Aw the catering bit was cute. And making sure he got paid for quality assurance!


My favourite kids when I work in peoples houses are the ones who want to share all their sweets and cookies. Always so kind and genuinely caring. I hate the kids who gloat and show off, those who have to flash their shiny new iPhones and PlayStations “look what my dad buys me”, “what phone do *you* have”, “that laptop is old isn’t it? I have a new Apple laptop”.


Do you see a lot of kids at people's homes? Whenever someone had to come over work on something at my house when I was a kid, I always hid in my room because I was shy haha.


I'm 26 and live with my parents and I still hide in my room when anyone comes to do work.


I’m the only parent in the house and I want to hide every time workers come over lol


28 and all I do is show em where, for example, the ac/heater and offer a drink. Then I'm back to hiding in my room till the stranger leaves.


Same, I thought this was the norm? Do people just... Stand with the person carrying out the work? I'm confused pah. Offer drink, bring drink if needed, dip


I thought standard protocol was to show them where the issue seems to be, offer a drink, let them know if they need anything to just come get me, and go about whatever I'm doing for the time set aside to be present for the appointment. Maybe we are weird. As a kid, my dad used to always make me go offer the trash truck workers a water or Pepsi. He told me that people don't appreciate a lot of the workers that make the world go 'round, and that it would always make their day to know that someone noticed them. (TL;DR: on the next part. Happiness lost, then rejuvenated many years later... and don't let your childhood bring you down, stay strong yo) I also would get my ass beat if the Pepsi or water wasn't cold or if I took it out of the package without putting the rest away, but goddam.. those workers always stopped and accepted a drink every time and were so damn happy to stop by. FWIW my father apologized several years ago and said he knew he was way too hard on me growing up, but all he was trying to accomplish was making sure that I knew respect vs fear, and that he never would have to worry when I left home how I would treat other people.. he also admitted he went about it terribly and he couldn't forgive himself, but I did, and we are doing very well. I still get nervous (as a grown man) in situations involving a boss or father figure (good ole panic attacks and sweating and shaking even if I'm called into the office for a promotion, good shit right?) but its fading with time. For anyone who cares or is dealing with that type of situation now. It gets better, just give it time and distance until you are ready. Don't let it define you.


I’m 32 and own the house and I still hide every time. My husband is here for a reason…


Ugh I gotta get me one of those.


me too. are they available for rent?


Yeah but most owners get upset about it.


oh no no, that’s shitty. i was meaning from the husband store


You might try and invest some time in finding one you can buy instead. It takes a lot more time, but can be worth it if you find tge right one.


I own my house, in my 30’s, and still hide in my room when anyone comes to do work.


The kinds of kids that want to tell the spark how expensive their shoes were are not the shy kind


My favorite kid was the one who noticed how much his dog liked me. Every day when parents and kids went off to work/school, he would whine for a bit. Then he'd nap on the couch, move to one bedroom, move to another, back to the couch. I always gave him love and I'd let him into the backyard occasionally. One day I left to get something out of the truck and he whined for me. Another time some other contractors showed up (it was a weeks long remodel) and he stood between me and the new guys barking up a storm. The mom told me when we were finishing up that she'd told her kids the painters would be leaving and one said "but no! Buddy really likes the girl!" Broke my heart just a little bit. Buddy was a good boy.


Lovely when they don’t understand the 1st thing about what they’re given. Coming from someone with an iPhone and M1 Mac with associated gear—windows and Linux have their places and in some use cases are obviously superior. And I wouldn’t carry the newest thing to a worksite anyways. I’m afraid I was the type of kid to hide away, not share sweets lol. Kinda intimidated by any strangers inside the house. Nice to hear some are a bit more bold than me.


That's how you get a kid interested in a career in the trades


Exactly - paid in cash, no tax deductions, this kid is going to realise it's a no fucking brainer.


His mates already call him Dodgy Dave


He must be very dodgy considering his name is Theo.


It's *spelt* Theo, but it's pronounced Dave. Regional accent.


Must be Glaswegian


As someone who lives very far away, is there something unique about the accent there? Thanks!


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luuA6bEoQIE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luuA6bEoQIE) I searched for "unintelligible glaswegian accent" if that helps


Ah man, I understood every word of that and I'm from Yorkshire. I have binge watched a lot of Limmy's show however.


I got “places, something, something, gang, something, something, something, Glasgow, something, something…” How’d I do?


Rab.C.Nesbitt is a better bet for hard accent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVk4nh-hBKY




the auto-generated subtitles make this actually impossible to decipher.


That’s not hard at all. And I am barely a northerner. I’m surrounded by scousers and they are harder to understand than this lad.


I bloody love accents/dialects. I'm a Dane, but German roots and 25min away from the border so spoke both early. Maybe i have a knack for it but i fully understood this clip. I can usually spot the difference between scottish/irish, scouse, geordie, your typical London accent, australian vs new zealand etc. So much fun, the way you all speak the same language, but sound so different. Obviously goes for the US aswell, but i consume alot of british media and love to guess where people are from lol. I also understand alot of Dutch just naturally because of the English/German/Danish overlap!


I can mostly understand him and I'm an American, but I also grew up overseas and have a lot of experience with English as a foreign language speakers, like the Scots and Irish. ;) When those lads get emotional though... It's quite a bit more difficult for average Americans and non-native English speakers to understand this young man, I suppose I should add.


It’s Scottish, but incomprehensibly thick.


Scottish person here. Your mother is incomprehensibly thick!


american person here, *that’s how we like ‘em!*




That reminds me of 8th grade, had a new substitute teacher in, doing roll call. Calls my friend Hudson, without a beat he corrects her "It's pronounced Rutabega." Fucking whole class died.


I legit laughed out loud and spit out my coffee. 😂


Much like my friend Raymond Luxury Yacht, pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove.


Oh, like Rodney.


Trig, why d'ya call me Dave? My name's not Dave, it's Rodney


They're calling the kid Rodney, after Dave.


Read the whole thread looking for this, was not disappointed.


Alright Dave?


Fuck sake thats funny


Thrifty Theo?


Ha, I deal with exactly two Daves, both electricians, two different cities, and both fit the bill.


Except now he is going to get a hefty fine for operating without a license. Git em boys


Does this inspire the kid to get into politics for good or evil? Or maybe be an electrician based assassin?


"we work in the dark to serve the light" "Assassins?" "No Altair, we're fucking electricians"




Lol this is cleaver XD imagine a ancient brotherhood of assassins who all transitioned to electricians as a side hustle and now the order is just a bunch of electricians which secretly assainated high profile targets. I mean when was the last time u questioned a guy working on some electrical system in a multimillion dollar company? Never.


Well, once the IRS gets to him and he’s serving 5-10 in juvi, he’ll hardly have any other choice than politics


Snitches get stitches




TIL people are still making this joke.


That actually made me think of how weird it is that a child actor is paying more in taxes than me. Like it's just a weird thing to think about. I'm imagining a 12 year old watching cartoon network, eating fruit loops, and looking for deductions.


The itemization makes it fairly obvious that the payments are lump sum payments to a contractor, not tied to any particular hourly rate which would constitute Theo as an employee. The onus is therefore on "Theo" to properly report and pay taxes on their earnings.


He's well within tax free tho


Until the economy hits and he has no credit which happened to millions of tradesmen with cash businesses and improper paperwork.


"Cash business", isnt that just tax fraud?


Not if you properly report everything on your taxes.


If you’re properly reporting then there’s little point in being a cash business


Credit cards and other transactions tend to take a cut. You could just dislike their business practices.


I've met a lot of very wealthy people the ones that own a trade business are always the coolest.


I work in the yacht industry, and the most interesting characters are always the ones that came up from the blue collar side. I went to do a little work on this [Viking](https://www.vikingyachts.com/main/54C.asp) sportfish, worth about $1.5 million, and the owner was running the boat himself rather than having a pro captain (which is more common). He was a big dude, wearing overalls, and introduced himself as "Shithouse Kenny". Normally it's considered rude to dig into how the owners made their money, but with a name like that it sort of opens the door, so I asked. Turns out the guy owns a portable toilet enterprise, and has like 50k shitters out in the field on any given day. He was a good guy and gave me beer when I was finished.


> and has like 50k shitters out in the field on any given day. Holey crap! :-)


Wholly crap. FIFY.


"You changed it....to Latrine?" "Yeah-used to be Shithouse" -Robin Hood Men In Tights


Dude I met a guy making 75k cleaning pools. He bought work truck and tools. Spread his business by word of mouth only. Absolutely wild and a eye opener for me. Of course this was so cal so year round work. But still


There's also that pool guy (who I think is in the UK) who does youtube videos of him cleaning. Gets a good amount of views, probably makes a decent bit from those. They are prime /r/oddlysatisfying (and /r/powerwashingporn) material.


75k in SoCal doesn’t sound like a lot


It’s enough for a pretty decent life I dunno.


Oh yeah, I’m not trying to say it’s nothing. I just have friends who live in SoCal and everything seems expensive as shit.


You’re right lol it why I moved. 75k won’t buy you a big house but it’ll get you by. Also I didn’t mention, the guy was only 23, I’m sure if he keeps his business going and hires more people and so on he can make good money


I live in SoCal.. 75k sounds nice lol


Right? Lol, people think everyone here makes 100k or lives under bridges


Too many tech bros with no sense of perspective on reddit.


My brother is a carpet installer. He has a crew working for him. He clears approx $10K/mo. He’s so generous to his crew on their birthdays and the holidays. Plus he’s just a big hearted guy. He stops for people in the side of the road with signs. He buys them coats, shoes, blankets, etc. He does more for our community then the corporate big wigs at my office do.


I own a small carpentry business and I fucking love it. My tools are my toys, and I gift myself regularly. I am in control 100% of time. Love making my own schedule. Avg day is about 10-3, but I don't have to work everyday. Work comes to me all word of mouth, and most of my customers end up becoming friends. In a sense. I try to tell everyone to start their own business. Cause its not what you think it is. I don't feel like a business owner, but a free man.


Awesome man. What kind of stuff do you build? I've pretty much solely worked in the trades so far, but the hours are what kills me. I'm currently working for a siding and roofing contractor as a field manager/assistant, and it's probably the easiest job I've ever had, which is great, but the hours are 7-4 with a half hour commute both ways. I'm not gonna last at this job for the hours reason alone. Your 10-3 is the dream lol. Gotta figure out a way to make that a reality.


Working for someone else, they will always try to squeeze as much work out of you as they can. I do custom carpentry, trim, rot repair, interior/exterior; honestly anything that I can in my scope. I'll also do light landscaping, electrical, and plumbing. Clean leaves, lay pinestraw. I've pulled an upside down paddle boat out of the lake for a customer. Random jobs. Painting, Etc. When you work for yourself, you can literally do anything. Just find out where a customer is lacking, and dream up their solutions. I'm just here to help my fellow people, and hopefully have my bills paid off. Only made 18k on paper, but had 10k in bills/rent paid for through the business. As well as gas and all my fun tools. But I rent a house on the lake, stocked fridge, and don't live paycheck to paycheck anymore. You also have to learn to live on less. But I don't really need much more money.


My nephew is making absolute bank as a master plumber. So proud of that kid. He makes about twice as much as I do as a software engineer.


Thank god! We need people doing this, cause we need young guys in the trades!!! Come make some money with us!






Wonderful. And he can go buy himself some beer with the proceeds like any tradesman would, taxes be fucked.


Isn’t it lovely how they paid most for quality assurance. Great way teaching a kid that asking questions and being curios is a good quality to have.


I was going to say, this is definitely my favorite part.


This makes me so happy! I was that kid and was frequently told that I was being annoying and/or insubordinate by asking lots of questions. This stopped me from being interested in lots of things at an early age. On the bright side, I am now an adult that can afford to ask questions and tinker away until I have answers. I'm living my kid self's dream and it's very fulfilling.


The same is true for me. I have a young sister now and she is just as curious as me. Even if she asks while I am immensely busy and even when I get annoyed at times I always make sure to answer her. I know more questions will be following but I also know that at some point she'll run off to play. So until her curiousity is quenched I remain answering. It gets difficult sometimes. How do you explain to a five year old how electricity works? How do you explain how we feel hot and cold? But I do my best. She has now learned no talking to big sister when she is on the phone or has earphones in but she'll wait patiently by my side until I have a minute free.


I love hearing that! Do you practice any sort of techniques to help her understand and navigate that? I'm curious, because I tell myself that I would teach my kids that while it's totally okay to ask questions, it's also important to ask if the person has time/energy to answer their questions (and to be okay when they say no). I think understanding that balance would've helped me with directing that energy while also respecting others' personal space. But I also don't have kids and that sounds much easier said than done lol.


Children are different but the way I approached it with my sister is by gently telling her that "sister is a bit busy now". If she yelled or kept repeating it even though I was busy I'd still tell her I was busy even though in that time I could have answered her until she takes a step back. Just so I didn't reward that behaviour. I always made sure to return to her and answer her question as soon as possible however. Children forget fast and might not remember to come back to you with the question or even remember their question to begin with so instead I remembered it for her and approached her once I had time for it. Because I made sure to answer all her questions, even if it took a bit of time, she started understanding that asking was not the problem but rather that asking when I was busy was the problem. As she grew older she started associating me having earbuds in with being busy so instead she would stand by my sude with puppy eyes waiting for my attention. I in turn made sure that I never made her wait more than a minute to hear what she had to say. If I needed more than a minute I'd still listen to her question and tell her I'll write it down and answer it later. Which by this point she knew I would in fact answer it and it wasn't a lie to get her to leave me alone. Now that she is 5 she can remember her own questions for quite a while so I just wave her off (with a signal she knows to mean later). She still gets impatient sometimes and asks me even though I waved her off. In those cases I make sure to verbally tell her to wait a little. And if she does I make sure to compliment her on how good and clever she is. I think the most important thing is to make sure they actually trust your words and that later does indeed mean later. That way they won't be in a hurry. But also understanding that their brains aren't as developed as ours and that there may be a reason for the way they act. For example, my sister probably wanted me to answer her quickly because she knew she'd forget.


I just wanted to say that I loved your response. If the world had more people like you this would be a brighter, more patient, and more intelligent place. You are changing the world for the better. Thanks :)


That means a lot to me. Honestly. Had quite a shitty day today qnd this helped me cheer up. Just trying to break a cycle of mental health issues and abuse. Luckily my parents have also grown and are much better parents to her than they were to me. I don't know if I'll ever have children of my own but if not I am very happy I at least got to help raise my sister. I really do love her a lot.


I was told the same as a child, very often! So when raising my 3 children I tried my best to answer everything they asked, i enjoyed it very much❤ As for myself, I love seeking and finding answers when I'm curious.


Honestly it’s pretty smart. They just bought themselves a customer for life for only £15


One customer? That whole family will now recommend them to everyone, and tell this story. It ended up on reddit, and chances are local news snapped it up as a feel good story. Great PR, for £15. Even if that wasn't the intention behind doing it, they're probably genuinely good people (because the not so good people would buy PR from a firm before coming up with anything like this).


On the opposite of this there was that bloke who had a plumbing business and a Hilux, he got rid of it then months later shows up in the hands of ISIS with "Daves Plumbing" down the side of it still!


That’s fucking hilarious


It had his phone number on it as well, so he ended up getting death threats from people who thought he supported isis. iirc he sued the company he sold it to as they were supposed to remove any decals before selling it on


Damn. That’s a massive fuck up by the company lol


Imagine be the random officer worker for that company on the phone with the plumber guy and you look up the sale log to find you sold the guys stuff to fucking Isis


I have no real reason to think this; but I would imagine it was probably sold/changed owners at least another half dozen times after the initial sale. I doubt ISIS is going to call up some random used car company in the states to say they need a new van. They probably took it from someone ,who took it from someone, who bought it from someone, who traded to someone, who….you get the idea?


Yeah at that point I'd recommend them to everyone.


Better if it stays digital. If I went around verbally touting the virtues of “Satan’s Electrical” I’d have the whole village after me before I could explain.


I will expect some Murdoch owned newspaper to have a headline "Local Electrical company uses Child Labor"


I feel like Murdoch would be pro child labor, they'd probably complain that the pay is too much


Seytons Electrical is about to get a lot of business.


This is fantastic


It’s a nice sentiment, but as a grown adult who asks a lot of questions in all aspects of life, people get annoyed quicker than they are understanding.


And also teaching him early that while QA is a thankless job, it pays quite well.


I love this idea! I have one client whose daughter is always asking me questions. I think I'll use this. Thanks!!


Are you also an electrician? Edit: Idk why this has so many upvotes, it was a legitimate question.


There are like 300 jokes ranging from dark to crappy that come to mind to reply here but I just can on this sub


If your jokes are dark you might need to call an electrician


Goddammit get out


No, milk man.


ah yes. Calcium Anthropologist.




No worries, I'll downvote.. \s


I’m 27 and still do this shit. I don’t care what it is I like learning how people do things because it’s interesting to me.


tried that once and they kicked me out 🥲


It’s cute when you’re eight. You get kicked out when you try it at 35.


I had an electrician in a few months ago to fix some outlets (old house with a missing ground...) and right away I said "I love learning about electrical, so if you don't mind, I'd like to watch what you're doing, but please don't be afraid to tell me to fuck off". He explained everything that he was doing, and even offered advice on some other issues. He said people can either actually want to learn, or they just get in the way and try to do things themselves. He was very pleased that I was the former. (I'm 29)


Our furnace kept going out in a house we were renting. So every time the HVAC guy came, he'd show me what he was doing each time. Eventually, I fixed the furnace 2 separate times until we moved out without needing his help. If we were still in his service area, I'd pay for his service EVERYTIME. Such a great guy


Absolutely! I had a similar experience with a washing machine. I think a lot of tradespeople genuinely enjoy what they do and are happy to share their knowledge with people who will appreciate it. Plus, it's not like they're going to run out of business!


I'm an electrician and I agree. I will explain any electrical concept to anybody that's curious. I will go into as much or as little detail as you'd like. I love electrical theory and physics and I love teaching, so it actually makes my job more enjoyable. Please ask questions, but obviously take the temperature in the room first. Also: dm any questions you've got. I love it!


I have remants of an old knob and tube system that have been spliced with more modern wire in several places. Different parts of each room loop back to a 8x8x6 box ahead of the old Federal Pacific Stab-lock panel and I can't make sense of why they combined the parts of the house on certain breakers. The knob and tube that I haven't already replaced is in the attic and walls in contact with insulation. My question is this: Why did I buy the house?


The knob and tube system has its flaws, but let me reassure you most of the time it is a highly over engineered system. The wires, as long as they aren't severely damaged are totally safe to have touching the insulation. A big jbox like that is sadly a standard that people cutting corners do when they should replace ANYTHING that they interact with, but to save money they just keep the old stuff and add the new on top of it. Is it ideal? Not particularly, is it worth stressing over that your house will burn down because of it? Not at all. I hope that reassures you in the slightest way. Best wishes -Panda


> My question is this: Why did I buy the house? Don't you wish houses had transparent walls?


No insulation and no fireblocking is what I dream about tbh haha


Same. I had one tech even go so far as to walk me through troubleshooting steps He refused payment when offered. Said, ,"you did all the work " I made sure to use him on every job I could find, referred him out to anyone who asked. Great guy. He's retired now, and his daughter runs the business great, too.


> I love learning about electrical, so if you don't mind, I'd like to watch what you're doing, but please don't be afraid to tell me to fuck off You should've mentioned your age earlier. I'm sitting here reading this imagining a little kid telling the electrician that.


That or a lot of exasperated sighs and suppressed eyerolls


Probably took less than 10 minutes to do something that made a lasting memory for that kid


Agree but if I have to see one more “core memory” comment I’m deleting the internet.


It's everywhere now. All the kids who grew up with inside out won't stfu about it


First time I saw it I thought it was really sweet, NGL. Then it was on every video of a baby eating something or a teacher making a trick shot and it lost its magic.


ive not seen this comment anywhere before. (technically still havent) ive seen the movie tho. i thought it was enjoyable.


I saw it for the first time a few days ago. I thought it was a nice idea. I didn't realize until now that it's overused and apparently from a movie I haven't seen either. Nothing makes you feel behind the times like the internet. There's this song that I've seen referred to as "that song" that's apparently overplayed on Tik Tok. It has people irate at it's over saturation these days. I don't have tik Tok so I'm sure when I finally hear it I'll like it and quickly be told; like "core memory", it's passe.


please don't I am finally starting to figure it out.


Here’s a tip: try googling “boobies”. Can’t go wrong.


Honestly I don’t see it that much and sometimes it’s very relatable, I quite like that meme


beautiful act of kindness. I’m happy and surprised they didn’t shove him out the room lmao


My son is 6 and is the same way. The workers absolutely love it. The guy doing our sprinklers gave him $15 for helping with the work. Even the most awkward and grumpy workers take the time to teach him things and talk about their jobs. Who doesn't like kids who flatter you and think you're basically a god?


The last thing is great. Fix a toy car and adults think "I could do that", but kids think "wow he's a wizard"


I remember when I was 7, or so, and my house was being remodeled through the summer. Complete renovation that included an added second floor, expansion of several rooms, and other things. Huge project that had contractors at our house perpetually. It's summer, no school and there's a huge hole in my liveroom ceiling, can't go in my bedroom because there is no ceiling or walls, etc. So what do I do? I wander around outside like a kid would and bugged the shit out of everyone. I am sure some wanted to strangle me cause I had a nerf gun and I'd shoot people in the butt. Eventually the workers figured out how to make me useful and they'd call me "Gator boy" because it was a "cool name" for someone who fetches ice-cold Gatorades from our fridge to hand out to them. I also helped them move sand with my bucket and did other mundane things that obviously hardly helped. At the very end there was this piece of cement that they laid and their tradition was to lay a quarter with the current year on it and they gave me the honors of placing it. That was fun.


My parents added on to their house when I was in college and the workmen used my tools and answered my questions. It was great!


I remember doing this as a kid: hounding bricklayers, plumbers, tilers, painters, electricians, and general contractors with questions as they worked. Some of the stuff & tricks they knew were amazing, and it provided me with a solid foundation to do a lot of my own work around the house. It's a habit I have never grown out of. My first lesson on capillary action was from a plumber named Keith who explained how soldering copper pipes worked. Later, at school, we covered it again. Want to know if two things across the room are at the same level? - simply fill a long silicone hose with water and both water levels will be identical anywhere in the room. Want to stop the first row of tiles from sliding down the wall? Screw in a piece of 2x4 and tile from there up, remove when done and do the bottom layer last.


> I remember doing this as a kid: hounding bricklayers, plumbers, tilers, painters, electricians, and general contractors with questions as they worked. Some of the stuff & tricks they knew were amazing, and it provided me with a solid foundation to do a lot of my own work around the house. My father worked many years in construction (he was an sculptor/painter, but that does not pay most bills). I hounded him with questions. I followed him to job sites some times (around 10-14) and again asked tons to his coworkers. That saved me so much money in my life. When we founded our fraternity in college, I helped make all the electric work, I would fix plumbing, small brick and mortar fixes, etc. There are valuable, valuable lessons even if you don't go into a trade


Saves you a hell of lot of money getting your deposit back when you leave a rental! As shitty as my last place was, I was damn happy they left the paint for the unit under the sink. Another place just used flat white on everything (which is a terrible idea) but I didn't have to guess about it at least. Property management actually asked me if I had time to fix up another recently vacated unit after she saw ours lol.


> Want to know if two things across the room are at the same level? - simply fill a long silicone hose with water and both water levels will be identical anywhere in the room. Can you explain this a bit more to me? I'm imagining like... holding a hose of water up to the bottom of one picture frame and then walking across the room to do it with another one, and struggling to see how this is more useful than just using a tape measure.


When you put two ends of a hose against a wall and fill it with water, the level of the water(not the hose) on both sides of the hose will be on a level plane because gravity pulls down on the water on both ends until the downward force on the ends reach equilibrium(no matter the shape of the hose.) So if you have one picture on the wall, put up a hose, fill it until the water is at the level of the picture on the one end. If you then look at the other end of the hose, the water level there will be exactly level with the first picture. This is useful because a tape measure does not indicate level. And most levels are at most 4-6’ long. Important point: it’s not a great idea to hang pictures this way because odds are your house wasn’t constructed on a perfect level or even close to it. You may get the satisfaction of knowing your pictures are hung on a perfect level, but they’ll probably look crooked as fuck because your *entire house* is crooked. Source: my house is crooked as fuck.


This trick has become less useful thanks to laser leveling tools as well. we can just light up the whole room.


It’s called a water level https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5zmRY7Wn4sA


Ron Swanson explaining the pride of fixing a problem, but IRL.


My son is several weeks old. He’s quite familiar with the sound of power tools.


I had a similar experience on a job site. I was installing heating under the tile in a clients bathroom. Their eight year old daughter was fascinated by everything inside the walls. She hung out all day helping with anything she could. I listen to bluetooth and she declared 'Release, Release', by Yes, her 'forever dance song'. I send a ten dollar pay stub and a flashdrive with the song on it.


Good job!


Iamgine the happiness on the boy's face seeing that, he must be feeling very proud! The eletrician is an angel.


Thanks Seyton


Hail Seyton!


Calm down, Seyton!


Something similar happened to us. When my daughter was 5 yo we were doing an addition to the house. The carpenters took her in and she would join their morning meeting each day before she left for school. They'd always assign her some task like counting nails or something and she'd get to work along side them. On the first payday, they brought her a check for $3 and handed it to her. She was beaming! We decided to use it as a teaching opportunity and took her to the bank to open an account. The bank teller heard her story and was excited for her. She asked, "Are you going to work with them again next week?" My daughter answered, "Well, um, yes, if those assholes down at the lumber yard will ever deliver the fucking drywall."


Please tell me this isn't made up


I award you the "gullible" award, but I don't have one...


And that's how you set your kid on the path to being an amazing quality electrician.


This is a gorgeous thing to do for a kid.


HMRC enters the chat


I'm an electrician and last year on a residential job, I spent a week working at a house. On that Friday when we were cleaning up, one of the kids that lived there gave us a drawing he made of all of us followed up with some big hugs. It was the sweetest thing ever!


Damn hours of work for €15.00! Modern day child labor I tell ya


Child needs to unionize.


That’s double my hourly pay. That jammy little bastard.


\> €15.00! £15.00. Pounds are not euros


Probably making $75 an hour while answering the kids questions. So you answer questions for 2 hours and give the kid "his cut"...


I’d say the benefit gained in letting the kid learn about the world and have good experiences with people is worth that cost, even if just once or twice. Edit- thats not to say i didnt have this exact thought too haha


I mount TVs for a living and most TV mounts come with a level. I always saved them and kept a bag of them for kids that were interested in my tools or what I did. This is the way.


and when asked at the bank if he would be putting in any more money the boy said ‘I will if those lazy asses from Home Depot ever deliver the goddamn sheetrock!’


Just a reminder for everyone that spends too much time on the internet. This is mostly what it's like outside. Don't pay attention to all the assholes online, they're here for a reason and it's because they don't like getting ounched in the face. Outside is full of wonderful people because the world needs em. The assholes are on the internet because the world does not. Anyone who gets offended by this probably will miss the point entirely.


I 100% agree with you. Unfortunately, negativity sells so the attention is there. I’m convinced that the vast majority of people are decent folks just trying to live and do the right thing. We need to call more attention to things like this.


Imagine they charged him taxes like welcome to the real world you made $15 but here's $6


They are in the real world. From the use of GBP, it can be safely assumed this is in the UK, where the income tax is 0% up to about £12,000 per year. If this is the only job the child did in this tax year, they owe no tax.


> If this is the only job the child did in this tax year We can't say for sure!


Thanks for reminding me, need to book my chimney to get sweeped


I don't even think kids can be tax, because if this kid is under 13, he isn't allowed to work anyway.


Found the one who doesn’t understand progressive taxation systems


THIS RIGHT HERE is what it's all about. This is AWESOME. THANKS FOR SHARING!


This is awesome, whoever did this is a legend haha nice one.


I love how he was paid the most for his curiosity.


Seytons Electrical in Hull, If I lived closer I would certainly call them if I had a problem with my electrics. Clearly a decent team.


Hail Seytons!


They were probably happy to pay the £15 since he added 4 hours to their work at standard rates.


Stuff like this echos for eternity in a little boy’s mind until well beyond adulthood. Beautiful display of kindness and love.


Cute story but as someone who works in people's houses for a living, please keep your kids and pets away from me while I'm working. A kid asking a million questions is incredibly distracting and increases the likelihood of me making mistakes while using power tools on your walls or mismeasuring something. Small people and animals underfoot is also a tripping hazard that I don't want around when I'm working. I've also had kids try to reach into my tool bag while parents sit around and do nothing to stop them. I don't want to have to put hands on your child to stop them from grabbing the business end of my drywall saw. Based on this post there are obviously some people who don't mind but from experience those people are the exception. And honestly, even if don't personally mind having a kid around when I'm working it's too much of a safety issue and a liability.


My first thought as well


That is adorable. Good on them