One additional thing I love about this scene is that steve doesn't actually have any idea of what he's doing. It's established at the end he knows next to nothing about movies, and the only thing he remembers about Star Wars is ewok Teddy Bears. So he's doing all this (what would be very embarrassing for him) for dustin.


Also, you know this had to have been Dustin’s idea. So somehow he managed to convince Steve that they needed a secret handshake, just the two of them. The fact that Steve agreed to play along is adorable.


Steve will always be group Mom. I love him.


I was just reflecting today about what a great character he is. Hes supposed to be kind of a lady's man, but in no way is he a stereorypical cool guy. He's kind of this interesting mix of cool, awkward, handsome yet not getting the girl(s) he wants. I love how even in a show filled with eighties and nineties movie tropes, he doesn't fit neatly into any category like popular guy, nerd, stoner, etc. He's also endearingly a little self conscious and awkward at times, but still reasonably confident. Not too ambitious, but pretty much ok with that. His friendship with Dustin is an unexpected yet adorable touch.. Love his character.


He was a bully in S1 Ep 1, right? Like he rolled with the bad boys


Wow, totally forgot about that. Great character development too!


"I'm always the babysitter" I believe he says in season 4.


That explains why he acts like he has guts pouring out after getting stabbed with a lightsaber.


That’s an adorable detail


I think he watched it, like a lot of kids during the 80's, but probably doesn't remember the titles. And the most recent one is the one he'd remember.


Best friendship in the whole series. Can’t convince me otherwise


"How many children are you friends with?" ITS CALLED PARENTING


Steve is the best mother


I dunno, Joyce is pretty great. Especially in S1. She is so fraught and panicked but then shit gets weird and she doesn't even hesitate. And when people judge her she's all I'll fucking end you if you touch my Christmas lights. I feel like her character has suffered the most from the writers not really knowing what to do with her in S3.


The fact that she just fucks off to do go to Russia– despite warnings of how dangerous it was!– really bothered me this season. It felt so out of character for her to leave her kids, even for Hopper.


The whole Russia thing takes a lot of suspension of disbelief, definitely the weakest part of the new season In fact I only like the Hawkins scenes this season, everything else is very slow just to extend the series


Murray is the season MVP. Fight me.


Murray was hilarious and he got me cackling when >!he pretended to be Yuri!<


It's so telling that it was harder to suspend my disbelief about that thread than the monsters, superpowers, government conspiracies, etc. happening in the rest of the show! It also felt like such a frustrating shift away from the story because (so far) there's no real connection to the rest of the plot.


It feels kinda bad as the audience because you know about the incoming danger and you'd think that she'd just kind of always assume something bad is coming at this point too but ultimately I think it's pretty fair given they moved across the country away from Hawkins and she thinks everything is chill right now. Add on that ransoms have time constraints and the fact that it ended up not going as planned and I think it's reasonable to expect that Johnathan take care of shit (even though we know that chaos is destined to ensue right after she leaves). edit: after writing that I realized you're probably more just talking about the danger of getting involved with Russian ransom shenanigans and possibly leaving your children motherless rather than the supernatural/government threats the children face. I guess that's pretty dumb but if you think your kids are safe at home are you really going to be able to essentially condemn a man you love to death? IDK it's a tricky one. I respect the opinion that she's being irresponsible but I also empathize with the desire to save someone you love. Good drama IMO. Human heart in conflict with itself.




Absolutely correct. My favorite character in the show.


Still convinced he's John Ralphio from Parks and Rec, or at least a descendant.


> John Ralphio has a way more annoying vibe to him....


One could say: 🎶 *He's the woOoOOooOrrssst* 🎶


[They look nothing alike](https://youtu.be/fUd8yZlZxII)


Yes we can, I hated him in Season 1, but now he's my favourite.


As I recall, he was supposed to die in season one, but they liked the actor so much they kept him.


They made the right call for sure.


It was probably the hair.


Steve the hair harrington ;)


It's always great to pull a Pinkman


Wait, Jesse was supposed to die?!




I couldn't even imagine what the show would be like without him now


So a lot like Chris Pratt’s character in Parks and Rec. He was supposed to be just in season 1 but they loved him so much.


The only bad thing he does in season 1, I think, is being more worried about his parents finding out about the 'party' at his house than finding out what happened to Barb. Even then he apologises the next day. Smashing the camera was a fair response for stalking someone.


The spray paint on the billboard, while not directly his doing and he eventually cleans it up, but he participates and doesn’t stop it. There’s a few of him guilty by association in the first season


Which is the great thing about his character imo, because you've gotta remember that he's supposed to be a highschool kid.


Oh, I love Steve as a character, but he was a douche in the 1st season.


I prefer to think of him as misguided... a misguided douche


It was that moment when he told off his friends and went and helped clean the billboard that I knew there was more to him than the typical 80s douchey boyfriend/bully.


Agreed, the billboard is the obvious turning point for his character.




My thoughts exactly, Jonathan was way more out of line with the creepy pics in season 1 than Steve ever was


After he became a proper character him, Dustin, and *Lucas are the only ones to not completely annoy the shit out of me on the regular.


Went from your daughter calls me daddy to your son and his friends call me mommy




I wish I could double upvote your comment.


Just click the upvote button twice!


Steve is live action sokka. Both went from assholes to just the best characters


A+ comparison


Absolutely. Though I DO NOT need him and Nancy to be a thing again


AGREE! On topic. This scene and when Steve finally wins a fight was some of my "jump out of my seat and cheer" scenes in season three!


"Dude! You just won a fight!" Such a great moment.




I couldn't handle more screentime for Mike.




Yeah something I hated about Mike was how reluctant he was to play D&D with Will and pretty much casts him aside for El but when they move and he loses El he attaches to another D&D crew so he won’t be bullied. This is after Will says he’d never find another crew for D&D and Mike is all smiles then casts him aside again when he goes to Cali. Such a sht friend.


Mike always come off as such an ass


Someone had to convince me to keep watching after episode 3 because I was so upset how useless Mike is.


I still like the character but the writer are trying to kill his personality since season 3. Many of his choices "makes sense" for a teenager who doesn't really know much about life that's fair BUT in the first 2 seasons he was more level headed or slightly more wise so the change starting season 3 was strange to say the least.


I've seen stranger things


Just saw the scene where Steve goes 'I'll punch your face so hard your teeth fall back out" and Dustin is like 'woah man too far' and Steve apologizes and they fist-bump. end of scene. I feel like that scene was improv, I love them either way tho


That’s just classic bromance. It’s unbreakable


Nor will I attempt to, because you're right.




Agreed! Best 2 characters!


This was actually what made third season the best


light sabers https://i.imgur.com/W4654Qp.mp4


I love that they put him in a sailor suit for the ENTIRE season


wait.... i just rewatched season 3 and i can't remember a scene without him wearing it..... i'm shocked


Very end when he and Robin get the video store gig.


Holy shit... you're right, what the hell?


That really is one of the funniest things about season 3. It's my favorite season.


rewatched it last week to get ready for the new season. it is so good. robin was an amazing new character. i remembered her being gay and they still got me with the part where they throw you off and pretend like she has a crush on steve. erica was also a great new character. i watched the season 4 premier last night, can't wait to watch the rest.


Always the babysitter!


He's the best babysitter.


No deaths on his watch. Flawless record.


And if someone did die, you know it would be after Steve died trying to prevent it.


He aint wrong haha


The Mother Hen of the flock, truly.




These two actors nail their roles in the series


The kid who plays Dustin is possibly the best actor out of all the children.


Oh without a doubt he and Sadie Sink are acting laps around the others. Don't get me wrong, they're all doing a great job. But he's never once looked like he's "acting" and that says a lot for him. I think he must be a director/writer favorite because he always has such a dynamic role in the story and some killer lines.


I agree overall with Dustin being the best actor, but Will had the best season in ST2. Max is absolutely killing it this season and may end up making a run at it imo.


If not the season then at least she's running up that hill


Thank god Kate Bush never gets old 🤞


I remember the scene when all the kids said goodbye to each other at the end of season 3 and were hugging. Will & Max were bawling their eyes out while the other kids were turning their faces away from the camera and putting on sad faces. That made me realize, those two are the best of the child actors by far. The actor playing Lucas had some moments where he was exposed as not very good in this season, imo. Edit: And Mille Bobby Brown, of course, that goes without saying.


gaten matarazzo and joe keery are the face of the show for me, stranger things? you mean the dustin and steve show?


>Oh without a doubt he and Sadie Sink are acting laps around the others. It's weird that I care **much** more about who can be considered side characters (Max, Dustin, Steve, Robin, etc.) than the actual main characters like El and Mike. I think El's arc as a main character was complete when Hopper adopted her. But she was written as a main character and the writers are trying to stick to it, hence all the "get my powers back" story. Also, Gaten's and Sadie's acting skills have far surpassed those of Millie at this point imho. All the side characters have really started to shine (edit: aside from poor Jonathan, he peaked in S01).


That's because he used to work in Broadway before stranger things. He has a lot more experience than the rest of the cast


It’s so hard to pick for me


I’ve really liked Will this season! And, obviously, Max fuckin’ crushed the Dear Billy episode. Chills.


Genuinely my favourite part of the show. They have great chemistry


It was nice to see a show that didn't make older kids be friends with younger kids as weird. We're not built to just chill with people in the same class.


They also have a strong bond through shared trauma that others outside of the group wouldn't understand - which transcends the age gap a bit.




Total redemption arc, all it took was Jonathan knocking some sense into him and deflating his ego some.


To me. It’s a case of misunderstanding him the first time. I love him al the way through now


Frankly, Johnathon was a total creep and Steve was absolutely justified in doing what he did.


Absolutely yes. Imagine what you'd do if some random dude was hiding in bushes and taking pics of you and your friends at a pool party


Including one of them stripping down in the privacy of the room. Watch the scene again when you get a chance. Steve’s reaction after breaking the camera says it all. He is not enjoying the moment like the friends were, he is genuinely bothered by what happened.


Steve never acted like asshole really. He was popular and hung out with dick couple, but he always cared about Nancy and he didn't need any prompt to realise slutshaming was wrong. He came to apologise to Jonathon for starting the fight and breaking his camera.


Mm, idk. He did at least go along with putting up “NANCY IS A SLUT” or whatever it was on the movie matinee board.


Yeah, and it's pointed out and he clearly regretted not speaking up about it against his old friends. It's not always easy to stand up to your friends. As soon as dickhead points out he didn't speak up, he goes to clean up graffiti.


Plus he is a teenager in 80s


Steve genuinely did nothing wrong. Johnathan frankly deserved it for taking those pictures


His character slingshotted past Jonathan's too, most likely because he tested so well with the audience. >!They're even in the process of giving Nancy back to him lol, kinda feel bad for the Jonathan character.!< Edit: added spoiler tag


Sadly I do not want that to happen I don’t think Nancy deserves him at his dad phase




I’d love him to meet one of their tutors or some shit. I don’t know at this point them trying for that relationship is like going backwards




I actually kind of like his character specifically because of how awkward he is in every situation. He's just not very good anywhere. He's an older brother/ father figure in his household, despite not being responsible or dependable, protective, etc.


He fits "the nobody" archetype from high school. Nothing particularly standout about him, just did his thing and stayed out of peoples ways. Sometimes a bit awkward and strange, but mostly forgettable by everyone else. Everyone in the show has an "identity", he's just flying under the radar. Which is why it's hard for people to like him, I think, because it's a TV show and in a cast full of "cool" nerdy people, he's not very cool.


Yeah, I feel like they're trying to find a niche for him but it keeps failing at every corner, he is one of the oldest characters yet I already like the new S4 characters (except for his 10 IQ pothead friend) more than him


That hair tho 👀


Aw, I like Argyle. I feel like he totally acts how we would act if we stumbled into the Stranger Things universe without knowing the plot.


Not to mention he's that perfect 80s-early 90s stoner character. Like literally every movie of the era had one and has the whole attitude down. Watching him makes me nostalgic.


Honestly Argyle is a better Johnathan all around imo. Like - he fulfills the stoner character archetype *way better* than Johnathan does.


I think the writers don't know what to do with Jonathan, Steve pretty much took his role as the 'mature kid' protag and he's sort of just stuck in limbo. Steve is now what Jonathan's role was originally intended to be (and it was a great decision by the writers, let's be honest)


Great bit of film making, we were inclined to let him fit into the “jerk boyfriend” trope, because that’s how he was presented, but once we’re further into the world and story he begins to not fit into that mold, and turns out he’s not that guy at all


His character was supposed to die in season 1. But the actor was so charismatic that the writer decided while shooting to keep him and evolve his character. Best decision ever!


Wow, so he gets to join the list with Jesse from Breaking Bad and NoHo Hank from Barry


Han Solo too


And Andy from Parks and Rec.


Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, too.


Woahhhh Hank was supposed to die in season 1? That’s fucking crazy I can’t imagine the show without him (which I guess is kinda the point)


Ahh I had always wondered if that was the case!


So Billy is basically a more extreme version of what Steve was meant to be originally lol. They were like “were not gonna fuck this up again well make this guy insanely unlikeable”. Even though he has his moment of redemption before death too


I have a weird feeling he’s gonna be killed in S4 part 2 :( I really hope I’m wrong


I have that same feeling and I don’t like it one bit.


It's because they went out of their way to show how much Steve and Nancy really love each other and how great a guy Steve is. It's a total trope to kill someone in that setup. But I *really* hope they don't, partly because I like Steve and partly because it's too predictable.


That’s what worries me too because stranger things seems to love using well known tropes even the annoying ones like the “character A was in the wrong place at the wrong time and everyone wants to kill them now” trope.


i think they are going hard on barbara again because nancy felt guilty about being with steve while she was killed. once she gets past that and jonathan tells her the truth, maybe jonathan will be the one to get killed. i dont see what his story leads to if he isnt getting into the same school as nancy and she is moving further into her career.


Yeah this would be good. Jonathan has had his story arc and after it finished it just kind of fizzled. Jonathan needs to go instead of Steve.


If you are mad at the character, it’s good writing. If you are mad at the writer…


It’s Game of Thrones


The Duffer Bros really have made something special with this series haven't they? 4 seasons in and they are still knocking it out of the park.


The first season I “sold” the series to people by saying it felt like a childhood favorite movie that we somehow collectively forgot about and were rediscovering together. They tapped a nerve for sure.


I think I read originally Steve wasn't supposed to be in that many episodes, but the Duffer brothers liked him so much, they decided to keep him & we are all the better for it.


Was about to say this. He went from being the token douchie HS bully guy to being literally the best character in a show full of great characters. Don't think I've ever seen a character be upgraded that much before. I feel like this is a lot because Joe Keery is such a likeable dude.


I just want a sitcom that revolves around Robin and Steve working in the movie store.


I don't even think he was really that bad. I thought that was intentional to put the typical tropes on their heads.


He really wasn't. He was "pushy" with Nancy but never went too far, and what he did to Jonathan's camera was pretty tame to what most others may do after finding out he's playing paparazzi in the bushes.


Mega dad energy. Edit: no, I don't mean mom energy. Purely based on the goofy high energy greeting. That's a dad.


Steve is a single mom raising 1-5 kids


He doesn't have to be a mom. Dads can take on that same role.


People with shit dad's tend to forget dad's can be great and just as capable.


I thought he was the Best Mom


Clearly Joyce has that title. She may be down there luck and trying very hard but she uses what she got to make sure all her children are happy she even got an extra one.


Steve is throwing out that strong Mr. Mom energy. ![gif](giphy|Wyw2Axlmrm0Jq)


This was filmed in Gwinnett place mall, a place I literally grew up in (part time job at KB Toys). It was nice to see familiar territory on a TV show.


Prettty much until season 4 it was filmed all in georgia and it was so cool seeing a place and doing a little point going “ i know that”


Oh, and Maya sounds so much like her mother in that scene.


I was seeing so much of her mothers mannerisms in the current season. I had no idea who she was until I was like “she’s acting so much like Uma Thurman in the truth about cats and dogs” and looked her up.


I've always loved how they wrote Dustin and Steve's interactions/relationship. It's so natural and well-done, it doesn't even look like acting to me.


A lot of it probably isn't acting. I feel they'd have great chemistry irl, and that translates well while they're on-set


hit the nail on the head bruh


Robin: How many children are you friends with? Steve: All of them.


hahaha this is the best. with the music too. such classic feels. with the god damn low battery!


Robin: how many children are you friends with? That one friend: all of them


You are colleagues! :D


So glad to see this trio is all back for season 4


I've been waiting for a moment like this. Come back is real!




The one thing I do love about this show is: despite… everything, they still make out the kids to be, well, kids. They pull shit like this and it just makes it a whole lot more natural


It's also the casting, their casting had been absolutely amazing. All the main kids actors fit and are good actors for their roles.


Never in my life would I have thought Steve would go from one of my most hated to most loved characters in the show


They probably did it on purpose and it’s glorious!


I think someone else mentioned that he was supposed to die in season 1, but the actor's charisma made them change it so that he wouldn't.


I went from "I hope this dude dies" to "I would mentally commit unalive if anything happens to him"




Yes, always. I watched this series several times. *no regrets*


Stranger things?


No, Normal Things. ![gif](giphy|4ZswIRaLo7i5q)


I’ve been laughing about this for five minutes


Probably a dumb question, but what show is this?


Stranger things


There is no where near enough clues in that scene. It's not a dumb question. "Stranger Things" is well worth the watch if you like fantasy/horror/comedy/80's/mystery shows.


His smile... His goddamn smile!!


"How many children are you friends with?" "...Is-...is there a limit?..."


It's wild that Steve was pretty much an antagonist in S1, but became the best character in the show.


Definitely one of the best scenes, especially since the poor dude kinda felt left out by his friends. Along with Will...Who seems to be like, the loneliest and most left out person in the show, despite everything.


Problem is that Will refused to grow up in season 3, causing him to get left behind as the others matured and wanted to spread their wings, also girls. In season 4 it's pretty much established that he wants people to reach out to him but he won't do the same.


That is true, but I would have to imagine all the time in the upside down didn't do much for his social skills while the others were developing healthy social skills. I'd imagine it is similar to a young kidnapping victim. They can miss out on developing social skills and such that others would typically have by that age. By season 4, he still had no real form of therapy or trauma help. It was just tragedy after tragedy. Got out of the upside down, watched Bob die, got bullied for being "undead", then there was the Billy ordeal, then moved to somewhere where he only knew 1 friend in school, El. Most likely mentally his social skills are probably a quite far behind. His friends really didn't do much to help that either, as kidnapping victims need a great deal of support to feel safe again. He doesn't seem to be bullied at his new school, but it would appear he hasn't made any new friends, so I am assuming his social skills are still probably a year or more behind the rest. Sorry for the long response! Lol. That is just my thought. I have to assume his development of social skills in a very important time in life (puberty) caused some issues for him heavily. He went in a kid, came out still mentally a kid, while his friends were already pursuing relationships. That is just my theory though! He could just have an avoidant personality, making him not want to talk about that stuff! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sweat_smile) This was probably too dark for /mademesmile ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grimacing) Sorry about that haha


All excellent points! I'll only add that poor Will is usually forced into a lonely situation for plot reasons while the other kids work together in his absence. In the first two seasons the others are bonding *over* him (either to rescue him from the Upside Down or to free him from Mind Flayer control) but they rarely get a chance to bond *with* him onscreen. No wonder he felt like the odd man out in season 3. And then, as you said, he's moved across the country where his only peer in school is his "sister" who is a severely bullied social pariah. Even if Will was charismatic, how many of his classmates would be willing to risk association with El by proxy? I desperately want Will to get more screen time. He has great potential as a character and the actor also seems more than up to the task.


I totally forgot about their work uniforms and now I believe I found my Halloween costume 🤔


I still have Steve’s Scoops Ahoy costume chilling in my closet. Best 50 bucks I spent in 2019


It's one of the better scenes in season 3.


My favorite two characters.


Ha ha I literally just saw this scene for the first time today. Steve is such a good dad to the kids!!!


Steve is the best of the older kids. But Eddie is giving him a fight for the title.


Eddie is my new favourite. The actor is killing it and the character is adorable. I was so worried at first that he was some psychotic douche but my man's just a showman!


what about argyle? the scenes with him and jonathon were hysterical


I love Robin


How many kids are you friends with? LMAO