In a much more diluted sense than you seem to think, yes. In general there is a saturation of mining power in China. But China regularly oscillates back and forth between "we banning" and "ok nvm we not banning" Even if they did try to ban bitcoin, they are not going to do it all at once as it would have huge repercussions on the economies where mining is going on. Not that they are empathetic, but merely the disruption on its own would create some instability. So there will be a gradual pushing out. I'd think of it more that China will stagnate in their hash power while the rest of the world begins to eat up larger market share. Is this good for decentralization, and for other mining companies in the long run? Absolutely. Will China actually just ban BTC or mining over a weekend? Absolutely not. Don't hold your breath for a big spike in MARA/RIOT is what I'm saying.


So I take that to mean that we should see at least a small rise in the price of MARA as a result of China's pronouncements. That, coupled with the all but inevitable return to challenge previous valuations for $BTC has me content to keep what I have and continue to dollar cost average. Thanks for your reply. I see it as a positive one but even if it were negative, I am seeking all points of view so thank you.


It’s a big IF but IF China banned it then it would be a temporary change in hash rate, the miners would either move the rigs overseas or sell them to someone overseas