons including two near his career-best level of production, and one mediocre one due to injury in his Mariners years. He was definitely loved here up until he got suspended, and that changed in an instant - because, as you noted, steroid use was and is frowned upon now.


As someone who lived through that era I have no earthly idea where you got that information. It wasn't even a legitimate concern that was voiced about us at any point. I'm sorry but I don't really know what else to say other than your understanding seems to be fundamentally incorrect. Maybe Boone, but that suspicion wasn't really a 90s thing, and even then turned out to be wild BS.


Ban them all, along with their cheating, miserable team.


Yeesh. Texans.


I told one of those assholes to fuck off back to their own sub. Next morning I got a warning from Reddit for harassment. Pathetic


I got warned for shouting FUCK YOU PEÑA in our GDT. Horse shit.


Astros fans confirmed softest fanbase


It’s right in the name Ass-tros.


Rent free. When the Seahawks were good, I never went and fucked with the Arizona Cardinals game threads. Bunch of absolute fucking pussies, the lot of em. Enjoy it while it lasts you motherfuckers.


I just hope that the Astros fan who came into the game thread to say he liked our Sunday uniforms wasn’t banned. He seemed nice.


stupid little space boys


They talk trash and they bang trash, which is both a reference to the Christi scandal and their ugly Texan spouses.


Sounds about right


I hate the Houston Astro’s more than the taliban


Going to the game July 30th looking forward to the shit talkers irl


They are the University of Tennessee fans of the MLB. Complete trash. They’re also idiots for thinking a regular season game where we happen to be without our lightning rod meant anything. We were never catching up to the team with the easiest remaining schedule in baseball. I’d rather win when it matters.


Do we use the report on the post? Or does that go to reddit admins. Also I would be cool with temp banning all accounts that post/comment in the Astros sub


Report is something that goes to us as mods


Cool thanks


Nah perms ban the people who brigade into their sub, we don’t need to spread that negativity


I'm not talking about brigading, you can insta ban accounts that interact with specific subs, you'd prevent anyone whose ever interacted with the Astros sub from coming here, it's too wide a net to do perm though.


I think that’s a bit extreme. There are appropriate times and posts that any fanbase should be welcome to post over there. You just can’t be at all confrontational. Like if you disagree with something posted over there, just don’t engage. I’ve posted over there, answering a statistic related question. No one even suspected I was a Mariners fan, I was just being helpful. Should I be banned from here for doing that? No.


Why can’t we engage


Because if you're feeding a troll it just emboldens them. Plus breaking a rule here still can get you banned if it's bad enough. Just don't let them bait you