My little lady is blind too and has selective hearing. She hears what she wants.




There's a hoop thing you can get so blind dogs don't run face first into things




So beautiful ❤️


This is just precious!!


She can smell him!!! So sweet!!!!


Dude should probably take a shower sometimes.


A shower? Maybe you should cleanse your mindset. If you wear dirty clothes its simply because they didnt shower? Have you ever had a labor intensivd job or one that requires you to get dirty? What an ignorant comment.


Chillax man. It's a joke. The only way a blind and deaf dog could know his human is there is through smell.


Word. That is true. And actually a pretty good joke however it shows where your mind jumps to 😅 what ever for the karma doh right?🤮


Wouldn't the doggo not bark if it was deaf?


barking is instinctive. they’re more likely to bark abnormally loud than not bark at all, haha


The dog is deaf not mute...


Right, and most deaf people can't speak very well because they can't hear themselves talking. This dog's barks sounded just fine though. If you search "deaf dark barking" on YouTube they all sound like squeaks and not actual barks like this dog makes.


He might have been able to explore his bark through vibration. That’s how my deaf cat learned to meow . . . very *very* loudly. He particularly loved the downstairs bathroom because the vibrations of his meow echoing back at him were, I guess, some form of entertainment.


Assuming it’s old and not a puppy like the title suggests. Rather than one born deaf.


Don’t tease her! She needs love and a lot of it!!!!!


poor thing. i’d just put my dog down if it was blind and deaf. quality of life can’t be that great


Yeah, definitely doesn’t look like it’s enjoying life at all, right?


the problem is that it has to struggle through it to enjoy life. it probably feels so lonely until it smells or feels someone. it’s difficult to be entertained, to love, to eat, drink. i sure wouldn’t want to live my life being blind and deaf


Hi! The dog nose works way different than humans. They gather a plethora of information just throughout their nose. It is quite fascinating! Here is a short video about how their nose work. https://youtu.be/Gf4k0VgCQjg So when this dog is alone it doesn't mean they are bored out of their mind or they feel lonely. At least not because they are deaf and blind(what I mean a totally healthy dog despite the fact that they can see and hear everything can be bored lacking the interactiona they need). They smell their surroundings. The same way they sniffed their owner coming home, they smell every passersby, deliveryman, postman. There are smells they already recognize, there are new ones. They smell other animals, how the weather changes. And probably a lot else. This condition is way to different for a dog than it would be for a human.


I really hope you don’t support any animals. Makes me worried to think what you’d do if any of them had an accident. The enjoyment of life isn’t defined by how much you have compared to others. It’s not a kind thing or a right thing to say you’d kill off your dog just because you don’t believe it could experience the same exact kind of happiness another animal could.


Smell is actually a dogs primary sense. Their eyesight isn’t all that good all things considered. The hearing probably affects them more than the loss of sight though. Regardless, who are you to say that dog doesn’t deserve the only life it’s got. If they didn’t want to live then they wouldn’t take care of themselves, this animal clearly enjoys its life and wants to continue living.






What did they say


It was something like “this is such a cruel owner. Making him put him like that” that’s paraphrased pretty bad but it makes about as much sense.


Tha fuk ?