My mom can’t have children (something with her Fallopian tubes, idk, has a hysterectomy now) so my younger brother (not blood) and I are both adopted. 5 years apart, and my life is immeasurably better than it would have been. I’m thankful for adoption.


My girlfriend was adopted. She feels the same. Her adoptive mom wasn't perfect but her life is 1000% better because of her. I have immense respect for anyone who adopts a child.


Omg yes. I can’t imagine having so much love inside me that even though I can’t have kids (which is true, lol) I go out and find my own and treat them like mine forever and ever. Huge respect. If we wanted kids my wife and I would adopt, both out of necessity and desire. Solidly in the No Kids Club ™ though. My biological mother was 16, and her family (and his) wanted her to keep me, but she stood her ground. Mind you this was in the ‘80s, so the adoption was facilitated by my parent’s’ INSURANCE COMPANY (like car insurance, lol) and there was essentially a remorse period for the biological parent, so my adopted parents told me they had bags packed and were ready to leave the country with me if the mother came back and changed her mind!


Well that's awesome. It sounds like your adopted parents fell in love with you right away. My best friend from college and his wife tried for years to have a baby with no luck. Eventually they adopted a baby right from birth. They took the baby home from the hospital but I remember them telling me that there was a 30-day window where the biological mother could change her mind. I can't imagine bringing a baby home, falling head over heels in love with it, and then having to give it up after 30 days. Thankfully that never happened and their son is 5 years old now and doing wonderful. To no one's surprise they're awesome parents. My girlfriend grew up with four brothers. Two were adopted and two were biological but she refers to all of them as her brothers as if they were all blood. It really warms my heart for some reason.


I have friends on the opposite side of yours! They adopted out their kid to a couple a few states over. It's an open adoption, so they do get to go see him for his birthday every year and other occasions. The kid is 100% aware of the situation that he has technically two pairs of parents. My friends just knew they'd be terrible parents and wanted the best for the kid.


Oh wow, you got lucky with those parents, ready to grab you and run! Sweet, wonderful story!


Yeah. I didn’t even know about this part until recently. My mom was talking to my wife about the whole experience, and how it’s different adopting a child now than it was then, and kind of mentioned this part of the story in passing like it was nothing! Though from reading other comments, it sounds like this 30 day remorse period may still exist.


I don't hate the idea of the remorse period, but it should be a different window of time. You should get no remorse period in the 60 days after giving birth. At that time your hormones are flying, affecting your decision making. If after 60 days you're still wanting the kid back, that's when it should be possible (though very difficult, because this is very unfair for the adoptive parents as well)


[here you go](https://onetreeplanted.org/blogs/stories/amazing-trees)


LOL thank you! I love those trees!


Trying to insult someone by saying "You're adopted" is actually just saying "Your parents are probably pretty great people".


"Why yes, my parents CHOSE me. You just happened. Who is loved more?"


i accidentally read this as “my mom can’t have chicken” and wondered how it led to you being adopted. In my defense, the post is about wendy’s. But that’s a really cool story and i’m glad you’re life is going great


Sir this is a Wendy's


oh sorry, can i have a large chocolate frosty then?


Adopted here, have talked with my biological parents and my bio mom was living out of her car at the time, often sleeping in a booth at a nearby pizza hut where she worked. Oh, and she already had an infant daughter she was dragging around with her. Yea I'd say my life is a bit better growing up in a stable home with parents who were ready to be parents.


I haven’t reached out to my bio parents for this EXACT reason. What if they are really really hard up? What if they ask me for money? What if they’re horrible people? Or worse yet, what if they’re in an MLM and try to recruit me?!


Adoption is the only guarantee your parents wanted you. So you KNOW they love you. I just get to ruin Christmas every year.


Are you up for chatting about your experiences? I can’t have kids and adoption is something I keep thinking of


I’m adopted and have siblings that are also adopted. I would be happy to chat if you’re curious about anything!


i have adopted and biological children. would absolutely recommend adoption 100%


Any time.


Same. My mom adopted five kids. She can’t have biological ones due to hypothyroidism and endometriosis.


My mom was adopted, my grandparents were the best people out there. I'm grateful I had them in my life and they chose to be my grandparents too.


My parents couldn’t have their own children so they adopted me and my sister. My dad was abusive so still not good, but better than what I would’ve had. I’m grateful that I became such a good person. I met my bio sisters and one is a liar and manipulative.


And she’d say the exact same thing about what you and your brother did for her!


Yeah, that's cool and all but tell me how you feel about the baconator.


2013: omg hahaha a major brand’s twitter account just used the word bae 2018: the Wendy’s twitter account just told me to go fuck myself


2022: shitposting


It's evolving, just backwards


The first mistake was twitter


I dunno. I think coming down from the trees is were we really went wrong


even the trees were a bad move, no one should ever have left the oceans


My ass would've stayed in the primordial soup if I knew things would be like this


> In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.




Thanks for the new sub :)


>Many were increasingly of the opinion that they’d all made a big mistake in coming down from the trees in the first place. And some said that even the trees had been a bad move, and that no one should ever have left the oceans. ― Douglas Adams


Reject humanity return to fishy


Back into the pile! Rabble rabble rabble!


> I think This is where shit got fucked. And now we are trying to trick rocks into doing it.


No no... the people are going backwards, as are _most_ corps. But whoever handles Wendy's twitter, is evolving positively. Going from trashtalking, to take downs, to advocacy and positive messaging. Of course I'm sure those are cherry picked, but that is a trend of improvement.


Devolving…if you will.






@kfc_es moment


Jet fuel can't melt dank memes


To be fair, dude deserved it.


For real. Who takes a swing at adopted kids anymore.


2022 : take this ratio




Yep, in school when someone would bully a kid for being adopted the response would be "at least my parents chose to have me."


"My parents fought hard, had to be vetted, paid all kinds of fees, completed many _many_ forms, and had to go to court _just_ to adopt me. Yours forgot to use a condom. Tell me again whose parents love them more?" -- Some adopted person, maybe As someone whose own uterus bearer threw me away (not for adoption, just out on the street at 10), I have no doubt adoptive parents are more committed to their children than most birth parents. edit: sorry, I didn't mean to be sympathy fishing with that. Parent's were divorced and dad picked me up and raised me. He had to still fight for custody even after that. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Did the best he could to undo what had been ingrained in my head.


Damn. On the street at 10? That must've been difficult, for you I mean, fuck your parents. Are you still on the streets now, or did you find your own path? Whats your story?


added edit. A hateful mother can really fuck up a kid's head. Dad did what he could for me (which is a lot). I've had two nightmare relationships with women (based on mistaking "feels familiar" for "feels like love") and have no ability to find a healthy relationship in person. At this point I'm just trying to do what I can to break the cycle for my own kids (even though it seems I've just repeated it) before I'm allowed to exit stage left. Those studies that connect the disproportionate rate of maternal childhood abuse to serial killers make a **lot** of sense to me. (for an entertaining view of it, watch MindHunters on netflix).


A good response to "You're adopted" is "Yeah, my parents actually wanted me." It's mean, but sometimes nice doesn't get the job done.


I’m an adopted kid and have used that comeback before. Thanks for posting this!


Same I always added they got stuck with you to the end.


Also adopted - I've always found it a strange insult. Like, yeah my parents really, really, really wanted to be parents. I was planned for and wanted desperately. hahaha, my life sucks, right?


Most peoples experience with adoption starts at Stuart Little and ends at Dispicable Me. They must think cats are trying to eat you.


Aren’t cats trying to eat us all anyways?


Having been “raised” by parents who CLEARLY didn’t want and shouldn’t have had kids, I’ve never understood how being intentionally chosen by your parents could possibly be a viable insult. Must be nice. lol


Both of my siblings were adopted (I was a "surprise"). They'd constantly remind me of the fact that they were wanted and "picked" while I was random haha Edit to clarify since people seem concerned: we all love each other and talk/meet up a lot. It was the typical "older siblings ganging up on and teasing the younger sibling" dynamic.


At the same time, clearly your parents know how adoption works. So they must have chosen at some point to _keep_ you. Nobody who has adopted kids ends up raising a child by -mistake-. (adopted or biological)


Omg could you imagine if your biological parents adopted two other kids but then gave you away? Talk about a slap in the face!


I was adopted when my parents thought they couldn't have kids less than 6 months after they had lost a newborn. Few years later they had one of their own and they'd developed a therapy to address that birth defect. I've heard of buyers remorse, but by the time I was 8 or 9 I'm pretty sure my parents had adopters remorse. Now my kids have grandparents who live 8 minutes away but go months and months at a time without seeing them. My daughter is almost 3 and has never even spent a night at their place. My MIL drove 6 hours to stay with our kids for two nights so we could have our first weekend away in three years.


I knew someone with a similar story. They were adopted, then some birthed siblings arrived. It seemed to have coloured their entire childhood and lives. That was enough for me to insist that if I wanted to do both (1 born, many adopted) I was going to be a birth father first, and then _still_ choose to adopt. So there could never be any mistake that I chose for my next children to be a part of my life. I still intend to if I can get my life back on track. Unfortunately, things went to shit, since I picked bad life-partners twice, and the legal battles have been an absolute unending nightmare. Last ex (kids birth-mother) seems to be ramping up for another one soon.


I’m not adopted, my biological parents raised me and live down the street. They never visit and never babysit their grandkids. Some people just suck.


That’s intense. I was adopted and my younger sister was not. She is so much like my parents it’s almost comical. While I’ve always felt like the odd one out, the black sheep. My parents spent a lot more time with her and her kids then me and mine. My sister and I are a case study for nature vs nurture, adopted vs biological. I still struggle with feeling like an outsider in almost anything I am a part of.


Im not adopted but have always felt like the odd one out, black sheep in my family too and we’re all biological siblings. I guess it happen to anyone, adopted or not. My parents just never understand me.


I’m not adopted and my mom left me completely out of the Christmas letter. Not even a single mention. 🤷🏻‍♀️




Well technically…


Yeah, its kind of 50/50 at best.


Who gets this angry at a brand logo?


Obviously, they forgot his hot & crispy guaranteed fries on his order.


They should have taken them back for some freshies


Surely anyone tweeting at Wendy's knows by now their Twitter reputation and did it on purpose to get a funny response.


Judging by the fortnite profile pic it’s a kid that just learned new insults


A viral company looking to better a corporate image.


You think its a set up?


People who misspell you're, for one.




That wasn't even posted on Reddit though


Redditors exist outside of this website, too


Yeah but there is no reason to attribute a Twitter post to a Redditor, that makes no sense


Also, what do you call them? Tweeters? Twitterers? Twats? Redditor sounds like we're doing something.


Wendy’s clap backs are definitely not rare, their entire online persona revolves around clap backs. People engage with them on purpose to be roasted by them.


But rarely do they clap back with wholesomeness, right?


That would have been a good title, yes. “The rare wholesome brand clap back.” It wasn’t though.


I worked for Wendy's in the late 80s and early 90s. This was while Dave Thomas was still alive and before comprehensive maternity/paternity benefits. Wendy's had in their employment contract several clauses that allowed paid time off and travel expenses for employees that wanted to adopt a child. It was very generous. good guy Dave. He walked the walk.


I worked at Wendy's in college. All in all, it was far from my worst job. And, if you wanted to advance in the company, there was plenty of opportunity.


Honestly, I have wonderful memories of working there. Back in the day, all the prep work was done on site. I used to fry the bacon, shape the patties, prep the salads... Not the same anymore


At the end of the day, they would let us take unsold food home. So, if there *happened* to be a chicken breast that got cooked, say... ten minutes before closing and not ordered, I'd prep a sandwich with mayo and cheese - wrap it and stash it in the bun warmer while we cleaned up for the night. By the time we were done and I got home everything would be melted and mellowed together into pure goodness!


What goes on a single cheese? Mayo, ketchup, pickle, onion, tomato, lettuce, mustard on the cheese once the patty gets brought over. Shit, we didn't even use gloves to make the sandwiches back in the day. My fav was a the country fried steak. Discontinued in like 1992


I never understood the “you’re adopted” diss I was adopted, I used to think it was so weird for that to be a negative thing 😅


It's not, for any decent person. Only a bully looking to hurt someone unfairly would say such a thing.


A bully, who is obviously less loved by their parents than the person who was adopted. Sad really.


Same. I was adopted and hate how the media and society see it as a big joke. What’s so bad about being adopted??


I understand they are implying the person was rejected by their biological parents. Absolutely hate this, if I saw someone bullying a kid like this wouldn't be able to stay quiet.


I think it’s supposed to be a diss/revelation combo. Like if you didn’t know you were adopted and it was suddenly revealed to you in a negative way. But these days it’s seems not many adoptions are big hush-hush secrets, so it really loses a lot of its sting as an insult.


I’m adopted too, and never understood why people talk or joke about being scared of “actually being adopted”.


As an adopted person I relate. 2/4 of my siblings are adopted from Ukrainian. You can’t use adoption as an insult because you cant accidentally adopt a child XD.


Wendy’s being wholesome is rather unexpected .




I miss Dave


Do you remember all the Dave look-alike contests?


They should have them now!!!


> *Wendy's ~~being wholesome~~ with a giant PR team hoping for marks to help get their brand to go viral is ~~rather unexpected~~ incredibly predictable.*


Yea especially because they enable abusive farm workplace practices by failing to join the Fair Food Program


What an incredibly stupid and odd attempt at an insult…right up there with “Your mom goes to college.” My daughter is adopted and she is every bit of our family and I love her so much, unconditionally.


I hate the food but I love the social media people




Congrats, you've been successfully marketed towards. They can't make you love the food, but they can sure as hell make you love the brand.


If you think this is rare you don’t know Wendy’s social media.


Upvoted for wholesomeness. Downvoted for corporation. Balance in all things


this very funny and epic post sure does make me want to go to Wendys™ and pick up some delicious Coca Cola™ Zero™.


Yes, I agree fellow non-Wendy’s social media person. The only thing this person could use more than learning from the wit and wisdom of the Wendy’s social media account is a nice cold, chocalate-y, smooth, sweet Frosty (available at your local Wendy’s) to apply to that burn. Am I right fellow non-Wendy’s worker?


At this point i'm convinced wendys makes these accounts just to reply to themselves, it's just the perfect setup every single time


No need. There are plenty of people who are just as uninspired as anyone else. Source: Manages social for a corporation.


Adoption can be a life saver for sure!


Sister: you're adopted Me: at least I was wanted


Third: Baconator.


I don't have that coupon \*sigh\*


My mom was adopted. And my son is adopted. So fuck that guy.




I didn't know that the founder was adopted. Just read about him.. what an inspiration.


Wendys is not to be fucked with, they will destroy you


Very rare? Wendy's is known for their Twitter sass game...


Man, the one time Wendy's wasn't totally brutal, and it's still a complete valid clap back. They also stayed classy at the same time. Their social media game is unmatched


The "rare" brand clapback? Bro wendy's twitter has never had any chill. This is downright polite.


Grew up with the family. Those are some super nice folks.


She chose to clap back with *class*


Bully : You’re adopted Me : Yeah at least my parents chose me. Yours got stuck with you


Whoever runs the Wendy's social media is a absolute legend


You cannot try and roast someone using the wrong your/you’re. AMATEUR!


Nothing makes me smile like the messaging of corporations


Of course its the dude with the kpop fortnite pfp


My sister is adopted, i hate when people use it as an insult. At least adopted people know they’re wanted, for all we know you’re just a mistake your parents made when they got just a bit too drunk 🤷‍♂️


>First: you‘re Well Wendy already won that argument for me


Good for them and eff that guy


Wendy’s corrected the “your” word. That makes me happy.


>Very rare. >Wendy's Not super rare with Wendy's.


Too bad Dave had a Biggie Heart Attack from getting high on his own supply.


My biological parents conceived me by accident and, while still loving me and meaning well, they loved drugs more. All of them. Anything they could get. My dads parents adopted me and idk where I would be without them. Dead, probably. Or a prostitute. Either way I’m sure I’d also be hooked on something or another.


I'm adopted. I did a 23 and me thing and found 7 half siblings. Found out my biological mom was a meth addict and a prostitute. Two of my half siblings were apparently sold for cars and/or drugs, some grew up in foster care, in and out of pretty horrible situations, etc., but for some reason she went through a legal adoption with me. I'm a well adjusted adult, which clearly wouldn't have been the case if I wasn't put up for adoption. I'm thankful she decided to give me a chance at a better life.


As a adopted child who's biological mother addicted and on drugs, and biological dad is a felon for drug related things, adoption very much made my life better.


Honestly, I've never seen anyone, let alone a brand, defending being adopted as not being an insult. It kinda made my heart warm and fuzzy.


TIL the Dave Thomas Foundation and Wendy’s were founded by the same dude


"Rare brand clapback"? Dude, Wendy's has been doing the spicy replies on social media for years - they're famous for it! XD


Check the box that applies: [__] Told [X] Fuckin told




https://www.davethomasfoundation.org !


Whoever handles Wendy’s Twitter is a beast


Wendy's be speaking facts here


why were u downvoted wtf


I was???


That’s what you have to do to ignorant people sometimes.


Missed the chance to also say "Sir this is a wendy's"


I thought this was 'a generally upbeat' sub.


Since when is adoption an fucking insult? What an ignorant asshole. Signed, an adoptee.


I don’t get why people have a go at adopted people. At least you know your parents wanted you. They specifically went out looking for a child, and chose you. People with just their birth parents cannot say the same


Wendy's twitter account is really something


The roastinator


Not rare, wendy’s twitter been doing this


The “your” was a big give away.


The lawyers fast-tracked that reply.


Wendy at it's best


imagine being salty to a burger fast food joint mascot lol


what is wrong with people?


wendys really did a double down


Huh. I thought Wendy was adopted. Learn something new every day, right?


respect for wendy’s +1


Wholesome Wendy


Both my boys are adopted. Half brothers by blood, full brothers by law.


My girlfriend was adopted as a newborn. Her bio parents were neglectful drug addicts who ended up in prison. Her adoptive parents raised her well and she is the most beautiful, wonderful person I know. There's nothing wrong or shameful about being adopted.


>"...many ~~lives~~ **white** lives are made better..." There, ftfy. Children of color are vastly over-represented among those who are never adopted. And the system of "for profit" foster care includes many people who collect as many foster children as they are allowed while spending a minimum on the children in their care. Instead of a central place (orphanages) to abuse and neglect children, we've created a decentralized system of neglect and abuse.


The fuck is wrong with you barely working brain motherfuckers. The original response was dumb, the reply was stupid and used as an excuse to make that shit company that probably barely pays their employees minimum wage look decent and human. I wouldn’t be surprised if a bot that works for the company posted this so dipshits on this very bad for your brain site could be like “hell yeah epic clap back non descript corporate mascot queen” I really dislike this site


Wendy and Psaki. Two redheads who are masters of the put downs.




There are far more children helped by adoption than hurt by it my dude.


People always gotta focus on the negative man




Really? What do you mean?


The US has a history of adopting Indigenous babies and raising them as white. There is a lot of racism and erasure of trauma woven into the practice. Some children were not even told of their Indigenous heritage, and many of the children (like me) were taken by force or coercion. This happened to my great grandmother (who is still alive.) She still talks about her stolen child and begs me to stay when I leave the family compound. It’s hard for both of us. The happy family adoption narrative is a really nice one, but it’s not the reality for many first families and adoptees. My birth mother was coerced, was basically a child, and regrets it to this day. She had no support and never fully recovered. I had a very hard life with my adoptive family and was expected to show nothing but gratitude. People get very emotional if you let them see the other side. Society is still telling my parents what a great thing they did, (literally people in the temple still say this stuff) but they really committed an act of cultural genocide that I’m supposed to be grateful for. Adoption is a trauma that we tell people they are lucky to have. Sure sometimes it ends up working out well, but even in those situations, someone lost their first parents, their first family, their heritage. Eta: look how emotional people get over seeing the other side of things. It’s ridiculous how protective people are of the happy family adoption fantasy. The person writing the original tweet wasn’t even themselves adopted.


When adoptees speak up it upsets and scares non-adoptees ESP APs and HAPs. Their desire for something that doesn’t belong to them trump human rights in their opinion. Your post is true but people prefer to pretend adoptees are rescued from poverty rather than that they were torn from their family and culture.


Yep. Just look at the downvotes. Also - aps and haps feel entitled to impoverished peoples children. Especially when those children are non-white.


International adoption is so deeply fucked up it should be illegal. I’m sorry. Child trafficking.


My adoption was in the US. They removed my heritage from the adoption paperwork, as was customary for children who looked like me.




My 17yo has received plenty of adoption-related bullying and abuse during her teen years. PLENTY. Really vile stuff. Adults think adoption is great and so normalised who would make a thing of it. Teenagers can be nasty little fuckers.


An insult doesn't mean swear word. Even if it did do you ever say, "hey, shit off." swear words are used in different contexts.


Well, this guy and a lot of people use it as an insult