It’s a cool idea but even in MLB the show I can only remember a handful of Live series cards that were used past the first month online. If anything they should copy the parallel system from MLB which has a better effect on a cards longevity imo than live series.


SDS puts a lot more in season work into game than ea. it’s not even close wish sds made a football game.


They've been mid this year with their card choices tho. The future stars getting juiced 99s then they release an unusable card of Ken griffey Jr lol


If the Core cards were still viable months down the road, it would deter people from purchasing packs. That is not something EA would ever allow. It’s simply bad business. Not gonna happen.


I think it's a great idea, which pretty much guarantees EA will be too lazy to implement it. Team affinity and TOTW are probably the closest we'll get from EA since they can sell packs around the content. They would also need to balance the cards differently. In years past there were budget silver/gold cards that could do a job. Now they all seem to be nerfed to the ground so that even if a gold gets bumped to elite, I don't think they would come close to competing with promo cards.


This! Gone are the days where it took months to build a great team, you can get it done in two weeks now. And I gotta say, I miss those days. There is something to be said for rarity and challenges amongst these players. I think it is far too easy to get a decent team nowadays. I mean Robbie freakin Anderson is an elite this year. Why?? I mean we all know why. Dollars. But i just wish these modes would go back to the slow burn they used to be 5-6 years ago, instead it’s gone in the completely opposite direction. And they’re all guilty of it. Madden will have lower 90s in a few weeks. 2k gives out a 98 in the first month. MLB the Show just blitzes their game in June every year. I just wish there was more methodical team building as opposed to, play fifteen minutes, here’s a great card.