Are your eyelids and under eyes oily? For me, even with waterproof mascara, it starts smudging a few hours after applying because of oil. I like to lightly powder under the eyes, gives a brightening look while keeping my mascara intact!


This, but I would also suggest you stop putting mascara on your bottom lashes and use an eyeliner about halfway across the bottom lid. Then hit it with the powder below that.


Came to suggest the same


Thrive mascara is the only one I’ve ever used that doesn’t do that.


This! You need a tubing Mascara. Thrive has the best one.


Hourglass caution mascara and rare beauty mascara are only ones that won’t shed for me! Good luck!


Try No 7 stay perfect waterproof tubing mascara. Tubing mascara is the only kind I can wear without smudging. Comes of easy with warm water and pressure. Clinique lash power is a good one too. I tried a ton of others and these are my 2 favorite. And the No 7 you can get at target for like $10 and return if you don't like it!


Same here. No matter how highly rated it is (all the claims, waterproof! Doesn’t budge! Seggs/gym workout tested!) and with different kinds of wands, my eyes are slightly tilted at the outer corners and I have high cheek bones where my corner eyelashes will rest on the highest part of my cheek and smudge there as they day goes on despite normal application. I just treat it as a necessary part of my midday retouch and tissue away the mascara transfer and use powder foundation where my concealer would have been. No fix for me, to date.


For me, using a waterproof mascara and setting my under eye with powder are the magic steps


This happens to me if I accidentally close my eye or sneeze or something while the mascara is still wet


I shouldve specified lol. This is it after a good two hours. I’ll apply and it’ll be fine but over time this is how it looks with any mascara I try.


Hi, May be your eyelids and under eyes oily, you can use translucent powder before using mascara. You can go for Volume & Lifting Mascara by MOIRA Beauty. Than use a spoolie brush. And there you go with beautiful eyes.


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Do you use regular Mascara or Waterproof? I use only waterproof and don't experience any running or smearing :)


Regular. I tried the essence lash princess waterproof one and it did the same :(


My favorite Mascars is the Loreal Lash Paradise, perhaps that one might work better for you?


Do you use waterproof??


the loreal telescopic waterproof mascara saved my undereyes! i have the same problem with most mascaras, but this one doesnt do that. i also like the smaller bristles, they make it easier to control where the product goes.


Do you set your under eyes with powder?


I don’t put mascara on my bottom lashes unless I’ve done a smokey eye so you can’t really tell. I used to do the brown mascara on bottom lashes trick too which worked well, still smudged a bit but it didn’t look as stark!


Get a tubing mascara!


Try tubing mascara - it comes off in flecks that you flick away. I use No7 Stay Perfect


I use a primer for my eyelashes, I put it on before mascara and it works like a charm!


Tubing mascara 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


I have the same and I’d tried all the things people recommend, waterproof, that L’Oreal tubing shit. I’d given up honestly. But then I got Mac In Extreme Dimension as a free sample and tried it expecting absolutely nothing and it holds up so well. It’s the only one I buy now. At the end of a sweaty 9 hour shift I’ll sometimes have that slight grey cast of transferring where my lashes touch my face but nothing I can’t just wipe away.


I had the same question!! Thank you OP for asking this question 😊


Get a fine pressed powder. I use the white one by essence it works really well. Take a small eyeshadow brush and the powder and brush it under your bottom lashes and then under your eye where the smudging is happening. You don't need very much but it should stop this from happening. Don't brush it on top of your bottom lashes or on your top lashes at all because it'll make them grey but doing it under your bottom lashes no one will see and the powder will stop it from smudging. (You can use probably any powder you want the essence one has just worked really well to stop the smudging from the ones I've tried for me)


I've got oily eyes, totally happens with almost every mascara I've tried so I just gave up. As per some other comments mentioning tubing mascara I'm off to look into that


Tubing mascara 1000%


This always happened to me until I tried Japanese tubing mascara… their mascara tech is another level. Like absolutely not even a dusting of a shadow after full day of wear. You do need a good makeup remover tho (only downside). The brand I have is KISS ME heroine. Other tubing mascaras may also work but I cannot vouch for them.


The most important step for me is dusting my eyelashes with a bit of loose setting powder. I always start w lash primer. I’ve been putting a coat of L’Oréal Lash Paradise waterproof on and then another mascara (I use Tarte Maneater). To really lock it in, I dust top and bottom lashes with powder. I think the powder step is key because I get mascara fallout whenever I forget. I didn’t really have this problem until this year, so allergies or eye watering can be a culprit….randomly found the L’Oréal on sale ELF halo glow is a good drugstore setting powder.


Trying tubing mascara, works for me


Every mascara did the same for me, unless I tried Maybelline Sky high mascara. That one stays put on my bottom lashes and do not budge!


It might be that your mascara is old and starting to get flaky.


Try the mascara from Armani they are really good and put some translucent powder under your eyes . That should help :)