In italian it's always been "specchio specchio delle mie brame, chi è la più bella del reame?", so I guess they translated from "mirror mirror" otherwise it would have been "specchio magico"


Same in Dutch


Same in german


In France it's "mirror, beautiful mirror".


In Poland it's "Mirror, please tell me..."


She didn't wear that dress in the movie though, which seems like as big if not bigger of an inconsistency. So the source is anyway different than the movie. Though I also remember buying the DVD when it was re-released years ago and being confused that she said "magic mirror"


Mh I think the dress looks pretty similar except the color. Snow white was the first technicolor movie ever so this can maybe justify a discrepancy.


> Snow white was the first technicolor movie ever So "The Gulf Between" never existed in your timeline?


Actually... no?! I wonder why it hasn't been mentioned at class. Maybe Snow White uses a "modern" technicolor technique that has been used later in color cinema?I really don't know, but I've always heard about two milestones in cinema, The Jazz Singer for sound and Snow White for color. Edit: *Apparently* it was really good and outstood the predecessors.


That's correct, the Gulf Between uses green/orange two strip Technicolor, not the full color three strip process. However Snow White isn't even the first film to use it, that's Becky Sharp (1935). Snow White was merely the first box office success in full color, launching color film as the standard for fantasy, hence why it was the obvious choice for The Wizard of Oz as well


Thank you!


I studied film, which is why I remembered it.


Yeah, I meant no as "no it doesn't occur in my timeline" as it wasn't mentioned in the courses I had at uni. I was just wondering why.


old comic printing was extremely limited with color and pattern use, that isn’t a sign of anything in particular. giving the main character a solid vibrant dress makes more sense and is easier to consistently draw and print than a dress with several colors and patches across the skirt. especially in what is probably a cheaper budget comic.


I still don't get how people don't realize that residue is actually evidence *against* the Mandela effect. There have been tons of adaptions of Snow White over the years. The vast majority of them use the original line written by the Brothers Grimm. Obviously that's going to be the line you remember.


Yep. _Especially_ in a case like this.


I would think that people would be more likely to remember the line in the Disney movie then a line in a book The Brothers Grimm wrote. Why do you think they would remember the line from The Brothers Grimm


"Mirror mirror on the wall" is almost a meme in pop culture. I've never heard "magic mirror"


Samesies. Which is weird cause i lurve disney.


> Why do you think they would remember the line from The Brothers Grimm Because OP himself says that he had a 1977 book that says "mirror, mirror".


Can u explain more peas?




From a disney brand printed book


Because that's the one they read as children?


On the contrary, ive found most people dont know the original versions (grimms) of faery tales. For example, do you know what happens in the Grimm version of The Little Mermaid?


I'd that the one where she becomes a "daughter of the air" at the end? Edit: nope, that's the Andersen version. I didn't know the Grimms had one too.


We might be referencing the same one. It's the one where she dissolves into air bubbles. Ask anybody and the likelihood of them knowing that is Slim


Honestly, that movie was not one I watched many times growing up. I liked the newer Disney movies from the 90's and also Peter Pan. In pop culture it is "Mirror, mirror" but I don't have any memory of how I remember the Disney movie. I know I watched it at least a couple of times as a kid, though. This seems like any other misquote. And since there is plenty of non-Disney history with the story, history that predates the Disney version, there is greater reason for an inconsistency than with other movie misquotes.


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>I can't think of ANY logical reason why every single picture book printed by Disney would have "mirror, mirror" if the line in the movie was something different, they are pretty big on consistency. What do you think of the possible reason given here why (particularly older) official Disney material might say "Mirror, mirror"? http://www.debunkingmandelaeffects.com/mirror-mirror-on-the-wall/


That looks like a great website haha


Interesting link explaining the residues \[except the silly part where it says the movie says magic mirror, proven, fact. We all know that, we're discussing a Mandela effect!\]. This ME still remains: people having strong memories of "mirror, mirror" in the Disney movie, "magic mirror" looking completely "new" for them.


Yes, it is. Part of the reason is because in popular culture and even in other Disney material it is 'Mirror, Mirror'. Anyway, I was replying directly to OP's comment about not being able to think of any reason why a Disney book would have the line in a different way to the movie.


Like many people have said before everytime when someone uses this argument, yes, we know. The original book the movie is based on says “mirror, mirror”, as do many of its adaptations. The movie is the exception, actually.


>I can't think of ANY logical reason why every single picture book printed by Disney would have "mirror, mirror" if the line in the movie was something different, they are pretty big on consistency. You may not seem capable of finding any logical reason, but I can. The cartoon was the ONLY material that had the line as "magic mirror". The scriptwriter took some liberties with the story. All other material had the original line from the fairy tale published 200 years ago.


The original tale is a Grimms fairy tale from the early 1800's, in which it says "mirror, mirror", which is the prevailing printed version. The other version was introduced with the Disney movie. Thats all.


Maybe they changed it so kids wouldn't think that all mirrors had faces in them and that one was special because it was magic


Potential scenario: The script said “mirror mirror.” The actress messed up her line and said “magic mirror.” They liked it so they kept it. Disney books/merch was based on script since there wasn’t easy availability to rewatch the movie. “Mirror mirror” had 58 years to become cemented in the general public’s mind. 1994 a new generation of kids are able to repeatedly watch the movie on vhs. And, as kids do, they hear what they expect to. Fast forward, those kids are now grown and rewatch movies with their own kids and suddenly hear the difference. I’d be interested in what the 1980 and ‘87 off brand snow white’s said. Not saying this is exactly what happened. But just a potential explanation to think about this from all sides.


My questioh is why does it even matter? The original fairy tale used "mirror mirror" while the Disney movie used "magic mirror". Most pop culture references, including official Disney merch, use "mirror morror" because it's the most known version of the quote. It's that frickin simple.


IDK it seems unlikely that Disney wouldn't use their brand.


The people who made/designed a lot of the merchandise using the "mirror, mirror" quote just made the assumption that the movie used the same quote word for word. Do you honestly expect every single Disney employee to have every meticulous detail ingrained in their brain? That's what Disney park actors do, not the people in China working on merchandising. Mistakes happen. You can find numerous mistakes and missed details on a lot of Disney toys and books.


Hmmm interesting. I would assume since Disney owns so much and is such a huge force, their merch would be accurate. Do you have proof of other errors or something you could point me to?


This for example [https://allears.net/2021/01/18/3-times-disney-forgot-to-use-spell-check/](https://allears.net/2021/01/18/3-times-disney-forgot-to-use-spell-check/)




This must be the first time in the history of the universe that the source material and the film adaptation differed.


It's always been mirror mirror for me all throughout my childhood into adulthood.


It is absolutely, 100%, mirror mirror. The young girls used to do sort of rhyming games with the phrase. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? They would change up the fairest part at times. This was done with hopscotch, jump rope, and other kid type games Source: am old


Another example is the Doug E. Fresh song La Di Da Di: “I said, um, mirror mirror on the wall Who is the top choice of them all”


"You are, you conceited bastard"


Many years ago someone posted pics here of a Disney Snow White book from the 70s and in the front of the book it specifically stated "from the original motion picture script", and it definitely had "mirror mirror". So it was an official Disney book explicitly stating that the text was from the movie and not the Grimm's fairy tale, and yet it said "mirror mirror". Interesting inconsistency.


I find that interesting as well


This book has both lines https://imgur.com/gallery/ZO7xa6x I also own a copy that says magic mirror and another that says mirror mirror.


It is definitely Mirror Mirror. I never knew it as Magic Mirror...


I watch a lot of Mandela effect videos and it has already been stated in some of them on youtube that the books say mirror, mirror. It is really weird that the movie is different. Maybe it was supposed to be mirror, mirror but the actor said it wrong and that's the cut that went into the movie. You really did a deep dive on this one...


So you're saying that literally every other thing about the comic is 100% the same as the movie? Oh wait, no they're not. So they changed things and things are different between the movie in the book. Okay then. Too bad you couldn't devote this time to something worthwhile.


Do you have any other tone setting besides sarcasm? And is this a "worthwhile" use of *your* time?


Why is it always lost on deniers that virtually no one has ever heard of “magic mirror” until these most recent of years?! Easily the most popular iteration of Snow White is the Disney version. Yet no one referenced or parodied the most famed and accessibly heard Disney Magic way of saying the line even once throughout our lifetimes! Not even Walt Disney himself! No one ever cited it as “magic mirror” because it’s only shifted to that way since the ME took hold. https://youtu.be/vaeq51kUboI


Hey man, I love your videos. They can't accept the truth. And they definitely haven't experienced a flip flop. Do you have "Cheverolet" recall? I've noticed some MEs seem to decline on the internet where it becomes more difficult to find people that share a certain ME.


I do indeed have the Cheverolet recall. Even did a photoshop of it awhile back on Retconned :)


The ME is about the MOVIE line, not anything written in a book!!!


I absolutely agree with -mirror mirror!


I don’t understand why people who don’t believe in the ME, waste their time in this Reddit group.


What does it mean to 'believe' in the ME?


I'm supposing you mean who don't believe things are changing, not the actual definition. I find it fascinating when large groups of people remember something differently than it is, I just subscribe more to that the ME is a function of the human brain that anything else. I don't understand why many people waste their time asking this question over and over.


Because we need a community. It's rather weird and traumatic. I understand your skepticism and rationale of course, I'm not intending to invalidate it. For someone that believes reality is shifting it can be off putting having people bombard you with reasons why you are mistaken (especially on a forum about the phenomenon).


r/retconned might suit you better. No sceptical thought allowed there.


Thank you.


In Spanish always has been espejito espejito, organización mirror mirror in English.


Here, in Latin America, the phrase has always been "espejito, espejito", that's why the first time I read in this sub that it was supposedly a ME, it threw me off.


What about “off to work we go”?


In the books it is mirror, mirror but in the movie it is magic mirror


I was never a book reader as a kid. I was a movie watcher. I repeated the line all the time. The residue is everywhere. I just heard Endora say "mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the dumbest mortal of them all" speaking of Darrin Stevens.


Yeah I remember mirror mirror But now I've seen the next line changes all the time as well 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ I remember "who's the fairest of them all?"