Biggest plot twist would be______???

Fill the blank!

Personally, I’d fall right off my chair if the callings turn out to be “evil” after-all, and these guys were actually puppets of an apocalypse do-er of sorts 😵‍💫😅

Now, I’m 99% sure the show is not going to go there, but that 1% of me that doubts it gets to me sometimes.


None of this is really happening. The 828ers' minds are all being manipulated by the evil Dr Sanvvi and and her cohort Vance in an effort to take over the world.


Omg I just wrote my comment and then I saw yours 😂😂


If Vance knew from start what happened to the plane and if he is responsible for the whole disappearance.


Angelina is immortal. It sure seems like it right now. She's had to have escaped death ATLEAST 5 times by now. (Honestly hope the Stones gang up on her) Also that Gupta finds out what really happened and is teaming up with Saanvi and Vance for experiments to feed them false info.


A scene where the whole Stone family kicks the shit out of Angelina would be satisfying as fuck


Absolutely, but Eden or Ben need to get the final blow. That's all I ask of them. I feel like Michaela wouldn't beat her up (although her yelling at Angelina in 4x10 how Ben is a widower could definitely contradict this.) I just think that she used to sympathize with Angelina back when she was troubled and abused. Every single time Angelina called herself "Mommy" with Eden, I was screaming at the TV. Why is nobody talking about in 4x10 when Angelina tries to shoot Ben. Eden was literally in his arms, she could have easily been shot by accident. That was the dumbest thing she has ever done and that's saying something.


Olive should be the one to beat up Angelina.


Personally, I hope not. I just don’t see Olive as a violent or hostile person.


You object to Olive, a fellow woman who is around the same size, beating up Angelina but want Eden, a child, or Ben, a man, to do it?


The Eden thing is obviously a joke. As for Olive, I’m not against it happening, I just don’t think it would.


she slammed cal agains the wall


Yeah, but she was still processing everything. Think about all the things that happened that night. Grace died and she wasn’t able to save her, Angelina kidnapped Eden. Cal is back and 5 years older, and Cal let Angelina in the house which caused a chain reaction leading to her mothers death. That is so much grief to go through in ONE day. She was rightfully upset. It’s not like she stabbed him or did any real harm to him. Olive isn’t violent but can be when she needs to.


I rewatched the flashback, and your comment is an exaggeration of what happened.


'You can't lock me in the closet this time, BITCH!' Then pole axes her with a gold club or something.


I like your theory, but in terms of the last part, i don’t think angelina cares about eden anymore as she says that she realized that she herself is the angel. Also i would love to see eden say “goodbye mommy” with a big grin when angelina gets killed


It would be extremely concerning for a child to witness someone’s death then smile and make a comment that shows satisfaction, especially if that person had been fairly kind to them.


Yes. I would love Eden doing that. I agree about Angelina too. I think the sapphire corrupted her (not literally). But MAYBE the sapphire could physically corrupt her, it’s fused into her hand. That scene made me cringe so hard.


Maybe when eden is older? It seems we will need another time jump to see if the death date is survived


Yes. There is another confirmed time jump. I hope there are Zeke flashbacks.


Imagine Olive being the last one to take her down and in the Mum style from Orphan, but "You are not me" or whatever


Grandma stone is giving the callings or is involved some how. We never actually see her die, there is no funeral portrayed or anything. They don’t grieve the death very much. Mick spends more time feeling guilty about her friend evie, and Ben really didn’t seem to care at all that his mom died while they were on 828, this isn’t him being a strong person, look at how he completely and utterly fell apart in season 4 as eden was missing. Not to mention the grandmas favorite verse was 8:28, and she came up with this before the plane even went to jamaica. It’s all connected She has to be involved somehow either being in the divine consciousness as she died, or she faked her death like vance did. Just a theory


Wait omg I really like this. The idea of her passing and her spirit being part of that divine consciousness!! I think it would be a great way to tie up old story lines.


interesting. i was just thinking about grandma yesterday while reading a comment here about how Olive's lost so much, and grandma wasn't mentioned. they really don't mention her after episode 1 do they?


Most people figure their parents will pass first because they are older. They do not expect their child to pass first. I have heard many times that the loss of a child is another level of pain. More importantly, the insinuation that Ben and Michaela do not care about their mom’s passing is quite out of character. They had a lot to process once their flight landed, and it is not like the Callings gave them a chance to catch their breath. They have mentioned their mom quite a lot throughout the show. Any time they say “all good things,” they are thinking of her. I like the idea that Karen is somehow involved, but I highly doubt she faked her death.


Saving this for when you turn out to be right 😤


Or maybe she’s actually a god


Cal saw Flight 828 and the storm before everyone during his family vacation in Jamaica, and that’s why he stayed behind with Ben and Mick


Would you mind elaborating on this? It sounds really interesting and I want to know you think that would play out


Ben snapped after Cal died and created an alternate reality in his mind.


Mine is sorta like that. In the fact this is all a mystery novel Ben wrote to honor his dead son.


Cal turns evil


I wonder about that lol. Ben has Cal and Angelina share a weird connection.


Especially with the “your my Moses” thing Angelina has. It seems more plausible that if the apocalypse is the ending he assists her


That the callings were designed to destroy the World, not save anyone.


that’s what adrian believes


He might be right. I mean, think about it. All of the effort they spent with answering the callings, yet Angelina still ends up about to destroy the world. That doesn't seem like a positive outcome, does it?


if they'd have ignored the calling to her she'd still be locked in a basement...




That the storm actually brought them to an alternate reality causing a shift between the two realities timelines- one where they crash and die and one where they survived, but they switched realities. The shift in realities is causing the apocalypse and the callings are memories from the other timeline/their alternate selves. When Daly and the other chick got back in the plane it took them to the other reality, and that's where the plane is now. But I'm not sure how they'd tie in all of that in just part 2 😂 and after all the kind of religious and mythological stuff not sure theyd go sci-fi out of the blue.


Thanks. That’s my original foggy theory.


I've always liked the swapped realities theory. I think that would be a really cool twist.


100% this!!! I love this theory.


Sanvi gets her hands on the sapphire, gets drunk on power, kills, attacks and manipulates people to get Ben or the other doctor or both 😂


Angelina was a real angel all along. Don’t get me wrong that would stink because she’s the worst but that would be shocking.😅


Vance works with Gupta to destroy any evidence about 828. Vance is evil. They made Daryl Edwards a series regular, after all. 😀


I know it’s not really a plot twist but if Angelina actually dies I’d be shook cause she never seems to die


That Zeke is alive. Ok that’s my wishful thinking.


Evie didn't die


It’s all Cal’s dream. Let me explain. Cal is seen drawing a few things before they board the plane (flight 828) not the original flight they needed to be on. He falls asleep and dreams this elaborate story of everything we’ve seen. Angelina, Zeke all of it. They hit turbulence, Cal wakes up. But everything goes fine, they land it’s April 7, 2013


Does he have a snow globe like St. Elsewhere?


Well, he does have a volcano globe!


Not anymore lol!




I’d be so pissed if this was all a dream. I feel like that wouldn’t give me any “closure” for the show


"Adult" Cal is not really Cal but an evil impostor claiming to be Cal.


Oh shit


If Jeff Rake randomly shows up and tells them all they were being filmed the whole time. Then, all the dead characters and the rest of the crew show up and shows them how they were easily fooled. 😂


“And then Cal woke up”


This would be a twist for sure, but i feel like this is such a cliche twist. I would be really sad if that’s how it ended. Considering the plot twists so far, I don’t think jeff would end it this way


It’s a fever dream for Cal and he wakes up when they all land still a kid with cancer and none of it was real.


are you caught up? I don’t wanna spoil you. We kind of know what the callings are now.


What are they?


It seems like they’re memories. When cal was saving Ben and Eden, he said he knew the bomb wasn’t gonna go off because he remembered. The divine consciousness is a place where you know all the answers, but you forget when you leave. I think the callings are them remembering things in metaphoric ways. Which makes Eden so much more interesting because she has callings and has never been. I don’t think her having them is as simple as genetics. I highly highly doubt that any other passengers can pass them on. I think she’s part of the prophecy as well. Zeke was chosen to save cal, I think Ben was chosen to conceive Eden and guide his son. I have a feeling she’s the key to a LOT of answers!


It’d be crazy if she was in the divine consciousness while she was in the womb.


She wasn’t conceived by then how can she be in womb


What if we all are in divine consciousness when we are in womb


Actually, that makes a lot of sense spiritually. Where does a soul exist before it inhabits a human vessel?


Some Hindu people believe that babies know everything and can see few things adults cannot but by the time they reach the age of speaking they forget everything


I've heard this! I love that


In Jewish tradition, there is no more prophecy in the world in modern times, except for young children and fools.




Wow that does make sense dude


It's Cal's dream, that's why he's the holy grail. Once everything is done, he wakes up and finds himself stranded in a deserted island and surrounded by dead bodies of the passengers.


Grace isn't dead.


I don't understand how half the people survived explosions and gunshots and Angelina apparently survived lava but grace died of a stab wound


It was all a dream.


It would be very disappointing


I do not think that what you wrote would be the biggest plot twist because it has been mentioned in the show many times.


purgatory a la Lost.


They’re in The Matrix…j/k


Olive, after worrying about being alone, sacrifices herself and she comes back and is the angle, key to everything.