I really love the videos you post and I appreciate you don't filter yourself to smithereens. I like seeing a real face and how products work on skin that isn't blurred to the point that it doesn't look real! You are stunning and have a kind face that shows in your content, thanks for sharing.


When it comes to my makeup videos I refuse to use filters- it’s just not the same especially dealing with my dark skin tone ! I have so much fun with small transformations with makeup ! Lol in this video I did a nice light blue …. But omg when it was super hot outside I used much more and applied with a blender for extra oil absorption


I just went online and purchased their entire line lol. It’s affordable and all “clean” products, I’m so excited to try it all out!


I haven’t had as many breakouts and my skin has literally improved , I hope you visited my profile for LyS to get 20% off !


Damn. I was just about to purchase the new Charlotte Tilbury powder. Now I don’t know which one to get 😭