Mtga announcements, september 15th

Mtga announcements, september 15th


I'm kind of amazed they somehow managed to forget to list the premiere draft and sealed events for the Midnught Hunt release.


At least they're listed on the schedule https://magic.wizards.com/en/mtgarena/events


According to that schedule there won't be quick draft between Oct 15 - 29 lol.


Isn't that normal?


Yeah it’s always *stupidly* hard to find info on quick draft schedules.


Usually the switch it up and it's two weeks of the current set them two weeks of some other standard-legal set then two weeks current set again. In the schedule there isn't ANY quick draft between 15-29 Oct. Maybe they just haven't decided which set it's gonna be.


>Maybe they just haven't decided which set it's gonna be. Following the pattern it's probably AFR, but it hasn't been announced yet.


Why would they not have quick draft for midnight hunt when it drops? I'm a f2p player and saving up my gold to spam quick drafts to rare and flavor draft since I learned it's better than buying packs. And spending 10k for other draft types I don't understand the differences doesn't really appeal to me lol.


They use the data from premier draft for the quick draft bots. But yes, they probably also want you to spend more money on drafts if you want to draft early.


I'm not sure what the logic is, maybe exactly to prevent players from getting too many rares quickly and instead buy packs. But it was the same for AFR - Quick draft came two weeks after the set was released. I wasn't around for the previous sets, but I can imagine it has been like that for a while. It doesn't have to be a bad thing, though. That means you have two more weeks to collect gold for drafts, that's around 15k more or 3 entries. And regarding the other types of drafts, check this article out, it should clarify things for you. https://draftsim.com/mtg-arena-draft-guide/


They only publish thinks where they are now sure that they will really work this time.


25k for the land bundle??? really???


That's what's called whale hunting


Those lands look really cool. I have never bought anything cosmetic in MTGA in the 2 years I've been playing, but I was tempted to buy those. Then I saw the price tag... Best to just stick to drafts like usual.


That's an average of 2,500 per style.


Because god knows I needed two of each land


>Fix for a bug that prevented Commander weighting from working properly in Brawl and Historic Brawl. Whups. Well that would explain some things.


Before the bug my Magda was queueing only into other powerful decks, now I played a lot against weaker commanders. I appreciated the diversity, but it still felt bad, Magda can go mano-a-mano with the broken 4


I was so sad that my Yarok deck was unable to win games anymore. I thought it was because it was too outdated because of Historic Jumpstart but that explains a lot...


I kept playing Golos with my GW Ajani Vigilance themed deck. Hopefully I have some more fun games now.


I mean maybe it's outdated? I mostly play Yarok and I've always been matched often with Golos etc., I'm pretty sure the matchmaking considers Yarok as in the highest tier.


I think it specifically groups 3+ color commanders together, but I don't have any source on that...




Nah, he doesnt do anything when he hits the board and he comes down way to late, esika comes down late same but shes also an enchantment so that gives her protection against most decks. Yarok is strong sure but strongest ehh I don't know about that.


Drake Teferi emote? It's as if I didn't hate Teferi enough already.


That emote is going to get spammed so damn much by control players it isn't even funny. Bad enough when they smack a teferi down on the field, now they'll pop that before every counter/ boardwipe. Is pain.


I want this Emoji to show up on my side, when my opponent tries to emote me and I have them on mute.


I am a control player and you are so right.


Damn right. This emote means I can run less wincons in the deck as I have a new 'tilted opponent' wincon.


It's their fault really for wasting both of our time even though I know for a fact I don't have a win condition.


Wincon? Ain’t nobody got time for that! I’m just annoying until they run away crying.


That's a wincon


Teferi wins by doing absolutely nothing.


Jeskai control OP. Not only do they get the best cards, they get the best mental damage emotes too.


Just disable emotes in options. I did so long time ago, they are just distracting anyway


The glory of mute.


I just use the Illithid newspaper one


Ooooh I wondered when to use that, but now you solved this, thank you!


I wish they had made 2 of them like Runeterra did with Ekko (one for each expression) so that you could use them more widely or actually play a card in between


I just play with emotes disabled




Wait did Teferi also star in a nickelodeon show and groom minors?


Kanye podcast host here. I’m in shambles


Why would you admit that?


Because I’m not ashamed of having a successful podcast and YT channel


Sounds like you have the right attitude to host a podcast about Kanye


> Kanye podcast ?




Watching you get blindly downvoted hurts lol


The Darkest Night basics are cool, but not 5000 gems cool. Was excited for them, but that's a hard price to justify.


Might be worth it if we could select default lands in limited.


Or at all...


Why is this not a thing yet? I feel like it's as simple as adding a button in settings...yet they keep saying it's down the road....we've been walking this road for a while and I'm starting to think it's just a mirage.


They managed to do it for sleeves, but somehow doing it for lands apparently is near impossible.


You're not a dev so how could you have any idea how hard something is. Default lands probably takes months to implement ^^^/s


Yet they release a new set and your Lands default to that new land...no they are purposely not giving us this option to try and force new sets.




When you build a limited deck it always defaults to the lands from that set. Would be nice to set whatever your favorite land is and not have to manually switch them.


Ow, yes it would be nice. The AFR lands are so dope that I usually don't change them, but for the new set it would be really nice


But even for AFR, IIRC it only uses 1 land out of 4 ..?


It would be nice to have a favorite, indeed


I was super pumped to get these land, too (well, half of them), but no way am I blowing that much gold/gems on this. Real bummer.


Yeah, I’ll just get 25 boosters or literally anything else. I already have the Nyx lands anyway and those are dope af


But they aren't snow basics, I can't find myself chosing them over of snowlands.


500 gems per land has been their standard price since forever, hasn't it? I'll wait for them to go on sale as individual cards myself, but the price is, what was to be expected. Unless you expected them to split these into two bundles of 5 each.


The borderless lands listed right below that are less than half that, so that doesn't track.


War of the Spark Basic Land Styles Bundle (2500 Gems) Core Set 2020 Basic Land Styles Bundle (2500 Gems) Lands Foretold Bundle (2500 Gems) I know the Squirrel Lands and the Triomes were 2500 as well. AFAIR so did alternative art pathways. I don't know, if there were real alternative art lands, which were cheaper before, but you are right that the full lands are cheaper for whatever reason. Thast looks like a decent buy ;)


Seems pretty random, tbh. Half the land bundles are 200-ish gems each and others are 500 with no rhyme or reason. 5000 for a bundle of basic land styles is still absurd, regardless.


Maybe if it also had a parralax...


Just wait, save 5k 0r 10k (depends wether you want all or only one of the two copies each) gold and buy them later for 1k each.


I ask myself if they calculate 5k gems as the optimal price for those lands. I have a feeling that it would most likely sell a lot more if it were cheaper, generating more profit. But I assume they did the math


The price for the basic land bundle is ludicrous. $25 for lands styles...good luck with that (yes i know people will buy it). Should have made at least one of each free through a code or something.


Teferi emote needs to be split in two for top tier counterspell bm.


Something like: enemy casts bomb -> full control -> emote part 1 -> cast counterspell -> emote part 2 -> resolve counterspell -> spam emote 2 ad infinitum?


Until we can add a chef kiss in the final phase


Sadly Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar and [[her kiss]] didn't make it into JHH.


[chef's kiss](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/c/9/c936ebbd-512a-49a6-ab23-16ac34b4a3a9.jpg?1626096480) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=chef%27s%20kiss) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/mh2/120/chefs-kiss?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/c936ebbd-512a-49a6-ab23-16ac34b4a3a9?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Only real news: > **Stabilization Progress** > > The team has made progress on improving stability and eliminating bugs following the update. > > Thursday’s (September 16) update will bring a few notable fixes:: > > - Fix for a bug that caused some players ranking up to Mythic in Limited to enter a bad state where their rank was listed as "Beginner." Players will no longer enter this state after the update. > > We're hopeful that this also fixes the issue for players already in this state, but this is a very unusual bug that the team has struggled with. If it doesn't, be assured we will continue to aggressively look for a solution. > - Fix for a bug that prevented Commander weighting from working properly in Brawl and Historic Brawl. > - Fix for a bug where the Welcome Bundle was not granting the proper mix of packs. We have done a mass grant to give players affected the proper packs. > - Fix for a bug that caused players not to receive quest progress from direct/friendly challenges (for real this time). > We're continuing work on remaining issues to make sure you have a great experience.


>We're hopeful that this also fixes the issue for players already in this state, but this is a very unusual bug that the team has struggled with. If it doesn't, be assured we will continue to aggressively look for a solution. Well that certainly isn't reassuring.... no mention of compensation either for those of us that have been effectively locked out of the game for over two weeks now


It's important to note that they need to fix the bug before giving out compensation. Otherwise if the fix doesn't work people will riot. If they give some form of compensation after fixing I'll be happy!


That's fair I guess but even just a message saying: "those that have been affected will be reimbursed" seems like the bare minimum for a game of this size.


I'm not going to lie and pretend I'm quitting magic or anything, but they should give more than "some" compensation. I don't think I'm going to be happy unless it's something ridiculous. Not being able to play ranked or limited in any material manner for 2 weeks is a really obnoxious bug. There's the material loss of quests and other play rewards that can be calculated in gold, but there is also a less material cost that's harder to compare to 10,000 gold or whatever. Some people were hitting mythic for the first time. That's an exciting moment they worked for, and this bug robbed that from them. I was hitting mythic the earliest I've done, and with a crazy win streak. I would have liked a screen shot of a nice rank to show my friends. I'd started streaming limited, and was going into my 7th day of it when I could no longer play arena. Bugs happen, but this one is especially ridiculous, but I'd be surprised if they offer compensation that doesn't feel insulting.


This has been on my mind too, like what could possibly be fair compensation for such a staggering bug? I keep thinking about how these players couldn't play in the Open, and therefor are possibly (though quite unlikely) now out $2k. How do you compensate for that level of opportunity cost? Even 50k gold doesn't seem enough, maybe 100k? It really would have to be ridiculous. To be clear, this bug hasn't happened to me, I'm just mad by proxy. I hope all effected get the massive payout you deserve.


Ya unfortunatly I'm not expecting too much. I do wish they would offer some free draft like they did during the jump start delay. It was a nice value and it was also fun to be able to play a mode that's lock behind a risk.


It's more than not reassuring. They should know confidently whether or not tomorrow will fix the issue, just as they do with the other issues listed. This is something they should be able to confirm in their QAS environment. To me, this likely means either one of two things: 1. They already know it's hit and miss in QAS. Tomorrow will not be a reliable fix for all accounts experiencing the issue. 2. It works in their QAS environment, but they have don't have high confidence it will function the same way in their Production environment. This is more worrisome because even if it does work, it means their testing environment is not reliable even when test cases pass, which could make all updates unreliable. It kind of sucks - September 13th's twitter post made it sound like they had it figured out, now they seem to be lowering expectations. Going to lose two open drafts I started tomorrow as well as lose the mastery pass just a few levels shy of completion. Been locked out for over a week. Hopefully they are just overworried and it all goes in okay, I'd love to get back to limited play and dig into the new set.


No mention of the missing logs, no mention of the issue new players have with unlocking their starter decks... Quite disappointing.


Agree about Wizards' silence about removing card collection information from their log files. Their silence is starting to make it look like they do not want players to be able to keep records of their collections in Arena. I will not be putting any money into Arena without the ability to do that - and I just paid for the antique MTGO starter package to be able to look at older formats, so it is not like I am unwilling to spend as long as there is some confidence I will actually get what I paid for.


This is the first time they've said that commander weighting is broken in Brawl yeah? (Not that it hasn't been obvious to everyone for the past month or so.)


Truly incredible. They've been selling a broken product for almost three weeks and don't even know if their fix will work. No mention of compensation for people whose accounts are effectively unusable.


Seeing how so many people defend them on this forums (lOOk aT hOW haRd iT IS to CoDe baSIc STufF) and keep throwing money at the game, there is no real incentive for them to actually fix the game.


No mention of the missing logs, no mention of the issue new players have with unlocking their starter decks... Quite disappointing.


No mention of the matchmaking problem because apparently it's a "feature" that I get matched against the same opponent twice in DRAFT.


Heh, right, IIRC there's hardly any way that this happens in paper ? (Maybe, like in Arena, if not enough players ?)


In paper, you'd only play against people in the same draft pod as you -- it's a very different experience when every card you play against was in a pack you personally got to pick from. Hard to compare Arena draft to paper draft in that regard. Basically, no, you'd never replay the same opponent in paper drafts, but that's because matchmaking there is based around 8 or more people committing to a shared block of several hours to play with their fellow drafters before leaving the store, not because they did anything special to correct for a worldwide matchmaking pool.


I have robbed of probably close to 200-300 gems that I should have gotten from drafts where I drafted a 5th copy of a rare. I can't believe that has never been addressed.


>(for real this time) Love their self-awareness :D


The amount of times I have submitted a bug fix with that text and been wrong....


There is the beautiful word Galgenhumour in German, I don't know if it works in English as Gallows humor.


"Gallows humor" is a well-known phrase in English, yes.


It is?? TIL


Yes it is.


5.000 gems for the Lands? WTF?


I was saving some gold to buy them, but 25k is ridiculous.


Agreed, I was hoping 10-12 k gold.


I'd even pay 15k for 5 of the lands, as the nix lands are costing now. Well, got those instead.


They're brand new and appeal to whales, of course it's scalper levels of expensive. Just wait until they go on sale later for a slightly more normal price.


Historically this means waiting like a year for them to go back on the store, and then probably for the same price.


Meanwhile, paper Magic has one in every pack. ~~Edit: That being said, paper gets to monetise the foil versions of these, they're only in the expensive boosters (collector boosters). There's no equivalent in Arena.~~


The foil versions can also be found in set boosters.


Yeah, I misremembered that.




They used to give this kind of cards to drafters in Ikoria and Zendikar, but apparently they stopped to increase their earnings.


I condone monetizing the hell out of cosmetics.


Ya me to, if it meant they didn't monetize the hell out of the actual game. But they do so its shitty.


I only condone it if it ensures playing the game didn’t cost us an arm and a leg. But it doesn’t, so no I don’t condone this.


Yep. I splurged for my cosmetic lands about a year ago, and just use those. They have the bonus of being rarely seen.


Fancy lands are expensive


Yeah these are the default in regular packs, seems like some bullshit to me


There's one (random) land per $5 pack. The Arena bundle gives you an unlimited amount of all land types immediately.


There's one random AFR basic per $5 pack, but we got all of those for free. There's one random STX basic per $5 pack and we got those for free too


Unnecessary cosmetics are the things that are supposed to be expensive in-game.


Yep, they only suddenly want to charge us money for them if they’re a new special style. See the theros beyond death lands, for example.


But you have to spend money to get regular packs…


So do I get these when I spend money on Arena sealed or drafts?


If they’re considered booster packs then they should be, agreed.


I know, right? they are gorgeous, but that's way too steep.


A very nice move would be to give the lands to the "loyal player base"


They are already addicted, WOTC doesn't need to give them anything new.


I'm still really anticipating when we get an actual feature update.


love the new stickers haha


25 fucking thousand for the lands? this is ludicrous that's a nope from me


> Fix for a bug that caused players not to receive quest progress from direct/friendly challenges (for real this time). Lol :facepalm:


Tldr: - some bugs fixes (beginner rank bug fixed, nothing about broken matchmaking) - stickers and card styles bundles (pricey basic lands) - events updates


You can’t earn the lands through drafts like Zendikar:Rising? The greed is real y’all!


Yup, was expecting the lands to be given since no regular basics are in MID but wow I am pissed about that. Not like I'd use any land in standard that isn't snow but it's the point. Edit: NVM there are regular basics as well im dumb


Hmm there are regular basics in MID. Check [https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-image-gallery/innistrad-midnight-hunt-variants](https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-image-gallery/innistrad-midnight-hunt-variants)


Oh holy shit there are I didn't know that! Thanks!


What is "Commander weighting"?


In the brawl queues, you get matched up based on a hidden strength value of your commander. Golos, Kinnan, Esika, et al are top tier so they get matched up mostly with each other. Or at least they used to, before the last update broke this.


Let the spikes sweat out a casual format on an island of their own and leave the rest of us be.


I assume the power matchmaking for commanders, so jank commanders don't match against turbo champs.


Top tier commanders (golos, kinnan, esika) get matched against each other.


also called the Golos fapping corner


Funny thing is you could stuff Kinnan, Esika, and other 5c commanders into a Golos deck and still win. That's how stupidly OP that commander is.


Yeah, I thought that this was about that 249 != 250 card deck issue with Commanders, then I remembered that Brawl is 100 only, and so this bug is rather about Companions...


Hopefully the HB matchmaking makes big improvements. I’ve been hesitant to play the last week because of how annoying it is to auto-concede every other game. I still think the format needs a sweep of bans but this should help in the meantime.


Oof. 25000 for lands? On second thought, I'm pretty fine with using Theros lands.


No way I'm paying anywhere close to that amount for the basics. Also, is it me or are the stickers super low-effort? Making references to memes is fine, but please at least try to make them look good. This looks like a 14-years old first attempt at a flash game.


Do you happen to know what the Gisa emote is a reference for? I don't think I've ever seen that meme.


Might be [this.](https://c.tenor.com/C6_7NLKq6s8AAAAM/it-pennywise.gif)


Guess that makes more sense than [jazz hands](https://c.tenor.com/RC3D5HJ1m3UAAAAC/archer-krieger.gif)


I was kinda thinking [this](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-R_u8eBNM5pc/UbYk33bfnHI/AAAAAAAAMOA/l6bQeY2RPkQ/s1600/Ramsay-Snow.gif)


That's the one I thought of, too!! I just couldn't find the gif. Never seen the source before; do you know it?


Game of Thrones, character is Ramsey Bolton


Ahhhh, that explains my unfamiliarity! Only watch S1-4, then decided to do the books instead. Thank you!


Well that’s fucking terrifying.


Pennywise from IT was the first thing came to mind, not really a meme tho


I was thinking how well done the stickers are. They have a unique style in the game, but I love how much emotion the artist/artists manage to pump in them with little animation


The Gisa emote looks really good tho, better than any other in the game


Looks like a cheap knock off of LoRs amazing emotes


Have to say it though I'll get downvoted. The lands aren't even good. They all look boring and too similar among themselves. The bright border it's the only thing telling which color are they, and it just doesn't match the rest of the gray theme. To each their own, but there's no way they're worth five quick drafts for me. And the stickers. Just.... Ok, the doggo is funny, I'll say that.


Won’t downvote, but hard disagree on the lands. I get what you mean, they don’t “pop,” but for those of us who like dark/gothic themes, it can really hit the spot.


I think it all comes down to how they'll look on the battlefield. I'm not going to buy them, but I hope they'll look nice on the battlefield.


Understandable… not sure we’ll be able to distinguish them on the battlefield. Honestly I’ll wait until we get actual gameplay pics. Also 5000 gems / 25000 gold is quite a bit.


I like how the lands look, but I agree they’re way too similar.


I need to see them in-game but I share the same feeling about them


Totally agree! I still don't see the appeal. Are they regular basics that change to that grey look once it turns into night or something? If not, I fail to see the allure.


1000 coins apiece for the fashionably late lands is a pretty good deal though. Those will be played for 2 years of standard even if they're not fast enough for Historic.




Ranked rewards have always been from the most current set at the start of the month


Not always but lately they became that way, yes.


That's not true. Up to Kaldheim, the packs were from the newly released set. Zendikar Rising was released at the end of september 2020 and those were the rewards for the same month: [https://magic.gg/news/september-2020-ranked-season-details](https://magic.gg/news/september-2020-ranked-season-details)


Am I the only one who has the companion bug for which any Deck with a companion is greyed out in the play queue and thus not playable ? Edit: I play only bo3


If you want to play in bo1, remove 8 cards from the sideboard and it should work


I think that happened for one of my decks. It seemed to work again after removing and adding some cards (perhaps the companion).


>Fix for a bug that caused players not to receive quest progress from direct/friendly challenges (for real this time). Yes! I'm glad they're fixing this. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or if it was never intended to give quest progress from friendly challenges in the first place and they "fixed" it, or maybe they just decided to take it away. I'm glad that they do intend for us to be able to get quest progress this way, and they're re-enabling it. That's good for me, because my friends and I enjoy and often play friendly direct matches, and it was really hurting my progress on daily quests to not get progress that way anymore.


You have any issues with challenge not allowing historic or brawl decks? My friends and I can't pick brawl decks when we issue a brawl challenge or pick non-standard decks in 60 card challenge. Not sure about 40, don't play that.


$25 for the eternal night lands? *Seriously*? Hell, the borderless lands are *half* that price. I don't even really want half of the bundle so super not worth it. Guess I'm waiting for them to pop on the daily deal eventually.


Oh, hey. They took me Teferi meme formatting and made it into an emote. I'm sorry everyone.


25k for the lands is ridiculous and I hate teferi now even more. Not the announcements I hoped for.


Still no Trickery ban, eh? Ugh.


I am not fan of buying emote but wotc are really stepping up. I always use the AFR Ellywick making her Michael Angelo Batio impression. Those Innistrad emotes specifically the gisa are really good.


Some of these are cool, although the only emotes I use are hello, good game and the sleeping hedron.


I use the default emotes as well, but Ellywick shredding like Batio was a must for me; you can use it as bragging rights.


I use the hedron crying emote whenever my opponent sweeps the board or counters my key spell or uses efficient removal. I presume it's what they want to see so why not?


I just googled "standard meta games challange" and oh boy, that's a rip off.


it's the best value event on Arena


How is commander weighting fixed? I'm playing a fairly shitty cat + dog deck right now and I keep getting paired up with brainless fucking Golos.


It should be fixed with tomorrow's update to the game. Emphasis on "should be"...


I love the cat dog deck! You're right tho its utter shit


Ah yes, I can now see how the Blue mage's emote game was being under supported .... greaaaaat




They have never announced a ban in one of these articles.


This is not the place for an announcement like that.


(Points emphatically at the bug notes that are here instead of the State of the Game exactly like we tried to tell people) Yeah I’ll be skipping those emotes unless I have some extra gold. Basics will be my first purchase, for sure.


> Purchasing these styles will result in the duplicate-protection of the event not awarding them to you as event rewards. Wait, did they just use the term "duplicate-protection" to describe... a complete and utter lack of duplicate protection?