Kiley has a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome, resulting in development delays. Her sister said it’s hard for Kiley to make friends - which is why it was all the more special that 2 friends she met at camp last year drove 3 hours to surprise her on her 15th birthday.

Kiley has a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome, resulting in development delays. Her sister said it’s hard for Kiley to make friends - which is why it was all the more special that 2 friends she met at camp last year drove 3 hours to surprise her on her 15th birthday.

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Dude, the older I get, I just cry all the time now. I’m a mess over here.


WHY DID YOU DESCRIBE MY LIFE SO WELL. In all honesty, you just grow up and the world becomes such a crappy place. So things like these always make a stormy day pass faster.


Can relate, but it’s really the beautiful things. The world is shit but I feel like the older I get the more beauty hits me. Pretty incredible planet we live on.


I'm 32. 1-2 years ago I didn't react like this, now I cry off of all the beauty/wholesome/awesome shit going on. It's great tbh, when I was an edgy teen I thought things like that was nice with lingering thoughts of "who *really* gives a fuck, though?" Such a negative and self destructive outlook, now I can't get enough of it, haha


Cant describe my life more accurately than that! Am glad too that I got over that freaking hateful old self that made me keep wondering why people don't like to befriend me LMAO. Im glad too that you got over that man!


So it's not just me than!?!


This did not make me smile at all. Made it hard to see…for some reason


Somebody's chopping stupid onions around me I swear.


it’s my allergies. pollen, dust, etc. just allergies.


saw dust... or sand....


Those damn ninjas with their pocket sand


Shish-shaw! Pocket sand!




damn onion ninjas




I cry everyday. I'm an empath. We feel HARD.


haha nope! In my mid 30s I find my self tearing up for happy stuff all the time. I get why my grandpa cried all the time now hahaha. This isn't even my final form.


Yeah, stuff like this, I don't mind crying about for sure. I get annoyed when I'm singing with my daughter and I voice crack and have to stop etc. Like, I like crying when it's for a good thing, but it's been a bit much lately. I dont know why, but I'm leaning toward a mild case of pandemic insanity.


Exactly. It's been a rough few years man. It's ok to be emotional


man...like the randomest shit too...Like I'll watch a vid of someone rescuing a cat and bawl for like 15 mins...




Yeah, me too.


Do you have kids? If not, it gets worse if/when you do.


So you cry at the end of every episode of Bluey, yes?


Damn straight, especially the one where Bingo dreams about being in space. Bam, right in the feels.


I can’t handle Sleepytime or baby race. Oo or the one with chili and her dad sitting on the dock. Can’t even. lol


Sleepytime gets me every single time. My 4 year old will remind me I don't need to cry as soon as he realizes what episode we're on.


I’m really close to my dad, and the Grandad one gets me every time


The racquetball controller episode did it for me bad.


That episode is so great.


I’m embarrassed to say I don’t yet! We’re 16 weeks pregnant, so I’m sure that’s not helping, but I’m crying up a storm lately!


You are getting in practice.


>Do you have kids? If not, it gets worse if/when you do. Most unexpected part of becoming a parent, and years later it's no different. Birthday, graduation, award ceremony, wedding...you name it, I've shed tears at it.


Jesus Christ, THIS. I could count on one hand the number of times I cried as an adult before having kids. Now I cry at commercials.


Bro ever since i've been fiancée-ed (i don't know the word for it okay? X( ) i cry like a bitch for every thing love related, i always feel sad when couples breakup in movies, i'm such a snowflake lmao






I cry every time i see happy things


That’s just the dude’s menopause


Gah me too


Brü, same


I watched this first at like 8 am. Then noon. Now. It's been so good.


Ha was thinking the same thing glad to know I'm not the only one.


This is friendship.


This is love


What is love!


Baby don’t hurt,




Dont hurt




No more






Russian version: Vladislav!


This is friendship.


This stuff right here still gives me hope for the future and that maybe these younger folks can help un-f*ck a lot of things. Edit: thanks for all the votes and love! Lots of opinions for sure...all crazy valid. But as a 40yr old dad to an almost 4yr old, I gotta find the bright spots where I can.


If we don't wear them down to be bitter and cynical from having to fight for everything, it'd be pretty fuckin' great.


Dude I hope the next generation can keep seeing the light, I'll be completely honest, I'm in my mid 30s and am jaded as fuck.


I'm 42 and just tapped out.


28, hit the wall already.


36. But I’m hopeful and working towards brighter days.


I would like to echo your sentiments of working towards brighter days and not hitting a wall. Hear hear.


30 and just starting out. Have a gf I want to marry and a daughter. Beat a drug addiction. This next chapter is about to be the best in my life. And I'm raising a girl who will change the world.


Love to hear it!


23 and exhausted




24, grew up in a weird spot between millennials and Gen Z. I try to exhibit millennials tendency to throw themselves into hobbies and interests while still having a Gen Z attitude of positivity, open mindedness, and their willingness to push the boundaries to enact change. Gen Z really does give me hope, they’re so kind to one another and really make an effort to learn about others


28 also. Drove off the bridge at 24.


50, and you don’t even know…


Hey fellow 50er. I’m Australian and our government mails us a free bowel cancer testing kit. You’re supposed to mail a specimen back to a government laboratory. Honestly, the ability to legally post your feces across the country is the only reason to enjoy being 50.


What a load of crap


Also a healthy bowel is a happy bowel!


Even better, it's two samples collected over two days - so you get to keep one sample in the fridge overnight!


26 and have the cynicism of a 60 year old.


I love you :)


About to turn 25 and I’ve come dangerously close to hitting the wall good few times. Sometimes, everything seems so hopeless. Like we’ve just collectively as a species fucked literally everything up so bad, how can we possibly recover? But I haven’t been able to completely give up hope. I’m starting at a 4 year university this fall after struggling for 7+ years to earn my associate at a community college. I took classes part time while working two full time jobs and battling some pretty bad mental health issues. Life threw just about every road block I could imagine in my way, but I refused to give up. I think the only thing keeping me going sometimes is a mixture of determination, insanity, rage, and pure spite. Plus several gallons of iced coffee and a heap of existential dread. But it’s got me this far, so I’ll take it. Come August, I’ll be double majoring for bachelors degrees in environmental biology and environmental geology with a minor in atmospheric science. After that, I plan on going on to grad school and pursuing research in climate science and climate change. I have to hope that I can make a difference. Even if it’s tiny. At the very least, the way things are going, I’m pretty much guaranteed a job in my field once I’m done with school lmao. Assuming the world hasn’t *completely* burned up by then.


Keep it up man. Sounds a lot like me 10 years ago and let me hopefully give you some hope. Things can get better. Did the same thing for my associates degree and went for four years for biochemistry. After my degree, I was still left with little options in my home state so I made the leap and moved to Colorado. After 6 months, I had a good paying job working in my dream field, the cannabis industry. Now I make good money, working with a miracle plant that just gives and gives. Still can’t buy a house due to this insane housing market here in Colorado but it is what it is. I can pay my bills, buy things that make me happy, and travel wherever I want too.


I love you :)


I’m 53 and just…done. The last 5 years have made me a misanthrope and the last 16 months have made me a hermit. Just done.


I love you :) when you are ready to come back out of your shell, we will be here. Take time and heal


Tbh 21 and I'm getting to that desensitized point oof


56 and not quite ready to throw in the towel. Yes, things are bad, but I still have hope for children and grandchildren. They seem to be a lot more aware than kids when I was young.


Put the shades on, because the future is bright!! I truly believe our younger generation is so much better and kinder.


The problem is nice people don't end up running the world. Its not a coincidence that Bezos, Musk, Putin and all the Oil, Tobacco, Coal, CEOs etc. are all psychopaths. That's WHY they are who they are. People have always been more good than bad, but its the worst of us that abandon all humanity to become the mega elite.


what we need is to raise a psychopath that fights for good for no reason


Some men just want to watch the world.....heal?


People like that get assassinated.


I’ll do it


Gotta send a buncha Dexters into the boardrooms.


"Be normal people will accept you. Be deranged they'll make you their leader."


When trading a pinch of humanity for a pound of gold, you tend to run out of goodness before you get rich


I’m going to my 30th HS reunion this weekend. The list of people coming are good guys and girls. The jerk jocks and stuck up beauties won’t even come around. I think they tried so hard and it never panned out for them and now they are embarrassed to show their face.


Really? I’ve avoided all of my reunions because I’m afraid the stuck up beauties will be there and pick me apart.


Spoiler alert: they aren’t beautiful anymore


These ones are... once I had a friend meet me to carpool to the funeral of a classmate we both knew... little did I know she had brought along two of the mean beauties from high school that I hadn’t seen in 20 years. I had just had 2nd baby, 80 lbs baby weight still, I pull up in a dirty truck because I live out in the country now. The two popular girls on the other hand, 20 years later, both looked like Paris Hilton’s... fancy little bags, perfectly highlighted hair that cost a fortune, makeup to the nines, breast implants... and the smug arrogance of the 90’s still fully intact. They practically sneered at me. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. It was like grade 11 all over again. Reunion? No fucking way.


Outer beauty is fleeting but inner beauty is eternal Either way I’ll find out soon


Some people don't need confirmation of their current success from temporary peers from 20 years ago.


Here now only around 40% of them are considered psychopaths


I am a 40 something dad with a 4yr old, and I can confirm. My hope is that there are enough wonderful, caring, and loving people around in that generation to unfck the world.


Isn't Williams syndrome the one that makes people super nice all the time?


Yes. Children with Williams Syndrome might respond affirmatively, even if they don’t want to. They need practice saying no. One year, I had a student with Williams syndrome in my class. We spoke as a class about how we needed to help her say no, and how we should protect her from people who might take advantage of her saying yes all the time. You would be amazed at how sensitive fifth graders can be. They took her under their wings and looked out for her all year. She always had a partner in class, she always had someone to play with at recess, and she always had someone to eat lunch with. It gave me hope for the future.


This is so sweet. Like with any other person with developmental delays, it's sad to mention that kids with WS have higher probabilities to be sexually assaulted compared with the rest of the population. This is because their "cocktail party" behaviour and difficulties to understand something wrong is going on.


Exactly. And since this group of kids was nearing puberty and about to enter middle school, it was especially important for her to say no. Her parents were very concerned that she would be abused or assaulted. It was great to see the other students, boys and girls alike, befriend and defend her.


This is so special. I’m without words. Because of that conversation, I like to think that most, if not all, of those students are going to grow up to be stand up, empathetic, and kind humans. My hat’s off to you.


We can learn so much from children.


Yes, along with a higher likelihood of heart defects, gastrointestinal issues, dental issues, higher anxiety levels, phobia development, intellectual disabilities, etc, etc. Just pointing it out because a lot of narrative around Williams tends to romanticize the super friendly, low social inhibition stuff and not recognize the struggles sufferers deal with.


Oh no I've seen documentaries on it. I've always just found it fascinating that there is anything positive about a disorder.


I’m not terribly well informed about the ins and outs of Williams Syndrome from a medical/diagnostic perspective but I have some personal experience with the disorder. My cousin was born with it (and thankfully was born to a loving, supportive family in a nice small town). Just from knowing her all my life I would venture to say that Williams Syndrome can be a bit of a tricky double-edged sword. My cousin is mild-to-moderately intellectually disabled, has several of the common physical health issues, will never be independent, and is overly sociable/eager to please. This last trait of hers is mostly what I’m thinking about when I say aspects of the disorder can be a double-edged sword. My cousin is known and treasured by the residents of her town and holds a part time job she likes but if her familial and living situations were different she could be quite easily taken advantage of or abused. She is very empathetic and friendly but not too many of her relationships really exist on a deeper, more meaningful level. In my admittedly biased opinion my cousin is a treasure of a person but it is true that her life expectancy is less than


I mean people with Downs syndrome are classically very huggy, loving, and kindhearted too


Definitely not all of them. I knew a very mean downs person, was always swearing and trying to bite people.


lol i’m sorry


Your response. LOL. I wish I had an award to give.


Now you can :)


Award is courtesy of hamzaiswack! What a fun thread haha


Yup, but being super nice doesn't automatically make it easy to make friends. I have a cousin with Williams Syndrome and she's the sweetest girl in the world but she struggles to make friends. Because of her developmental delay, the "regular" kids don't relate to her, but she's higher functioning than a lot of the other kids with special needs. So she exists in a weird in between where she can't seem to find anyone at her level. Her family goes to a Williams Syndrome conference every year and she has a blast hanging out with other kids like her. But that's pretty much the only time she fits in anywhere. If there wasn't a 20-year age difference, I would totally hang out with her...


My brother with WS is practically in the same boat. William Syndrome can make them very sociable almost to the point where they can literally crave social interaction but due to developmental delays they struggle to make those deeper connections.






I am absolutely not a medical professional or anything like that at all, but my sister has this and I wouldn't describe her as being particularly nice. She is extremely sociable though.


Right in the feels. Every parent should love this one.


I have a son with Autism that has a hard time making friends. This brought tears to my eyes. There really are a lot of good people out there.


How all of humanity should be.




Thank you for posting!! I have never seen this!!


There’s a lot of comments saying this a re-repost and I don’t care. This is the first time I’ve seen this and it made my evening!


I've seen this clip multiple times, but it always makes me smile!


How on earth are we able to read all these posts at the same time?! I’m grateful for reposts!


Op is not the original owner of this video. This is a repost. Original is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/MadeMeSmile/comments/iti40b/kiley_has_a_rare_genetic_disorder_called_williams


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"OP is not, in fact, OP" 😂


Looks like OP has made 13 reposts since this one


1.2 million karma in 2 months. OP needs something better to do. And I say that as someone who also needs something better to do.


Probs a bot


Definitely a bot.


Yeah everything is a repost with the same title on popular subs


I was about to ask why someone would repost for karma (karma is clout or $ or?), but if this is the work of a bot I'm guessing it's for views and pushing links to other sites, etc.? I have the confusion.


Usually they sell the account for subreddits with a karma threshold so they can then spam links and shit


Fuckers. Thank you for answering!


Would be so easy for Reddit to make an algorithm that finds these bots and kills them but apparently it isn’t a priority


I just love the way people can surprise you. It's nice to see something happy happening now. Beautiful video.


Can this be reposted a thousand times? As a father this makes me feel their is a whole world of beautiful people who will make our world a better place.


Those two girls are absolute gold


My boyfriend's brother has Williams Syndrome. Happy birthday to your sister :)


Hes a repost bot. Heres the original. https://www.reddit.com/r/MadeMeSmile/comments/iti40b/kiley_has_a_rare_genetic_disorder_called_williams


Repost bot for sure! 1.2 mil karma in 63 days!


Even That “orginal” is a repost lol. This is the original https://www.reddit.com/r/MadeMeSmile/comments/if5ank/she_has_some_amazing_friends/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


What exactly leads you to believe that's the original?


Wrong subreddit. This is totally “made me tear up”


I just can’t seem to wrap my head around filming your kiddo during this really special vulnerable moment and then putting this title to explain she is unable to make friends, discussing her disability and such. I have a 12 year old little girl who struggles with Tourette’s syndrome. We have had precious moments that have been life changing for both her and us as parents. I just don’t see how filming it and then posting it for others to see would help her. I’m sure her parents were very proud and excited and wanted to share. I get it. It just has become the norm for parents to narrate their lives and include very personal moments about their children. Before we even post a pic of either one of our girls we ask their permission. I just feel like a decade from now there may be a generation who suffer trauma from their parents who had posted personal information about them. Some parents may share and discuss the post with their own child (just saying even if that girl in the video doesn’t have social media she has many friends parents, teachers, relatives that do). Feels wrong. Again I think this beautiful child and her friends are absolutely heart warming just the posting portion makes me worry for her. Also I just worry about this theme in general.


thank you for posting this, the amount of people posting information about their kids like this without their permission or sharing more then they're comfortable with is worrying this is clearly a well intended post but this is absolutely an issue that needs to be addressed more, especially with disabled kids. ive seen a *lot* of viral videos and gifs of disabled kids doing things painted as "inspirational" without really taking into account what they think about the event and it being put online for everyone to see. it just feels like a lot of their own perspective and agency on the matter isn't really shown, only their parents and friends, and thats concerning


I'd like to add something to this. A cousin of mine has Downs and the things he does is super cute. For example, the other day, he filled glasses of water and poured it on an indoor plant and then would clap and laugh. So, his parents or siblings would often film his actions and share it on a close family group so that all of us can enjoy the bundle of joy he is. Some unknown family member posted his video on social platforms giving a very similar title like the one given here for karma farming. Absolutely destroyed the mother when she found out. My point is, it's not always the parents' fault. Their intentions might be totally innocent.


Thanks for sharing this story. You are right about this. I can see how others could use a disability for their own “karma farming” as you said. I imagine also there are probably public videos that get posted too without consent. In this world of social media this exploitation is violating and in some cases humiliating. I feel so bad for that mother. As a mother of a kiddo with Tourette’s if anyone ever used any of her stories publicly it would destroy me too. That is such a personal journey with a child you love immensely. I imagine that mother felt safe sharing this with people who loved her child but can’t imagine the violation and pain she felt realizing someone used the videos publicly. I really am sad for the next generation of kids. I personally am a child of the 80s. In my era (may be just my small town family) I never was given consent. I was abused sexually by a family member without consent. Was made to know I am not in charge of my body and adults are. As a parent and grown woman I feel that doing that to a child is sending a similar message. It clearly is not always out of malice or a way to harm ones own child but it may be just as damaging to their souls right now or in the future.


I've got something in my eye


thanks that made my day


So awesome


God damn, I immediately began tearing up seeing her face light up as she realizes who she is seeing walk in. This is the sweetest thing.




Some scientists say dogs are wolves with congenital Williams syndrome.


happy birthday kiley!!


Doesn’t williams syndrome make the person super friendly


That's awesome, hope the party was great


Op is a repost bot. Heres the original. https://www.reddit.com/r/MadeMeSmile/comments/iti40b/kiley_has_a_rare_genetic_disorder_called_williams


Y’all are harping this person for reposting. If this person had not reposted I would have never seen it. Thanks for reposting!


It's a bot, not a person.


I will like this post every time I see it. Idc if people use it for karma, as long as it gets visibility.


Most of the time I just hate the people of this evil world. I watched this a few times... I'm not crying, but damn. Angels from heaven. I love people and the good of this world. ♡


I needed that life has been rather difficult for me the last 8 months


Bruh. I can’t even get 1 friend to take 30 mins out of his day to hang out with me at school lunch.


I have to say this. I am not stating that what OP is going through isn’t extremely difficult. But isn’t it hard for all of us to make true friends? I’ve contemplated this exact topic for a very long time and I just want her to know genetic issues or not what she struggles with is a universal human condition. Truth be told likely the reason I post random stuff on a platform like this.


More like MadeMeCry


It's nice when people are nice.


Wholesome af. Such a sweet moment


Every kid deserves this moment


This funky lady has trouble making friends??! C'mon.


Dusty in here


I like the way she was enjoying her day already and outburst of more joy seeing her friends...saw this morning and nothing will top it today


There is no feeling like feeling like you belong…


Seen this a lot and it makes me so happy every time I hope this kid has a great life


How dare you make me 😢. Just dirt in my eye. Don't look at me!!!!


Sometimes I wonder how people that have their videos posted all around the world feel. Especially when it's about something like this. Just a way for people to try to get likes on the internet now


This is very heartwarming to see. My brother also has Williams Syndrome and yes it can be hard for people like him to make friends because while they can be very social-able and love interacting with everyone it can be hard for them to form deeper relationships. This is amazing and thank you for sharing the story! Edit: Williams Syndrome is very rare and not a lot of people know about it. Several years ago even a lot of doctors did not know about it and many times people would never get diagnosed. While many can have milder conditions there are those that struggle with a various medical issues, especially with the heart. If you want to help or are simply interested I suggest checking out the Williams Syndrome Association ([https://williams-syndrome.org/](https://williams-syndrome.org/)) and consider donating. They help spread awareness and work to make sure anyone with WS gets a diagnosis and whatever help they need.


I've never heard of Williams Syndrome but I'm assuming it makes the person cute AF and grants them the ability to cause manly strangers on the internet to sob.


Williams syndrome is nicknamed "the syndrome that makes you friendly". I have had 3 students who have it and they truly are the sweetest kids you can imagine. I hope Kiley makes all the friends she can handle, and I am so happy that these 2 friends care so much for her.


> Williams syndrome (WS) is a genetic disorder that affects many parts of the body. Facial features frequently include a broad forehead, underdeveloped chin, short nose, and full cheeks. While mild to moderate intellectual disability, with particular problems with visual spatial tasks such as drawing, is typical, verbal skills are generally relatively unaffected. Those affected often have an outgoing personality, interact readily with strangers, and appear happy. Problems with teeth, heart problems (especially supravalvular aortic stenosis), and periods of high blood calcium are common. * [Williams syndrome](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Williams_syndrome) at the English Wikipedia


Please tell me this originally happened at the beginning off the pandemic cause of not I woke up in a different where everything is happening all over again or somethings are slightly changed


What are you doing to me Reddit. Second time I’ve been in tears in 5 minutes. Lovely


I think I’m going to cry.


Woh, I just realized I dated a gal for awhile with Williams Syndrome! She never told me. She was fairly intelligent (verbally) and well read but had trouble with the weirdest things (usually anything with directions or what I thought were simple tasks). I am a huge book person so we bonded over that and the fact that but we just didn't mesh in most other ways. Also, she was afraid of everything which is also apparently a Williams Syndrome thing.


This is dope. Made me want to cry.


Some info on the subject of Williams Syndrom https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Williams_syndrome?wprov=sfla1


Damn onions.


there is no higher wisdom than kindness


Australia here.. happy birthday Kiley!


Nice, made me happy, made me smile


Williams Syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by a microdeletion of 7q11.23. It touches about 1 in 7500 people and leds to moderat intellectual disability, a particuliar face and a very open personality, often called "cocktail party". It also affects the heart. (Sorry for my mediocre english)