Did she catch the cat bus?


What movie is this?


Tonari no Totoro or in english My neighbor Totoro


Wow I never knew you could use a gif in comments


Only some subreddits let you


A while back, I had a girl at my college walk up to me and say “hey, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting. Auntie told me you would be here.” then proceeded to give me a hug and whisper “that guy won’t stop following me. Please help.” Instantly, I remembered my “cousin”, said “because you made me wait, you’re paying for lunch” and we walked away. Once we were out of sight of the guy, I asked her who the guy was, if she needed me to meet her after her class for the next couple days, and if she needed to go talk to campus security. For the next 3 days, I waited outside her class and walked her to her car until there was enough evidence to go to campus security to report him for stalking and harassment. He was expelled from the college (apparently she wasn’t the only one he was following) and we went on our separate ways. To be honest, we never got to the stage where we swapped anything other than first names, but if she’s out there, I hope she no longer has to deal with people like him.


Ive been lucky to have a lot of play brothers and real cousins that pick up on things fast like you. Good thinking to keep the walk up until it was resolved. Being followed is so scary.


I have 2 younger female cousins, a sister just a year older than me, and a couple nieces. I would want someone to do the same for them


Thank you.


I had someone "save" me from my husband one time. We were arguing and he stopped me from leaving (like blocked my path) and she cane right up to me like "Is he bothering you??" And I was like "Uh yeah but I don't need help, not in that way" It was so sweet.


I did exactly this once, but for someone who I saw get approached by a man, and I could tell by her body language that she didn't know him and wanted to get away from him. Stay safe out there, sisters!


A sister and a brother, I would say


Good i was looking for comments about him also coming through


me too, this story is more of a human kindness than a sisterhood specific one. she noticed the woman at the bus stop, but the guy is the one who came out of the house each morning and put himself between her and any potential threat.


At 5am


King shit right there I wouldn't wake at 5 am with the whole house burning


*Cries in 4:45am morning shift*


Oh bugger that sucks


I think it just takes some getting used to the sleep schedule honestly. I went from an 8am-5pm job to a 4pm-1am one. Now I’m done with that job and looking for a new one, but my sleep schedule is basically wake up at 2pm and sleep at 5am, I don’t really get tired cause it’s been a while and I’m used to it


It’s great when you finally get used to it- working overnights—took me 6 months. Then they yank me back for a day shift or 2 and it’s like starting all over again. I never thought I’d say this but I rather like the first tour because there is no traffic. But the going back and forth from days to nights will kill a person.


i mean, they wouldnt have noticed her if they werent already up at that hour at least sometimes


Was furiously typing the same response glad you got it covered.


The man literally went outside to wait at a bus stop for this woman’s sake every day. That’s the part that required sacrifice and dedication. It just seems odd that the post almost intentionally glosses over that


Plot twist. There is no wife


She was killed at a bus stop


Like. I don’t thank the manager when my deli guy makes my sandwich. I thank the worker. What even is this post. Smfh


I thank both, boom.


It more of a grey area than that though. You asked the deli guy to make that sandwich. In the example from OP the wife was thoughtful and had the idea to have him help, while he did the actual work of it. Both deserve thanks


The wife came up with the idea for a sandwich shop in your neighborhood, the husband made the sandwich. Both important.


A better analogy would've been the manager (wife) asked the employee (husband) to have the regular customer's (lady) sandwich ready each day at lunch time.


That works. I think the wife’s action here is more transformative and beyond just doing your assigned job (managing) — noticing a need and coming up with a plan to fill that need, like a business owner — which is why I went with the original analogy.


Yes but the deli guy doesn’t have a choice the husband did. I’m married so I know he really didn’t but technically he does. They both cared enough.


Right? I'm sitting here like "the guy was the one who had to get dressed, stand in the cold/heat/rain, and the wife gets the credit"?


At 5am too


Everything feels horrible at 5am...


Nah don't you know husbands are just appendages


Thinking the same 😂


Keanu Reeves donated 80% of his salary in the Matrix to cancer research and a large portion of his salary in the final 2 Matrix movies to the CGI team for making him look so good. Shoutout to his sister Kim Reeves for encouraging him to go into acting that one time back in 5th grade!


Stop hahaha


Right? This is almost like when you buy your friend the big salad and someone else gets the credit.


Now that Seinfeld is on Netflix I'm seeing a lot more references to it.


Yup. Hey, better than a bunch of people who never watched it bleating about it being overrated.


Hey! It wouldn’t be a big deal if it was just a regular salad…


I could have carried it!




It's pretty obvious since it's unpronounceable.


It’s a perfectly cromulent word though


My mother does this stuff. Sends me out, but somehow it's always her doing the mitzvah.


I'm the mom that does this too, but I go with the boys. For everyone's peace of mind. The boys are fine young men, but there's a danger in that too. It's just best for all if I'm there, or at least very close. The boys, the public, and me.


Such is the magic of 'sisterhood'


She made a suggestion to her husband, HE got up every day at 5:00 AM and stood there at the bus stop. But it's a SISTER watching her back??? WTF? #Credit men when they deserve it


For real lol I read this and was thinking “ so some girl mentioned something once, and ever since a man has literally been protecting you every morning for months… so you’re thankful for the woman??”


The guy was the one standing out there and the woman in the house got the credit.


*a sister and a brother-in-law


Honestly? Just a brother. He's the only one actually doing anything.


No giving the wife credit is important too. Going by this story she’s the one that decided it was something that needed to be done. The husband then was 100% willing and happy to do it but likely wouldn’t have without his wife. Both deserve credit.


I'd personally never take this initiative because I would think the woman would be more afraid of me being there and then not taking the bus every morning instead of her just being there alone.


Afraid … ask. I’ve posted this story before. I was in Hawaii and a female tourist from Australia turns out walked up to me. Told me she was being followed and asked if I could stay with her a bit. I had just picked up my race bib for a marathon, so seemed legit as tons of other rubbers around. We walked half a dozen blocks - yes a guy was definitely following her. We seemed to have lost him about block 8. We turned near what she said was her hotel. I asked if she was ok going on alone. She was. She was really grateful. I’m female and just glad she asked.


I can’t tell you how many strange women I’ve walked up to with a look in my eyes & whispered “help” & proceed to act like I know them. They almost ALWAYS come through. (Dudes sometimes do, but usually stutter “what? Huh?” LOL.) When I was 17-18yo, I closed up work & took the bus home ~midnight. My work/bus stop was in an area of high-prostitution, CONSTANT harassment & scary at times. Definitely didn’t look “girly,” either. (90’s raver!) My boss (elderly Gma-type) found out I’d lost my car, and bribed the “community drunk” (his term!) with unlimited free coffee to walk me to my bus stop & wait until it arrived every night. He was often stumbling, sometimes offered me booze or crack LOL, but he was always there at 11:15 & kept all the driving traffic away from me. Once on the bus, there was still fuckery, but I’d sit up front by bus driver. I **seriously still appreciate both of them**, but the thought my boss put into it was more than required of her. I thought I was a lot tougher than I was, but bad things could’ve happened to me.


people often don't realize that community/village drunks are some of the most reliable individuals. give them a reward, free alcohol, or simply have their back when they need you, and I'd bet most would steal you a car if you needed it.


You’re right! My husband grew up in a small, poor town and he always remembers one time as a kid, he and his friend stumbled upon the town drunk, sleeping in a large metal pipe. They were scared and startled at first when he noticed them, but all he did was smile and stretch out his hand and offer them some paper food stamps that he had. Here was this guy who was literally dirt poor, offering them what little he had. He always remembered that.


That's so fuckin wholesome!


My neighbourhood drunks would legit jump in front of a car to save a kid. They aren't necessarily bad people, just life shit on them one too many times, or they made bad choices. Bad happens to us all, it doesn't have to make us bad people.


So true. We gave $500 to a local panhandler during lockdown. Now it’s like we have our own security force.


You do.


Well its because we understand their motivations. They want booze. If you can provide them booze then they'll probably do as you ask, and its not like theres a shortage of booze so they have to start doing unethical shit to get it. Now imagine if we could offer someone crack to watch our dog. Probably have way fewer criminal crack heads lol.


Unless you don't provide enough crack, then you'll need another crackhead to find your dog that was sold for more crack. Basically, it's crack all the way down.


We call that “crackle-down economics”




When you force an addict to be a criminal to get their fix, you end up with criminal addicts. It's not rocket science, and we need to fix it.


Absolutely a fact. It's always the hood that has my back. They know, they "get it". Bring a good human doest require sobriety. Thats a moral myth.


Fellow scary bus route former rider here (rampant prostitution). I didn't look like others in the area I was renting, and several people made it clear that my family wasn't welcome. But many others were so kind and welcoming and looked out for me. Bus drivers noticed when I missed a day on the route, and regular riders made a point of standing with me when they saw me waiting for the bus. There were plenty of scary nights that I breathed a sigh of relief when one of them showed up. I'm so grateful for good people who find the vulnerable people and are a protective presence.


"I didn't look like others in the area I was renting, and several people made it clear that my family wasn't welcome" [You don't happen to be a panda bear?](https://youtu.be/hNnVbEru-l0)


That's... weirdly wholesome


Community drunk isn't the hero we need but the one we deserve.


Everyone wins!!




Thanks for that. I tutored some students at my university and it's a tradition that freshman get drunk the week before university but I never was a party person so I watched over my students until I was sure they were safe. I ahd to send some home when I was sure they had enough but always asked one of my co tutors to keep watch while I did. They both didn't disappointed and it's good to know that people look out for eachother.


I once was stuck in Richmond, Ca at a BART stop with a dead cell phone, no money, and a shitload of bags with me so walking anywhere was nearly impossible. Sketchy af. A drunk, high, homeless fellow shared $4 in quarters with me so I could make it to my next stop, and gave me a cookie for the road. His name was Jimmy, and I still appreciate his kindness all these years later.


That’s a good story. Bribing protection from the neighborhood drunk is a pretty… original sounding idea haha


When we drove into the city my dad would pay the local winos to mind the car. It seemed to be a done thing, they each had a little patch that they cared for


I've had a woman come up to me randomly at a bus stop late at night, and ask me to pretend to be with her and sit beside her, because there was a drunk guy trying to go home with her and not taking no for an answer. I'm glad I got to do that for her and I'm glad she was comfortable with approaching me to ask.


I don't know how I feel about having to trust someone's safety to a drunk guy that's easily bribed, but I'm glad he had a heart of gold at the least.


Yes, the sister was looking out for her but don't forget the sister's husband who actually stood out at the bus stop with her. He deserves some credit too.


***Some?*** I'd say most.


Same what that women wrote confused me so much. I might still have stories of when my friends who are women were there for me which could count as "sister" moments but come on. I also have friends who are men and while her pointing out that having someone close so she isn't alone was a good thing that guy actually acted on it and was there for her. He was the protector the woman was the identifier of that situation. Both might be important but he definitely did more.


If you're a man helping a woman you're a sister sorry bro them's the rules. Shit I mean sis.


I actually agree with you.


I think the poster was trying to answer the “prompt” about sisterhood, but….yeah.


Lol seriously. The guy must’ve spent hours out there while the girl essentially did nothing but yay “sisterhood”. This is more r/facepalm than anything


Posts like these pisses me off. It always reminds me of how people praise my mother for raising such a fine person. Bitch, she didn’t raise shit. She spent her days playing bridge with her rich friends, parasitizing off my fathers child support, trying to keep up with a lifestyle she couldn’t afford. My father was the one who worked two jobs, took care of me and made sure I was happy. There was none who showed any appreciation or mental support for my father. It was always my so called “mother”, who got the praise and the mental- and emotional support. The whole scenario made me despise women growing up. It was so bad I had to go to therapy to stop mistrusting women.


I once happened to get a serious food poisoning at a concert. Three seperate girls asked me if I'm alright and if I took some sort of drug, and one of them stayed with me a little longer after hearing it's just food poisoning and proceeded to teach me how to write dick in russian on the bathroom mirror. In exchange I wanted to teach her how to write it in polish and she told me it was the first thing she learned after coming to Poland. Good times lol


Guy needs some appreciation too


Bloke literally stood there every day guarding this woman.... sisterhood 🤣🤣


To be fair i think she was trying to tailor her answer/make her anecdote fit into the question about “sisterhood….” It does come across as though she’s giving the wife all the credit though, lol


This chick is a little delusional it seems lol


This guy gets up at 5 AM *every single day* for no reason other than to stand there with this woman while his wife does nothing and his contribution gets totally erased in favor of calling it "sisterhood." No word of thanks for him at all. Brilliant.


Kinda what I was thinking


Brotherhood right here to get that man his well deserved appreciation


Not some, he needs 99% of the appreciation.


Let's not point out the obvious here. Great idea wife, but why wasn't your ass out there at 5am chattin it up with sis?


They probably could have took turns lol. I guess they figured a guy deters creeps better, so might as well have him sacrifice his time. It is weird the guy gets hardly any credit for this though.


The last few years of seeing blatant hate-bait stuff posted everywhere have got me questioning, is this just incredibly high-quality bait? Surely a person with a functioning brain wouldn't be *that* obviously tone-deaf. It just feels too on the nose, look at how many angry comments it's generated.


I was working coat check at a bar and noticed 2 guys gathering and peeking into a one toilet bathroom. I busted through the guys to find a girl half naked throwing up in toilet and the guys were trying to take her home. I grabbed her and pulled into coat check. I fixed her clothes and gave her tshirt to put on. Luckily this girl lived a few blocks from me. When I left to go home I grabbed the girl and put in her a cab with me. I took her to her apt, put her in bed and switch her door lock to auto lock and closed her apt door and went home. I left her my business card but I never got a call from her. I always wondered how she thought she got home and how close she came to getting violated that night.


the older i’ve gotten the more vital it has become to not just “support women” online or donating to shelters or the like, but to always keep an eye out for them regardless if i know them or not in public situations. Women have an incredible sense of intuition when it comes to noticing signs of somebody in need, even if they aren’t displaying it. This was such a nice read, good find!


I reach out to every vulnerable person I hear off in the games I play. Doesn’t matter who they are. No one gets harassed on my watch.


Research has shown that women are generally more adept at recognizing/reading nonverbal behaviors. It's likely not only that people in less powerful groups (need to) learn more about others' actions in order to be perceived favorably, bit also a safety skill. EDIT: here are links to two articles on this common difference, if anyone is interested: 1. [https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/he-speaks-she-speaks/201801/the-nonverbal-communication-gender-gap](https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/he-speaks-she-speaks/201801/the-nonverbal-communication-gender-gap) 2. [https://www.natcom.org/communication-currents/men-and-women%E2%80%99s-communication-different%E2%80%94sometimes](https://www.natcom.org/communication-currents/men-and-women%E2%80%99s-communication-different%E2%80%94sometimes)


This is also why it is harder for women/ girls to get diagnosed with things like autism, because it manifest differently and we are literally socialized from a young age to pick up on nonverbal behaviors and mimic them when appropriate


Also, acting out the way boy NDs do is not at all tolerated girls. That behavior will be corrected very quickly. Loud, boisterous, physical, disobedient? Ya, not tolerated in girls. We have to present differently, we aren't allowed to present as boy NDs do. So....we must not be ND. Right? /s


I was tested for autism as a child, got told I didn't have it. My GP recommended I get tested again as an adult, but then the pandemic hit and I'm already doing all the coping things so....


Its like those people that have 100% face name recognition. Proven that some people just have that skill, but nobody ever checked to see if the corollary was true. Turns out like 2% of the population can't pick somebody out of a lineup even if they have their driver's licence in front of them. You know those guys at the airport that check your id's they don't test to see if they can tell faces apart. Its almost like people are all different and all bring unique skills to the table and like in OP's story, woman noticed potential trouble, and enlisted the help of her partner to enact change. Could go the other way too. At church one day I noticed a teen girl having a moment, she really needed a hug or something. So I make eye contact with my wife and pointed it out so she could go help her. Not saying I couldn't have helped but hey we live in a culture and its sad but hugging teen girls isn't part of my skill set(rule set?) anymore.


>Turns out like 2% of the population can't pick somebody out of a lineup even if they have their driver's licence in front of them. if you dont mind can you please link the post or the study


My facial recognition is spotty at best. If I were an eyewitness to a crime I definitely could not describe for a sketch nor verify the sketch afterward, and I might refuse to pick someone out of a lineup unless I was sure it was them (sometimes an image gets stuck in my brain correctly). I can recognize my partner but it is very hard for me to imagine her in my minds eye in anything other than “snapshot” form. When I try to visualize people I know, even people I know very well, I can only recall what is basically a live photo of them.


I would absolutely be the worst witness. I work at a hotel, and i dont even know who i called a taxi for most of the time. Half the time, i even manage to get the coat color wrong. "Whatd he look like?" "Idk man. Tall, old" ...


You can Google face blindness


All I could find was a condition called prosopagnosia. This article mentions "Studies suggest that around 2% of people show sogns of developmental prosopagnodia." [TIME Article: Why You Can't Recognize Other People's Faces ](https://time.com/4838661/prosopagnosia-face-blindness/?amp=true)


Hey I'm an RA for someone who studies facial blindness. It's called prosopagnosia. The person above is wrong, these people usually don't have an inability to recognize objects, but there is about .5-2% of the population who can't *remember* faces, which is certainly a big deal but not the same thing as literally being unable to process images lol.


Anecdotal evidence here. I would have trouble picking a face from a lineup even if I had his/her drivers license pic in front of me. If a person isn’t wearing the same clothes and the lighting isn’t similar then I am unlikely to recognize them. Oddly, when my kids were small, I was very good (for me) at remembering their friends names, back when birthday parties consisted of 20 five year olds running around a gym.


I am 6'7" and weigh 240 pounds so I have never felt unsafe because people don't intimidate me, so it's a lot harder for me to understand how unsafe women feel until they tell me. I get it now, but it took me a long time and hearing it from a lot of women until I understood how scary the world can be. If you are a small woman I could literally just pick you up and carry you away and there is not a whole lot you could do to stop me outside having a weapon.


And it isn't just the threat of something physical either. A lot of men don't get it, but we have to weigh every interaction with guys (unless we know them super well, and sometimes even those ones aren't safe) because you never know when rejecting someone is going to lead to physical violence, sexual assault, or even just non-physical retaliation.


How do I ask girls out in a way that they wouldn't feel like walking on egg-shells? So far I've just said "Totally fine", hand them a compliment and be on my way, when getting told no. When on the bus I see that girls would rather sit besides me, when the only alternative is literally any other guy. Maybe they think I look friendly? I sure hope so. But reading women talking about how afraid of retaliation they are, I'm unsure if I put them in a situation where they feel like they could step on a land-mine at any moment. I hate the thought of them probably being utterly terrified, when they should feel safe and comfortable. How do I know? Are they most likely agitated and just not showing it, or are they truly calm and comfortable?


In your case, since you drop it (and are clearly non threatening enough to sit by) you are likely not making women uncomfortable. We tend to get a sense for who is a creep and who isn't, but still tend to err on the side of caution just in case.


I live in a major city and don't have a car, so I often take public transit. When it's late at night (6pm+), I'll only take an uber/lyft. I take a lot of classes (exercise, professional development, etc.) and I always wait around outside at night to catch my ride. I try to do it as subtly as possible because I don't want people worried about me. But every single time, as women come pouring out of other classes - so many of them whom I've never met or talked to, ask me if they want them to walk me to my car or wait with me for my ride when they see me standing around. This happens all the time and it burns me with love. I'm too embarrassed to ever say yes, but my God, I feel so loved by these women I don't know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to every person who looks out for others, without thinking twice about it.


I used to ride the bus all over my city to get to school. I was usually wearing welding leathers covered in soot and mill scale, I'm also 6'3. On two separate occasions, some woman would walk up to me. One hugged me whispered they needed help the other time just looped their arm through mine and said "hey honey sorry I'm late." Both times the skeevest looking dudes would pretend not to stare at us. I stayed on the bus till they got off and happen to be in the way when the dudes tried to get off the bus. It still boggles my mind these grown men are out creeping on women. I hope they are in jail. No one is better off with them walking free.


A guy stands out in the cold everyday... "Thanks ladies!" FFS


This. This is an old repost anyway but still, the husband gets no credit. How about thanks fellow decent human beings?


I'm almost convinced it's a troll to make you mad at everyone not seeing the obvious. This is probably everyone's first reaction.


That's the funny thing, you're likely right but there sure are a lot of comments from people echoing the same sentiment that I don't believe are trolls My point is - the post itself might be bait, but we have plenty of evidence in this comment thread that there are PLENTY of people that actually think this way, which in turn does suggest it's possible that the post itself is in fact not bait... but in this day and age I think you're probably right


That is what I was thinking. It is just too perfect, but then people are that narrow minded to think this.


We do think of that stuff on our own… but sometimes the lady doesn’t want help… and it ends up being a super awkward situation real quick. Just saying. Glad this lady was thankful for his time and help.


you gotta lie and say your wife told you to do it


I’ve actually done exactly this!


It was literally a man who watched her back?


There's a really good chance that he just made up the wife thing to not make her uncomfortable.


There's a noticeable difference in perception of someone's intention when a random man acts protective of a random woman, compared to a random woman acting protective over a random woman. Women don't have reason to fear violence from other women on the same scale that we have reason to fear violence from men. There's a certain degree of reassurance that comes from knowing another woman is looking out for us, when no personal details surrounding character are known. For me, part of that relates to a hetero-normative culture, where I have a stronger tendency to believe that a random man suddenly in my proximity would be more likely to have an ulterior motive compared to a random woman in the same scenario. I have not been sexually harassed or stalked by a woman before, so when encountering strange and unfamiliar women, thoughts of danger don't cross my mind. My life experience has not taught me to be wary around women, because so far, I have had no reason to be. With unfamiliar men, it's different, because I don't know their motivation. I don't know their intentions. I don't know what game they're playing at, and especially, I don't know if any outward presentation of kindness is genuine, or a ruse. And my brain goes through these thoughts, because my life experience has taught me that it is vital for my safety do to so. If it were me in this scenario, and the dude said that he as an individual was looking out for my safety, I would be immediately concerned as to why. As soon as someone adds extra details, like "because my wife said so," or "you remind me of my granddaughter," or some other disarming bit of information, it changes the whole energy of the situation. It goes from "you're someone who could pose a threat to me," to "you're someone who views me as kin."


This sub is rough. Yesterday there was a "Woman whose ex stabbed her 32 times MARRIES the EMT who saved her life", like that's not 1) Nightingale Syndrome or at least some kind of transference, and 2) horribly unethical for a medical professional. Today we see a "Turns out a man had my back for months on end, I appreciate his wife so much!" post. Tomorrow there will be the repost of how rambunctious Alice Roosevelt was, conveniently ignoring the HORRIBLE trauma she went through and how neglected she was after her mother died and her father remarried and her stepmother publicly hated her.


How did you know it was my turn for the Alice Roosevelt post already...


did you see the one where the kid with a birth mask was told to cope essentially?


The "please photoshop my birthmark away" post? Unfortunately, Reddit doesn't seem to believe me when I consistently tell it I want nothing to do with this sub, so I see a lot of these. Tbh, though, that kid's birthmark would be an awesome part of like an anime-esque character. He would have looked like such a badass. Doctor Doom style.


There is a podcast called "The Dollop" tjey did a good one about her life


Um... The guy was watching her back...


This. Lmao.


What a nice man


I think a brother was watching your back not a Sister. Give the man some credit.


This is nice and all, but why not thank the man too?


Don’t wanna sound like an incel but ffs she thanks the woman for sending out the man but not the man who stands out there everyday at 5am. That’s some bull.


I was about to say the same thing.


This is kind of like when you pass an exam because of hard work and dedication and then your parents go ‘thank God you passed! He’s always listening.’






Twist: she was scared because a guy was standing there in silence and never got on the bus.


LOL. the sister gets all the love but she just sends out her husband to actually do something.


No reason she couldn’t have stood outside and waited too. She just chose to watch from the house


*stares out the window of her warm home, takes a sip of hot coffee, smiles..* "Im such a good person"


I find "sisterhood" and "brotherhood" some of the most cringe worthy phrases around seriously


Right. This is about humanity.


To be scientific, this really about community. This is how I operate because my mom and dad sent me out into the world to love and protect. My da raised me to protect anyone smaller than me. Not just women. We all want this peaceful society!


I find it strange that the credit goes to the wife, when the husband was the one to actually watch over the woman. Yes, he may have agreed to do so, but why didn’t the wife stand with him if she was so concerned? Perhaps the fella said it was his wife so that he didn’t appear creepy to the lady?


There was a taco truck near my office that had a super young girl working the register, and sometimes creepy dudes would use her required politeness to cross boundaries, so I would try to keep an eye on her. One day I noticed a really shady dude hanging around after hours while they were closing up, so when my husband came to pick me up I told him to keep an eye on her while I finished up my files. I come out to the parking lot and creepy dude is gone but the girl still looks super anxious. Apparently my gigantic husband parked directly across from the truck just staring the dude down, so the poor girl thought one creeper left to be replaced by an even bigger, scarier looking stranger. My poor husband was trying so hard to seem reasonably intimidating (to the original shady guy) that he didn’t realize/think about the girl who had no idea he wasn’t there to do even worse. I think he forgets he’s humongous.


seems like the guy is doing all the work and all you can thank of is his wife "sisterhood "


Sisterhood? It was the guy who was standing in the cold, not your damn sister. FFS, give credit where it's due.


Don’t forget the brother too that was actually physically watching her back…


Sister didn’t stand at the bus stop with you. A man did.


I saw a woman at a bus stop once that was obviously being harassed by a drunk guy. He was standing right over top of her and blocking her from getting up. So I pulled my car over and walked to the bench and sat beside her and started just talking to her and tried my best to just keep things calm and let her know I was there. The drunk guy was really unhappy and I don’t know what would have happened because a couple second later a police car roller up. I guess they saw me pull over and walk to the bus stop and got the idea. I just hate to think how many women have to deal with those situations and people aren’t able to or too scared to do anything


Glad to see that I'm not the only one who read this and thought "why is this written like the wife is the only/main hero of the story?"




As a male, I would like to think her husband helped a little.


Like, I'm not a woman, but a man standing at the bus stop every day, with no intention to get on the bus and seemingly no reason to be there would definitely add immensely to the feeling of uncomfortableness I would feel. Just me?


What if he has waiting for a bus that comes later than yours and just wanted to get there early?


Completely fucking ignore the bro who actually waited in the cold with her thanks lady


I recently had a family friend & neighbor tell me they did this for me growing up. I never even saw her but she knew I was alone and said she’d wait and watch until I got on the bus each morning. It was sad, healing and validating on a number of levels for me. I got used to doing things on my own because my parents weren’t emotionally available. I thought they hid it well but this lady knew and secretly looked out for me when my parents couldn’t.


What about him? Damn homie gets no credit when he was the one standing out in the damn cold


Wife asks husband to look after potentially vulnerable mother very nice but the husband getting up before dawn every day, never saying anything that’s champion status


so just like….fuck the husband I guess?


I was being followed. Daytime, this guy took the same bus as me, sat next to me, was definitely drunk and changed his station to the same as mine. That's when I got suspicious. I got down at the bus stand and he did too, still lurking around. A lady, total stranger, waiting for another bus at the same stop realised something was wrong. She asked me to stand by her side and literally screamed at him for he was bothering me. Her bus arrived so she had to leave. She requested another person to drop me where I had to go. This post reminded me of her. Edit: I actually did what I had read in another reddit post on what to do if you think you are being followed. I got down at a busy stop. I didn't take my actual route. Kept on changing my path to realise that I was actually being followed. And finally went upto the police to seek help. So thankyou reddit sister's too!


That’s kindness. 😭


Kudos to the guy having to get up every morning go outside and do this for his wife and that woman


It wasn't just a sister.


It’s nice to see confirmation that people are still out there willing to do good deeds just for the sake of doing them and the benefit to the recipient- not for recognition, notoriety or some other self serving motivation. I could argue that motive doesn’t matter to the recipient of the deed, but it’s nice to know that other people still silently do good things because they care.


I would actually like to defend her. Reading the very first line, this is a prompt about sisterhood helping you out. She's giving a story and intentionally placing emphasis on the wife's part in noticing she could use help. She doesn't pretend the husband did nothing, but chooses to not emphasize it because that's not what the prompt was about, even if he did make a larger effort. If I made a prompt about music being important for the soul, I may give a story taking place in ww2, or during American slavery. Music is not the defining feature of either of those events, but it would be weird to call me on my choice to not emphasize the tragedy. One woman saw another in need because she had the perspective of a woman. It's not a bad thing to call out that kind of help. Hell, maybe she also uses the same story to talk up the dedication men can give.


I guess thanking the “sister” for sending out her husband to stand in the cold and wait for her, is the equivalent of thanking God when the doctor saves your life. Give the dude some cred. The doctor too.


Brotherhood sisterhood apart don't you think it'd be better if she knew this was happening I mean till the day she got actually introduced, she was always worried.


Right or change a few words and this is a story about a stalker.


No, a man was watching your back.


Actually a guy was watching your back. The sister was hiding in her home.


I was in a third world country once taking a bus that crossed state lines. Their police guard stopped us, told us to get off and lined us up. They were coming along asking people questions, when an elderly woman grabbed my arm and told me to say that she was my grandmother. She whispered to me that I was in danger because I was riding alone and that they would take me, rape me and kill me. Whoever she is, I owe her my life. Whenever I think about her, I always say thank you for caring enough to protect me.


The husband was too tho


The number of men in this thread who don’t realize that sometimes a male presence alone is enough to keep us safe from other men


"should I give her a ride?" "Lol, no."


Tbf no sane person would get into a stranger's car for a lift (outside of a taxi/uber ofc)


And a brother. Good folks!


People looking out for other people in general is important


warmed my heart like a bonfire on a winter night <3 thank you!


very wholesome, but, doesn’t the dude deserve some credit too? I mean he is sorta the muscle of the whole operation. Just sayin


Sisterhood, yes. But also brotherhood. That guy was out there every morning for you too.


Ok, what about the guy who literally sat there watching over her every fucking day. But yes, sisterhood.


Sisterhood, but no thanks for the guy actually doing the waiting outside?