I cant sleep at night knowing what is happening.


This is wrong tho. Totally wrong as demonstrated every day a video like this appears.


And Jesus pbuh will end them, insha'Allah.


The amount of suffering in the world… it blows my mind :(


I’m a Jew but this is sad, most Jews fail to realize that these are the same scenarios that Jews had to go through in the Holocaust. The hypocrisy… Anyways I’m sorry, I am an Israeli citizen but it is sad to know that Palestinians have their own Holocaust as well.


Thank you for saying what you did. I’m not a Jew or a Palestinian. I see the suffering and it makes me feel hopeless but knowing that people like you exist makes me realize that there’s a chance we as a civilization will get away from all this nonsense.


It’s not what I did, it’s what my government/IDF does… But yeah, my faith also restores when I see an Israeli that is aware of occupation too without denying it.


Oh gosh… I meant what you did say not what you did… This exchange makes me think we humans are so divided that we attribute aggression at the first sign of confusion. Apologies for the confusion I was only appreciative of what you said.


Oh, then I also apologize.


No worries. Have a good day!


Nooo! This is the internet. There’s no room here to be civilised. Fight! For real tho, I love you people. If more people were like you, the world would be a much much better place!


*round one, fight!* Okay, I probably shouldn't have tried to turn that into a joke more so than you did. This was just heartbreaking to watch. What the heck do they expect these people to do? Probably just like the American government, they don't care. I hate it how here in America, they complain about the homeless problem but they don't want to do anything to help fix it. They want to complain about it but every time they ask about funding to rehouse people they're like oh well it's not in the budget.


I have never read a more open-eyed realization and understanding between two different nationalities that speaks so loudly to the fact that it is THE PEOPLE that suffer the hell of those in charge. I have so much faith in humanity but so little hope in leadership. It’s a simple breakdown, I know; therefore, my hope will be in a global rise of PEOPLE to demand a more peaceful and fervent world. Love Hope Faith


I commend you for saying that man,we in the outside world don't hear that a lot .The general consensus we are getting from the fanatic Israeli is that this shit is OK.Im glad I heard that come from you 🙌...have a wonderful day ,Stay blessed !


Im also from Israel and totally oppose this occupation and the treatment of Palestinians.




Anti-Israel jew here as well. What happens over there on a daily basis is horrific, you think we would know how to treat other people


He's not anti-israel, he's anti-occupation of the west bank. There's a big difference lol. You can be against Israel's policies towards palestinians while still believing in the necessity of the right to self determination of jewish people; the two are not exclusive.


American Jew here. Modern Israel breaks my heart


Ashkenazi (German) Jew here. I don't think I'm allowed to comment on anything except the Amish. Fuck those guys. /s


They make some nice barns tho


Seeing her face, even without sound, breaks my heart.


**Translation:** "Don't be upset, we will build another \[house\], even better than this one." Couldn't find the clip without the background music. **Context:** Israeli soldiers destroying a Palestinian family's home in the West Bank, Palestine. Israel ethnically cleanse the non Jewish natives by creating a permit requirement for buildings that Palestinians establish over their land. Israel then refuses to grant permit and proceed to demolish their homes for a lack of one. They bill the families the cost of the armed demolition after. [**Short video of the events around the demolition**](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/rxa5k4/women_trying_to_stop_the_demolition_of_their_home/) **This particular home belonged to al-Atrash family.** >"It was around 8am when the neighbours called, telling us to come quickly, and that there were bulldozers and hundreds of Israeli soldiers outside our house," an exhausted Marwa told Middle East Eye. > >Marwa, 25, and Maher, 45, woke their sleepy children and rushed them out of their rented flat and headed to Qalqas, a neighbourhood on the edges of Hebron in the southern occupied West Bank, where their new home was being constructed. > >"When we arrived, we saw hundreds of Israeli soldiers surrounding the area, and bulldozers destroying the house," Marwa said. "I started yelling and doing everything I could to try and get to the front door and into the house." > >"I thought that if I could get into the house, then they wouldn't be able to destroy it," she added, recalling her desperation to save her family's new home. They had been building it for the past three years. > >"But when I tried, the soldiers started pushing me, grabbing me, and hitting me with their guns," she said. > >"In the end I couldn't save our home. Within two hours, the house was destroyed, and they left us with the rubble." [https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/palestine-israel-forces-destroy-family-home-hebron](https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/palestine-israel-forces-destroy-family-home-hebron)




Her name was Rachel Corrie, in case anyone wants to look it up. She was crushed to death by an Israeli army bulldozer in 2003 at just 23 years old. The Israeli supreme court absolved Israel from responsibility for killing the activist. https://www.aa.com.tr/en/world/parents-of-us-activist-killed-in-gaza-still-seek-justice/65211


This. Say her name.


Yes Rachel Corrie


Free Palestine, justice for Corrie and no peace until the atrocities stop.


...and there's a group of "redditors" that went around celebrating [that very act](https://archive.is/u9taq), some are still active in places like HermanCainAward.


Thank you for sharing this, my God some people are so disgusting.


Strong father. Lesser men would join the Palestinians, use the American staus to get a bomb inside of a Jewish holy site, and blow himself and jews up. Thats why we need to stop all this. You don't get a free pass because of a historical tragedy. Because all humanity would get a pass to murder eachother on the grounds of historical oppression.


>They bill the families the cost of the armed demolition after. The actual FUCK‽


Yeah, insane right? This reminds me of how Iran charged protestors' families for the bullet used to kill their kin. They did this in [2019](https://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Iran-charges-families-for-bullets-used-to-kill-protesters-609615) as well as in the 1979 revolution.


It's ok though because if we keep supporting Israeli genocide then Jesus comes back... He's probably going to side with the Palestinians but atleast the evangelicals will have brought him back


Thank you for posting this thorough explanation. Most people have zero idea what israelis are actually doing and that the US and the West funds and defends it.


And Israel sees no parallel to this and anything else in history. Hope it comes back to em full circle and 10fold.


...lots of nazi war prisoners escaped justice.... "Somehow" Maybe in the last place people would look.


It's tragically fascinating when the oppressed become the oppressors. Fuck Israel.


At this point They have no room to talk about the nazis. They are doing the same thing.


It will. Having all Jews in 2 places is not good. The way Israel is acting they won't last another 10 years.


They've been doing this for nearly 100 years now, nothing is changing except an increase in our military funding to Israel


I think about this kind of thing whenever Israeli Jews say they can’t understand why the Palestinians hate them.


I hate racism so much. It's disgusting what the Israeli do to the Palestinians on a daily basis and it gets worse every day.


Horrific. My heart breaks for them. I wish all Zionists were seen as the Nazis they truly are.


On tangent, something you might find interesting, Zionist Hasbara (propaganda) operators set up an alert system on Reddit to allow vote manipulation of posts they deem critical of Israel. These users go through posts to downvote them as early as possible in order to prevent them from trending. [You might be interested in proof of this](https://www.reddit.com/r/israelexposed/comments/n4etue/found_screenshots_of_the_israeli_propaganda_app/) And you might be interested in the propaganda app designed to facilitate such activities: >Act.IL is a social networking service used by supporters of Israel to oppose online "anti-Israel content" such as the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS).\[2\]\[3\] > >Act.IL directs its users to "**missions**" to **like, comment on, and share** pro-Israel material on social media. It also asks users to **flag, report, and respond to criticism** of Israel. Users are **guided on how to respond**, which might entail writing a reply using the **provided talking points**, or **sharing or upvoting an allied comment**. The app also provides users with **ready-made memes** promoting Israel's perspective for them to share. By completing missions users **earn points, unlock badges, and have their scores displayed on leaderboards**.\[4\] [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Act.IL](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Act.IL) More about how the app operates: [https://www.arabamerica.com/act-il-gamifying-anti-palestinian-propaganda/](https://www.arabamerica.com/act-il-gamifying-anti-palestinian-propaganda/) App operators explains how a user could use it: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWD5xiiafBc](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWD5xiiafBc)


Wow. Thank you for exposing this! We have to know about a problem before we can fix it, and this is pretty horrific. Propaganda, no matter whose, is just so dangerous.


it's amazing how little the public knows of Israels ways. They have spied on our country about as much as any enemy of the United States. Even the Darker skinned Israelis get treated like 2nd class citizens. there is an ethopian Jewish population that lives in Israel. up to a couple years ago they would make females from the Etheopian Jewish population take pills that steralized them in order to recieve any medical insurance. this went on for 10 + years before it was brought to light. also look up the hannible directive which is a military tactic they use when an IDF soldier has been kidnapped. they basically carpet bomb entire areas killing woman and children along with the IDF soldier. they say its to stop torure, but in reality its just a punishment for and deturant through war crimes not to mess with the idf.


One of many campaigns here on Reddit. You cannot trust the comments. We’re already in the age of AI. You don’t even know you’re taking to a real person anymore, and definitely shouldn’t believe upvotes count for anything anymore. Sort by new.


The more you know. Thank you sir.


Disgusting, blind faith for one’s country while never holding them to account. More than shameful.


Looks like it worked. Keep pushing though. Fuck the zionists. But as always this is not to say Jews are bad, just the expansionist and apartheid policies of the Israeli Zionist government. Edit: made this comment when the post had zero karma over an hour old. Glad to see the post made it!


Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism


I know that, but oh man some people will jump on that bullshit at the drop of a hat. Seems it’s working less and less though.


That's not exactly true. I think it would be more accurate to say that "Not all Jews are Zionists". But Zionism is a movement that exists within the Jewish religion and culture, based on the belief that Palestine is the Jewish holy land. So it definitely has at least something to do with Judaism.


I’m going to upvote every comment on this thread 🇵🇸




Israel should be held responsible for their apartheid crimes


And the US for funding it


Sadly no one can hold them accountable. Our choices are fucked. It's either Russia, China, or the US. all equally evil.


I don’t understand how the fuck Israel is so happy to try to eradicate a group of people less than 100 years after someone killed MILLIONS of their people. Why the fuck are they doing this? Fuck them for doing this bullshit


It demonstrates that human mindsets in a position of power are no different, irrespective of race, culture or history.


Yeah, power doesn't corrupt. It reveals corruption.


They say Nazi is long dead but it turn out we all have a bit of Nazi in our heart ♥️


Maybe the real Nazi is the friends we made along the way


That’s exactly it. Any country could’ve spawned a Hitler or the Nazis. There’s nothing extraordinary about Germans other than their relatively short history of executing on their endeavours very efficiently.


They started doing it 3 years after the end of WW2. They started ethnically cleansing Palestine in 1948


If Israel wanted to make Hitler look justified in hating Jews, they could you know, do *things* like this. I’m not an anti semite. My family fought Germans in WWI. Germans don’t get a pass. But neither does Israel. Stop being cunty.


They don't consider them human. It's pretty simple. Dehumation is a good way to do terrible things with popular support.


That's because they don't think of them as people. They are terrorists, and even the ones who aren't terrorists are supporters of terrorism. Even if they aren't supporters of terrorism, the terrorists are hiding amongst them. And they believe and want you to believe that these terrorists or terrorist supporters or neighbors of terrorists want to eradicate them, so they feel it's justified to eradicate them first. Or some shit like that.


It’s actions like this that breed monsters.


Stand with Palestine! No love or respect for apartheid-regulating states!!!


israel is an apartheid state. what israel is doing to palestine is what the US did to native americans.


From the River to the Sea Palestine shall be free


I’ve had my home forcibly taken from me 10 years ago. Last night I had a dream that I lived there again. This pain never goes away.


Below is a sample of what kind of hateful bigotry Palestanians deal with I’m sorry for your loss I hope one day you can get your hole back again.


Motherfuckers. Does Israel have history books? Newsflash assholes, you're doing to Palestinians what Hitler did to you, you spineless idiots. You're only lacking the concentration camps(that we know of).


I’m sure Hamas was operating out of that house /s




With great power comes great abuse of power


With great power comes evil men who abuse it


Innocent people are losing their homes, their freedoms and their lives over a belief that a group of people are superior to that of the rest of the human race as they are the “chosen ones”. This is sad. Politics and religion will always get in the way of peace in the Middle East. Couple that with foreign influences like the US, and we will see this for generations to come.


FREE PALESTINE 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸 anyone who wants to called antisemitic, go ahead, empower me


And if anybody says anything about it, they get called anti-semitic.


All my homies hate israel


Do you want more Hamas? This is how you get more Hamas. But on a serious note, don’t continue to swallow the US/Israeli propaganda that the crux of the issue is that these two groups are totally incompatible and incapable of living side by side. This is the narrative pushed so that US policy can continue to support Israel while pretending there’s no viable solutions. This is an extermination campaign and nothing will change while Israel has US backing.


Can we agree that this should be considered a war crime?


The new holocaust whose perpetrators are the ones who were the victims a few time ago. Sad. ✖✖✖


This Shit been going on for ever,but when ever someone wants to point it out or stand up against it they automatically called a terrorist or anti Semitic that’s just the way the system has been set up don’t be a fool and do some research #facts 💯💯💯


I knew who it was before I even read the comments. Fucking terrorist state


American tax dollars at work


Well America, hope you're happy supporting and standing by Israel.


For the love of god I hope we find a way to be good to everyone. I just had a kiddo. I can’t imagine having to talk my child through this.


Congratulations on your little one 💚


free Palestine. the same thing happened to my country Ireland. my whole hearted sympathy goes for every Palestinian. solidarity 🇮🇪💪🇵🇸


The Irish are loved in the Arab world more than you could ever realize. Love you guys!


Everywhere dude. Coolest Western Europeans out there. They get the struggle.


The only thing worse than this video is that there are dozens of more Palestinian families displaced just like this one.


I'm Palestinian and my family has a joke about this. "I don't know why families are always arguing with each other about where their property line is. In the end Israel will come and take it anyway." Its sad how true this "joke" is


Fuck the facist Israeli government.


Even if Israel is bulldozing their home in response to the most heinous terrorist the IDF really needs to stop this shit. It’s not defence destroying a family’s home, it’s collective punishment and it’s a war crime. There is very little difference between this and North Korea’s three generations of punishment.


Reminds me of the Polish Gov killing the German people living in Poland in response to Germany not paying reparations for the Versailles treaty they had to sign after WWI. Over 5k innocent civilian men, women, and children were subject to rape, torture, and execution as a retaliatory message. Then Germany invaded Poland with help from Stalin under the agreement that they would both split the country Edit: After reading up on this more, this could have been Nazi propaganda spread through the 6 hour documentary I watched. Anyway there are conflicting stories, with most claiming this event was actually Nazi disinformation to sway the people of Germany to get into war in order to reduce the financial burden that the Versailles Treaty put on Germany. Take everything with a grain of salt, and remain skeptical


Damn I never heard about this. That’s awful


Watched 1 hour of a 6 hour documentary on the "untold story of Hitler". I had no idea either, but I had to stop watching, as it seemed to paint him in a good light, at least for the first 1 of 6 hour part.


…the greatest story never told? The neo nazi propaganda? Atleast that’s the 6 hour rewritten version of ww2 acting like hitler was a pacifist I watched at 14 that almost made me a nazi.


Everyone has their good sided and bad sides. IM NOT SUPPORTING DICTATORS but bad sides tend to shine out more


All my problems I thought I had this morning......


The Israeli government is evil.


Apartheid nation is Israel...and they RULE the USA and totally dictate its foreign policy.


Fuck Israel.


The USA and EU wants you to focus on China instead.


Canceling people for criticizing Israel is just fucking ridiculous Like, anti-semitism is a legitimate problem, but these fucking dickweeds who hide behind it to defend the absolutely fucked shit Israel does deserve a swift kick in the balls from every person aware of the crimes against humanity going on


This shit is allowed to happen in this day and age!? Israel tries to act like a civilised nation, its far from it. The only country in the world actively operating apartheid policies.


I am an American Jew and support the Palestinian people. It’s cruelty and hypocrisy to the nth degree.


Just looking at the title I figured it was an Israeli soldier.


Jews own it all I own nothing but I feel better getting it off my chest about how fked up the PALESTINIANS are treated beyond my comprehension regardless of who is gonna monitor what I right. I can't do a fkn thing about anything anyways. Who am I? 100 PALESTINIAN LIVED = 1 JEW MY AS!! No one superior a life is a life




These kids go through hell on earth and they still KIDS 😭💔💔💔


Fuck apartheid, fuck Zionism, Free Palestine


Why don't the Arab states that are rich help them?


Because Growing the Economy and making themselves even richer is more important than human life. /s


Why the /s this is absolutely true?


Stupidest comment in the thread so far. They won’t do anything because america is standing behind Israel and stopping any interference


Is it though? Let's be honest, most Arab states have been destroyed by the US (Iraq, Yemen, Syria, etc), others are in the process of being destroyed (Iran) by sanctions. Saudi Arabia won't do shit as long as the US is there. The last time it did, well, someone was assassinated. (*ahem ahem* King Faisal) The ones that are doing well/okay (UAE, Jordan, Egypt, etc) are getting chummy with Israel. But no doubt, your comment is also the truth. As long as the US is there, no one will dare do anything against Israel.


So because they’ve already been fucked over they want more? They will lose a ridiculous amount of lives and money in a war that america is involved in. There is zero benefit to them and it is not a winnable war. Not only will america be there, Britain will too, Australia will, likely France.. and small clusters of other nato nations. It would be a fucking slaughter and an excuse for western powers to invade.


Wait, what? I'm not arguing with you, I'm agreeing with what you said.


Aah fair enough, I think I read the first few paragraphs and shot in for a reply 👍 My bad 😂


Not so much the Arab states… but Iran has been trying assist them in some ways. This is likely so they can expand their regional reach and push their own political agenda. They have also spoken out about wanting to wipe Israel off the map… again likely due to their own political agenda and wanting to become a regional power. Neither state is working towards peace or cooperation.


Arabic and Muslims govs start to become more closed and more nationalist day after day, even nationalism is somehow forbidden.


So? Does saying anything critical of Israel makes me an antisemite? Republicans seem to believe so! ☹


Fuck israel and zionism


God damn the world is sad. Bad shit like this happens all the time yet most times we view this on social media platforms. While our media is too worried with “socialists” at home. Sad time to be an American.


Let me guess Isreal and Palestine? Humans deserve much worse than covid...


As an Irish person this resonates culturally with me deeply. Our people suffered such injustice, forced migration and subjugation even into the mid 20th century. It’s why we as a country have such affection for people like the Palestinians who’re going through similar injustice. This video reminds me of the song [skibbereeen ](https://youtu.be/zup_-iFp4tQ) which could easily be about Jews during the pogroms or Palestinians living now.


Fuck Israel and anyone who supports them.




Yeah, we get it, bringing in the holocaust to others? Yep, murderer, cheat and lies, that’s the Israeli army for ya!


Fuck Israel.


How can you call that a soldier???? Fuckin cowards listing to there boss...that woman is a brave soldier...want to learn how to be a man....look at the mother that's one brave lady.respect fuckin army of children...sad hey and this is ok to do in 2022... We are the people we can stop all of this...think about it


So pumped my taxes pay for this but we still don’t get health care


American Jew here. Fuck Zionism and most of Israel. Free Palestine.


Fuck do I hate Israel. Absolutely a terrorist state. Complete trash.


Ahhh Israel what a wonderful place. I wonder where they learnt such tactics? I wonder where they bring this destruction from? Is it not a shame to see such a thing be repeated again?


American here. Fuck Israel


Blows my fucking mind that Israel has no issues doing this shit but don't we ***dare*** forget Holocaust ! Nobody holds them accountable for shit and that pisses me off.


Apartheid state. Israel is showing Palestinians what they learned from the nazi's.


To forcefully remove a family from their home is wrong, unethical, unlawful, and immoral. Some are woken up in the middle of the night & given 5 minutes to grab as much of their belongings because a bulldozer knocks it on or another family moves in their home. How can ANYONE believe this to be the moral thing to do?!?!?


Lemme guess, Israel???? Just from the title alone. It's funny how the abused became the abuser.


This is in the OCCUPIED Palestine. The Israelis have been making the Palestinians hell for decades.


When will Israel pay for everything it has done? When will they be destroyed? Because it will never stop otherwise, ever.


American tax money hard at work


Jew Team 6 protecting Israel from everything


Free Palestine. Real talk, the Israelis that allow this are creating hate towards them and are hypocrites as well. Fucking disgusting.


Expressing empathy to Palestinians is antisemitic don't you know /s


What is Israel doing is horrible the victims have become the perpetrators smh


End zionism NOW


Lemme guess. Palestinian? Fuck Zion. The fact that Israeli Jews don't see that they are literally Nazis is astounding. Fucking trash.


What's really insane is that this shit right here, is proving the original Nazis point. Israeli Jews are evil incarnate.


Don’t equate Zionism with Judaism. What Israel has done to the Palestinians is wrong.


We need to get rid of the belief that being against Israel and the war crimes they commit is not the same as antisemitism


Fuck Israel


Let me guess..Israel fucking with Palestine?!


Jared Kushner and the Kushner companies.


Zionists are the fascists of the 21st century and they fail to realise the irony.


This genocide brought to you by the American taxpayer.


How could i tell this was Israel before even opening the comments? Scum.


Hating Israelites is not antisemitism. They've earned my hate.


FUCK ISRAEL, you’d think the ppl who went through mass genocide would realise they are doing the same thing to the beautiful brown people of Palestine.


Jews, am i right?


Jews: We suffer from holocaust so lets make exact thing to arabs.


The Hasbara will downvote this to oblivion. I’ve seen so many videos of Palestinians being dehumanised. I’ve become numb to it.


Fuck. Israel.


This shit needs to end. Zionism is no different than Nazism.


No good cops, no good soldiers. They’re all thugs who signed up to cause pain because it excites them


>They’re all thugs who signed up The IDF are conscripts.


This is how terrorists are created by Israël...


Oh demolish their houses and then accuse them with terrorism if they resist, what a wonderful world we r living in!!


Fuck Israel, fuck them right in their shitty little ear.




Mixed with apartheid.


If you still support the Israeli government, then there's something wrong with you. Fuck the Israeli government for the way it's handling this conflict!


A mother’s Arms and love . ♥️ .. sad to see this otherwise


Fuck. This hurts. I haven't been fond of Israel for a long time. This made me hate it even more


Human civilization is a piece of shit.


Hatred sucks .


Is there a news link to this?


It’s a run-of-the-mill situation. There’s so many of these videos in r/israelexposed


Here's a sneak peek of /r/israelexposed using the [top posts](https://np.reddit.com/r/israelexposed/top/?sort=top&t=year) of the year! \#1: [Found screenshots of the Israeli propaganda app ordering recruits to brigade and vote manipulate Reddit posts. They are fucking up Reddit!](https://www.reddit.com/gallery/n4etue) | [236 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/israelexposed/comments/n4etue/found_screenshots_of_the_israeli_propaganda_app/) \#2: [This is the israeli propaganda app, it will probably ask it's supporters to downvote and report this post so upvote this, and report the app with as many phones as you can](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.actil.android.app) | [176 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/israelexposed/comments/o5hnvl/this_is_the_israeli_propaganda_app_it_will/) \#3: [It sucks we're making the same damn mistakes!](https://v.redd.it/0grkbh3cxg171) | [255 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/israelexposed/comments/nlha42/it_sucks_were_making_the_same_damn_mistakes/) ---- ^^I'm ^^a ^^bot, ^^beep ^^boop ^^| ^^Downvote ^^to ^^remove ^^| ^^[Contact](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=sneakpeekbot) ^^| ^^[Info](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/) ^^| ^^[Opt-out](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/comments/o8wk1r/blacklist_ix/) ^^| ^^[GitHub](https://github.com/ghnr/sneakpeekbot)


America it’s a great country to live,a lot of ppl out in this world really knows what the real world means


Ah great . Now my country is next(iran) . They want to destroy our nuclear power stations and weapons because we are not allowed to have them ?????? Fuck them it's not any of there business.




What a world we live in. Why can't we just be good to each other?


idf is doing this right? now i feel good playing T side on Dust 2




The opinion of isreal is in constant decline. Is it any suprise


Welcome to Israel


I'm so sorry these jews are doing to you.