Human contact is extremely underrated , a hug from anyone feels good. What an awesome dad to do this.


I gave a co-worker a hug before Christmas break as a quick see you soon kinda thing. First thing after break he came to find me to tell me he thought about that hug all week, that it make him jazzed and happy since he hadn't gotten a hug Iin a while. I gave him another one, smiled while he walked back to his area, went to my desk, and tried not to break down crying. Everyone deserves the connection a hug gives.


Imagine the nerve that person had to muster to tell you how much it meant. I couldn’t possibly.


He started the conversation with "I thought about you all week... oh wait, no, not like that." The LOOK on my face was amazing, I'm sure. How he managed to get that out with me smirking at him and not even trying not to laugh, I give him credit. It helps that we've all worked together for years.


Soft, Warm Mummy {{{Hugs}}} ❤❤❤


I love this comment because it proves how our small actions can make an enormous impact. Good for you, u/Landonastar42. You will get that karma back a hundred fold.


Co-huggers 🫂


Can confirm. I got a hug from a stripper once after a private show, and it made me stop and evaluate where I was going with my life and honestly lead to some good changes.


Being touch starved is a very real thing.


Now imagine being incarcerated for many years


hi that'd be me ;3; fucking hate online school wish i didnt get into this at 8th not to mention starting home schooling at 5th


Fr though. My gf is super touch starved by her parents so I make sure to hug her for a long time whenever I see it, and it really has an affect on people that you wouldn’t really know


I did this at Columbus Pride the last time it was held and it was so unbelievably life changing for me that I will never miss the opportunity to do it again. I’m guessing 200+ strangers hugged me. Many were sobbing and telling me things like “my dad died denying I was his child” “my dad doesn’t know” etc. My chosen religion is kindness. [https://imgur.com/a/kZRgHhm]()


Last picture is with my younger brother! Thank you, for being there.


Tears are on my face now. He picked me up. I remember it. Look at my feet.


I love it. I shared the picture with him instantly, making sure it was him! It was great to share this moment with him and hear his side of the story!


Amazing how Reddit can bring people together like this, small world indeed. Hope you and your brother are doing well.




Fuck now you have me tearing up at work! Good on you fellow Columbus-person!




Ok this is awesome


I am not emotionally equipped to deal with that many heartfelt confessions. The very thought of it makes me uncomfortable. Good on you for providing solace to people in need.


I understand. For whatever reason, I am able to bear another’s emotional burdens well.




Columbus has an amazing LGBTQ community, and has amazing Pride events Next time Louisville has one, Imma be there with bells on, ready to give “mom” hugs!!!!!


Free Mom/Dad Hugging is The Best!!!! (From a Mom)


I’m a hugger and an empath. So this would be my ideal thing to do for others. I know what it’s like to have parents turn their back on you, so I would love to help heal those wounds for others. Or at least start the healing


Do it! It is a life changing event.


I’m totally going to!


It was wonderful. You can see this person picked me up. There was a very large guy in a thong and leather pig mask that came up for a hug. In my head I had a moment for a fraction of a second before giving him a hug. I knew that if I was there with a sign, that I could do more harm than good if I refused to hug someone.


Yup! Even the pig-masked thong guy needs a hug!!


I’m certain no one saw me have that moment. My bride was taking the photos, and we talked about it when I walked back over to her. I told her that everyone gets a hug. ( by the way he grunted like a pig the whole time!)


I would have died laughing. And I probably would have had that momentary pause as well lol


He was in his playful, happy space for pride and you made it all the more special!


I'm proud of you that you did this! I'm too young to give it a shot myself, but once I get older I wanna try it myself. I wish it wouldn't be necessary anymore by then, though.


Now I want to do this at the next Pride I go to after the pandemic and offer “Big Sister Hugs.”


Do it! It is so incredibly rewarding.


I wish my dad loved the real me. I wish he didn’t act like I never told him. I thought he was the one person in my life who actually loved me because he was the only adult who didn’t hit me… but here I am, I’m grown and I’ve never been so confused and isolated. I wish I could feel like he loved us again.


It you are able, I beg of you to give him all of the opportunities to come around. As a dad, we often relate to our sons by living vicariously through them. I feel like having a son who isn’t like us in that way can take a while for a dad to adjust and realize it does not matter. Sometimes it takes a while. Love to you from a dad who is always learning.


I’m afab but I wish he would treat me like his son lol I tried over and over but it’s just like he doesn’t get it. I don’t know what to say without outright telling him he’s being disrespectful and hurting me. I don’t want to hurt my dad. I don’t want to be mean. And I love him.


Tell him that.


Big, warm Mummy {{{Hugs}}} ❤❤❤


I live in Columbus and I've never been to Pride but when I do Imma find you and hug you. My relationship with my father, while we don't see eye to eye, is solid enough to still get hugs from him. But a free hug is a free hug.


If there is a pride parade, I will be there.


That’s awesome!


It was life changing for me. It was such a small simple thing to do and I was on a high for weeks afterwards.


You my friend are an angel.


Be one too!


A question for you. Do pride parade organizer’s have sign ups for this or do you just show up? I have wanted to do this for awhile but Covid screwed it up!


I just showed up with a sign and stood facing the parade route. Most of my hugs were from the parade performers. You could easily see them read my sign, and have a moment before coming over.


Thank you!


I gave mom hugs at the 2019 Chicago pride parade. It's so humbling. I was there with my 12 yo and many parade goers were so happy for my kid to have an accepting parent. I was quite teary-eyed that day.


:( Link not working for me


It was just not working for me too. Check it again.


YOU bring a smile to my face


I'd love to be a volunteer parent to those that need it. If anyone needs a dad I'm here


Same here. Mom who loves any child. “Come on up to the house” in the words of Tom Waits Edit: love any child/adult/person who just needs a “figure” to support. I love you all💕


Come on over to r/momforaminute


Oh my goodness!!! Never imagined something like this existed!!! I can’t thank you enough. I’ll be spending some time there for sure


Of course! It’s a great sub. Lots of love given.


r/InternetParents always needs more stand-in parents!


Please look up "Free Mom Hugs". We need Daddies, too!


more like r/mademecry


I teared up a little, it’s so nice


I couldn’t imagine not loving my child because of their sexual orientation. So silly. It’s awesome to see amazing people like this.


The sad part is that these people refusing their own children because of their sexual orientation probably consider themselves good parents.


Riiight?! Truly disappointing humans.


I grew up in a high demand conservative religion. I have two family members (one on my side and one on my wife’s side) who happen to be gay. Both had suicide attempts and had to move to different states because of the *awful* things their “friends” and family said to them.


That's heartbreaking. Let's hope they found happiness and someone to share it with.


Damn :(


I'm just happy to have expanded my preferences to bi/pan sexuality than rather simply gay/straight choices.


Yeah, like _why the hell_ are and should your beliefs on what constitutes martial love be _more important_ to you than your own child?


Right?!?! My child could be a serial killer and I would still love them. I don’t understand how sexual orientation can override the natural instinct to love your child.


You lost me at serial killer. I mean I would try but damnit boy... Can't be killing multiple people


“No more then one! Otherwise no dessert for you!”


I was buddies with a security guard at an old job. We were discussing our plans for the weekend and he said he was going for his monthly visit to see his son in prison. While he didn't have a life sentence, it was long enough that the dad (who was already getting up there in age) will most likely not ever see him free. He had been visiting him at least once a month for years already by that point. He said: "He may be a convict... But he's MY convict..." That has stuck with me to this day.


Ya ultimately I will feel responsible for my children's actions regardless of how reprehensible they could be. I will support them with their decisions that don't involve hurting other people


You don't have to condone their actions, and you can even condemn them if they're awful enough, you can even cut them out of your life if they're absolutely harmful to you or others, but I can't envision a situation that would make a parent just *poof* stop loving them.


In my job one of the things we do is process criminal restitution payments. You might be surprised how many mothers call us asking who to make the check out to for their son's monthly criminal restitution. These darling baby boys are in federal fucking prison. Some moms are in denial, I have to assume, but still have unconditional love... meanwhile other moms operate on a system of affection with so many conditions that you will never, ever be supported or loved or listened to because you didn't precisely live up to the image of the child she expected to have. Like being an art major instead of a medical student.


If they both live long enough this will be my mother in law paying for my brother in law one day. He has to be close


Well did they deserve it? Were they evil asshats, jus gimme something to work with kid. I mean you need some serious therapy and I’m not leaving you alone for a while but for now the important lesson is lift with your legs not your back. Now let’s hide this thing and get home.


This always hits me in the feels because my brother was gay, but thankfully my family didn't reject him. The way he finally came out to me was we were at a family outing and he said he was leaving to go to the parade. There was only one parade that day and it was the Pride parade. I asked "What parade?" and he said "the parade". I asked a couple times more putting more emphasis on "What parade" and he finally told me he was gay. I was the last one he told because he wasn't sure how I'd handle it. I asked if he was being careful and he said yes and that's all that mattered and I didn't think too much more about it. Sadly he passed away from HIV complications so every time a Pride parade is mentioned it reminds me of him.


Sorry for your loss {{{Hugs}}}


Ok this sub is officially one that makes you cry; didn’t make me smile, again.


Think how many good, loving people are in this chain! Hopefully, that will make you smile. {{{Hugs}}}


I needed this. My 10 year old has been making noise, both directly and indirectly, about being gender non-conforming and different identifying letters. I’ve been struggling because, she’s 10. When I was 10 all I wanted was to marry Joey McIntyre and have twin girls and name them Denim and Lace. I need to get back to the roots of being a parent: I just love her. However she comes, however she ends up, I just freaking LOVE that kid ❤️


Take a step back! Being 10 and wanting to marry joe McIntyre and have twins can sound pretty weird also.


You’re a good parent. It’s important to not coerce children to be one thing or another. If those feelings aren’t explored at a young age they will inevitably lead to problems and resentments.


I hope someday humanity becomes real human beings


I would do this after Rona.


I actually talked to this person and he is very nice and kind


I’ve always wanted to do this but I’m in my 30’s and I look like I’m 12. It just occurred to me I could go and give hugs to people who don’t feel supported by their siblings or cousins. I think I will do this at a pride parade in June!


Looking at the shirts make me tear up but there’s free hugs shirts for parent, siblings, and even aunts and cousins. Im gender queer so I’ll just have to go for a plain “free hugs” lol


Aw, I'm a Mom, and I want to do this. 🧡


Me too. Free Mom Hugs 💜


Same here. I think for Pride this year I will do exactly that....masked up, of course


If you’re a parent your child is your child no matter what . You don’t get to reject them , you made that commitment before they were born. It’s very sad that they deny their child affection. Unfair to the child and to one’s self.


Might be a hot take, but if you don't want your child to be their own person and support them no matter what, you don't deserve to be a parent.


I want to be a hug-giver surrogate “mom” at a Pride Parade!!! Where do I sign up for this?!


Please look up "Free Mom Hugs". We would love to have you ❤❤❤.




I want to do this so much. I’m only 5 years into mommyhood, but I couldn’t imagine not hugging or loving my kids. I want to give out all the hugs! I’m sure I’ll feel really good by the end of it too.






I had thought about doing this but these events don’t happen any where near me


My mom has a pride shirt that reads ‘Free Mom Hugs’. Myself and my younger sister are trans and overall queer, and helped her realize she was bisexual. It’s a very loving and accepting family - others didn’t get that. I saw friends shattered growing up and I watched how it fucked them up as adults not having supportive parents. People who do this are the best. I’m proud of my mom for giving those hugs out, and I’m proud of the people in the comments doing the same. I hope I can offer a similar comfort to strangers some day.


This is why we’re alive this is what being human is all about


Chopping onions over here.


I don't ever want to be a parent, but damnit I will be anybody's unofficial mom when it comes to their own parents not being there for them. Also, god damnit I miss free hugs so bad, I'd never pass up a free hug pre covid.






He is so powerful I broke down into tears just reading that headline.


This man needs a medal and so much freaking love.🥺


Parents should just love their kids no matter what. They should know how lucky they are to have children who care for them. This is wonderful . Id love to be their parents.


As someone with very unsupportive parents, this is beyond what my parents have ever done for me and it's so sweet that this dude would do something like this. A lot of people like me pretend everything's alright. 'Cause we kind of have to. A lot of times, we have to fend for ourselves. So we have to be strong in every capacity. But something like this is appreciated more than you know. All we ever wanted was to feel loved :(


Made me tear up just imagining seeing it. I would consider myself a complete failure!!😥




If my child felt so unloved, or lost. Finding comfort in complete stranger vs coming to me for love and acceptance, heartbreaking. My kids will always know my love, no matter the circumstances.


Okay, now I understand, and you are 1,000% correct. I would consider myself a failure as well. It's too bad that so many let things get in the way of loving and supporting their children. To me, they are the failures. Parents who just can't reconcile the fact that , gay or not, our children deserve love, respect and a place to call home where they feel safe and cared for, are the absolute worst humans, even worse than those who torment and tease. Why? Because your job is to protect them, nurture and love them through the dark times, not make them Retreat further into the darkness. You are their last line of defense. Failure on that level makes you barely human.


Well said!! 👍🏻❤


Thank you for sharing, this is wholesome


even though i haven’t been rejected i still want the hug


{{{HUGS}}} ❤❤❤




Damnit this makes me almost cry every time I see it


Dads are awesome


It’s odd to think about sometimes, but if you’re not in a relationship, humans don’t touch each other that much. Actual physical contact can feel so nice sometimes. When I first started in nursing school it was such a strange feeling to constantly touch strangers. It’s your job, you’re there to help, but it’s still such a unique feeling. It can be comforting, supporting, scary, embarrassing, but it’s never not a unique thing to me. It feels like a privilege that must be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.


God damn it, stop. You gon' make me cry at work. :')


This is real heroism. Giving love without exception to those that need to be reminded that they are worthy of love. This man needs a statue.


My wife is from a very small, rural town in Georgia. They had their 1st Pride in 2018. It was small, held in the parking lot behind the bank. By all accounts it was pretty lame. Except for the huge line for these ‘Parents’ hugs! It was wonderful and sad at the same time. Everyone was crying and laughing and hugging. I’ve been doing Pride for 20+ years and definitely one of my favorite moments.


Dad here. I'm sorry but my job as dad isn't to judge you for your sexuality. It's not my business. My job is to love and support you, protect you, educate you, and help you grow into a fine young man or woman. Judging something you have no control over, like your sexuality, serves no purpose and only shows your child how much of an asshole you are. Parents, you have a responsibility to your children. If you want their respect, if you command it, then you give it to them in return. I feel so bad for these people. There's no excuse for treating your children like some kind of pariah. It is their life to live. You have a choice: support them or don't. But by not supporting your child, you show them AND the rest of the world just how much of a homophobic shitwad you are. And unless you change, you'll take that to the grave.


Give me ze hugz plez


{{{HUGS}}} ❤❤❤


Thank chuuuu


where this ?? where????


Downtown Pittsburgh!


Only a continent away, I will arrive.


Makes me smile that there is such a generous bloke out there, happily giving hugs to those who need one. Breaks my heart that people can just walk away from their child because of who they love. Shouldn't you just be happy your child can experience love and all of those great feelings!?


We need a certain amount of hugs per day for emotional survival. I think you need 4 as an absolute minimum. Lovely, big, bear hugs. Nothing like it.


In the meantime, here us a virtual Big Bear {{{Hug}}}


Ahhh x thank you. Here's one back {{{squeezy, arms wrapped tightly burrowed into the shoulders hug}}}


Virtual Big Bear {{{HUGS}}} ❤


Gimme one


Virtual {{{Hugs}}} ❤❤❤


Wholesome ❤️


So cool! He is an awesome person! Much respect!


It's an old repost but I love seeing it enough every time that I don't mind


That's beautiful I teared up on this one


this made me cry not smile😭<3


Love to see it.


I need that Dad.


Hugs are scientifically proved to be good for you mentally and physically we need human connection


I absolutely love this. When my daughter came out to me, it was not a surprise — but I let her know how PROUD I am of her, and that so think it’s so amazing that she knows herself so well (she was 14 when she came out). I can’t wait to attend our first pride parade together. I can’t imagine how parents choose not to love their kids because they are LGBTQ+. It’s incomprehensible.


My daughter didn't stop smiling at pride, it was awesome and I was so proud


I've got such a complicated relationship with my parents that it definitely messed me up in terms of offering and accepting affection. I avoid hugs like I'll catch fire even though I know it's probably something my body craves or needs. I'd probably break down too if I got a dad hug like this. My head feels really confused right now.


Made me cryle


On the one hand, this is beautiful, and is a wonderful example of how people are capable of giving love to those who need it. On the other hand, I wonder if the lasting result is to make it that much harder for those who need their real parents' approval.


it’s an emotional life raft. Don’t let the Good become the enemy of the Perfect.


Fuck, that’s a good line im gonna use that.


how would this make it harder for the kids?


They do not need their approval. They need love and affaection and if their abusive parents won't give them that, then others have to step in and help. There is no harm in that


If I had failed my kids that way, I would want to die.


So wheres my hug for my depression then?


-*opens my arms to hug you*- right here! -*the stench from my armpits are so strong that they pick you up and carry you around*-


The fact people downvote me for asking for a hug says a lot about people in this subreddit


Idk man I’m just a gross troll but I’ll hug u fr


They are downvoting you because you are downplaying their suffering and distracting from the post. And because you are trolling. Yiu know damn well that the internet cannot give you hugs so there is no point in asking other than trolling. Hugs are available from people around you so go get some


You are under the assumption that Im trolling when I am not, that is why you shouldnt be generalizing


I’m gonna say that im not against lgbtq community neither with.Im a lebanese (not a lesbian)kid (christian not muslim)who as u considered arabic ,and in the middle east being gay is illegal and against religion.But this dad and especially this one made me cry and i never wanted to be the soul of those kids who got rejected by their parents bcs of their sexuality.


People are not against discriminatio are part of the problem. You either accept humans as humans or you don't. There is no middle ground. So which is it?


I love to give hugs that smell like whatever I've been cooking.




There’s always one


Love his intent and encourage it but perhaps wear something that doesn't rub your arm pits all over the people next time.


( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)


If I ever become a dad I just hope I can give fatherly advice and affection without being really weird and awkward lol


I can't wait to be old enough to do this


Wish my parents knew the real me


We are all humans! Well, most of us are…




I love that although this is definitely a repost, the amount of people I’m seeing in the comments wanting to do the same for these people (me included) is heartwarming


I wore my mom shirt to pride and gave it hugs too Next time I'll bring a little card with my email so they can have someone to talk to later too. Frick the unloving parents


I’ll do this when I’m a dad


Years ago when I was working a coworker seemed sad. Nothing overly noticeable but he just didn’t seem like his usual self. I asked if everything was ok and he said not really, that he was worried about his grandma. I just kind of put my arm around him to reassure him and he turned to into it. I ended up giving him a big hug and after he thanked me saying it helped him feel better. Another time I was having a bad day. Nothing seemed to work and to top it off I screwed up dinner. My husband came out to see me teary eyed and furiously scrubbing the pan. He stopped me, turned me around and hugged me for at least 3 minutes. When he finally let go he told me to go relax while he finished cleaning up and we’d order a pizza. We spent the evening snuggled on the couch, munching pizza and watching Big Bang theory because he knows it makes me laugh.


I have a rainbow "Free Mom Hugs" shirt! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜


This is really sweet but ik someone in controversial is gonna ruin it. So anyways, ima go to controversial.


My parents have disowned me. They never hugged me they never told me they loved me. It only got worse after they found out I'm a lesbian. I have not seen them in years and while I like the fact that I've broken away from abuse and live in a healthy environment now I can't help but get the empty feeling. I was their only child I don't understand how they couldn't just accept me.


he is on some dumb mission


What a great guy. I think that he will reach 1000 hugs next time