Beautiful! That lip color is perfect! I would go easier on the highlight over your lip, and maybe fill your brows in a bit more.


Seconding this! Maybe a tinted brow gel instead of clear? I *love* the lip and eye together, everything still looks really fresh and classic ☺


yes, these are my only markers. OP that lip looks STUNNING on you!!!


Lots of variables here; Indoor/Outdoor wedding? Lighting? IMO, I would leave out the lip highlight. It may make you look sweaty in photos.


Entirely indoor in a vintage theatre, so a dark venue. Will be getting married on stage so when I'm having my ceremony, there will be stage lights! So trying to be mindful of how my makeup is going to be a little lost in the lighting situation either way.


I agree with this commenter - lip highlight would be a lot better very subtly on the very top of your Cupid’s bow - not extending so far or so bright. Just a tiny bit would create a much better effect.


You know, I actually only applied the highlight to the tip of my cupids bow! I'm wondering if my concealer is too bright around my lips causing that longer white line/highlight effect?


Ooh maybe that’s it! It’s hard to tell either way from this pic. Now that you point it out, I can see the lightness of the concealer at the bottom left, too. Maybe just a touch of bronzer or subtle lip liner to help? You look gorgeous, btw!!!!


Is there any way you can have a second look at your venue wearing your makeup? Have a friend take photos with and without flash to test?


I mean I didn't plan to! Is that common?


Not necessarily. I wasn’t sure if it was a venue that operated on a regular basis.


Oh! Sorry for some reason I read this as having two makeup looks based on my choice of venue!


No worries. A good pro makeup artist should be able to do “media makeup” which works in multiple lighting sources, photography styles, etc.


that lip color is freaking stunning on you


You don't think it's too much?? Thank you!!


the lip color? no! it looks really good. I didn't want to give any critique but if you want a critique I think the highlight that is outlining the top upper lip is a bit too much. but the actual lip color itself is really nice on you!


Thank you!! Yes gonna look into a smaller brush just for this portion on my face :) kind of slapped myself with a flat brush here


I would respectfully disagree with your critique, I like the highlight on top looks really good!


Agreed, it does the job of bringing light to the face and highlighting her gorgeous lips. It's bright but not blinding, and that's in a semi-dark indoor photo. Irl I bet it's even more beautiful.


I like it on the Cupid’s bow but I’m not sure about it stretching all the way out. It does bring attention, maybe not so white on the sides?


Me too!




I love bold! What would a bolder red even be? I'd love to experiment


This is also all I wanted to say. It's absolutely gorgeous on your face and I hope for your sake that it never goes out of production ;-)


Only took me a few hours to get such good feedback from you about my bridal makeup. Thank you everyone! I switched to a cooler toned eye and a slightly deeper, cooler red lip. Not sure how I feel about it, would love CC again. I am getting married on a stage in a beautiful vintage theatre wearing a sparkling ballgown. I wanted makeup that was bold and glamorous and old Hollywood enough to suit that venue and look, but still be simple enough that it's not too busy against my dress. Definitely noticing how much my makeup fades even in this light. Weighing going heavier with just about everything but wondering if it would clash with the lip! List of products! So sorry I don't have most shade names Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion Beauty Bakerie flour in cassava naked 2 mini in stark, cover, and primal makeup revolution highlighter L'Oreal Gel Liner Loreal lash paradise mascara (will have lash extensions day of but figured this was close enough!) Eyebrows: Nyx brow gel (clear) Nyx brow pencil in espresso Wet n wild grey eyeshadow Face: urban Decay stay naked foundation and concealer Blush: Milani cream blush (deep red) Contour: Maybelline fit me concealer in 65 Highlight: makeup revolution in light gold Lips: urban Decay lip liner in gash, NYX lip lingerie XXL in Stamina OP here: [Original Attempt Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/MakeupAddiction/comments/sbv4k6/hoping_to_do_my_own_bridal_makeup_but_getting/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


Can I ask what shade of urban decay foundation/concealer you are? As an also cool medium light olive.... I feel like I need it???? Your cooler eye lip blush makes your complexion look even more striking & porcelain perfect. I also agree with posters in the last look - you should share this over at r/OliveMua !:) This is the wedding make up look of vintage dreams, OP! Love the lil pops of sparkle too!


Oh that's so interesting, that's the second comment I've received about being olive today! I've actually been told im quite warm by just about every makeup lover or hair stylist or internet bully who has said something! I mixed the 51WY and 40WY foundations and used the 50WY concealer. I'm Filipino and originally matched the 51WY pretty well, but between COVID quarantine, winter, and becoming a night nurse I've gotten mighty pale and noticed the 51WY just oxidized too much compared to my neck as I get closer to my wedding. Hope that helps!


ohh the stay naked 40 was the shade i was swatching in store a few years ago (after getting hardcore about sunscreen usage so dropping a shade or two:) , but never made the purchase! I've also have always been told by makeup artists that i'm obvs warm... but with POC olives, I feel like people who don't do brown skin very much, see the brown and assume warm! (and we do look pretty great in golds anyway too, so i understand!) but I think I might actually be on the cooler side of neutral olive... perhaps you are too? Does silver also look amazing/striking against your skin? that very cool red and the icy white sparkle looks stunning on you. Also, with your issue of the makeup fading.. do you mean the complexion products or the eye/lip/cheeks? If its complexion, then perhaps adding a lightly applied setting powder into this routine would hold it together longer.


Silver usually looks so awful against my skin! I almost entirely wear gold jewelry.


I will say if you're truly olive the 40 WY might be great for you! I chose it because of that "warm, yellow " marker, but as the swatch settled it definitely looked more neutral-pink than I expected for something labeled warm yellow, so that may be a great choice!


So olive is a spectrum , whether is cool or warm olive , as long as you have a good amount of green that’s what I consider truly olive . 40wy seems pretty orange . At least my friend had it and it was really warm on her . They have an olive line . Try that out but I think they don’t have the 40s it jumps but if you get a little lighter try 30cg or if you get darker or tan try the 50cg they have an olive shade , it’s not cool olive though even though it says cool olive .


Her skin is definitely warm that leans olive . It’s more than just skin that she can get away with cool tones , her hair and eyes compliment a lot of cool tones . She maybe warm neutral olive leaning


Was going to comment on needing to go heavy on the makeup as sometimes it is hard to see in pictures. You’d be surprised how much makeup is lost in both lighting and pictures - so even tho it may seem to dark in person, it may be just right in pictures. I would practice with the “heavy” make up look (think theater makeup since you’re in a theater anyway!) and take pictures either afar or close in different lighting. That way you have an idea as to how it would come out in your wedding pictures. Congratulations! This is such a special time.


The lip color is gorgeous. My CC is to take some of the highlight off your nose and place it just ended the ends of your brow to even the balance of your make up look. I feel like a lot of my attention is pulled to the lower half of your face.


Ooh, that detail is such a good catch! ❤


Wow this looks great! The cool toned red is stunning on you! I think you could get away with going a little darker on the eyes if you wanted, but definitely not necessary. You could also play around with adding a wing to your eyeliner, but it all comes down to what you feel best in at the end of the day!


Thank you so much! I did a teeny baby wing haha, I will be wearing glasses the day of and I do a winged eyeliner in my everyday so I wanted something just a little softer and different for my wedding day!! I think I will go darker on the eye, do you think the colors itself are okay or could I just deepen the crease with the same colors I have?


Ah, I missed it on the first photo but I can definitely see it on the side view! In that case, I think opting for the softer look is a great way to switch things up for your wedding day. I think the colors you chose for your eyeshadow are spot on. Not to mention the blending looks beautiful and super diffused on the edges as well! I think you could try deepening the crease and the outer third a bit more with the same colors you have if you wanted to give it a go!


Agree completely with deepening the eyes a bit, especially if you will be wearing glasses. Could you post a pic with the glasses on? It might totally change the CC you receive.


I agree with other posters to decrease or eliminate the upper lip and nose highlight. Only other thing I would add is to use more blush and fill in the brows a little more, or even use a tinted brow gel. Congrats & you look gorgeous!!!


This is simply gorgeous on you, great use of the cc from the first post.


I was advised that photos will only show 30% of your makeup colour so it will appear lighter on camera. Bridal makeup has to be balanced between looking good in person and in photos. And like what others said, lighting also changes your look. Your makeup is nice but I find the shimmer/highlight between the eyes, tip of nose, and upper lip too intense. Might want to make it a lot more subtle. Same thing if you tend to have an oily skin


Okay, THAT is the lip color!


I would add a bit of blush on your cheekbones


Definitely!! First thing I noticed when I took the photo is that my blush barely showed up.


Other than that I think it looks perfect


the highlighter is coming off a bit too stark white to me, maybe change to a warmer toned liquid highlighter especially for cheekbones. a bit more blush would like nice! i second adding some highlighter to your brow bone too, i like to layer highlighters with a sheer warmer one underneath, and a brighter one only on brow bones, tip of nose.


I’d pull back the nose and lip highlight by about 10-20% but other than that, it’s lovely.




Alas, I wear glasses!! Haha no big lash for me. Will be reunited with my lash extensions for my wedding day though ❤️


That will look good then!


Stunning! I love that lip colour!


But wait… tell them not to give you a lip stash with the white


Lol I take full responsibility for my accidental stash 💀


It really is beautiful makeup and I only say that bc I’m an esthetician and do make up. I’ve done this one too many times. You can’t look at a lip like an eye. You’re beautiful no matter what. Cheers on your marriage❤️


The nose tip highlight will make you look like you had an oily face in your pictures. Everything else is very nice


Everything looks great. The only thing id change is the nose highlight. It’s distracting.


The only CC I have is to go lighter on the lip and nose highlight. Everything else, especially the lips look fantastic!


The lip color is great on you and so is the eye . You should look into r/coloranalysis because while your skin is warm and maybe leaning olive ,( I still think you are pretty golden undertone,)you can get away with a lot of cool tones .


You're blowing my mind right now!!


You may be a deep autumn which is like a neutral warm .




I am pretty cool toned so avoid warms and would think you would avoid cooler shadows with your warmer/olive tone. I was recently “forced” to use warmer shades as it is contained in my Natasha denona mini 5 pan and actually like the warmer look. Inversely, the cooler eyeshadows look amazing on you. Make sure you go darker with your makeup because photos will wash it out. When I got my engagement and wedding makeup done, I thought both times, the makeup artist put way too much makeup on me, but on video and pics, it looked great


So a lot of times it’s more than just skin tone , it’s also about other things that can play so eyes and hair and features . If you haven’t I recommend looking into color analysis


Lippie is perfect!!


Looks so much more cohesive!


Beautiful 😍


That lip colour is gorgeous! You look stunning x


Absolutely snatched. Whoever you are marrying is going to cry the moment they see you 🥲


So sweet, thank you!


Omg this makeup is sooo gorgeous on you! Great job! 💞


Love it!!!


So pretty. I love it.


I love this!


Awesome! That lip is looking great!




Gorgeous! You look amazing!!


I think you should blend the edges of your lipstick, there's a white line around it. Other than that, overall makeup is beautiful.


This is aamaze!


The liiiips are everything! Love the cool color on you!


I’m in love with this whole look, particularly the gorgeous lippie. Your eyes look fantastic too. 💜


Omg yesssss!! gorgeous!


I would go for a slightly more filled in brow. I’m not sure if the look you’re going for calls for a toned down brow but I can’t help but notice they look less “done” or “finished” than the rest of your face. Might just be my bias towards bolder brows. Maybe try to fill in the inner edges more? They don’t need to be super defined necessarily just a bit more balanced I think.


It took me a while to see that cc is not custom content. I need to stop playing sims4


You are beautiful


Hi! I love that lip color! Tips: maybe fill in your eyebrows a bit more, and sculpt your face a bit heavier (with pictures,makeup can look washed up)


You're gorgeous. I agree with comments about highlight occuring around your mouth; if it is your concealer, maybe blend some foundation over it before applying lippie. I think more blush would feel more bridal. I liked the warmth around your eyes in your last bridal makeup post. Maybe try an eye look that has slightly warm browns as well as cool taupes? I'm also olive and that is exactly how I did my own wedding day makeup. It worked well. Keep the tone of your dress in mind when deciding. Seriously, you're so gorgeous. You can't go wrong, no matter what you choose. Have a wonderful wedding day 💕 EDITING TO ADD: Do what makes *you* feel *bridal*. That's what will be most important.


Omggg so beautiful


You are killing it with the bold lip! I also thought the slightly warmer red in your original photo looked great, too, so maybe splitting the difference with something like the Russian Red suggested above would be great. I also think your highlight works great and agree to punch the blush a bit more. I have a suggestion around the eyes - I think I would pull the wing out or blend out a dark shadow. I would also encourage you to either tight-line the eyeliner a bit more or consider adding some longer/fluffy lashes. Right now the line is a bit overpowering to your natural lashes. I had lash extensions for my wedding day and they photographed *so well*. Also be sure to use primer and setting spray. This makeup is going to need to last through a heckuva day. Also, as a photographer, I want to encourage you to look at the editing style of your hired photographer. Do they edit in dark, moody tones or bright, airy? Do their edits lean warm and yellow/green or cool and dark/blue? That will affect the way your makeup looks in photos. More so if they don’t stick to true-tone presets.


Tiny bit more blush on the apples of your check, fill in your brows more, less highlight above your lip. I just got married and I wish I’d done it myself! Great thinking!


Beautiful! I'm literally out of breath. That lip color is literally perfect for you.


Wow such an improvement! I didn't even realize you were the same woman from the other post. If you're going for a 40s look then definitely go for a deeper red. You look stunning


HAHA I'm gonna tell my future husband that. Like marrying two women!! Thank you haha!


Also! Do you have any recommendations for that deeper red? Or even just key terms to search?


Cool toned/blue reds for sure, and if you want to go even deeper.. maybe something similar to YSL Tatouage in Rouge Faction?


Just as you look at shades think glamorous 40s movie star like Lauren Bacall, Joan Crawford etc


Damn you’re gorgeous shit!


Oh my god thanks!


gosh, i hate to be that girl—but have you tried MAC russian red? you can absolutely pull off a strong red lip, but i do think this one leans a bit too cool


I was thinking that too!! People are hyping me up over some of the cooler tones which is great, but idk maybe that's why I wasn't feeling it? I haven't tried that somehow!


your lip shape is to DIE for. it’s so gorgeous. check out russian red if you get a chance—it’s actually pretty easy to find MAC nowadays


Thank you!!


you will be a stunning bride, regardless of whatever shade of lippie winds up on your lucky husband’s collar. enjoy your day!!


Love the lips!


I wouldn't recommend red lip on wedding day and would go with mauve or a more neutral or mid-tone pink, so your future hubby doesn't have super rep lips or cheeks all day. Made this comment from my husband ( aka best friend's ) point of view! STUNNING OTHERWISE!


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I love the highlight on your nose, looks so pretty and clean!


That lipstick 🤩


Love the lipstick!


Beautiful! Red lip is great. I agree with other on the less lip highlight. It looks lovely as is, I would just add a bit more, since pictures tend to soften looks. Maybe a pop more blush and some false lashes?


Timeless look, but I would take out the highlights. It might be fashionable now. But you don’t want your photos to show an era. Beautiful look though!


My only cc would be: when I do my mascara I have at least two kinds- a thinner wand for length and a more full wand for making your lashes thicker. I can see that they have length from the mascara you are using but using another thicker wand/formula to really fill them in and make them pop would look great! (if you’re not planning on using falsies at all) Edit: fully ignore this- I guess I missed that you are getting them done in the product list. You look beautiful!


I love the eyes. What did you use


It's all in the product list comment! Used the naked 2 mini and then some of the makeup revolution highlight in the middle ❤️


I love the lip color! Please share the name. I agree about softening the highlight over the lip. I would also add a touch more product to the front of the brow to cover the sparse areas.


Nyx's stamina :)


I would skip highlighter on the tip of the nose and tone it down a bit on your cupids bow but other than that it looks great. Love the lip colour.


The white/shimmery highlights are SO gorgeous 😱


Wow this look is stunning! One thing I might experiment with is doing a bit of color correction in your undereye area. This eyeshadow color is gorgeous on you, but the ashy brown color brings out a bit of a gray tone under your eyes—which is super normal and not typically something I’d be concerned with, but since it’s your wedding day, I figure every tiny detail is worth mentioning so you can feel absolutely flawless on your special day. I’m not a color theory expert, but I would suggest trying a concealer shade that is slightly darker and just a touch more orange than your normal foundation shade. You could even buy an orange color corrector and try mixing it little by little with your normal concealer until you get the right shade.


Your makeup looks beautiful, I think most of it may get lost under stage lights. I would go darker on eyeshadow, add more blush and maybe some bronzer?


I feel like this is what Michael Jackson was going for and I can't shake it lol. You are GORGEOUS tho!!!