Robbed in 69 seconds


Exactly he just put the entire family in serious danger


Rapper has no idea how money works. More news at seven.


I think he know how it works…..when ya have police and such around.


The police is going to take it


Fr lmao police find out you have that much in cash theyll be the first people to rob you


I mean they have probable cause. 69 a so called gang member handing out 50k in cash. That cash could be gang related.


“Rob” i think you mean civil forfeiture ;)


Cómo se nota que usted no vive en LATAM.


A million dollars in pesos, which is 50,000 dollars


Right I was gonna say he definitely know wtf is up I’m like straight up apart of the fucking agenda want us being envious jealous and greedy to kill each other for money wild bruh wild to a whole new level ![gif](giphy|ra3uQxvxo6aKAN42Le)


Do you think he actually cares who’s life he puts in danger?


You think he'd go through all that trouble if he knew he wasn't recording it and posting it all over social media for clout? Dudes a clown


True I think he has already been shot.


I mean I really hope nothing happens to this innocent family. Fingers crossed.


They are about to discover how much family they actually have, with additional friends waving from over the fence.


Who gives a fuck about his well being I'm worried for everyone around him who he just sees as pawns to use as internet clout lol


Hes been in serious danger for years ever since he snitched.


The father accepted the money tho. Tbh it’s kinda racist you guys think Mexicans are all killers, anyone with some money is going to get murdered by their neighbours. You don’t know what region they are in but you straight up assume they’re going to die


I'm from Detroit, Michigan. You win the lottery? Awesome! Keep that shit to yourself if you want to enjoy it. Happens everywhere in the world, not just mexico


Can confirm, also from Detroit. Did not win the lottery, but was still robbed near Michigan and Trumbull.


Thats the problem lol wrong parta town /s Coulda happened anywhere tbh


For me it wasn’t that they were Mexican, it because they live in the hood. Could have been any race. Neighborhood didn’t look safe.


Im Mexican American I visited mexico back in like 2013 when things were cool and it was great but once they started with the kidnapping stuff it never stopped and I'm not going back to Mexico anytime soon. I'd( be too much of a target. They already kidnapped one of my uncles and he was just a regular dude in Mexico, took pretty much the whole family selling every one of their possessions?That they could to get the 10K that they demanded. They already don't have much in Mexico so 10K for them is like asking a minimum wage worker to cough up 100k to save his mother. Frankly it blows my mind that they were able to scrape up enough. If i were too go they would spot me by my accents and my style far too easily. The kidnapping shit is really what ruined everything, before that Mexico was cool place. Only spots you can expect to be safe in are like Cancun, Mexico because it's such a big tourist attraction.


Everyone’s freaking out about Ukraine but then you visit /r/narcofootage and you release your neighbor is 100x worse


How? It's not like there's an address and it's like like all Mexicans know each other so whoever watches this will know them


Thats Jose on the hill behind the tree!


You spelled "murdered" wrong


How to get a family killed 101.


Dude its fuckin 50k$ in mexico. 20minutes to get the belongings that are worth something out of this shit hole of a house and they will be on their way for a better life.


Hey, Mexican here. You have no idea what you are talking about. They will probably be kidnapped and killed for the money before they can even leave their town.


Hey, Mexican here… how tf do you know where exactly this family lives? You know not all parts of Mexico are Cartel ridden right? But I bet you ain’t even from Mexico though, are you?


My parents both born and raised in a small farmer town in Jalisco. Frequent a lot since I was a kid and going in a few weeks. Anyways, the cartel confronted me when I was 17-18. They told me my name, my last name/ family I’m related to, the exact time frame I arrived. I have a wealthy status so I know the head person in charge in the town as far as the cartel. They know everything. They’re everywhere. Only travel by the pack. Every time I go I keep in mind to not act up to the wrong person. At the same time I’m very well known in my parents town.


How is it that dangerous? Genuine question. How would people suddenly know they have that money? This looks like a fairly isolated home. Could they not get out and find a better place or "neighborhood" and spend it? I know this probably sounds stupid, but it's why I'm asking.


Some people below probably answered in different ways, because they know how it is in different parts in Mexico. Some worse than others. Some places are so bad that when you get into a car accident. The police and ambulance fight to get to you as quickly as possible. Not to save you but to see who can get your valuables from your body or car. Don't expect to find a wedding ring or anything of value returned to the family. The worse part about this family is that was probably all over social media and worse. They probably told people around and neighbors, tell neighbors. Criminals always are around the corner. That's why almost everyone in Mexico has fences with spikes or broken glass on walls. Steel bars on windows, etc. Anything to help reduce the chances of them being broken into and robbed.


Because this walking fruit loop FILMED THE ENTIRE THING FOR MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Somebody in a cartel will probably see this and live nearby enough to know somewhat where this was filmed and just search for them (or their family)


yeah, cartels aint' stupid and they now run their own intel operations, it is a pretty good chance of that family getting extorted.


He should have posted it a month from now after maybe the family was able to stick it in a bank or something. And blurred out their faces. Do Mexicans trust banks?


>Hey, Mexican here. You have no idea what you are talking about. They will probably be kidnapped and killed for the money before they can even leave their town. You really think they are going to be blabbing to everyone that they have that money before they can get it deposited or buried?


>Robbed in 69 seconds You mean taxed in 69 seconds.




This fucktart low key ratted that family’s sudden rise in financial status...


He’s definitely doing this as a PR stunt, otherwise why else record it?


this is Tekashi69, if you're unfamiliar with him, *everything* he does is a PR stunt.


Exactly. The fact that his face is even shown in this subreddit is enough for me to unfollow.




I was wondering, is this his like PR teams Reddit account?


You think people would go on Reddit and try to promote themselves?? Anyway, do you guys like indie games?


Only if it’s a board game




Yes, indie games are awesome


There's good indie games out there, overwatch is my favorite indie game rn. 🗿


What you think the $50k was for?


It’s a million dollars. ^in ^pesos


"One Miiiiilleon Pesos" ![gif](giphy|sEULHciNa7tUQ)


That’s evil man


You’d prefer a lighter girl? Sick fuck.




Noooo…. 😭😭😭




You’re at 69 upvotes I’m not touching it


69 disguises himself as my little pony rainbow dash to prey on young girls.


It was actually the beginning of a payment plan.. he’ll be back once she’s 13


They gonna soon be killed and robbed their money. The rapper got money but not brain. Why did he show their face? Such an idiot!


For clout. All for clout. Nothing else.


True, he shouldn't have recorded it. On the bright side maybe its not that easy to find shacks with no addresses in Mexico. Maybe they even used the money to relocate?


If a celebrity does something charitable off camera did it even happen?


He wants everyone to forget he raped a little girl. Never forget.


He filmed his entire trip there, where he visited and everything. The real thing is that not all parts of Mexico are violent and everybody here commenting about cartels taking the money are a bit silly, the vast majority of cartel violence targets other cartel members, and the cartels in general take pride in not murdering people who aren’t working for opposing cartels (migrants from other parts of Latin America being the exception). But it is still incredibly stupid that he filmed it, if you want to do something good it should be between you and who you want to affect, because it is dangerous anywhere on earth for someone to post a video stating that they dropped $50k in cash on you. I, like you, have to hope for the best (even tho he’s a total piece of shit).


Kidnapping/ ransom schemes are a big issue in Mexico apparently.


They definitely are, but mostly involve migrants. Cartels don’t often kidnap for ransom members of opposing gangs, they just kill them. Sometimes citizens suffer kidnappings but it’s not common like Colombia. Mexico is not the lawless country controlled by cartels that it appears in certain media-which is not to downplay any of the HEINOUS violence, but the vast majority of Mexico is safe for Mexicans, as long as people don’t so stupid shit and video themselves dumping a ton of cash on one specific family…




I was thinking the same thing smh


nothing sixnine does will make me smile, dude is a lame, and dude is setting them up to be robbed and killed. Should have blurred them totally out


This was exactly my thought, the cartels will take that real quick when they see the video


Is $50k worth it to the cartels? Like they are already making millions every month


It is for the lower paid members looking to make a score


They kill you for $200 so for some low level cartel members, 50k is quite a bit.


If you steal $200 they’ll kill you to prove a point not for the money. If a low level cartel member robbed and killed a poor family who isn’t involved in crime you would see his head cut off and posted online. Cartels try to take a Robin Hood stance to certain things because they still need a bit of public support hence why they hand out toys on Christmas or bags for school children.


I hope that's the case. Hopefully the family got to use the money to better their life.


Why do you think cartels are going to find out about this immediately? Cartels yes they are in Mexico , but no they aren’t at every corner . There is community in Mexico too…


Sicarios get paid about US$100-200 weekly and don’t have the best morals so I say definitely.


A cartel isn’t just some rich drug dealer somewhere. It’s thousands of people, and most of them are just low-level thugs.


Dude it's Reddit everyone knows exactly what's gonna happen and how the Cartel operates.


Cartes don't give a fuck about that. Also, not all states have those kind of problems


It's reddit...apparently every one knows how the entirety of Mexico works because they watched mexican drug gang docs on netflix/youtube.


He shouldn't have done it to begin with. People talk.




Seriously, that's the first thing I thought of!


The first thing I thought was this guy is still a massive douche.


Second thought is how is he still alive?


Body Guards most likely.


Even with bodyguards. The Cartels would still get to them both.


someone posted a sighting video like a month ago, approaching him on the sidewalk to just say what's up and he was extremely cagey, did not stop moving at all, and had a hand hovering around or tucked in (I forget) his waistband.


My first thought was wondering how is he alive too? I swore I read that someone had exacted their revenge. Are we sure he is actually alive still?


I thought he was actually dead 😅


Wanna ruin someone's life? Give them $10k cash in small bills and drop them off in a ghetto or slum as you drive away in a Bentley. They won't make it out alive.


I was also thinking no amount of filmed “good deeds” he can show will make up for him being shitty lol.


I thought he was a snitch first then douche was my second thought.


Wait, you posted this to r/MadeMeSmile and then commented ”that’s sweet but they’re fucked”? What the hell is happening here?


The duality of man


Duality of karmabot, by the looks of their profile.


He is playing both sides so he always comes out on top


You um... you posted it for tens of thousands of people to see man


It’s only counts as a good deed if tens of thousands see it.


I actually cant stand people lmaooo people will deadass virtue signal while they're doing the thing they're complaining about


Yeah man, the thieves from the Mexican slums are always watching online videos to scout out their next heist.


Why do I have to share this good Earth with people that don't understand that this post increases the chance of any single person seeing this, including a person fitting the description of OP's comment? Why? If there is a God, they played a hell of a joke on the rest of us.


Commenting on it moves it up higher on reddit dude.


Man don't be naive. Ppl have mouths, ears and eyes. Neighbours will realize they are spending like crazy knowing the don't have shit, and the family themselve might tell what happened to a friend, and that friend to a friend until it ends up in a narco's ear, or a "malandro's", and that is game over for them, or if they behave they just get robbed and nothing else.


Well it’s 6ix9ine you have to assume at all times he be snitching


That was savagely accurate.


Should have


Nah, they’ll put in one of the many fine, upstanding Mexican banks.


Yeah, he seriously *should've*


I hate myself for misreading that as 'buried their faces'


Doesn't look like they use social media to me and why wouldn't they move they literally live in a box


Once a snitch….


I am sure they are dead by now


clout first


He could cure cancer and I'd still think he was a total tool.


Agreed. Still better he threw that 50’gs into that family rather than another cent on them tats


i feel like bro probably only spend about 50-69 cents on all that shitty ink lol


The watch he has on is $200k to half a million dollars.


Yeah, it's shocking how commenters are praising him and forgiving his past when his past is the confessed sexual assault of a female minor. There's things in other's pasts I'm willing to forgive and forget, but that isn't on the list.


Your pfp totally fooled me


I will always give someone the chance to be someone other than who they've been in the past. So many others could make the same decision to to help others and don't. I commend him for this.


Idk he did confess to beating his girlfriend for 7 straight years, at one point so badly her eyes were swollen shut, and served no time for that as a cooperation deal to snitch. He could give all of his money away and I would still remember that. You can give away money and still abuse women.


Normally i would totally agree, people need to be reformed and should always get a second chance but there also needs to be justice. They spent 2 years of a 50 year sentence in jail and then he does one thing and its commendable? This thing that hes doing to be seen and recorded specifically so he can be commended and try to change your mind on how you feel about him so he has hopes of people still supporting him? You do you. He should be in jail for at least 10 years for the disgusting things hes done to people. Let him work for charity and not take a dime for the next 20 years and maybe ill consider the chance this ass hat actually had a change of heart. If it was you underage daughter he sexually assaulted you’d be singing a totally different tune


He fucking filmed a 13 year old girl blowing a grown ass man.


If he did this out of the goodness of his heart to actually help someone instead of posting this to earn good publicity i might commend him also. Doing something good for someone else anonymously is much more commendable than doing it for views.


I honestly believe that if more people had this perspective, the world would be a better place. I want to see people strive to be a better person than the person they were yesterday.


Doesnt change the fact this guy is an absolute scum bag


Do your good deeds and don’t brag about it on social media dummy. You just handed that guy a shit ton of money, exposed his face for millions to see and then left him unprotected from gangs and cartel members who now know exactly where to find an easily confiscated 1,000,000 pesos. Just do the good deeds and keep them between you and God. That’s how they’re supposed to be done in the first place.


Ya you just gave the family a death sentence. Hope they are okay


Does it still count as a good deed when you record it. Also that family is in danger now so😬


"Famous Loser 6ix9ine trys desperately to save his own career by giving half of his net worth up on camera for clout"


And gets Mexican family murdered


Exactly. Good for the family but he's a clown for life. Almost nothing will change that.


I’m not too familiar with this person, what did he do to deserve all the heat?


Not sure how people are somehow not including in their answers that he went to court for shooting a video with a 13/14 year old?


That’s so hard to answer. He pissed off ALOT of people from all kinds of corners of the internet on his rise to fame multiple musicians fanbases, Twitter/reddit social justice folks, the “music industry”, ohh and not to mention gangs from every single fuckin city across America, including his own former gang that he got put in jail. Dude is very very hated from a lot of diff kinda folks, and that’s how he became famous. He’s an absolute genius at using outrage and controversy to get clicks and views. He had like 15 #1 songs on billboard without industry support, while sounding like shit for a reason. Call him what you want, but he ain’t dumb.


No it’s just he’s a rapist there’s no other reason


Let's not popularize the actions of a sexual predator.


Title should change rapper to sexual predator


Fuck this child predator piece of garbage


But he donated 50k to a poor family 🥺 it cancels out what a piece of garbage he is!


This doesn't look nice to me, it looks suspicious...


I'm sure it totally changed their lives. I hope, for the better.




Su vida es no más. Su casa es no más. ¡Somos extremos! Como la televisión… ¿Sí?


Somos extremos!


The gesture is nice, but first thing to come to mind for me is safety, probably should have censored their faces or something, the family could end up getting robbed since he has millions of followers and probably some shitty ones in the mix.


Yeah. Several ppl made that same comment.


My bad, didn’t know the internet is full of people with similar opinions.


No... Its a good point!


Didn't he r*pe a young teen/preteen child?


You mean rape?


Nah, fuck this guy. You wanna help people, help people. But filming yourself giving money to poor people is just not it.


im not disagreeing or trying to argue with you, but how is this any different from what mr beast does or what xxxtentacion did with the helping hand challenge? This is an actual question


Then rapes another under age girl.


How did this dude get money? His music is flat out the most unlistenable nonsense ever made.


It’s so bad that people checking his music out actually contributed to his short success


I thought that ugly little fuck was in jail....how did he get out already?


He rolled on other gang members and somehow hasn’t been killed by them yet. I may be wrong because I’ve followed off and on, mostly in disbelief that anyone cared.


Snitched on legit gang members


Even when he performs charity, 6nitch9ine still paints a target on people.


Meanwhile, that poor family’s looking out at that idling SUV thinking the cartel guys have finally come for them.


That family is probably already robbed or dead. Thank you for your patronage 6ix9ine dumbass.


I dont care what he did a rapist is never gonna make me smile motherfuckers a snitch and a rapist




Dude is a kid toucher and a snitch. This doesn’t change that.


First of all I thought he just claimed he was broke in court? Second, while its great for the family why does this need to be filmed and exploited? Why it feel like does he only do things for credit?


Now do it without filming it.


You sure he wasn’t just trying to buy their daughter?


Didn’t he video himself raping a child?


all that snitch money.....


Anybody else notice the nice phone in the gentleman's hand? I call foul.


"I have a million dollar here in pesos, which is equivalent to 50000 dollars U.S." ![gif](giphy|nTfdeBvfgzV26zjoFP)


Still a rat


Sixix Nineine is a stupid name.


"Today I have a million dollars, I have a million dollars here in pesos, which is equivalent to fifty thousand dollars U.S".


Still don’t change the fact he’s a total PoS


Charity after dodging being a sex offender? Ya totally believable


Guilty conscience from fucking little kids I bet


No. Gross. Exploiting this crap to make his image better. Booooooooo he raped a child


He's still a piece of shit.


Keep their underage daughters away from him


Sure it’s “random” lol


Not impressed


Omg how naive are you? This is obviously staged he didnt even bothered to blurr their faces


Confused, cause he just told the world he was broke


Hope none of them were underage.


But he told the courts “I’m broke”. To pay back the family of that boy he helped MURDER. Fucking murderer. Then he snitched on his friends and got to walk out. SIXTY NINE GUYS. Fucking loser


I'm sorry, there is no more irritating celebrity than one who makes these grand gestures to down and out people for social media. I actually think Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are less narcissistic than these types of donors.


Look how poor these poor people are! Watch me, an awesome person, give them cash!


But he told a judge this year he was broke and couldn't pay the restitution he owes. 🤔


This is a literal publicity stunt. Similar to Al copone giving turkeys away on Thanksgiving. Sure it's great for that one guy and his family, bit let's be real here, if he had integrity, he would not be showcasing this stunt in front of a camera. In fact, he would never do it if he know no one was watching. Mf laks integrity, and that's just another slime doing slime things. Go back to your YouTube "giving hobo $100, his reaction in unthinkable" shit


What a great society we live in, where some rich asshole can give away a year’s salary on a whim and be treated like a hero. Aux barricades!