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i usually say: i can't promise anything but i'll try (like i wasn't fucking trying before) harder. that's for normal people. if my psychiatrist asks i always say: why yes, of course, i pinky promise i won't sh ever again. i am safe in my home environment. i do not intent to cause myself or anyone else harm. (live, laugh, lie to your psychiatrist)


I usually just say "I dont make promises i cant keep" but im looking for something better cuz thats really depressing lol


I just laugh inside,I won't promise anything to someone who never was here when I needed them.


depends on how much they know about mental health stuff. Some more out-of-touch people, especially older people, might not understand. Maybe say something like “I’ll try, but this is the way I’ve coped for (time) so it might be hard to stop”


I empty-promise so they'll go away. They're not trying to help, they're trying to make themselves feel better by acting like they've done something helpful, so I don't care about breaking worthless promises to them.


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I usually just say "I'll try, but I can't promise you anything" and then change the topic


depends, usually i just lie and avoid the topic around them in the future but if it’s someone who i can’t really lie to i try to explain how it’s a shitty thing to ask


I’d just say yes I promise really normally & that’s that. & they’ll believe me (probably). If they don’t I can’t do anything abt that. If they catch me again I would just say I tried & I’d *really* promise again this time. Eventually if they kept catching me I would eventually say that “I do really try to stop, I try all the time”. They could take what they wanted from that, bc i didn’t really mean to promise them anything, I just avoid pointless conflict as long as I can.


F off *shoots them with machine gun*


You lie to them 😂


nobody know about mine 🫠


I promise and then I do it


Tell them to F off and you’ll do whatever feels most appealing