This man is an absolute legend and inspiration to us all!


Many people have done this for tax purposes. When you have X amount of hives you can claim yourself an Ag farmer or claim your property as agriculture land. Then you don’t pay any taxes on it.






Actually you are wrong about that. The local bees are the local pollinators and they are being chased out by honeybees, by people replacing native plants with non-native flowers, and by disease. Planting native flowers does a LOT for local bees. Honeybees, thanks to human intervention, are not really in any danger of going extinct. But the native bees have no such intervention to help them.


Planting native plants is the best thing we can all do to help wild pollinators and wild bird species! I would say Morgan’s planting of those beneficial natives in such a large amount of acreage is the most impactful action, if we are ranking them.


If theres ever a time to take advantage of a tax break like that its now


Tax dodging? Morgan Freeman? Cut the guy a (tax) break! He’s helping save the fucking planet! I might feel the same way about Elon’s electric cars if they weren’t directly responsible for getting people killed. Those are the assholes whose tax money we should be after!


Unfortunately, he's not. Problem is not that we don't have enough honey bees. Problem is that the wild bees are having a hard time. Having honey bees increases the problem because the wild ones won't find enough pollen to survive when there's so many honey bees.




12 autopilot deaths is worth bragging about. Tesla autopilot has billions of miles driven now. It is already more than 10 times safer for autopilot to drive you than for you to drive yourself.


Sadly, its propably something like that. Doing the bee thing instead of something else is propably of good intentions, but there is for sure some tax dodging involved, just like any generous donation or stuff. The donator nets a profit while normal plebs net a loss from it


Sadly? For fucks sake. These tax “breaks” are there for this exact reason, people with the means to take advantage of it, do so! You not only pointed out government policy working! Which is never highlighted, but an appropriate person making the best of it with his earnings over decades of brilliant work! “Oh no! A well to do celebrity is using his fame to try to fix the planet and make right the destruction humanity has inflicted upon earth.” This is you POES!


If you think spending $100 on bees to avoid paying $1000 to keep your country running (schools comes to mind) is helping society then sure. Im not saying I wouldnt do the same, Im saying that donating should be legislated so that people cant make money off of donating. That kind of defeats the entire purpouse, you do less good


Incentive is the best driver of change, considering we’re in the early stages of realising/acting upon the destruction we’ve caused, quantifying a merit good against an act against a long standing de-merit good or externality of capitalism is silly. This man is one of millions of people actually doing something to counter the issues we have as a planet it shouldn’t matter the insignificant gains he gets from it. If you’re talking about a businessman/ celebrity purchasing a Merc G63 because of the tax break based on weight classification, that is considered a loophole, not an incentive. Congratulations you pointed out one of the few government policies that are in place to help based on the information we have currently. Should there be more policies in place to battle other issues? Yes definitely, but that’s not so say we should bash the policies which do less than what we expect or don’t live up to a grand scale that we as INDIVIDUALS deem fit. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. In an ideal world in which most base their opinions on you’re spot on, trading one good deed for another seems easy enough, in the complicated world we live in, comparing bee-keeping and schooling is apples and bananas. You, me and a couple billion people wish for and will how we can for the ideal world we strive for so let’s applaud those that are able to capitalise on incentives for the better of the global population or even his local population. I’m willing to bet that tax breaks were a happy by-product of trying to help out, because there are way better ways to build your existing wealth with the help of “tax avoidance” which is not be to confused with “tax evasion” converting a large property into a bee sanctuary is far from “the elite” winning by taking from the plebs as you say


Mhm. And im sure 26 beehives will help the general populaion more than all the money he is basically taking from taxes will. Look, if the "loophole" is so widespread that billionaires average effective tax rate is 3-8% (depending on source), thats not a bug anymore, thats a feature. The CEO of GoPro for example donated 500m to a private DAF. Coincidentally his taxes that year would have been roughly 450m. That "charity fund" has of since shown one donation of an undpecified amount, to "The Bonny Doon Art, Wine, and Brew Festival.". Please enlighten me how this has helped america more than $450m (in one single case) and 26 beehives has


Noted, but that is a completely different argument altogether. If we’ve resorted to type of straw man fallacy four comments in then this argument is without merit. I’m not sure how you’ve ended up comparing $450m to 26 beehives, as if it’s one or the other. These are two different scenarios. I’m not justifying anyones actions, my point is that it’s 26 hives more than we had and it’s a step in the right direction as well as the tax breaks he might benefit from are worth the cost as designed. Capitalism and democracy are not the be all and end all, they’re the least shit options we as a civilisation have come up with yet to survive. Just like Morgan Freeman may have chosen the least shit option of wealth preservation which includes helping out even in the smallest way. Also, $450m helps fuck all when famine is upon us.


Dont get me wrong, i do think there is mich worse things ine can do with 126 acres of land, i dont disagree with what Freeman did, i disagree with the tax system making it so that a good act actually nets a loss for the average joe. The less these people pay taxes, the (expenentionally) more you do. If those 26 billionaires would pay an effective 16% taxes (still average olev amounts) instead of the conservative number of 8%, half the US population could live tax free while the tax budget remains the exact same


Entirely Agreed. Apologies, you are in fact not a poes, I was commenting on the post with the assumption we were localised to Freeman and his new endeavour.


Absolutley, Im all for capitalism and democracy. But these two systems work with taxes, meaning everyone has to pull their needle to the haystack and that needle is spent where the majority of the people vote it to go. Someone carrying thoudands of needles cant in a true democracy go and make their personal decision against what the democracy voted for. If they want to fund something else, they should pull their needle to the haystack first, then go and put some more to other causes. THEN it is about being a good person as they dont gain anything from it. Taking money from your and mine pockets and votes, and placing it in private DAF funds (basically tax-excempted bank accounts), and donating the remainin tax amount to an organization that they benefit more from than lose, that is not incentivising doing good, thats legalizing tax evation. The comparison is, if you dont give these tax breaks, this loophole where in one single case we lost $450m would close. I dont see how not closing that possibility would do less good than 26 beehives. If a multi millionaire demands to be paid to have 26 beehives on his private mansion, i dont see how its done from the goodness of his heart. Would you celebrate me if i sell you a bottle of honey?


If we move onto this argument, I agree with you, the system is chronically flawed and it is disgustingly exploited by individuals and blatantly at that. Doing good things isn’t expected to be done for free for it to be considered a good deed. If you spent you’re money and time on producing a good that I wanted I’m not sure I’d celebrate you but I would pay for said good. This is definitely not a celebration of Freeman himself, original argument was there’s no reason to disregard the good deed because he might be getting a tax break, if the tax break ended up being a massive amount like $450m then yes that’s dastardly. We don’t have specifics but I doubt the break on his tax for turning his property into a bee haven are in that realm, The inherent good out ways the personal benefits assumed.


It’s incentivizing needed things.


I'm all for loopholes that help the world tbh


Its quite ridiculous how much they save in taxes. This is old, but still relevant -2010- "Bruce Springsteen paid around $4,600 on the 200 acres around his home, whereas the three acres of his house itself were subject to $138,000 in property taxes." (Springsteen has an organic "farm") "Max Weinberg paid just $122 tax on 34 acres of land, because he sells wood, and Jon Bon Jovi paid $104 on 7.1 acres, on which he raised honey bees." Others like Scottie Pippen and Ted Turner have also abused farm subsidies legally. (2015) There is a documentary about this, I can't remember the name of it (there is probably more than one). I think they were called fairy tale farms or the such. Basically a large farm was divided down into multiple smaller farms that met the minimum requirement for subsidies so they would each get max $$. It's been a while since I watched it, and there is so much information about the abuse of subsidies on the internet that I can't find what I'm looking for.


I wonder what the min number of hives or output of honey is? 26 hives sounds pretty legit to me if he is working them.




Not just a legend a national treasure especially his voice


Now he’s Morgan Beeman


Just came here to make sure someone else got this comment in


[Sorry to burst the bubble](https://theconversation.com/amp/keeping-honeybees-doesnt-save-bees-or-the-environment-102931), but keeping honey bees actually is not that great. Tldr; honey bees are taking all the honey which weakens wild bee. It’s bad for diversity.


It’s also not just bees that are in danger but many other local pollinators, which include wasps, butterflies, moths, beetles, hoverflies, hummingbirds, bats, and many others. The real problem isn’t just animals dying off it’s their habitats being destroyed pollinator numbers are dropping because land that used to be full of food for them is being converted into lawns, apartments and dozens of other human centric facilities.


fuck them wasps


Most wasps are solitary and of zero threat to humans. The only ones of any real concern are paper wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. Many wasp species are actually quite beneficial to have around as they can be quite adept at killing pests and even dangerous insects such as roaches.


We just saw a wasp eat a spider the other day.


Take my updoot against wasps at my door 87.8% of the time.




Exactly. Honey beekeeping is just capitalism. Creating wild spaces for native bee species is how we save the planet.


OKIE DOKIE , SOOOOOO NOWWWW you need to contact your local congressman/senators and get bills passed to incentivise wild spaces for native bee species since THIS is how we save the planet AND I AM SURE that you will "beeeeeeeee" seeing people willing to do that to save our planet as well ! ... or at least one can only hope !


I wonder if the bees like the sound of his voice too?


>I wonder if the bees like the sound of his voice too? Narrator: they do, in fact, like the sound of his voice.


The narrator's voice as Morgan Freeman's voice or as Kevan Brighting's voice?


David Attenborough


Narrator: ...*Hives in the north and west have, in fact, built large sanctuaries where beeswax statues resembling Beeman's facial features. Morgan also played a great role in mediating the turmoil between southeast and central colonies by arranging a marriage between Prince Harold Fumblybee and Queen Mabison Pollen and a land trade route along the Flower valley for both sides to exploit. The cultural and religious roots Beeman has grown into their society has enabled the small creatures to open their own space program.*


but i would surmise that they will only allow Morgan Beeman , fellow bees , and dolphins , and/or whales to make use of said space program ! ROFLMFAO


For those interested, here is [an article on Forbes](https://www.forbes.com/sites/trevornace/2019/03/20/morgan-freeman-converted-his-124-acre-ranch-into-a-giant-honeybee-sanctuary-to-save-the-bees/?sh=699073b2dfa5) Also, here is Freeman discussing bee keeping on [Jimmy Fallon](https://youtu.be/iSBxGrIF89s)


Also a Snopes article to add to the mix. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/morgan-freeman-bees/


Still doesn’t do shit about the local pollinators diminishing that have symbiotic relationships with certain plants that will also be lost.


And now he pays a reduced property tax because it’s considered a farm


So what? Taxes are also used to encourage people to do things that are beneficial. And there is no denying Mr. Freeman’s bee farm is beneficial.


I’d much rather my taxes go to Morgan freeman’s bee farm than the dozens of civil court cases that police lose for being negligent/horrible people.


Your taxes aren’t going to Morgan Freeman’s be farm. He is paying less in taxes.


Actually, beekeeping is harmful. You give one species of bed a huge advantage to the detriment of all the others. What we really need is a good mixture of lots of different bees.


How do you know he hasn’t planted or put in place stuff for wild bees too? I bet he has. Hell, I have a few “houses” for solitary bees hanging in my trees


Even if he has, they will be outcompeted but the farm bees.


That is not at all true. Apis mellifera dont pollinate a lot of crops very well at all. The solitary bees are more like specialists- E. G. Mason bees and alfalfa.




I didn’t say there were no problems with A. mellifera, I said that there are plants introduced honeybees don’t like to pollinate


I mean I like the guy but this is a pretty good point people shouldn't forget about lol


Property tax is pennies to him. This means nothing.


Property taxes go to fund public education. So pennies to him means books, meals, teachers salaries for the rest of the public.


right, which is great. the commenter was implying that morgan freeman's beekeeping was done so he could have cheaper taxes, which is obviously stupid.




what what? what do you need help understanding?


Idk why we should care. Im sure Freeman has more than enough money to not care about the taxing, while receiving praise from people and does something good.


I’m sure that’s why the world’s richest people are paying so much tax lol. People are gonna avoid paying as much tax as possible regardless of how rich they are. Like I accept that Morgan Freeman’s method has benefits to the environment but let’s not pretend it’s entirely motivated by altruism.


Many years ago you had to make a certain amount of income from the farm as well. 500-1000 iirc


that makes me like him even more


Also 1. Property tax is probably pennies compared to his retirement fund and 2. 26 hives really ain't that much lol


It is not the honeybees that get extinct


Doing the same next spring up in the PNW. I’m a master gardener, I know how, and we need it.


Good luck!


26 hives is absolutely nothing. I remember that's about what my friend started with when he turned 18. Now he has over 100 and beekeeping is his summer job. I'm guessing this is just a way of lowering his taxes.


I want him to narrate his daily bee activities


Honey bees ain't the ones that need savin


This guy is a God




If that’s his house, then dude has a sweet outdoor pool that needs constant water to not evaporate… what a waste of clean water.


Are they honey bees or wild bees? Because the first one, even though is the most popular, is actually an invasive species that can harm the environment by killing the native species of wild bees.


Yes but the commun honey bee aren't the ones that need saving , this again is a lack of education on which species need to be saved. The population of honey bees have exploded since the industrialisation of crop farming , but on the other hand the wild bees which pollinate most plants have declined . Praise him all you want but this is not the way .


What kind of bees? Are we talking about wild bees? Then yeah he actually saved a lot of bees. Or the ordinary honeybee. Then he practically saved nothing


So how old is your dad Summer? Definitely bee keeping age.


that's unfortunately terrible for the other bee species


Native bees are endangered not honey bees


Morgan Beeman


And now his SPRAWLING Billion Dollar Estate is classified as AGRICULTURAL Land and he pays about Tree-Fiddy in property taxes annually. He did this for YOU!


Example A of why Morgan Freeman is the best


Wouldn't this also be Example B?


Yes and example C Edit: I think I missed a joke


Example B as in Example Bee


Fuck you and take my upvote for making me laugh


Username checks out


I have been murdered


He is truly a gentleman and an inspiration. If the tax break helps defray the cost of it all then go for it. Good on ya sir!


Morgan Freeman - the fish keeper !!


That’s bee-utiful.


He is so frickin’ awesome!


This is amazing!! For those that don't have time to be keep planting local flowering species will attract and help support native bee species!!


This man has beautiful eyes




good man


At first I thought he turned himself into a bee


I read this in Morgan Freemans voice, made it even better.


Well this is a god damn lie. Stop spreading misinformation on the internet. He's God. Have you not seen what he did to Jim Carrey? The whole planet is a bee refuge all thanks to Morgan Freeman.


He is definitely a bzzzzzzy man.


Man, I wish we knew if his bee sanctuary was still up and running to day. All of these memes and articles cite a 2014 interview, so it's possible it's not a bee friendly property anymore.


I would prefer celebrities actually do something than just lecture us to do something so good for him


I guess you could say his antics are all the buzz about town


Heheh “BUGged Space”


Thanks Morgan and poster.


Not to be that guy but does hiring a bunch of people and buying the equipment for keeping bees make you a bee keeper? If I go out and buy a mechanics garage and hire mechanics, that doesn't make me a mechanic, that just makes me a business owner.


“Just like the bees, the 'Beepocalypse' myth isn't dying” https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/just-like-the-bees-the-beepocalypse-myth-isnt-dying


But, this is still very neat


Smart man.


Dude really said: ****“Fine, I’ll do it myself”****


I love Morgan Freeman and all that he stands for - compassion, empathy and kindness to all. He restores my faith in humanity.


It’s gonna be a sad day when he passes.


He can come get the clover in my yard, it’s impossible to get rid, short of a backhoe.


I swear, when this god among men dies, apocalypse will follow. He is like our last saving grace in this world of hate


Just a general keeper all round tbh


Why does he look evil in the pic tho


Love it!!!


Hope he planted native plants


MY THOUGHTS ARE ... that is what EVERY millionaire AND billionaire needs to be doing , putting their money where their mouth is , and taking care of the planet in whatever way strikes their own fancy , and giving BACK to a world that has given THEM so much . MORGAN is a SAINT and THIS speaks more to his character than ANYTHING else that might be said about him ... " POSITIVE IS HOW I LIVE " ... is a saying we have here in the Caribbean and he is a PRIME example of living that dream , AND LEADING BY EXAMPLE ! i LOVE this man ! ! !


Probably did it for the tax advantage.


So we can save the bees with money?


I can hear his voice narrating the life and importance of bees 🐝


In the last sentence I thought for a second he turned himself into a bee. And I would believe him.


A man of distinction, that's for sure.


He also fucked his stepdaughter. Some would say groomed her


This is an investment, nothing else.




Bee the change that you want to see in the world.


Morgan Beeman


But if they all sting Mr. Freeman that he could died. Very dangerous


Might as well call him.. Morgan Beeman


King Bee 👑 🐝


This man is routinely bad ass.


All downvotes are from Anthony Bridgerton.


Mr. Beeman


Morgan Freeman is THE MAN in soooo many ways. 👏




Morgan Beeman.


He is now at beekeeping age. I wanna fuck him